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					                       Study in Russia
                                      Proprietor: Dr R. Bivon
                                     Flint House, Lynn Road
                               Stoke Ferry, King’s Lynn PE33 9SW
                                   Phone and fax 01366 501445
                                       Mobile 07894 221834

Moscow is a large, bustling, exciting city, as you would expect from the capital city of an
enormous country. There is plenty to do with a wide range of theatres, cinemas, clubs, bars,
restaurants, etc. Like all big cites it is expensive. However, if you avoid the places frequented by
foreign businessmen and the very rich, "new" Russians, it should be no more expensive than in
UK, and at times surprisingly cheap.
                                          Language Link
Language Link was established in Moscow in 1994. It teaches both English to Russians and
Russian to foreigners. In a short time it has gained a very high reputation for the standards of its
Russian language teaching. Its staff are all university level teachers, many of whom combine
teaching at Language Link with teaching at prestigious higher educational institutions in
Its Russian language classes currently attract students from amongst foreign residents of
Moscow, many of them businessmen. They also arrange special courses for university students
from UK and USA. Language Link is based in a refurbished building with modern well
equipped classrooms in central Moscow. It offers audio visual facilities, a video library and
computer centre with internet access. It is a relatively small organisation and you will be well
looked after by the staff of Russian teachers.
At certain times of the year, Language Link will be able to offer you the chance of joining a
group class. Please inquire to find out if there is a class at a suitable level for you.. Classes are
held at four levels: beginners, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced. If you are a
beginner, you should join a course starting at the beginning of each month, all other students can
join a group any Monday they wish.
Language Link can also provide you with individual tuition and will design a course specially to
meet your needs. You tell us what you require, however specialised, and they will design the
courseand find the best teacher for you.
Language Link will find homestay accommodation. You will have your own room in a Russian
flat and be provided with breakfast l. In this way you will practise your Russian with your host
or hostess and find out how Russians live.

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