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					       The law firm Andino & Dorato, founded in 1973, has 36 years of proven
professional experience in the practice of law.

       The firm’s organization enables us to practice different areas of law through the
work of qualified lawyers specialized in each area, who practice law without losing sight of
the unity of the system or of the values and background that define the Law Firm’s track
record and the prestige of a profession.

         The firm has gained proven experience in assisting company-related businesses
and disputes and has provided legal advice on most areas of law connected with company

         The Firm’s staff is qualified to participate- within their areas of practice- in a wide
variety of legal issues at the two levels in which business activities are conducted: at the
internal level (related to the organization), on Labor Law and Company Business issues;
and at the external level (concerning the relationship between the company and its
customers, consumers and suppliers, governmental bodies and the community in general)
and on issues pertaining to the Law of Obligations in its two main branches: Contracts and
Civil Liability, on the one hand, and Administrative Law on the other hand.

        The Firm provides its professional services by responding to consultations, either
orally or in writing, as requested, and through the preparation of opinions and reports on
legal issues related to the pertinent areas; the drafting and analysis of contracts,
agreements and any instrument related to company performance; furbishing legal advice
on negotiations over the execution, development and completion of businesses and
representing clients in mediation, pre-trial or court proceedings, in the event litigation is

        Since the Firm’s foundation, its clients have been companies conducting activities
in the following fields: iron & steel, gas, footwear, tourism, clothing and textile industries as
well as real estate agents and developers, manufacturers of construction materials, public
and private works constructors, mortgage originators, providers of professional services
(medicine, architecture, engineering, marketing, management, economics, etc.),
condominium property administrators, traders in several products, business chambers
and non-profit organizations.

          This practical experience has given the Firm great flexibility to rapidly understand
the specific requirements of each business activity and to apply the legal solutions suitable
to each particular case. This, in addition to the business experience of some of its
partners, the theoretical and academic contributions in the of field civil commercial
liabilities made by other partners and the ongoing interaction with the company staff in
charge of each business area appointed to be the link with the Firm, ensures a high quality
legal service, adjusted to each client’s needs either in the form of advice on the areas of
general consultancy, or on one or several branches of law or of a punctual intervention in
a specific matter or litigation.

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                               Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
The professional practice of the Law Firm Andino & Dorato includes all aspects
concerning legal advisory and consulting services and opinions as well as legal
representation in matters related with the following areas of work:

Commercial Law: Bankruptcy and Preliminary Bankruptcy Proceedings, proof of
claims, summary proceedings for payment of debts, creation of business
associations, joint ventures, commercial contracts, pledge foreclosure, Consumer’s
Right Arbitration.

Assisted negotiation: assistance in negotiations related to the execution of new
business. Mergers, acquisitions. Collaboration in the determination of negotiation
strategies and tactics.

Mediation: private an public mediation services in all areas of law in which
mediation is applicable. Use of mediation techniques in business negotiations and
corporate dispute resolution.

Labor and Employment Law: Drafting of employment agreements, dismissals,
crisis prevention procedures, spontaneous agreements, corporate job reengineering.
Labor Dispute Settlement.

Civil Law: Contracts regulated by the civil code, eviction, condominium property,
maintenance fees, damages, mortgage creation and foreclosure.           summary
proceedings, mortgage creation and foreclosure.

Family Law: Divorces, children’s support, alimony and visitation schemes. Adoption.

Administrative and Constitutional Law: Filings with administrative agencies.
Petitions and Complaints before Administrative Tribunals and Law Courts. Analysis
of the list of conditions relative to a government bid. Summary proceedings for
amparo (protection of constitutional rights). Habeas data.

International Private law: precautionary measures overseas. Exequatur. Legal
advisory services in Spain.

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                         Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina

                                     CONDOMINIUM PROPERTY.

        In particular, the Firm has developed an indisputable specialization in the legal
aspects of construction and real estate development and has furnished services in all the
areas linked to said activities, providing advise on pre-agreement negotiations and on the
drafting and analysis of all kinds of agreements, and in court or out-or-court resolution of
any disputes that may arise from the same.

        The Firm’s partners have participated in numerous undertakings carried out with
public, private and mixed finance by providing professional services in relation to all the
legal aspects at each stage, from the acquisition of lands to the sales instruments that best
suited each case, including financial issues and matters related with construction activities,
guarantees, collection and condominium property.

        The Firm has represented and defended the interests of professionals, principals
and companies in several and important court proceedings and prepared opinions and
reports on issues related to construction pathologies and vices and on the grounds for
claim for breach of building contracts, both public and private. Prestigious engineering and
architecture professionals are associated to the Firm as consultants in those matters that
require qualified technical opinion.

       As to condominium property, the Firm has furnished its services to the professional
administrators of over 1.000 unites – homes, offices, business premises and weekend
houses- in over 120 organizations of co-proprietors of condominiums, who, in addition to
requesting advise on all matters arising from living together, condominium by-laws and
applicable laws, have entrusted the collection of delinquent maintenance payments
through court and out-of-court proceedings to our Firm.

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                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
                                 COMMERCIAL LAW- COMPANIES

       The Firm has taken part in defining the legal aspects of the genesis of a variety of

       It has had the responsibility of designing the most suitable kind of business
association whenever an activity is conducted in such a way that it requires a more
complex organization than that needed in the case of individual services.

       It has participated in the formation of several kinds of business organizations,
regulated by either the civil or commercial code, foundations, associations, cooperatives,
corporations, limited liability companies (SRL), joint ventures, by managing the legal
aspects or its formation, drafting their by-laws in whole or in part, or coordinating the task
of other intervening professionals (accountants, notaries public).

        It has intervened in the execution of many joint ventures (with the characteristics
set forth by Argentine laws), not only in relation to the formal aspects of their organization,
but also by taking part in the meetings with the shareholders to ensure a precise and
legally guaranteed determination of the scope of the association by defining accurately its
purpose, the shareholders’ rights and liabilities and the manner of liquidation, all points to
which public entities pay zealous attention in the case of public bids.

        On a regular and uninterrupted basis, the Firm advises its clients in all legal
aspects related to the adopted kind of business organization about which we are
consulted: such as shareholders’ and board meetings, among other issues; and has
participated in the resolution of internal company disputes arising from said issues, often
by means of mediation tools conducive to out-of-court solutions.

        The Firm’s vocation and style leads its staff to propose and attend business
meetings with other professionals advising their clients, in particular with accountants, in
order to harmonize criteria and establish compatible and common guidelines that may be
easily and homogenously applied by the companies’ officials and employees in charge of
implementing said guidelines.

        In addition, the Firm has acquired significant professional experience in all matters
related to the trusts set forth in accordance with law 24,441: investment, administration or
guarantee trusts. Also, since the time prior to the enactment of the law, the Firm has been
contributing to the dissemination of the knowledge of the scope of such trusts and of their
application to different business, both public and private, in connection with cases that
range from banking operations to urban developments and has participated in the drafting
of the bill about the creation of trusts with certain assets belonging to the Federal State.

       Therefore, the Firm also has the potential for contributing to the development of
new businesses included in the regime set forth in law 24,441, when such regime is
applicable to certain activities.

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                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
                                    LABOR LAW ISSUES.

         The Firm intervenes in these matters on the assumption that Labor Law, although
an autonomous branch of law, cannot be separated from other legal fields that contribute
to efficient, balance and coherent company performance.

       The Firm’s professional experience enables it to assert that, when this area is
neglected- usually in those cases where an “inevitable” ending is expected, or when this
area is managed as a minor section of the organization chart- the consequences are
usually serious, once the potential extent of the claims arising from labor relationships
becomes apparent, since said amounts often exceed the company’s usual profits,
especially if the latter is a “PyME” (small and medium-sized company).

         The Firm’s partners have had significant and specific experiences in all aspects of
Labor Law, from employment law issues (employment contract: execution, fulfillment and
breach) to labor law matters (collective bargaining agreement, union negotiations); from
litigious practice (among others, with the person who later headed the Association of Labor
Law Attorneys) to academic activities (with thesis on the relationship between the current
damages law and labor and employment law) from the point of view of the unions (e.g. as
advisors to the UOM [Steel Workers Union] and FOEVA [Workers and Employees of the Wine
Industry and Related Activities]) or as president or representatives of business entities in
collective bargaining talks before the National Ministry of Labor (e.g. the collective
bargaining agreements of the UOCRA [Construction Workers’ Union of the Republic of
Argentina] and the SEC [Commercial Employees’ Union].

       The expertise gained in this wide range of activities related to Labor Law, has
enabled the Firm to develop efficient ways of advice, prevention, conciliation and legal
defense, as required, applying to these tasks the distinct point of view of people who have
been advisors to unions and companies, mediators, company directors; professors who
have related these matters with other branches of law, leaders of business entities,
representatives of such entities in collective bargaining talks and attorneys who apply
Labor Law in their daily activities.

        Thus, we think that the Firm is capable of making serious and valuable
contributions to provide order and higher efficiency in the field of company’s labor

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                             Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina

       The Firm has adopted the criterion of not creating a specific area in order to
provide services exclusively in the case of the court or out-of-court resolution of disputes
that may arise from conducting business or professional activities.

       The Firm considers that a dispute is not an isolated issue within the management
of a company, and that the causes and resolution of a dispute cannot be foreign to such
management. Therefore, its litigation area has been organized as an extension of the
previous professional assistance, so that litigation is conducted by the same professional
in charge of the regular assistance to the client.

       All the Firm’s attorneys are qualified to deal with procedural matters and able to
manage in an efficient manner all the proceedings in which they have to intervene.
Consultation with other areas, and the subsequent sharing of practical experience and
theoretical knowledge, is the usual practice in this and in all areas.

        Thus, all legal cases are dealt with by taking into account the knowledge of the
client and its activity rather than an alleged specialization in a purely formal procedural
aspect. This ensures a stronger emphasis on the points of law involved in the litigation,
without neglecting a proven experience in the instrumental aspects of the process.

        In order to enhance the efficiency of its management of legal cases, all the Firm’s
professionals are linked to each other and to the persons in charge of litigating the cases
in court through an intranet. In addition, the Firm has state-of-the-art computer systems for
the follow up of pending cases, including a strict control of deadlines.

        In all cases in which, due to the complexity or the money amount required by it, the
professionals working as technical advisors to the Firm, are capable of and used to
providing advise on the scientific areas of their specialty, preparing the matters to be
submitted to expert witnesses and, in particular, controlling the official expert witnesses
that may intervene in the process.

        In the event the client entrusts only one or several legal issues to the Firm, one of
the partners – preferable the most qualified in the subject matter under litigation- will be
assigned to the client and will take primary responsibility for the management of the case
and the assistance to said client and will inform him or her of the progress of the case and
of the requirements to be satisfied in connection with the same.

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                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
                                       CONTRACT LAW.

         In order to manage properly the wide scope of commercial, industrial and service
activities of the companies that have been its clients since it was founded, the Firm has
had to draft several and varied contracts: agency, sales, building, leasing and service
agreements, authorizations, purchase orders, memorandums of understanding, purchase
options and even instruments such as by-laws, internal regulations, all kinds of
agreements, deposit agreements, contract of surety and guarantee agreements in general,
as well as very specific contracts related to certain activities such as façon, trusts,
concessions, licenses, special works, etc.

        Aiming to facilitate businesses dependant on future or contingent circumstances,
the Firm has drafted special clauses establishing conditions precedents or conditions
subsequent that have been used on a regular basis by several companies after having
being adopted as usual practice by several business chambers. The Firm has also taken
part in working committees created to reach agreements on the stipulations to be included
in presentations and on the lists of conditions related to public and private bids.

        The Firm has analyzed, discussed and amended agreements or instruments
drafted by third parties but aimed to be entered into by our clients, such as mortgage,
adhesion agreements or applications establishing obligations and has drafted many
reservations of rights clauses in those cases in which the client has had the inexorable
need to accept pre-written agreements in order to continue conducting its business

        Also, the Firm has proven and specific experience in two kinds of contracts of a
relatively recent occurrence in Argentine law: trust and leasing, both of them introduced by
law 24,441, and its pertinent amendments. Furthermore, and in addition to its participation
in the legislative debates on said norm, the Firm has participated actively in the application
of said contracts to different business hypothesis that have proved to be more efficient if
conducted under said type of contracts. :

        The diffusion of the aforesaid through several institutions and the teaching of the
same through their academic activities at universities provide the Firm with a special
training to develop the different kinds of contracts and business agreements which not are
not only suitable for the specific requirements of each business or activity but also
decrease the risk of litigation, provided that the provisions included in said agreements are
specific, clear and fair, aspects of which the Firm takes the utmost care.

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                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
                                        BILLING POLICY


       The Firm has designed a fees policy which offers great flexibility and can be
adjusted easily both to the client’s need and to the nature of the matter entrusted to us.

      The Firm’s fees are determined on the basis of the regularity (a common feature in
accounts), the number of billable hours required (opinions and consultation) or the money
amount and complexity involved in the case (usually in dispute cases).

        The Firms provides professional services under any of the above mention fee
calculation criteria, chosen to suit the kind of task entrusted to us and taking into account
the client’s policy as on request for legal advisory services.

         Flat fees are calculated taking into account the requested professional service, the
number of areas of practice required and estimating the number of billable hours on the
basis of said circumstances. Such estimate is adjusted from time to time in order to adapt
it to actually verified requirements.

       Usually, the Firm agrees with its clients a fee that results from a combination of the
three fee calculation criteria mentioned above, so that if a professional request exceeds
the amount of the flat fee rate, the consultation fee will be lower for the clients paying such
rate, and, if the case became litigious, the fees for representation- either fixed or a
percentage rate- will absorbe those paid for previous consultations.

       Therefore, our clients may rely on the fact that the fees are established in direct
proportion to the service required and will be restricted to the case- or the stage of said
cage, in the event of a partial intervention- since all additional fees would be agreed in

        This is due to the fact that, in all cases- even in the cases in which it may be
entrusted to third parties pursuant to an agreement or a sentence ordering the payment of
legal costs- the Firm establishes its fees in advance and in writing, whether it is the flat-fee
agreement, when the relationship is established on the basis of this form of payment or
when a specific case or business is entrusted to it. The Firm will always keep a record of
the fees agreed, and the client will not be required to pay any further amount arising from
our intervention.

        In addition, the Firm will inform the client in advance of all the costs usually related
to the task entrusted to it and will provide him or her with detailed reports of the costs
arising from our assistance.

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                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Ricardo Daniel ANDINO
Attorney. Law Degree, Belgrano University.
Academic and Professional Background:
     Lecturer in Transport. School of Law, U.B. (Belgrano University).
     Member of the Argentine Association of Administrative Law.
     Member of the Board of a number of companies related to the housing and
       construction industry.
     President of the Housing, Works and Contracts of the Steel and Iron Union of the
       Argentine Republic.
     Legal Advisor to Housing Constructions for the Army, State-owned Corporation
       (COVIARA, in its Spanish initials).
     Successively, legal advisor, member, Deputy Treasurer, Secretary and President
       (*) of the Housing and Urban Equipment Chamber of the Republic of Argentina
       (CAVERA in its Spanish initials).
     Coordinator of the Education and Coexistence Committee of the ARGENTINE
     President of the Argentine Federation of Construction Entities (FAEC in its Spanish
       initials) a business organization signatory of and party to the construction workers’
       collective bargaining agreement.
       (*) On behalf of CAVERA, he signed with the President of the Nation the framework
agreement for the recovery of the construction industry, which was the basis of the
subsequent law 24,441.
       Before the Housing and Public Works Committees of the Honorable Chamber of
Representative of the Nation, he defended and explained the scope and benefits of the
“Housing and Construction Financing” bill, later enacted as Law No 24,441.
       Lecturer in several symposiums, seminars and congresses on construction and
real estate business, housing policies as well as housing financing and legislation,
organized (among other institutions) by:
             Architects Association of Jujuy - Architects Association of Córdoba –
                Argentine Association of Administrative Law- Structural Engineers
                Association – 1st International Biennale on Urbanism – Argentine Chamber
                of Mortgage Originators – Central Society of Architects – (I.I.R. in its
                Spanish Initials) - Institute for International Research – Argentine University
                of the Enterprise (U.A.D.E.) – Argentine Chamber of Condominium Property
                and Real Estate Activities.
             ENACOM, National Construction Meeting - VIVIENDA Journal.
             Held the positions of Director and editorial writer of the journal “Vivienda y
                Equipamiento Urbano” [Housing and Urban Equipment].
             His opinions have been quoted by journals and magazines such as
                Mercado, Vivienda, Ventana, Compendio de la Construcción, La Nueva
                Construcción; the daily newspapers Ambito Financiero, El Cronista, La
                Nación and Clarín and in the book “The construction industry and the mass
                media” UADE, published in Spanish in 1997.
             His essay “NEW FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS FOR HOUSING" (written in
                collaboration with Dr. Jimena Andino Dorato) is part of the book “Marketing
                Applied to the Construction Industry” ICONSITE, published in Spanish in 1999.
       Founding Partner of the Andino & Dorato Law Firm.

                      Talcahuano 638 3º A – Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4373-5005 - C1013AAN
                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Alicia Carmen DORATO

Attorney- Law Degree, University of Belgrano.
Mediator for the National Ministry of Justice.
Relevant Courses and Seminars:
• Course on UNION LAW (Lawyers’ Association of Buenos Aires).
• XI National Symposium on Administrative Law / Housing Legal Problems (Argentine
Association of Administrative Law).
• Symposium on ADMINISTRATIVE LAW AND ENVIRONMENT (Argentine Notarial
(National Ministry of Labor).
(Association of Notaries Public of Buenos Aires).
• Introductory and Training Course on MEDIATION (National Ministry of Justice).
• Symposium on the NEW CHECKS LAW (Bar Association of San Martín).
• Introductory and Training Course on LABOR PRE-TRIAL SETTLEMENT AND
ARBITRATION (Argentine Association of Mediation).

       Currently taking the courses leading to the POST GRADUATE DEGREE IN
University of Buenos Aires.

        Worked as legal advisor (in-house and external) to both union associations and
industrial and service companies, and in charge of the professional direction of litigious
matters before civil, commercial and labor courts and tribunals both in ordinary and
executory proceedings, in connection with mortgages, pledges or maintenance payments
arising from condominium property, as well as responding to consultations.

       Member of the committees that deal with the collective bargaining agreements for
construction workers before the National Ministry of Labor, in representation of the
Argentine Federation of Construction Entities (FAEC, in its Spanish initials)

       In addition, during the exclusive and uninterrupted practice of her profession, Dr.
Dorato has gained significance experience in family issues, specially in those arising from
the property issues ruled by civil law, such as division of condominium, probation,
separation of assets, etc.

         Acquired special expertise in dispute resolution, both in court or out of court, and
intervened in a significant number of agreements, settlements or transactions that brought
litigious situations to an end in a conventional manner.

       Founding partner of the Andino        & Dorato Law Firm .

                      Talcahuano 638 3º A – Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4373-5005 - C1013AAN
                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Juan Carlos CERUTTI

Attorney- Law Degree, University of Buenos Aires.
Member of the Argentine Association of Labor and Social Security Law (A.A.D.T. y S.S. in
its Spanish initials)
Mediator for the National Ministry of Justice.
Postgraduate degree in Corporate Law- University of Palermo.
Relevant Courses and Seminars:
       Course on DAMAGES LAW (University of Buenos Aires).
       Introductory and Training Course on LABOR PRE-TRIAL SETTLEMENT AND
        ARBITRATION (Argentine Association of Mediation).
       Introductory and Training Course on MEDIATION (National Ministry of Justice).
       Currently taking the courses leading to a Post Graduate Degree in Labor Law at
        the Catholic University of Argentina (U.CA, in its Spanish initials).
Professional Background:
       Vice-president of wholesale tourist companies.
       In-house legal advisor to the NATIONAL MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND
       Partner of the Law Firm “SANCHEZ DE BUSTAMENTE – GORSSE – CERUTTI”,
        specialists in labor law, whose founding partner was a member of the Association
        of Labor Law Attorneys, responsible for the direction of matters before civil,
        commercial (bankruptcy and preliminary bankruptcy proceedings) and labor courts
        both in ordinary and executory proceedings.
       Aide under contract for services to the Savings Bank of Valencia, Castellón y
        Alicante (BANCAJA, in its Spanish Initials, Spain).
        During the exclusive and uninterrupted practice of his profession, Dr. Cerutti has
gained special experience in labor law issues, precautionary measures and international
private law.
      Collaborator to the journal “Practica y Actualidad Laboral y Previsional” (Labor
and Social Security Practice and Current Situation) Ed. ERREPAR “Executive Order
1224/07 a certainty and a relief”, published in October 2007.
       Consulted in several occasions on the current situation of employment law by the
daily LA NACIÓN.

        Partner of the Andino &     Dorato Law Firm.

                      Talcahuano 638 3º A – Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4373-5005 - C1013AAN
                              Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina

Attorney- Cum Lauda Diploma- University of Belgrano.
Mediator for the National Ministry of Justice.
Master Degree in Law – Thesis Grade: A - University of Palermo.

Ph D. Candidate Université de Montréal.

Fluid in ENGLISH AND FRENCH (oral and written skills) and GERMAN (oral skills).

Former member of the Legal Advisors to the National Ministry of Defense.
Former Member of the Team of Mediators of the Bar Association of the Federal Capital.

Ex-lecturer in CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL LIABILITIES and DAMAGES LAW at the Schools of Laws
of the following universities: University of Buenos Aires (UBA), University of Belgrano (UB),
University of Business and Social Sciences (UCES) and University of Palermo (UP)

Speaker in the post-graduate program in Administration of Justice, School of Law of the UBA.
Lecturer in the series of round tables organized by the Institute of Economic Private Law of the Bar
Association of the City of Buenos Aires.
Speaker in the series of “déjeuneurs-conférences” of the Comité Amérique latine de l'Association
du Barreau Canadien (ABC), Division du Québec.
Aide to LALSA (Latin American Law Student Association), Faculty of Law, McGill University.
Former co-responsible person for the LAW section of the journal “COMPENDIO DE LA
CONSTRUCCIÓN”. [Construction Compendium].
Author of several papers on specific legal issues published in “LA LEY” [The Law], the “Civil Liability
and Insurance” journal and the “Family Law” journal (LEXIS-NEXIS-Abeledo Perrot).
Co-author of the essay NEW FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS FOR HOUSING, which forms part of the
Spanish in 1999.
CONTRACTS IN THE DAWN OF THE XXI CENTURY. In homage of Dr. Roberto López Cabana”.
Co-author of papers on civil law issues in several national and provincial symposiums.

During the practice of the profession, Dr. Dorato has gained significant experience in contract and
labor law matters, both in the public and the private sector. In particular, she has acquired a special
training in contract negotiation, and dispute resolution both in court or out-of-court proceedings. ,

Partner of the Andino & Dorato law firm (at present, Dr. Dorato is taking courses leading to the
Ph. D. degree at the University of Montreal – Canada).

                        Talcahuano 638 3º A – Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4373-5005 - C1013AAN
                                Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina
Daniela Laura DARAGO.

Attorney-at-law from Universidad de Belgrano.
Teaching Assistant at the CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL OBLIGATIONS course at the School of Law
of the University of Buenos Aires (Chair Professor: Dr. Oscar Ameal, Associate Professor: Dr.
Sergio Jorge Adjami).

Daniela participated in the following conferences and workshops:
    23rd Theory-Practice Workshop “LAUREANO ARTURO MOREIRA” (Argentine Notaries
        Public’s Association).
       3rd Argentine workshop in Constitutional Procedural Law (School of Law,
        Universidad de Belgrano).
       Conference on Condominium Real Property System reform in the Civil Code lectured by
        Jorge Horacio Alterini (Argentine Real Estate and Condominium Real Property Chamber).
       Workshop in legal techniques to escape the “deposit freeze” (Professional Success).
       Workshop about the impact of the Supreme Court's decision in the case entitled “CASO
        PROVINCIA DE SAN LUIS” (Professional Success).
       Workshop about unlawful enrichment (Private Law Department of the University of Buenos
       Course on special civil liability cases (Postgraduate Studies Department of the University of
        Buenos Aires).

Daniela worked as:
    Teacher at the CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL OBLIGATIONS course at the School of law of
        Universidad de Belgrano (Chair Professors: Atilio Alterini and Roberto López Cabana,
        Associate Professor: Christian Abritta).
    Member of “CACHAZA & LEVIN” law firm, specialists in Labor and Family Law, responsible
        for running legal errands for the law firm, advising various companies, particularly Co-
        owners’ Associations Managers and professional direction of collection proceedings for real
        estate common expenses.

Throughout her professional career, Daniela gained vast experience in civil and commercial law
contentious matters, particularly regarding ordinary and collection proceedings, including
condominium common expenses and mortgage foreclosure.

She acquired specific training in the resolution of conflicts on Family Law matters, particularly
Divorces and other estate-related issues in the fields of Succession, Asset Distribution, etc.

Member of Andino & Dorato law firm.

                       Talcahuano 638 3º A – Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4373-5005 - C1013AAN
                               Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina

Attorney-at-law from the University of Buenos Aires.
French Sworn Translator from the University of Buenos Aires.
Master’s degree in European Union and Company Law –thesis grade obtained: very good-
from the Paris-Sud 11 University.

He is fluent in written and spoken ENGLISH and FRENCH, and in spoken PORTUGUESE.

       Graduate Teaching Assistant at the CIVIL AND BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS course at
        the School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires.
       Teacher of French for business purposes (French as a foreign language) at the Buenos
        Aires Alliance Française.
       Former teacher at the School of Civil Engineers (École Supérieure d´Ingénieurs de Travaux
        de la Construction) and at the Special Public Works, Building and Industrial School (École
        Supérieure de Travaux Publics, du bâtiment et de l´industrie) Universities (Paris) for the
        building-oriented and business Spanish language courses.
       Former French language teacher at the University Language Center reporting to the School
        of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires.

       Formerly in charge of the Consumer Services Department at the Argentine Consumers
        Protection Association (Unión de Consumidores de Argentina).
       Contributor as translator and interpreter for the Argentine Permanent Delegation to
        UNESCO in Paris.
       Member of the Argentine-French Attorneys-at-law Forum (Paris).

Throughout his professional career, he has gained significant experience in the fields of
Comparative Law (European Union-Mercosur), International Private Law, Business Law and
Consumers’ Protection Law.
As sworn translator, he displayed exceptional expertise in translating official documents, contracts,
domestic and foreign rules and regulations.

                        Talcahuano 638 3º A – Tel/Fax: (54-11) 4373-5005 - C1013AAN
                                Ciudad de Buenos Aires - República Argentina

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