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					Ross Jeffries' Get Laid/Persuasion NEWSLETTER!!!! 6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275 May/June Culver, City CA 90230 2000
(310) 822-5771 Super-Seduction Through The Power of Abduction: How To Use Poems, Stories and Narratives To Create An erwhelmingly Powerful And
tructured Responsiveness In Her To Your Voice! From: Culver City, California Tuesday, 12:35 PM Dear Friend and Speed Seduction Fan and Student,
   Today, I want to talk to you about the power of abduction. Now, lest you think your ever lovin' Guru is ranting about kidnapping or little grey aliens let me assure
you I ean something entirely different. You see, there are basically three modes of thinking. First, there is deduction. Deduction involves starting with basic
principles…the big chunk, overall picture and rom there, working down to the smaller details. It is from the top down" thinking. Secondly, there is induction.
Induction involves taking the smaller pieces and from there, "inducing" what the arger picture must be. An example of induction would be the fictional detective
herlock Holmes (he never ot laid, so really, how smart was he anyway???!); while he mistakenly called it "deducing" Holmes actually used induction". From the
smaller, detailed clues, he would infer the actual larger picture of events. While all of this is interesting, of course, neither induction nor deduction is of much use IN
GETTING LAID. Therefore, we shall skip them entirely for the rest of this newsletter! Instead, I'd like to talk about a profoundly powerful way of thinking called
"abduction". Abduction involves alking about ONE thing (such as convincing a woman that jumping on you would be the greatest thing ever to happen in her life) in
erms of ANOTHER. It's where we use stories, jokes, poetry, metaphor, narratives, uotes and the like to open an otherwise resistant or non- responsive mind to new
possibilities. Now, why do such things work so powerfully? Well, first of all, the unconscious, as I have said before, recognizes FORM before CONTENT. In other
words, unconsciously, we are all trained to have a certain set f responses to communication in the form of a story that are more open, more receptive and FAR less
keptical han a flat out argument or recitation of facts.
 Think back to when you were a little kid and Mom, Dad or even teacher would say, "Once upon a time…." What do those words do? They function as a code that
instructs the mind, "Turn off the critical/resistant parts and open up the suggestive, IMAGINATIVE part of the brain." By putting the message you want to get
rough inside an acceptable FORMAT, you in effect create a Trojan (Or Magnum or Lifestyles or Beyond 7 or whatever brand of scumbag you prefer) horse against
which there is little or no possibility of defense! ENOUGH HIGH-FALUTIN' THEORY, ROSS. HOW CAN I USE THIS STUFF TO DIP MY DINGUS NTO
DEBBIE'S DARLING DICK-DEFYING SUGAR-DONUT? Thought you'd never ask Buckwheat. Because there are a couple of very important steps PRIOR to the
successful use of poetry, stories, etc. as well as steps after to make it more than just an exercise in temporarily ntertaining the woman you wish to be with. First,
foremost and of course, always, we must have rapport. For more on the essence of non-verbal rapport, I strongly suggest you check out the website of my good pals,
im McFarland and Tom Vizzini. (And to all ou guys who hear Kim's sexy voice on their cd set and keep emailing me asking for her phone number, FORGET T! I
do not wish to incur her wrath!) That site is: http://www.essential- For now, let me give you one of the two great VERBAL ways to get rapport that I love
to use. And that is to ask questions that require a search on a deeper level of the woman's consciousness in order to answer. These uestions really constitute ommand
instructions for her to go deep inside herself and access the level of her dreams, desires, passions, hopes and core identity (which ain't a bad place to be startin',
Let's say for example, your soon to be honey is big on dancing. Salsa, Rumba, Flamenco, Ballet, whatever. imply asking a question like, "What kind of dancing do
ou like to do?" really doesn't activate much more than her fact reciting brain centers. All she has to do is give you the simple answer, "Patagonian Two tepping" and
the conversation is already pretty much over. If however, you ask her a question along THESE lines, "What is it about dancing you find the most fulfilling?" she
must delve into and ACTIVATE the deeper centers of her mind in order to formulate and give n answer. In so doing she will also be giving you her symbolic
ccessing; her cues or symbols that she uses to map out and enter that deeper place of such powerful meaning inside her world. In other words, her words are ot mere
puffs of air between her lips when she speaks from THIS level of the mind.
 No no, my horny student, customer and friend. Speaking from THIS level, her words are akin to the bread crumbs left out by the children in the tale of Hansel and
Gretel; they are markers; waypoints for her to find erself back in that deeper level of the mind. As such, when she answers your question, make sure you mentally
note the words she leans on; the ones that receive great emphasis. You see, if in answering you, the words and phrases she leans on are
NERGY……EXPRESSION……PASSION…….BEING A CHANNEL FOR WHAT'S MYSTERIOUS…..then the key to making whatever "abduction" you use
  To use NLP jargon for perhaps the only time since I've been writing these newsletters, by using her own key words, you make the stories, poems etc. you use
"isomorphic". That is, they very closely and powerfully atch HER map of the most important parts of her world, including those she has yet to but longs to
EXPERIENCE! ou therefore awaken those aspects of her that reflect her deepest desires and unmet needs! This not only gets her to powerfully respond but can
easily be parlayed (ha ha) into her reaching the mysterious conclusion that pening up and responding to YOU is the key to continuing to experience even more and
better of this than she ever DREAMED possible!
Without doing this, you are simply throwing bombs against the wall, without knowing the part you want to it. This is one of the PRIME mistakes of those beginning
Speed Seducers. They merely memorize patterns and without ANY understanding of the deeper world of the woman they are "sarging" just start throwing them out,
lly- nilly, hoping to get a "hit".
 In other words, they are SO focused on mastering the weapons, they are not paying any attention to the target! (And please, don't write me hostile letters about my
ostile metaphors! This is only a way of speaking bout things that guys readily and easily identify with; see… I KNOW HOW TO USE METAPHORS THAT
WORK TO GET MY POINT ACROSS… DO I NOT?) As my new good buddy and former kick-ass Navy Seal Richard Machowicz, author of "Unleashing the
arrior Within" taught me in a 24-karat gold lesson that changed my life: "Targets dictate weapons. Weapons dictate movement!"
 So if you are going to insist on using pre-memorized patterns word for word, only do so to "prime the pump" o get her more eager to get talking and to prepare her
or hearing and responding to the types of questions I have outlined above.
Now, assuming you've got her all important "trance" or "key words" the next step is to inject them into a oem, story, or other delivery vehicle that you've got
emorized or otherwise on hand. A perfect example, of course, ould be some of the WONDERFUL seduction poetry and stories created by my student Michael H,
aka "THE BISHOP". (For those of you who don't know, Bishy is a guy who is about 50 lbs. overweight, looks like a etarded John F. Kennedy that got interbred with
enny Hill, and prior to learning Speed Seduction® had slept with only 5 women! He's now gone, in the space of a year to sleeping with 54, and more than a few of
those ere threesomes!) Or you could use any of the poems discussed on the newsgroup or ones you've taken from a book; the important point
being that you modify them to include the words she has allowed to surface from e deepest places in her mind. Next Step… Anchor And Set Up A Loop!
 Ok…Yates is gonna really scream at me for GIVING this away. But screw it… I'm a dedicated teacher, so ere goes. Once you've recited your poem or story or
narrative loaded with her key words, make sure you anchor the esponse. Simply reach out, touch her on the back of the hand and say, "Can you feel THAT… timing
it so the touch coincides with the word "that")..would be an amazing thing to experience. You have now got a permanent pathway back into that part of her mind by
setting up the anchor. You are then going to build on that pleasure state you've created to condition her to much deeper and more owerful responding!
 "But how, Oh Mighty Cat-Luving Guru?" you are asking By getting her to run a loop. Simply say, "Now, I invite you to notice how by just closing your eyes… and
aking a deep breath (demonstrate the behavior by taking a deep breath in)…all the imagery and all the eelings of that story(or poem, whichever it was) can CUM
FLOODING THROUGH YOU.(As I say this last part, I actually like to picture my cum flooding through her…it helps to send across the right message). Continue y
saying, "So that with each and every beat of your heart…each and every breath you take… each nd every passing moment.the pleasure and the enjoyment of being n
this special place… with this special voice… just gets better and better." Now, what are you doing here? Well, by getting her to repeat the images and feelings
(WITHOUT THE ORDS THAT PRODUCED THEM.THIS IS VITAL!) you are really anchoring in the deepest levels of response, reinforcing all the most powerful
magery and feelings to…
………..The Mere Act Of Listening To Your Voice…No Matter What You Friggin SAY! Thus, with this model, "seduction" really is about a process of
CONDITIONING her to powerfully respond to our voice, using a structured approach that incorporates 1.non-verbal rapport 2. begin the process of opening the
deeper levels through the questions you ask which can ONLY be answered by her accessing those deeper levels on her part 3. adding more energy and power and
responsiveness to those levels of her mind by incorporating her answers nto your already powerful poems and/or stories, 4. DEEPENING the conditioning and
responsiveness through having her LOOP BACK THROUGH THE IMAGERY AND FEELINGS WITH THE WORDS SUBTRACTED OUT! Please understand
that by subtracting out the words and just having her loop on the images and feelings, you re creating the generalization in her mind that opening and responding to
our voice is what produces the incredible states of pleasure… and NOT the actual words that you say.
 Therefore, from this point on, ANY traditional SS patterns you might use will be met with much greater esponsiveness on her part, and for that matter, so will
eading from the frickin' phone book, because YOU have created that conditioning!
Now I ask you; where else are you gonna find such kick-ass information, abso- fuckin-lutely free? Really, this ust isn't right……. Ross' Plug Corner:
 Ok, I mentioned him earlier in this newsletter. I'm mentioning him again. Because his book, "Bishop's Journal" is a warehouse chock-full of poems, stories, patterns
nd narratives that are astoundingly powerful to et women to loop through, even if you DON'T modify them by using a woman's personal trance words that you've
discovered through the proper questions. Not only that, but Bishop is a master at spinning patterns on he fly, incorporating, feeding back, anchoring and amplifying
the answers he gets from women, and this gigantic, 179 page book contains several of his word for word seductions, all the way from initial walk-up and pproach
right to the actual moist relief! Plus Bishy carefully outlines the thought-processes behind what he does in extensive foot- notes in each chapter so you can learn to
think on your feet and come up with your wn stuff using HIS processes!
As if that weren't enough, I sat down and interviewed the Bish, in a gab-fest that runs a for three CDs, which re included in the price of the course! A lot of this
newsletter came from my extensive study of Bishy's work and what grew out of our interviews! So I'd recommend you pick up the phone, give Yates a call at 703-
791- 421 and …. ….ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! The Mail Bag From: "Tommy XXX" <XXXX>
 To: <> Hello Brothers, I just completed the Basic course and have played around with the tools and gotten some results, both small and the
lassic doggie dinner bowl as well. I screwed up on this ne girl though. I know what I did, but I am t quite sure how to back up and try it again.
   Here's the situation: I fumbled around with bits and pieces of patterns, but didn't really present them as I should. Lots of UMMMM----UHHHH". Nevertheless, I
ot a response even though it was small. I got the girl o admit that he has feelings for me even though one week prior she said. "We've always been great friends, but
that's as far s it will ever go.". I was pretty amazed, so I went on to full patterns. I experienced them for yself a little ore this time and had her calling me at all hours
f the night. Then, that's when I totally messed it up. I----- upplicated---- ---and she lost the interest that I had built. I then spoke to another friend that was an ex-
girlfriend. I did some patterns on her and really got into the eeling and let my voice take on the tone of hat I was saying. I did the "What's it like when you're so
ttracted o a man' s voice" spiel. When I got done, I sked her if she had ever experienced that... she was so fascinated hat she literally just sat silent... then she said, "I
think I just did". I took her from talking casually, with her labbering on about what she did that day... o total silence. Now that I have gotten better at my approach
and tonality, and have begun to have the experience for myself well, how do I back up and re-build that state of connection with the first girl. And do it in a way
hat it oesn't wear off". I know that as I do this, I will NOT supplicate or anything like it. That's where I made the istake, and I am very good as learning from my
mistakes---I have to be, I'm an engineer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Dear Tommy, What's most interesting to me is the difference you
xperienced in the power of what you do, when you added in a key element that has been missing. As you stated, "I experienced hem for myself a little ore this time".
This is a key; you must have some of the feelings YOU want to lead the woman into, if your "patterning" is ng to have impact, power and effect. Note again where
you say that you "really got into the feeling and let my voice take on the tone of what I was ying". The key to rebuilding the connection is easy enough; the girl is
anchored in to your voice tonality! I would gest you call her and casually suggest a meeting for coffee! Then follow the precise instructions in this newsletter you
re reading right now to reinforce the power of your voice in her mind and her responsiveness!
As far as supplicating even AFTER you've gotten a good result, I think this often happens because guys are T prepared for their success! It so takes them by surprise
hat they don't know what to do…and when you don't know what to do guess what your brain falls back on! That's right…WHAT IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ED TO
DOING! Therefore, you must mentally REHEARSE success and how you are going to handle it/take it further. That is, n your mind, see the woman responding
positively…perhaps even mentally "step into her" and feel what she s feeling, hear her own internal voice. Then rehearse what YOU will do next to make sure you
lose the deal! Special Note: We've got the dates and places for our Psychic Influence Seminars! June 23, 24, 25 in LA and uly 7, 8, 9 in Orlando! So call Yates at
703- 791-6421 nd sign up…NOW!
 Piece and Peace, Ross P.S. We are getting increasing amounts of interest in doing a Speed Seduction® seminar in London. If you are English customer, live in
continental Europe or would just like to visit Old Blighty, do email us and let us now if attending a London SS seminar is something you'd definitely be willing to o.
YOU guys will decide, ased on the interest you show, if we do this or it remains a mere possibility to one day do. P.P.S Have you ordered your copy of BISHOPS
OURNAL yet? If not, why not? This book and CD set is chocked full of hat you need to get you going to seduction super-success in a big, big way! Call up Yates
nd order NOW! he mazing "Seduction Secrets" Of A Skinny, Ugly, Six-Foot Geek From Culver City, California That Could Get You All The Girls You Want... No
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 Do You Want A Lot More Power, Choice and Success With Women? If you are the kind of person who is strongly interested in enjoying the kind of variety, choice
and power with men that is usually reserved for the very wealthy, the very famous or the very good looking...or if you just want to win that one special girl you've
lways dreamed of.... then this could be the most important message u have ever read. Here is why: my name is Ross Jeffries, and you might have read about my
Speed Seduction™ system in the uly 98 issue of Playboy Magazine (" worked") or maybe the Feb 98 issue of Rolling Stone, which alled my system "a
uantum leap". Perhaps you've seen me on T.V's "Hard Copy" or "Politically Incorrect". But the embarrassing truth is, that despite all this recognition and
publicity...despite the fact that I now have students in 14 countries around the world studying my methods in 7 different languages (Spanish, Portuguese, utch,
erman, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Italian, as well as English)...despite the fact that thousands of guys around the world are using my methods to have shocking
success with women.... My Love Life Used To Be A TOTAL DISASTER! In fact, just a few short years ago, I was one of the loneliest, most rejected men around.
So, stick with me, hile I do a little bit of "reverse bragging.... to tell you the sad, true story of just how much of a loser with women, one single guy can be! Water,
Water Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink Let's start my tale of woe by telling you about my college years...a time that should have been just dandy, urrounded
by an endless supply and variety of women...but instead turned out to be... The Sexual Equivalent Of The Sahara Desert!
 Yes, there I was at UCLA.... surrounded by young, bouncy, energetic, sexy co- eds...breathtaking beauties everywhere I looked...and yet for almost 4 years, unable
o get so much as a single one... like a guy dying of hirst while surrounded by long, tall, cool glasses of sparkling, crystal-clear water but never getting a single drop.
In fact, the entire 4 years there, in daily contact with a population of about 15,000 women.... I Got Laid A Grand Total Of Twice
Emergency moist-relief episode #1 was with a chubby, Mid-Western angel who shall forever live in my emory for taking my annoying virginity. Episode #2 was ith
a woman who truly was SO ugly, I've blotted every detail out of my memory. It was truly, truly a terrible, desperate time that I wish I could just forget...and hen
here was..... The Buttocks-ally Gifted Nina P.
 Let me take a second to tell you about the fantastic-butted Nina. My best friend who I had a crush on for well over a year. A, firm, round, hard, perfect, aggressively-
utting, up-turned, protruding ass that put me on the dge of cumming every time I even looked at her or imagined looking at her. (In fact, I quite literally used to
dream about that ass!) Now, in addition to being so hot looking, butt-wise, that other women would comment on it right to her face, Nina had a bad habit, that made
things even more frustrating. You see... Nina Always Dated Jerks!
 That's right. Jerks. Now, have you ever known, or even worse, truly liked a girl who had this annoying habit? Well, let me tell you, it's no day at the beach. You see,
henever one of these losers would abuse or hurt Nina motionally, the first thing she'd do is run straight to me, her "best buddy", and weep about how in love she was
with this guy who just didn't seem to appreciate her. But, she really couldn't leave him, cuz the sex was ust so damn good. How's that for jamming in the knife and
wisting it a few turns too?
 Of course, being the perpetual "nice-guy" and "friend" I'd force a fake smile, wipe the tears from her cheeks, give her a "friendly" hug, and then go home and do
hings to myself that I best not describe in written form!
Do You Think That This Sounds Pretty Bad?? After College It Just Gets WORSE! Let me tell you something: most guys don't realize how easy the college years
really are when it comes to socializing and meeting people.. However shy you might or might not be, school of any kind at least provides built-in structure for
eeting lots of people. That's why when I graduated, my nightmare got even worse!
You see, shy as I was, and without the structure of school, it seemed like I just couldn't meet any women. And he few I did meet sensed my desperation and quickly
itched me like I was a spore-spewing leper!
 My Self-Esteem Went Into The Toilet! Listen: suffering this kind of consistent failure in an area of life that is so important, does more than just physically frustrate.
It gets right down to the core of who you are and begins to negatively effect your sense of ife and the world. Believe me, I know what this is like. Maybe your
current situation is a lot better than mine; maybe you are the kind of guy who has already done well with women, and just wants to do even better. But if you aren't
ing very well and really never have, I can tell you, I truly sympathize because I've been there and a whole lot worse!
Anyway, getting back to my story, I'll tell you, I racked my brains for endless hours to find a solution to my roblem. I read every single pick-up chicks book I could
et my hands on. I took seminars on how to meet people. And, in an act of total desperation, I even....
Went To Therapy!! That's right. Therapy. Now, I'm sure there are some fine therapists in this world. It's not my intention to put them down. But do you want to
know the answer given to me by my $75 an hour, genius, Ph.D. therapist? He old me I should just... ....Accept It! Now, speaking to you as a person who wants to
live a good life and enjoy to its fullest, how could anyone just accept" this kind of thing? I sure as heck couldn't and I hope you wouldn't either. I mean, after all, who
ould ust "accept "the problems I had during those terrible, desperate years? Problems like: Never Being Able To Meet And Seduce The Really Hot Women, That
Most Every Guy REALLY Wants Having To Settle For Someone Who Happens To Like You, Instead Of Being With Someone You Could eally Like And Want
Never Being Able To Get That One, Special Woman Having To Play In The "Dating Game", Forcing You To Play The Role Of A Beggar, Pursuer, Or Gambler,
ping Against Hope To Get "Lucky" Being Too Fat, Too Ugly, Too Broke Or Just Generally Lacking In The Things That Most Men Think They Have To Have
Being Afraid Of Never Finding Real Love And Happiness Before You Get Too Old To Enjoy It! The "Phone Call From God" That Changed My Life
Anyway, to cut this story short, I spent about 6 years stumbling around in this sexual-wasteland. But then, one ght, while working a job manning a phone hot- line, I
got a call from regular customer who told me about this wacky book. He said it was about a discipline called NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Among other
things, this guy told me that it was being used by Fortune 500 companies, and the military and op rofessional sports teams among others to dramatically improve
performance in all sorts of areas. But this is not what caught my attention in this phone call. No. What made my ears perk up was that the guy said that by using LP,
you could take any human process, like wanting to buy something or even falling in ove, and using skillful descriptions of these experiences, re-induce those
experiences in the person to whom you were peaking, so they experienced them with YOU on the spot.
 Well, I had no deep desire to be a salesman, and I wasn't going to join the Army. But right then and there, I began to wonder if I could use this stuff...
...To Pick Up And Seduce Women The Way I'd Always Wanted! Little did I know that this "Eureka" phone call would form the basis of a system now being taught
and uccessfully used by guys in every part of the world. At that time, I only knew it was time to go balls-out and become "the mad scientist of seduction" to see if I
ould make this work. And the only principle I had to guide e was the one key principle I'll reveal to you right now;
  The "Golden Key" Secret To Success And Power With Women Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
 So read on, because here it is... "Whatever you can get a woman to imagine will be perceived as her own idea because she imagined it, and therefore will not be
resisted." I'll show you how to use your language to capture and lead a woman's imagination, and you can lead her to ave the wildest, most intense thoughts, feelings
and actions with you.. And All The While She'll Think It's Her Idea!
 Now, in order to translate this "secret" into real-world, hard-hitting, practical stuff that worked, I had to do a lot of research. I got my hands on every NLP book I
could read. I went to seminars. But more important, I got my ass out in he REAL world, and tried combination after combination of different ways of talking to
omen; "language patterns"; that would evoke the deeper levels of their minds; the places where they keep their most exciting emories, ponder fantasies, daydreams,
incredible possibilities that they wouldn't even want their best friends to know they dreamed about and longed for. And I found that once I could use my words to
place my voice, my image, my presence in that place in their nds...... Ugly, Skinny, Geeky Me Could Write My Own Ticket And Attract All The Amazingly Hot
Women I Wanted! Now, let me digress once again, very briefly, to tell you how my sexual famine finely and dramatically ended, on my boss' desk, with a stunning
londe who I had only known for less than an hour! It was 1988, only a few months into my "seduction mad-scientist" phase, and I was working for an attorney as
aralegal. My boss left town, leaving me to interview women for the secretarial opening that we had. He told e I could hire anyone I felt would fit in and who was
ualified. After seeing a few plain ones, a very cute blonde with incredible legs walked in, and I thought, "here's a chance to try some of the new stuff, Dr.
rankenstein". So, during the course of our "interview" I casually dropped in some of my new "language patterns" to see how his perfect little stunner would respond.
 To my surprise, after talking about 20 minutes, she invited me to have coffee. (The office was closing and it was the end of the day). Coffee led to dinner. And inner
led to something very strange and wonderful appening. You see, over dinner, in response to one of my newly created "patterns", I noticed this mega-babe's lip froze
and and her tongue became so numb, she began to have trouble talking. When I asked her about it, she said "my tongue is numb".
"That's because your tongue has something it wants to tell me, " I said. "Can you tell me what that is?" Now imagine my surprise, when, after a nearly 5 year bout of
utter sexual starvation, this absolutely stunning 23 year old creature with the most succulent, pouting, full, bl*w-job lips, long, hard, perfect legs, and a pair of reasts
hat God himself would have wanted to fondle, leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I want to s*ck your cock".
Well, even at that small level of experience, I didn't need her to tell me twice. In fact, I think I set a world's ecord sprinting back with her to the office.. And right
there, right then, with my heart pounding like a steel-jackhammer...with the adrenalin-fire of excitement racing through every molecule of my body, I ended years of
umiliating frustration, loneliness and tter defeat with this amazing and responsive young lady, right there on my shmucky boss' desk!!!!!
 The Victory Actually Shook Me To The Core! I have to tell you, I was pretty shook up. In fact, I drove around for hours after she left wondering if it was really all
for real. I can remember saying to myself over and over, "I just had a beautiful girl on my boss' desk, and I've only nown her a couple of hours." How the hell could
this be possible? What the hell have I gotten myself into?
Seriously, it was an odd, dreamy, sense of unreality... such a total break from what I had experienced before hat it was hard to accept! But I knew, right then and
here, I would do everything and anything without hesitation to perfect these methods...and share them with every guy I could introduce them to!
It's "Kid In The Candy Store Time" For Me! Over the next few years, dealing with and attracting some truly amazing women became a very fun and xciting
adventure. I discovered that women...really amazing women of every age and beautiful description... were out there and they were just waiting for someone with
kills like me; someone who could open them rom the inside and reawaken parts of them they had kept locked away , the parts dwelling deep inside where they keep
their most exciting memories; where they ponder fantasies, daydream, amazing possibilities.....the hings they'd do if no one were watching and they wouldn't even
ant their best friends to know they dreamed about and longed for.
And I discovered that when you touched women in those places, they'd do anything for you. Anything with ou. No matter what you looked like . Because I
iscovered that touching that place in a woman had NOTHING to do with the conventional things you need for dating; in fact one of the benefits was, I got to stop
dating ompletely, unless I was already sexually involved with them. I kissed that wasteful, stressful, expensive and messy ritual called "dating" goodbye completely,
and reserved it ONLY for the women who had already shown by their actions that I was someone they cherished and dored! In fact, I don't know if you are the kind
f person who could clearly imagine experiencing this, but now I was the one women were women...wonderful women...beautiful on the inside and the
outside omen... And I glowed in the good feeling of having them pursue me. All I had to do is give them a taste of my special language patterns, pull back, and offer
them the opportunity to please me if THEY wanted to have more. God, How I LOVE IT!
Again, I don't know, if you can imagine this. But, let me tell you there is no feeling like the certain knowledge hat every day you wake up is a new
dventure that you can fill with the attraction, intimacy and fun with the kinds of women you truly, really want.
How Would You Like To Wake Up Every Morning With The Person You Most Love And Desire In The Whole World - Right Next To You.. Eager To Explore And
Enjoy Whatever The Two Of You Can Make Real Together? Now, I don't know if you can clearly imagine this: there she is....sleeping next to you...a goddess in
every ay...her skin still glowing with the energy of your love- making. Someone who opens you not just from a place of lust, but a place of passion. A place where
each of you gives not just all that you have, but discovers more in you to give than you ever imagined possible. And when you et just seemed so easy. It was
as if you knew what to say...that your words were not just words but tools that opened her from deep thin, touching her on the deepest levels, releasing thoughts and
eelings and desires she never even knew she could experience. But she wasn't the first to respond this way.'d enjoyed your "kid in a candy store phase".
You'd enjoyed weeks or even months of women, pursuing you, because you'd given them a taste. Young, hot, ard bodied athletic types. Professional women, eager
o release all the pent up sexual energy they ave to keep under wraps. Tight, toned, college coeds eager to explore their new found sexual freedom.
And it was all possible because you understood a profound truth they never taught you in derstanding that men with more power, money, look or status
on't even have a clue on. That the true and lasting key to power, choice and abundance with women is to capture and lead their imagination by crafting d sculpting
what it is you say. Now Let Me Take A Minute...To Explode The Myths About What It Takes To Truly Be Successful With omen...Myths That You Are Probably
Buying Into And Believing That Guarantee You Will Have Nothing ut Frustration, Scarcity And Failure...Unless You Take The Steps...To Eliminate These Beliefs
rom Your Mind IGHT NOW! Myth 1: You've Got To Have Lots Of Money!
This is a dangerous, dangerous "lie" precisely because it IS partly true! IF you have lots of money, it can tract alot of positive attention from women! Women do
ften seek security and the other things that a wealthy man can bring! But the thing is, while women might seek security, they don't fall passionately in love with it.
And they ertainly don't want to screw! They fall in love and are passionately attracted to someone who can pen them from the inside and touch them in all those
laces that society forces them to keep locked up and shut away. nd that is a function of what comes out of your mouth, not what is inside your wallet! Myth 2:
 You've got to have great looks! This is so clearly untrue, it ought not to even be considered anymore. Some of the greatest lovers in the history of the world,
ncluding the infamous Casanova were ugly as a sack full of at-food. (One of my tudents, "Doc Dave" looks like a fat, human-basset hound, but he specializes in
picking up and seducing ard- bodies from the gym, and he never, ever even takes them on a date!) The truth: looks an help to initially attract a woman's attention.
nd they will open one of the "four oorways" into her mind (each of which I'll each you how to operate and open). But they aren't required to get there and even more
mportant, once a woman decides she likes you, she'll find her own reasons to actually ike your looks, no matter what you ctually look like. Myth 3: You've got to
e famous/in a position of power! doubt about it. Fame can be a big deal for attracting women. After all, you just get more exposure an the average guy, so
here are bound to be more omen attracted to you. But it's also possible and far ore desirable to be "famous" in the mind of the woman or women you want to attract ,
by using your language to e yourself the the center stage star of her emotions and imagination; the person she fantasizes about day and night, the person she aresses
herself over. In effect, knowing how to capture, direct and lead a woman's magination, fantasies and emotions allows OU to be famous and center stage for her and
homever else you esire, but anonymous to everyone else! All the enefits and none of the drawbacks! Myth 4: You've just got to be lucky! Well, if you're
gambling, you're right. But if you have a systematic way to achieve predictable esults...procedures that bring you consistent success; then that's not luck; that's
echnology. Old-fashioned thods like dating with all of it's elements of scarcity, supplicating, begging and guesswork DO require luck. hat you'll learn from me is a
technology. Myth 5: It will just happen for yourself and one day she'll come along! Well, as the little dwarf used to say: "Welcome to Fantasy Island"! Let
me tell you, this kind of nsidious bullshit is just guaranteed to keep erson trapped where they are, so lonely and desperate, that when a good prospect does
accidentally come long, you're so damn eager and anxious, you only succeed in scaring er away! When you have the right tools, you don't need to wait! And that,
my friend, is where these incredible Speed eduction methods come in; by giving you the right to create, in a matter of minutes, no matter our looks or
age, states of lust, fascination, utter desire, and total arousal in the hottest women around by capturing nd directing their imagination, and to do o with predictable,
repeatable, precision.
Here's More Details On How It All Works How do I teach you to do all this? Simple. I show you how to use very suggestive patterns of words that are custom
designed after 3 1/2 years of search to: 1. Capture a woman's imagination 2. Lead her to experience these deep emotional states
 3. Most importantly, immediately link these intense, positive emotions to YOU and ONLY you!!
Lock And Link... The Super-Secrets For Really Getting Laid! Now, here's something you'd NEVER guess at;, item #3 is the MOST important and was the most
difficult breakthrough to create. (Don't worry...I'll show ou how to EASILY do it using something I call "binder ommands". They are designed to LOCK IN these
states so they last and LINK in these states to you and ONLY YOU reap all the benefits!) It does no good to get a woman hot and bothered if she's thinking
of some other guy; that's why I'll show you recisely ow to make sure your words reach deep into her mind and CREATE A BOND WITH SHE believes
that YOU are the only one who could possibly give her the erotic satisfaction she suddenly finds erself emanding!! Now, as if this all wasn't powerful enough, the
really great thing is how it's all especially designed to seem ike..... .....An Innocent, Normal Conversation! That's right; the real genius of my method ISN'T just the
suggestive language that sets her fantasy/emotional echanisms into overdrive, guiding her into states of dripping wet, rotic arousal, The real genius is how it's all set
up to seem like normal, everyday, innocent conversations that you can get going at parties...the beach... estaurants... airports... anywhere!!
  Here's Just Some Of The Secrets You'll Be Learning In This Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Eye- Opening Complete Home Study Course How To Create A Magnetic
Attraction Within Minutes When You Aren't Close To Being Her Type! Getting Her Fast Despite A Boyfriend Or Husband! Creating Instant States of
Overwhelming Connection! Eradicating Last Minute Objections To Sex!
 Quotes, Negation and Other Super-Weasel Patterns! Playing With Her Mental Pictures Using Language To Engage Her Sexual Fantasy Mechanisms The Secret
Understanding Of The Speed Seducer!!! Using "Stealth Suggestion" To Paint Word Pictures That Trigger And Stimulate Her Imaginative, Emotional ight Brain"
  Using Her Innate/Subjective Sense Of Time So It Seems Like She's Already Been In Love With You For onths When You've Only Know Her Just A Few Hours
Using Speed Seduction For Business Success And Making Loads Of Money!! and TREMENDOUSLY, TREMENDOUSLY MORE!!!! Now doesn't that just
sound mind-blowingly, irresistibly great? Can you just imagine all the power you'll have with women as you enjoy using these nuclear-powered ecrets? No More
Rejection Filled "Dates"! Let me tell you something my friend: "dating" is for the birds! If you think taking a girl out on a date, pending lots of money, and trying to
ake an impression on her during your vening together is the way to do things, then: YOU'RE LIVING IN THE STONE AGE!!!
Nope: once you've mastered my system: Dating will be for women who you are already sleeping with and ho re already absolutely crazy about you! You'll be able
to leave "dating" to the chumps and suckers who foolishly think they can compete with you ile you have women in love and hot for you before you even go out. Try
ot to gloat as you think of how much un it will be to enjoy this power for the rest of your life!!!
An Important "Also Featured" Look: I don't mean to offend you if you aren't interested in having lots of women. Maybe you want that special, one on one, long
erm relationship. And, because I recognize that, I also teach in his home study course how to find out exactly what she needs to feel totally and completely oved,
and how, without any guesswork, to give it to her so she and you are both totally and completely satisfied! Here Is Proof It Really Works! I know this all might
sound pretty hard to believe, so I want you to see what some people who have been sing hese secrets have to say; but warning: reading these eye-popping
estimonials from satisfied customers might ause you to instantly pick up the phone or mail in your order. So don't read them unless you want to be owerfully
convinced to order your home study course today!! Satisfied Students Your gonna love this stuff!
 "I had been after this girl who was just a friend for over two years! I used your quotes "weasel pattern" on her nd within two hours we were back in my room and I
ad her shirt off and I was sucking away on what I had usted after for so long!!! I have another girl who I did who calls me practically everyday, long distance from
Mexico, begging me to marry her!!! This girl is a goddess too!! Most recently, about two weeks ago I met a mouth watering babe in line to pay my electrical bill.
ithin half n hour we were making out and she even said that she can't understand why she's so attracted to me, cause I'm NOT her type and her friends aren't going to
like me! I've also used your other stuff to get two girlfriends, and am working on my own patterns to get girls, based on what you taught me. Thanks Ross!" Taylor
Nabakov Long Beach, CA "I used your seven minute "blammo pattern" on a very attractive woman I work with while we were driving to unch in her car! It did
NOT work out the way you said because it took an entire half hour before she egged me to come over that night and do her!!". David S. Los Angeles, CA (Sorry
we can't give David's entire name, but he's got a very sensitive position in City government and we ant to get him laid, not fired! But if you really want to talk to im,
call me and I'll have him call you back!) "Ross...I used your "have you ever" weasel pattern that you teach to score my ultimate fantasy: two girls in ed at the same
time!!! Thanks!".. Hayden Basanta Winnipeg, Canada "Using your instantaneous connection pattern, I got a bikini model in bed the same night I met her. I first
used when I responded to her voice mail ad, and then a second time face to face, when we met and it worked ike a harm! This girl was FAR better looking than
nyone I've ever gotten before, and I feel you've put me in a hole new ball game!" John Kent Woodland Hills, CA
"I invited a former girlfriend to lunch on Wednesday and ran the "falling in love pattern" on her. On Saturday, lled her again and this time I ran the "instantaneous
onnection pattern" on her. Now, this girl never said "I ove you" the entire time we were together and she was rude and cold to me the entire time we were going
gether. NOW, when she got out of the car she reached over and gave me the most passionate kiss she has ver given me and said "I LOVE YOU". Fantastic!" J.
almer Los Angeles, CA
Dear Ross, I attended your seminar last weekend, the first time I was exposed to your material. You said we ere obligated to share our success stories, so I am
aking this break to reflect on the progress of ST ONE EEK. I honestly had more real connections with women during this week than I had in several months before.
'm reporting that every technique can be applied and becomes more and more effortless to ilize. This week, I ade "incredible" connections (and more) with women
anging in ages from 23 to 42, in height from 5'2" to 6' nd from looks from average to exotic.          Some highlights: The Teacher (married) - Just luck, I suppose,
that the husband was out of town for the weekend. Within 15 nutes of being in her house she literally threw rself into my lap before she turned and asked me to
nzip her dress. (Real improvement during the week, wouldn't you say?) You can picture how the rest of the afternoon s spent. The Art Director - Young, very exy,
outgoing-like a smaller, younger Claudia Schiffer. It was easy enough o get under her skin (I can tell ou the color of her panties), but I decided I wasn't going to nag
her from her oyfriend due to a mutual friend.
  The Medical Student - Secured a date with a single phone call. She "can't believe" the incredible connection tween us either etc. etc. Date secure two days from
now. The Artist - Ah, now this is what I've been leading up to the culmination of the first week. I've just got home rom spending the night with this very tall (6')
otic, highly-intelligent artist/beauty. I went to that party nowing I would discover or create what I wanted. I laid out my foundations, sized up the competition, and
ade my choice. We let the party together and within 20 inutes of being in her apartment, I was safely and-cuffed and tied to the bed. (Yes, it's true.) Hours of please
nd tease followed way past dawn. We naturally, versed roles later, and well, you can imagine the rest. She ad a hard time letting me go this morning-kept grabbing
me and throwing me back into bed. A week ago, I would not have been able to deal with obstacles or resistance with such persuasive confidence. week ago, I ould
ot have found myself in a bathroom at a arty being mercilessly stroked by a beautiful oman who couldn't keep her hands off me. The success caught me off-guard as
the world is a different place for me now. Jason S. (last name withheld by request) Los Angeles, CA Dear Ross, I want you to now that I have seen you being
grilled on stage by the Heinz 57 variety of pseudo-intellectual talk show hosts along with their hand picked bunch of man bashing, pro-feminist idiots. I for one an
estify to he fact that you have a right to be confident because you know what the hell you are talking about. I have used your techniques to get laid, to combat the
telephone games and silly mind games that women instinctively play in order to gain control. I let my new girlfriend know that there will be no games nd that he an
never control me and every time she tried, she faced losing me and gave up. This is the exciting art. She admitted to me that she has had many boy friends and they
ere wimps, they put up with her shit, and she id not respect them and moved on to someone who would give her a challenge. ONE OF THESE WIMPS S
DOCTOR WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING A GIRL WOULD WANT, except a back bone. This woman adores me, not because I am a hunk (because I am not), not
ecause I am rich (because I am not) but because I ow what I want, I go after it, and I don't put up with any shit! So there is no shit and a life without shit is better for
both of us. Now there are two people who respect and love girlfriend and best of all ME! Pat McMillen Crestline, CA Ross: I just wanted to let you know
how happy I am with your Secrets Of Speed Seduction seminar tapes. Your innovative approach gives me a power and impact that the "experts" say is impossible!
ot damn! I am not in the best of shape physically or mentally, a pretty typical 41 year old guy, so I thought I'd have to o hrough a period of conditioning. Man, was
I wrong! Here are some examples: Dr. Amanda -- I went for my eye exam and met this young woman with a great voice. So I started talking out tonality and how
you can feel an incredible connection with someone you just met. Later, riding me until she ollapsed, she kept saying "I can't believe I'm doing this!". Kind of
urprised me too, so I went out to try gain and this time I found... Carol -- a real space case; she believes in crystals, astrology, etc. But she's also 26, blonde and an
aerobics instructor, so what the hey? I got her out for coffee and hit her with the blammo attern. What a cosmic onnection! Now she can't keep me out of her mouth
nd loves to gobble my male energy! Tammy -- a 23 year old newlywed with buyers remorse. Same thing-instantaneous connection, time distortion, bringing out
feelings of incredible pleasure and satisfaction. I discovered she was multi-orgasmic d loves to suck! Laura -- a big, busty, leggy gal; sort of a Midwest Elle
McPherson, she told me I wasn't her "type" and she ad a boyfriend. No problem, I said and just kept talking-got her laughing, built that incredible connection,
chored peak experiences, zoomed her around in space and time and this time I left her in that peak state hile I ushered her back to my place. Not to brag, Ross, but
this shit is going on all the time now! It doesn't matter how old she is, if she has a oyfriend or husband or if I'm her "type"....NOTHING MATTERS! You're a
ucking genius! Mark CunninghamMaumee, Ohio
Dear Ross, Using your methods I got a woman who I had been after for 5 years into bed. Not only that, but I went from aving NO women in years to sleeping with 3
ot ones... I will forever be your loyal spokesman, student and friend. Kamal Hyder
San Jose, CA Aren't those great? Aren't you the kind of person who wants those kind of results? (You certainly don't have to take it as fast as hese guys, but it sure
is nice to know how if you want to!) Look...this isn't just some untested theory we are talking about here. Rolling Stone AND Playboy Magazine, much as they hated
to dmit it, have both said MY SYSTEM WORKS! So isn't it about time YOU were using and enjoying it?
Here's More About This Amazing, Power-Packed Course! Ok. Enough rambling. Let's tell you what's included in this amazing home study course that's..... GONNA
 Part One:Secrets Of Speed Seduction Book & Workbook! Here it is: my long awaited, brand-new book! This power-packed volume not only contains every single
one f my incredible get laid language patterns, word for word, but it also has 10 chapters that describe the operating rinciples of Speed Seduction, so you can come
p with your own stuff, if you want to. And best of all, these chapters also have structured exercises to make sure your skills develop rapidly and easily. What kind of
seduction patterns does this book contain? How about: Four Different Patterns to create: Instant States Of Overwhelming Connection To You. These are your keys
o STAGGERING power and success with women. I don't care how HOT she looks. I don't care HOW many competitors you think you might have. When you an
make her feel these feelings that he longs in her secret heart of hearts to feel she will quite literally beg to be with you. Just wait til you find out how true that is!
h...revenge is SWEET!!!!! Four Different "Friends Into Lovers" Patterns ( I like things in fours? So what?) If there is a long-time female "friend" who you've
always thought of s your "dream girl" here are four different ways to quickly turn her into your eager, illing bed-partner, and the real beauty is, She'll think it's her
dea! (Isn't that the best way to convince someone anyway...people don't esist you when they think THEY are the ones who came up with the idea in the first lace!!
Ha ha ha ha ha, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!) The Boyfriend Destroyer Parts 1 AND 2!!!! So she's got a boyfriend already? So what! Here's how to knock him out
of her mind so ast, it'll make your head spin and get her focused exclusively on you!! The Jerk Destroyer Ok. I deserve a Nobel Prize for this one. Ever been stuck
on a girl who's only attracted to assholes? Here's a ay to totally fry her circuits so she finds these kinds of guys boring, dull and repulsive and attaches SO much love
nd lust to you, that you'll have to force her OUT of your bed!!! I think this one is worth the price of the ntire course in and of itself!!!
 Three Different "Sexual Accelerator" Patterns Guaranteed to bring her to dripping orgasm in a matter of minutes, without even putting a finger on her!! Use it over
coffee, at a party, or even on the street, but try not o get in trouble when she demands you "do her" ight then and there!! (No guy who used this on a
woman was so shocked when she demanded that he put her on the hood of the car and make love to her, hen and there, that he was too surprised to take dvantage of
the situation!)
 Part Two: Secrets Of Speed Seduction Weekend On Audio - Tape!
Ok! Here's your chance to hear me teach these patterns, live and uncensored on audio-tape! This is critically portant; because you get to hear the tone of voice,
pacing, and other stuff required to really make it all work! Nearly 16 hours of me teaching the best, cutting-edge stuff for getting laid, anytime, anywhere! Reading
my book is one thing: hearing me actually DOING the patterns adds an entire new dimension to the xperience, ncluding the crucial timing and the tonality required
for proper execution and delivery.
 Part Three: Speed Seduction Flash Cards
To make it extra easy, I've created this set of easy to use, carry anywhere flash cards. These cover: The Fourteen Trance Words (These are the words which
automatically induce an incredibly suggestible state n the istener, without them even knowing what's taking place! Enjoy the POWER of a master-hypnotist, without
even having to take a class in the subject!!) The Thirteen Weasel Phrases (These are the phrases that set women up to have any suggestion you want mbedded in her
mind, all the while seeming to have a a ompletely "normal" conversation!)
 The Ten Rules Of Speed Seduction (These basic understandings underlie everything you'll be doing as you educe woman after hot sexy woman or enjoy that one,
special girl)
Part Four: Unstoppable Confidence Audio - Tape Series Many men have already bought and used these three tapes, professionally recorded in studio, and found
them to be a vital part of their success with women, even hough they technically don't deal with seduction. And hy is that? Simple: they're going to give you the
instantaneous and automatic confidence you need to carry out all he great secrets and techniques revealed in he other parts of the course.
 With six sides, the program is designed to be listened to one side a day, for a total of six days to TOTALLY RANSFORM your SELF-IMAGE and boost your
confidence into the SUPER-STRATOSPHERE of nowing you can automatically do what it takes to attract her!!! Part Five:
Speed Seduction Weekend Transcripts! That's right; here is the entire weekend seminar on audio tape, transcribed so you can read it, word for word. t's a proven
learning principle that materials are absorbed much aster when one has the opportunity to both read and listen to them. Here's your way to go back, and review at
your leisure the finer details of what is eing taught! Over 200 pages of inside stuff! Part Six:
Follow-Up Support When you buy the Deluxe system - you'll also be getting an hour of phone consultation with me, absolutely ree. This is quite a bargain when
you consider my normal consultation fee is $250.(Basic ystem purchasers get a fifteen minute consult.) This is your chance to have any questions answered, go over
special situations nd make sure you really get it! The only conditions I put on this is are: (a) you must use this within one year of purchase, (b) use must use all of
your time in one call, so you can't break it up into ini-sessions spread out over a period of time and (c) ou must make the call. Pretty reasonable when you consider
ou'll have my personal expertise at your beck and all.
 So What's It Gonna Cost Me Ross?? Ok. As I've said before about my products , they really don't "cost" anything, because something that "costs" immediately
begins to decrease in value as soon as you've bought it. By the way, think of how much you've lready "invested" on dates with women and it didn't get you
ANYWHERE!) A real investment, by way of contrast, continues to increase in value.... Potentially Without Limit! So what's your investment for a lifetime of
power and success with women?
Well, you've got two options: Option #1: The Deluxe Course
This consists of the Workbook, 16 Hours of Audio Tapes, The Flashcards, The Transcripts, Unstoppable nfidence Audio Tapes AND a one hour phone consultation
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Try out some of the amazing secrets I reveal. If, for some reason, you aren't able to use these secrets to 1. educe at least THREE women, 2. Do so quickly and
easily, without the usual dating-games
3. Do so with women who are really HOT...the kind you've always wanted Just send the tapes back, anytime within Ninety Days, and I'll give you.... An Instant Full
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That's like letting you try them for free, and not paying unless you get the results!! I can't make it any safer than that! But guess what? I know you won't want to ask
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Won't that be a great feeling, that excitement of knowing you're really on to something, something that's going transform your life, and really get you where you've
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Speed Seduction Weekend Seminars. P.P.S. Are you a little short on cash? If you're ordering by credit card ONLY we can offer a two payment installment plan
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P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Now look: this course DOES have it's drawbacks. While I've blazed the trail with years of work nd laid it all out for you it doesn't work by magic.
And even though you'll see some great results, RIGHT AWAY, sometime as soon as the day you get it, it takes effort, practice and about 2 to 3 months to get
EALLY "Hugh Hefner"-level good at it. But if you're dumb or lazy....seeking a "magic bullet"...this isn't the path for you. ONLY dedicated, willing to go for it
winners should order your course right now!. And, if you re offended by vulgarity...well...I've certainly cleaned up my act since I first started teaching Speed
Seduction. ut nonetheless, I can sometimes be pretty raw. So if you are terribly offended by the occasional "potty" word nd think that avoiding that is more
important than incredible enjoyment and pleasure with women, then erhaps you ought to pass this website along to someone else, rather than immediately ordering
right now as hat consideration just fades into nothing..
 P.P.P.P.P.P.P. S. As good a seducer as I may be, I'm not the world's best manager. In fact, I accidentally OVER-ordered too many Deluxe Courses from the
duplication house. Therefore, for the first 136 people who rder a Deluxe Course, I will extend a $50 "screw-up" discount! This discount ONLY applies towards
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