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A Jewish Letter to Senator Joseph Lieberman on Pekuach Nefesh

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									 A Jewish Letter to Senator Joseph Lieberman on Pekuach Nefesh (Saving
                        Life) & the Health Care Bill

Senator Lieberman:

We are rabbis, cantors, and other committed Jews. Many of us were delighted in
2000 when you were nominated for Vice-President and proclaimed to all that you
were an observant Jew, carrying into the highest level of public service the values
of the Jewish people.

Now we see with deep distress that you have announced that you will not support
the bill before the Senate to bring health care in America even part way toward the
universal and affordable coverage that is assumed in every other industrial country,
including Israel. You have announced that you intend to join a quasi-filibuster
against even taking an up-and-down vote on the bill if it contains either a “public
option” provision or one extending the universally praised Medicare system to some
younger people.

Doing this would thwart the will of a majority of the Senate, the majority of the
American people, and the majority of the American Jewish community.

In our eyes, this is not the behavior of an “observant” Jew. “Tzedek tzedek tirdof,
justice justice shall you seek,” is among the Torah’s most important
commandments. And in pursuit of justice, no autonomous Jewish community has
ever allowed the poor to go without healing. It is clear that the present health
insurance system based on private insurance companies is broken in every aspect
except assuring enormous profits to itself. It costs Americans the highest medical
costs in the world while providing mediocre health care as measured by life
expectancies, newborn death rates, and other indices across the developed world.

We recognize that major health insurance companies are headquartered in
Connecticut and that you may view your obligations to them as constituents as an
important political responsibility. Yet thousands of Americans die each year
unnecessarily because they are refused coverage by or are unable to purchase
insurance from these same companies.

So we believe your obligation of pekuach nefesh, saving life, saving the lives of the
flesh-and-blood citizens of Connecticut, shaped in flesh and blood in God’s Image
and subject to damage of that same flesh and blood that requires healing, is an
even higher obligation than you owe to your insurance-company constituents.
Indeed, two-thirds of your flesh-and-blood constituents support a health-care bill
that includes a strong public option.

We therefore call you to do tshuvah – to turn yourself again toward fulfilling the
commands of Torah and meeting the needs of the American people. Then we will be
happy once again that you are bringing the values of an “observant Jew” to the
public service of the American people.
Signed/ (affiliations for identification only; list updated 12/23/09 12:15 p.m.; 2,010

Rabbi   Mona Alfi, Cong. B'nai Israel
Rabbi   Sarah Alon, Eber-Lat Living Laboratory
Rabbi   Thomas M. Alpert, TIFERETH ISRAEL
Rabbi   Elliot Baskin, Jewish Family Service
Rabbi   Dennis Beck-Berman, Congregation Brith Achim
Rabbi   Jordan Bendat-Appell, Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living
Rabbi   Olivier BenHaim
Rabbi   Marc Berkson, Congregation Emanu-El B'ne Jeshurun
Rabbi   Phyllis Berman, Tent of Abraham Hagar and Sarah
Rabbi   Leila G. Berner, Kol Ami: Northern Virginia Reconstutionist Community
Rabbi   Gary M. Bretton-Granatoor, Congregation Da'at Elohim
Rabbi   Caryn Broitman, Martha's Vineyard Hebrew Center
Rabbi   Samuel Broude, Temple Sinai
Rabbi   Harold F. Caminker, Temple Beth El
Rabbi   Howard A. Cohen, Burning Bush Adventures
Rabbi   Ayelet Cohen, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah
Rabbi   Jonanthan Cohen, Mishkan Torah Synagogue
Rabbi   Andrea Cohen-Kiener, Interreligious Eco-Justice Network and Cennecticut's interfaith Powe
Rabbi   David J. Cooper, Kehilla Community Synagogue
Rabbi   Laurie Coskey Edd, Interfaith committee for worker justice
Rabbi   Gabriel Cousens
Rabbi   Meryl M. Crean
Rabbi   Julie Dana, Congregation Beth Israel and California State University
Rabbi   Harry K. Danzinger, Temple Israel and Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi   Jerome davidson, TEMPLE BETH - EL OF GREAT NECK
Rabbi   Fred S. Dobb, Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation
Rabbi   Wayne Dosick, The Elijah Minyan
Rabbi   Efraim Eisen, Temple Israel Greenfield
Rabbi   Diane Elliot, The Aquarian Minyan
Rabbi   Sue L. Elwell, Union for Reform Judaism
Rabbi   Josh Feigelson
Rabbi   Charles M. Feinberg, Adas Israel Congregation
Rabbi   Michael Feinburg, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition
Rabbi   Fern Feldman
Rabbi   Susan Fendrick
Rabbi   Zev-Hayyim Feyer
Rabbi   David Fine, Temple Israel
Rabbi   Randy Fleisher, Central Reform Congregation
Rabbi   Pamela Frydman Baugh, OHALAH
Rabbi   Alan D. Fuchs, Congregation Rodeph Shalom
Rabbi   Serena Fujita, Bucknell University
Rabbi   Ruth Gais
Rabbi   Geri Geller, Beth Am Israel
Rabbi   Theodore Gluck, Rabbinical Assembly
Rabbi   Robert J. Gluck, University at Albany
Rabbi   Bruce Goldman, Center for Creative Jewish Living
Rabbi   A. Bruce Goldman
Rabbi   Ayla Grafstein, Spirit of the Desert
Rabbi   Joshua Grater, Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center
Rabbi   Aurthur Green, Hebrew College
Rabbi   Fred Guttman, Temple Emanuel
Rabbi   Shoshana Hantman
Rabbi   Erin Hirsh, Jewish Reconstructionist Federation
Rabbi   Linda Holtzman, Mishkan Shalom
Rabbi   Clara Howard, Jewish Healing and Hospice Center of Los Angeles
Rabbi   Shaya Isenberg, Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal and P'nai Or Gainesville
Rabbi   Steven B. Jacobs, Progressive Faitht Foundation
Rabbi   Daria Jacobs-Velde
Rabbi   Kenneth Kaufman, Kulanu
Rabbi   Michael Kramer, Christian Care Hospital
Rabbi   Allen Krause, Temple Beth El of South Orange County
Rabbi   Mordechai Leibling, Shalom Center
Rabbi   Darby Leigh, Bnai Keshet
Rabbi   Yossi Liebowitz, Congregation Bnai Israel
Rabbi   Rebecca Lillian, Limmud Chicago
Rabbi   Jack A. Luxemburg, TempleBeth Ami, Rockville, MD
Rabbi   Devorah Lynn, Beth Sholom Temple
Rabbi   Larry Mahrer
Rabbi   Jeffrey Marker
Rabbi   Nathan Martin, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association
Rabbi   Janice Mehring, Congegation Ohr Tzafon
Rabbi   Richard Messing, Temple Israel South Shore
Rabbi   Goldie Milgram, Pnai Yachadut Reclaiming Judaism
Rabbi   Tamara Miller, Center for Integrative Medicine
Rabbi   David Oler, Congregation Beth Or
Rabbi   Robert Orkand, TEMPLE ISRAEL
Rabbi   Jeff Portman
Rabbi   Linda Potemken, Congregation Beth Israel of Media
Rabbi   Marcia Prager, ALEPH
Rabbi   TZiPi Radonsky, Watering the Tree Outside the Fence
Rabbi   Gaylia R. Rooks, Congregation Adath Israel Brith Sholom
Rabbi   Donald B. Rossoff, Temple B'nai Or
Rabbi Michael Rothbaum
Rabbi Mark Rothschild, JCC Chicago
Rabbi Martin Rozenberg, Community Synagogue
Rabbi Shalom Schachter, Beth Israel Congregation
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Rabbi Philip R. Schechter
Rabbi Sehll Schiffman, Past Exc VP. Synagogue of Council of America
Rabbi Chaim Schneider, Congregation Chadeish Yameinu
Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Congregation Mkor Shalom
Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Congregation M'kor Shalom
Rabbi Julie S. Schwartz, Temple Emanuel
Rabbi Allen Secher, Bet Harim of the Flathead Valley
Rabbi Arthur Segal,
Rabbi Bruce Seltzer
Rabbi Gerald Serotta, Shirat HaNefesh Congregation
Rabbi David Shneyer, Am Kolel
Rabbi Hanna Siegel, ALEPH
Rabbi David Siff, Ancora Psychiatric Hospital
Rabbi Jonanthan Slater, Institute for Jewish Spirituality
Rabbi Eric M. Solomon, Beth Meyer Synagogue
Rabbi Marc Soloway, Congregation Bonai Shalom
Rabbi Ed Stafman, Congregation Beth Shalom
Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill
Rabbi Danielle Stillman, Ursinus College
Rabbi Ariel Stone, Congragation Shir Tikvah
Rabbi Andrew Vogel Ettin, Temple Israel, Salisbury, NC
Rabbi Brian Walt
Rabbi Robert Waxman, Bnai Israel Synagogue
Rabbi Cheryl Weiner
Rabbi Simkha Weintraub, National Center for Jewish Healing
Rabbi Gershon Winkler, Walking Stick Foundation
Rabbi Alissa Wise, Ma'yan
Rabbi Jonathan Zimet
Rabbi Jonathan Zimet
Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal
Rabbi/Chaplian Jonanthan H. Gerard, Graterford Prison, Teacher, Or, Chadash, Flemington, NJ
Rabbinic intern Meredith Cahn
Rabbinic Pastor Eve Ilsen, Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Rabbinic Pastor Miryam Levy
Rabbinic student Ethan Bair
Rabbinic student Elihu Gevirtz
Rabbinic student Heidi Hoover, Academy for Jewish Religion
Rabbinical Student Donna Chava Friedman, Jewish Renewal/ALEPH
Rabbinical Student Ruhi S. Rubenstein, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Cantor Karen Baunstein
Cantor Burton A. Borovetz, American Conference of Cantors
Cantor David Landau, Aitz Hayim Center for Jewish Living
Cantor Shannon McGrady Bane, Temple Beth Or
Cantor Steve Puzarne, Vision of Wholeness
Cantor Lyle Rockler
Cantor Aviva Rosenbloom, Temple Israel of Hollywood
Cantor Robbi Sherwin, Congregation Bnai Butte, Crested Butte, CO
Cantor Michael Shochet, Temple Rodef Shalom
Cantor Avram Cohen , Cantors Assembly
Cantorial Student Lynn Torgove, Hebrew College
Chaplin Gloria Krasno, Congregation Emanu-El
Maggid Ellen Triebwasser
Rev. Judith Blitz, Living Arts Foundation
Rev. Jamie Lynn Hamilton, Phillips Exeter Academy
Reverend Holly Beaumont, Santa Fe Jewish and Christian Dialogue
Reverend Stephen Goldstein, Zion's Hill United Methodist Church
Reverend Thea Levkovitz, Sufi Order International
Dr. Peter Auster
Dr. Zvi Bellin
Dr. Evelyn Botkin
Dr. Chaim Dworkin
Dr. Rona Fields, Associates in Community Psychology
Dr. Rosalind Folman
Dr. Wendy Galson, Private Practice & School District of Philadlephia
Dr. William A. Gamson, Boston College
Dr. Joseph Gerson, American Friends Sevice Committee
Dr. Eileen Goldman, American Academy of Family Physicians
Dr. David Gordis
Dr. Richard Gray, Hennepin Faculty Associates
Dr. Abdul Hasan
Dr. Cathy Jo Hendricks, Center for Creative Recovery
Dr. Sherry Israel, Retired
Dr. Wendy Jacobs
Dr. William Jacobson
Dr. Elizabeth Jameson, University of Calgary
Dr. Debra Kalmuss, Columiba University, Mailman School of Public Health
Dr. Mark Kaplan
Dr. Kristine Keese, Brandeis University
Dr. Judith Kerman, Saginaw Valley State University
Dr. Nancy King
Dr. Julie Lapides
Dr. Marged Lindner
Dr. Grayson L. Lucky, Nichols Hills UMC
Dr. Christopher MacDonald-Dennis, Bryn Mawr College
Dr. Michael Meyer, The Bodymind Healing Center
Dr. Jo Michaelson
Dr. Adina Newberg
Dr. Rael Nidess
Dr. Ron Ohmann
Dr. Alice A. Parker, University of Alabama
Dr. Sheila Parks
Dr. Jonas Rappeport, Temple Oheb Shalom
Dr. Gene Rothman
Dr. Phyllis Safman, Utah System of Higher Education
Dr. Patricia Salomon
Dr. Mei Mei Sanford, Kohenet College of William And Mary
Dr. Cia Sautter
Dr. Steven Schapiro, Fielding Graduate University
Dr. Stuart Schnider, The Schnider group, LLC
Dr. Claire Snyder-Hall, George Mason University
Dr. Steven Stein, Upper Iowa University-Madison Center
Dr. Judith Vanderryn
Dr. Linda Wiener
Dr. Lawrence S. Wittner
Dr. Randell G. Young
Drs. Shoshana Waskow & Michael S Waskow/Slater
Prof. Harry Brod, University of Northern Iowa
Prof. Moshe Budmor
Prof. Rachel Dash, Temple Israel Congregation
Prof. Shalom Gorewitz, Ramapo College
Prof. Sue Lurie, University of North Texas Health Science Center
Prof. Aviva Orenstein, Maurer School of Law Indiana University
Prof. Rebecca Penneys, Eastman School of Music
Prof. James Silk, Yale Law School
Prof. Ann Sprayregen, NYC College of Technology
Professor Philip L. Bereano, University of Washington
Professor David Burell, Univerisity of Notre Dame
Professor George Enteen, PSU
Professor Susannah Heschel, Dartmouth College
Professor Paul Mendes-Flohr, University of Chicago
Professor Lawrence S. Moss, Indiana University in Pure and Applied Logic
Professor Alvin M. Saperstein, Wayne State University
 Patrice Aaron
 Liz Aaronsohn, We Refuse to Be Enemies
Dorothy Abrams
Adena Abramson
Martha Ackelsberg
Emily Adams
Dorothy Adams
Edith Adams Allison, Grace Episcopal Church
Richard Address
Kenneth Adler
Hersh Adlerstein, Florida International University
Mona Affinito
Kenneth Aigen
Eileen J. Ain, Ethics Foundation
Jon Alexander
Paula Alexander
Willow Allen, Dancing Rainbows
Judith M. Allen
Joan Allen
Renee Alloy
J. Alper
Sherry Alpern, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Myra Alperson, Jewish Multicultural Network
Bonnie Alpert
Rebecca Alpert
Daniel Alpert
Linda Amar, Temple Beth Hatfiloh
Adrienne Amar
Carol Ambruster
Richard Amend, Temple Am Shalom
Diane Amussen, North Fork Reform Synagogue
Lisa Anderson
Matia R. Angelou, B'nai Or of Boston
Carol Anshien
J. Appel
David Arfa
Jane Ariel
ann armon, Jewish Community of Amherst
Melanie W Aron, POSTVILLE
Kenneth Aron
vera aronson
Gordon Ashworth
Ruth Atkin
Beverley Auerbach
J. Max August, Temple Beth Shalom
Diane August, Temple Beth Shalom
Barbara Avnet
Andrea Avni
Nancy Axelrod
Suzanne Bachner
Peg Backus-Wallner
Melanie Baise
Samuel Baker, University of South Carolina
Bernard Baker
Laura Baker
Martha Baker
Nick Balaban
Meredith Balgley
Diane Balser, Boston University
Diane Balser
Dena Barbara
Lisa Bard
Barry Barkan, Aquarian Minyan
Benjamin Barnett
Jane Barry
Debbie Baskerville
Alicia Bauer
Diane Baum
Fred Baurer
Micah Bazant
Michael Beals
Hillary Bean
Jeremy Bearer-Friend, UC Berkeley
Amy Bearmon
Melissa Beattie-Moss, Congregation Brit Shalom
Julie Beck-Berman
Miranda Beckenstein
Therese M. Becker, Kol Emet Conservative Synagogue Palo Alto CA
Aliza Becker
Kennneth Becker
Meryl Becker
susan beckerman
Chaia Beckerman
Cherie Beckman
Lela Beem
judith beiner, The Temple
Andrea Belasco
Judith Bell
Harriet Bell
Joel ben Izzy
Linda Bendor
Tom Bennigson, The Aquarian Minyan
Fred Benson
Shaya Benyamin
jon berenson
Mimi Bergen
Peggy Berger, Private Individual
Howard Berger
Robin Bergner
Wendy Berk, Aleph
Lee Berkley
Ellen Berkowitz
Ellen Berkowtiz, member of Congergation Kol Tzedek
Robert Berlind
Arlene Berman
Jill Berman
Leonard Berman
robin berman
Reena Bernards, Jewish Multiracial Network
Beryl Bernay
Yoram Bernet
Alison Bernstein, Congregation Beth El
Aryeh Bernstein, Mechon Hadar
evelyn Bernstein
Laura Bernstein
Marcy Bernstein
Gail Bernstein
Jennifer Bern-Vogel
David Berry
brian bershader
susan bertocchi
Beverley Bettmann
Len Beyea
Ernst Biberstein, Congregation Bet Haverim
Hannah Biberstein, Congregation Bet Haverim
Hilary Bienstock
Ann Marie Biermaier
Barbara Bilson, Leo Baeck Temple
Michelle M. Birnbaum, Congregation Tikkun Olam, Woodstock, Illinois
Bette Birnbaum
Marylin Bitner
Jacqui Black, Limmud Chicago
Elizabeth L. Black, Rodef Shalom Congregation
Susan Blacklow
Phyllis Blackman
Ron Blau
Elizabeth W. Bleiberg,
James R. Bleiberg
Alan Bleier
Elaine Blevins
diane bloom
fredreick bloom
max bloom
Rochelle Blumenfeld
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sheila bock
Jessica Bolker
joan bolker
ines s. bongard deeters
Susan Bookbinder
channa borensztein
Anna Boswell-Levy
Charles R. Both, Law Offices of Charles R. Both
Jonathan Boyarin
Norman Boyd
Dorothea Braginsky
Joel Braham
Varda Brahms, ALEPH Jewish Renewal
Elizabeth E. Brait
Geralyn Brand
Ross Brann
Renee Brant
Simone Brant
Stephen Branz
walter brasch
Lenore bratter
stephanie bratter
Richard A. Braun
Richard Braunstein
Phyllis Brawarsky
Barbara Breitman, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Bobbi Breitman
Anne Brener, Brener Family Foundation
Jill Breslau
barbara bresler
Ellen Bridle
Andrea Broad
Rich Broderick
Miriam Brodersen
Deborah P. Brodie, Dor L'dor
Tony Broh
Susan Broidy
Joyce Bronstein
Marcelo Bronstein
Helen Bronstein
Dan Brook, Or Shalom Jewish Community
Betsy Brooks
Fredrica Brooks
Lois Brooks
Howard Brown, RI Center for Jewish Healing
Chris Brown
Leslie Browne
Eleanor Brownstein
Jerrold Brucker
Matilda Bruckner
Raphael Bruckner
mitch bruski
Gladys Bryer
Lawrence Bryer
Lauren Bufferd
Susan Bulba \Carvutto
Sharon Burde
Gene Burger
Jane Burka
Susan Burns
Lisa Burnstein
Ben Burrows
Lawrence Bush, Jewish Current Magazine
Lawrence Bush, Jewish Currents Magazine
Sandra Butler, Bay Area Women in Black
Robert Buxbaum
Jerry Byer
Sandy Cameron
Miriam Cantor, Los Angeles Unified Schools
Amy Caplan
carole caplan
wendy caplin
Joan Carl
Marvin Carlson
Patricia Carlton, HaMakom congregation
Bill Carpenter, Soulforce, Inc.
Thomas Carrol, Asurety
Barbara Carter
Debra Cash
Sara Caspi
Ilana Cass
Irene Cass
Michael Castell
Christy Cave
Howard Cave
Howard Cave
sylvia chakin
Bria Chakofsky-Lewy
Maxine Chanin
Stuart Charm, Rutgers University
Joyce Chase
Ava Cheloff
Linda Chernick
Edith Chevat
Avram Chill
 Cirlin-Lazerus Family
Joseph Clay
Kelley Clements
Aryeh Cohen
Barbara Cohen
Bruce Cohen
Carol Cohen
Cynthia Cohen
David Cohen
Helen J Cohen
Jeffrey Cohen
Joel Cohen
Philip Cohen
Ronald Cohen
Shelly Cohen
Helen Cohen
Judith Cohen
Tamara and Gwynn Cohen and Kessler
Joanie Cohen-Mitchell
Ezra Cole, Congregation B'nai Israel
Kyrie Collins
Doris Colmes
cynthia colvin
Kenneth Colvin
Jon Cone
Carol Conell-Price
Lynn Conell-Price
Donna Conrad
Chuck Conway
Adrienne Cooper, External Affairs Workmen's Circle/Arbeter ring
Michael J. Cooper, Kaiser-Permanente Medical Group and Tel Aviv University Medical School
Ann Cooper
Tina Coplan
Lonnie Coplen
David Corcoran
Jill Cornfield
Sylvia K. Corwin
Rachel Cowan, Inst for Jewish Spirituality
Dena Crane
Shirley Crenshaw
Burrill Crohn, Woodstock Jewish Congregation
Micheal Croman
Rachel Cronen-Townsend
Thomas Cronin
Sonia & James Cummings, Nathan Cummings Foundation
James K. Cummings
Mary F Cunneen
Patsy Cunningham
David Curiel
Philip Cushman
Sharon Cushman
William Cutter, Hebrew Union College
Beth Damon, none
dianna dar
George Dardess
Stephen Davidoff, Federation of Jewish Men's Clubs
Edward Davidson
Terri Davidson
Judith Davis, Georgetown University
Getzel Davis, Hebrew College Rabbinical School
Julian Davis
Rebecca Davis
Diane Davis
Hannah Decker
Norman Decker
Hannah S. Decker
Pamela Dernham
celia deutsch
Larry Diamond, Senior Health Systems
Carolyn DIamond
Larry Diamond
Lisa Diamond
susan dickman
Michael Dine
Lynn DiQuattro
Lori Divine-Hudson
renata dobryn
Renee Domeier
Shawn Doniger
Irene Doniger
Joanne Donsky
Dorothea Dorenz
David Dosamantes
Arlene Dowshen
amy draizen
Michael Drake
martin Drefuss
Peter Dreier
Ben Dreyfus
Judy Dubin, Hadassah Life Member
Judy Dubin
Ellen DuBois
Elaine Dubow
Alan Dubrow
Pablo Duek
DAvid Dunn
Janice Durbin
Emily Dvorin
Chaim Dworkin
Shoshana Susan Dworsky
Phyllis Eckstein
Laurence Edwards, Congregation Or Chadash
Corrine Egan, Temple Anshe Hesed
Reva Egdal
leah ehrenhaus-hersh
Andrew Ehrich
Luise Eichenbaum
Bill Eichengreen
Daniel Eichengreen
Jerry Eichengreen
Janet Einger, Creativity for Peace Camp
Joseph Einger, Creativity for Peace Camp
Joyce Eisenberg, Narberth Havurah
Lenore Eisenfraft
Barbara Eiserman
Myrna Eiserman
Elana Eisner, Temple Aliyah
Eve Elberg
Beth Elkayam
Dick & Sandi Elkins
John Elliott-Vandivier
Lynne Ellis
Mohamed El-Sharkawy
Catherine Emerson
Trudie Engel
Karen Engels
Frances E. Englander, Temple Shalom and Jewish Community Center of Louisville
Rebecca Ennen
Hedy Epstein, St. Louis MO insteadofwar Coalition
Edwin M. Epstein
Emily J. Epstein
Amy Epstein
Anne Epstein McWilliams
Donna Erbs
Saul Estreicher, Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Harriet Falk
Rachel Falkove
Gabe Falsettta
sondra farganis
Kate Farrell
Yvonne Fast, Words Are My World
Joel Fay
Hal Feiger
Susan Feiner
Jerald B Feinland
Susan Feinstein
Shir Yaakov Feinstein-Feit
Suzen L. Feld
Richard M. Felder, North Carolina State University
Elizabeth Feldman
William Feldman
Franklin Feldman
Sharee Feldman Zeff
Al Feldstein
Susan Fell-Lazar
Richard and Marjorie Fenner
mindy ferber
Richard Ferber MD
Gary Ferdman, Common Cause
Bernardo Ferdman
Danielle Feris, and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Sachi Feris
T.H. Fernandez
Matthew Feuer
Marcia Feuerstein
Sharon Fiekowsky
James Field, Hudson Democrats
Dorothy Field
Helene Fields
David Fillingham, Veterans for Peace
Michael Fineberg
Virginia Fineberg
Joni Finegold
mary fineman
Laura Finkel
harvey finkle
Alan S. Fintz
Ronald Fischman, School District of Philadelphia
Dennis Fischman, Temple B'nai Brith
Tamara Fish
leah Fisher
Noreen Fisher
Robert Fisher
Maxime Fisher
Cynthia Fisher
Anne S. Fishkin, Temple Israel
Jeffrey Fishman, Jewish Community of Armherst
Paul Fishman, Prof. Corp.
Seth Fitter
Randall Fleck
Eric Fleegler
Stan Fleischman
Ken Fleishman
Paul and Barbara Flexner
Diane Flood Taylor
Deborah Fogel
Mary Follen
Evelyn Foster
Nicole Fox, Brandeis University
Bonnie Fox
Lucy Fox
paula fox
Nicole Frank
Gil Frank
Libby Frank
Estella Frankel, Chochmat Halev
Alan Frankel
Howard Franklin
Wayne Franklin
Adele Franks
Susan Franz
michael fredericson
Hannah Freed
Robert Freedman, OHALAH
Howard Freedman
Iris Freedman
Tamar Freeman, Malibu Synagogue
Gary Freeman
Leah Frei
Ana Freiberg
Kendali Freitas, New Day Ministry
Miriam Freund
Israel Fridman
Amy E. Fried, Congregation Mishkan Shalom
Donna Friedman, ALEPH/Jewish Renewal
Amy L. Friedman, Temple University
Bonnie Friedman
D. Dina Friedman
Ellen Friedman
Leslie Friedman
Michael Friedman
Ben-Ami Friedman
Judith-Kate Friedman
Paul J Friedman, MD
Beth Friedman-Romell
Gil Friend
Robyn Frisch
Miriam Frischer
Eric Fryxell
Ellen Fuchs
Will Fudeman
Sarah Fuhro
Frida Furman
Robyn GAbel
Philippe Galaski, AOA
Paula Galowitz
Sherry Gamlin
S. Zelda Gamzu
Maryann Garber
Rose W. Garden
Cari Gardner, Romemu and Congregation Tehillah
Cari Gardner, Yezirah Yoga
Donald Gardner
Jill Garfield
Ellen Gruber Garvey
David Gassman
Ilana Gauss, EcoJews of the Bay
Cynthia Gayle, Counseling Associates
wendy gedanken
stephanie gelb
Linda Gelda
Jay Geller, Vanderbilt University
Joe B. Gelles
Erica George
Yoav Getzler
Rivka Gevurtz
David Gilbert
Vivian S. Gilbreth
Daniel Gildesgame
David Gilfix
Jackson Gillman
Gloria Gilman
Lori Gilman
Howard Gilman
Laura Ginsburg
Lilly Gioia
Joan Girard
Sharon Girard
Bonnie Gitlin
Michael B. Gladson, Blue Ridge Psychiatric Consultants
Brian Gladstein
ora Gladstone
Carol Glaser
Marcia Glass-Siegel
kath glatz
Paul Glatzer
Ilan Glazer, ALEPH
Neil Gleit
Rochelle K Glick
Erin Gluckman, RN, BSN
Constance Go,dberg
Andrew Gold, Congregation Kol HaLev
Shefa Gold
Vivian Gold
Maxine Gold
Jay Gold
Sabrina Gold
Arlene Goldbard
Amy-Louise Goldberg
Judith Goldberg
Larry Goldberg
Lucy Goldberg
Howard Goldberg
Shirley Goldberg
Diane Goldenberg-Hart
Laurie Goldman
Liza Goldman
Marla Goldman
Stevem Goldman
Ellen Goldman Kanter
Paul Goldner
Michael Goldring
Judith Goldschmidt
Chris Goldsmid
sandi Goldsmith
Chip Goldstein
Laurie Goldstein
Adrienne Goldstone
Sheldon Golub
Diana Gomberg
Carol Gonzalez, Network of Spiritual Progressives Pgh Chapter Steering Committee
paul good
Alan Goodheart
Eliahu Goodman, Chadeish Yameinu Jewish Renewal Community
Jake Goodman
Lucille Field Goodman
Nancy Goodman
Carol Goodman Kaufman
Jade Gordon, Artful Solutions
Jade Gordon, Artful Solutions
Eric Gordon, Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring
kim gordon
Larry Gordon
Murray Gordon
Steve Gordon
Tessa gordon
Janice Gordon
Harriet Goren
Suzanne Goren
Deborah Gorman
Peter Gorwin
julie goschalk
Judy Gotlieb, Love Life Counseling
Denise Gotsdiner M.D.
Sally Gottesman
Rebecca Gould, Middlebury College
Ayla Grafstein
Marjory Graham
Sylvia Granatoor
Barbara Granger
David Grant
Philip Graubart
Judith Gravdal
Brayton Gray
Richard Gray
Leona Green
Marti Green
Jo Ellen Green Kaiser, Zeek Media
Kevin Green, D.C.
irving greenbaum
Adele Greenberg
Cindy Greenberg
Julie Greenberg
Lee Greenberg
Pam Greenberg
Sandra Greenberg
Suzanne Greenberg
Zelda Greenberg
Theo Greenblatt
Steven Greene
C Allen Greenfield
frances greenfield
stanley greenfield
bernard greenwald
Suzanne Greenwald
samantha grier
David Grinstein, B'nai Or of Boston
Susan Griss
Ora Grodsky
Eugrnia Grohman
Jane Gronau
Carol M. Gross, Lehman College City University of New York
Bernard Gross
Renne Gross
Barry Grosskopf, MD
Beth Grossman
Daniel Grossman
Elayne Grossman
Jane Grossman
Laurie Grossman
Ellen Grubert
Jason Gruenwald
Olga Guerra
Olga Guerra
Shem Guibbory
Lana Gulden
walter gundy
m gunn
Rachel Gurevitz
Esta Gutierrez, HaMakom
G. Guyton
Barabra N. Haas
Judy Haber
Lynne Haber
Shirley Haberfeld
Todd Hacker
Betsy Haimson
Monica Halas, UAW Local 2320, Jewish Labor Committee, VP Mass. AFL-CIO
Sylvia Hall
Judith Z. Halper
marcia halpern
Robin Halpren-Ruder
Sandra Hamburg
Jay Hamburger, ShalomSalaamPax
Ernest Hammer
Hali Hammer
Myrna Hammerling, Knesset Israel
David Hammerman
Sylvia Hammerman
Peter Handler, Mishkan Shalom
Miriam Hansen
Eileen Harahan
Marisa Harford
Marisa Harford
Rosalie Harman
Rosalie Harman
John Harris
Jeffrey Harris
Ginger Harris
Randi Harris
Kathrine Harris
Katherine Harris
Vaughn Harrison
Tobey Hartman
Jack Hartog
Loel Harvey
Paul Hattis
Jill Hausman, The Actors' Temple
Beverly Hayden, retired
Elizabeth Hazany
Richard Hecht, University of California
Brent Hecht
Ellen Hecht
Judith Hedgpeth, Brit Tzedek v Shalom
Molly Hein
Diana Heller
Marilyn Hendershot
cj Hendricks, Hozoji
Joyce S. Herman, Commision on Christian Jewish Relation
H Robert & Joyce Herman
Helene Herman
H. Robert Herman
Ethel Herring
Laurie Hertz
Edward Hertzberg
Judy Herzig-Marx
Judy Herzl
Walter Hess
Elizabeth Hirsch
Madeline Hirschland
Allen Hirsh
Laura Hirshbein
Peretz Hirshbein
Gail Hochheiser
Nancy Hochman
Richard Hodgin
Emily Hodos
Janet Hodos
Gloria Hoffman, member of P'nai or Religious Fellowship
Claire Hoffman
Cynthia Hoffman
Eva Hoffman
Judith Hollander, CBST
Judith Hollander
Carol Holzberg
Robin Holzman
Jan Honore
sherri horn
Franklin E. Horowitz, Columbia University
Sheila Horowitz
Shel Horowitz
Susan Horton
Seth Horwitz, CommuniShare
Lillian Horwitz
Florence Horwitz
Nathan Horwitz
Anita Hotchkiss
Wendy Howard
Doree Hubar
Leonard Huber
Caryn Huberman
Martha Hull, Am Kolel and Aleph Community
Julie Hurant
Marsha Hurst
Glen Hutton
Terry Hyman, Congregation Eitz Or
Naomi Hyman
Carole Isaacs-Garcia
Susan Isserman
Charles Itzkovitz, Cong Beth HaTaphila
Enid Jackowitz
Craig Jacobrown
Zann Jacobrown
Ferne Jacobs
Iris Jacobs
Jane Jacobs
joanne jacobs
Bonnie Jacobson
Joshua Jacobs-Velde
David Jaffa
Nicole Jaffe
Robert Jaffe
Mimi Jefferson
Anne Jess, WLCJ
Sally Johnson
Vicki Johnson
Vera John-Steiner, University of New Mexico
Ted Johnstone, University of Washington Tacoma
Dvora Jonas
Frank & Ingrid Jonas
Ronald D. Joos, P'nai Or Gainsville
David Jove
Monroe JUdkovics
naomi k
David B. Kaback, NJ Medical School
Linda Kacser
Deborah Kadin
Batya Kagan, Chadeish Yameinu
Marilyn D. Kagan
Sarah Kagan Katz
Tom Kahan
joyce kahn
Judith Kahn
Renee Kahn Stoller
Indira Kajosevic, Reconciliation and Culture Cooperative Network
Donald Kalbach
Lee Kalish
Mari Kane
Barney Kantar
Claire Kantar
linda kanter
Michael Kaplan, Congregation Nevei Kodesh
Sondra Kaplan, Kol HaLev
Neil Kaplan
Josh Karan
Steffi Karp,
David Karpf
Brian Karsif
Lesley Karsten-DiNicola
Judith Kates
William Kates
Barry Katz
Jean Katz
Rea Katz
Rochelle Katz
stuart Katz
Robin Katz
Jay Katz
Robert Katz
Phyllis Katz
Steve Katz
Nancy Katz
Adam Kaufman
Gerald Kaufman
Larry Kaufman
Martha Kaufman
Sebastian Kaupert
Michelle Kay
Judith Kaye
Don Kehrberg
Gretchen Kehrberg
Norma Kehrberg
Herbert C. Kelman, Harvard University
Eli Kent
Evan Kent
Dawn Kepler
Richard Kerber
Linda K. Kerber
Andrew Kessel
Martin Kessel
Carol S. Kestler
Bette Keva, Jewish Journal/Boston North
Erica Key
Kathy Khalsa
Leslie King, Crossroads School
Allan King
Sandra King
Jane Kirk
barbara Kirschenstein
Gayle Kirshenbaum
Erica Kirsners
Rebecca M. Kislak
Silvia Klaus
Adina Kleiman
Jonathan Klein, CLUE-LA: Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice
Ann Klein
Brian Klein
Donald Klein
Idit Klein
Janis Klein
Jonathan Klein
Lisa Klein
Mae Klein
Richard Kleinman
Emily Klorzenik
Eve Knapp, Seneca 2
Linda Kneucker, Neustiftgasse 73/73/1/14
Sheryl Knopf
Norman Koch, Temple Sholom
Lisa Koch
Boris Kofman
Laura Kogel
 Dan Kolkowitz
 Debra Kolodny, ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal
 Judith Kolokoff
 Joan Koplin
 Charles S. Koppelman, Kesher Israel
 Michele Koppelman, Tifereth Israel Congregation
 Cecile Kops
 Roger Korman
 gail korn
 Martin Korn
 Phyllis Korn
 Arnold Kotler, Koa Books
 Robert Kraftowitz
 Martha Kransdorf, Beth Israel Congregation
 Meri Krassner
 Leslie Kraus
 Robert Krawitz
 Rhianna Kreger
 Marina Kriegel
 Marina Kriegel
 Norbert Kriegel
 Betsy Krieger, Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund
 Anne Kruger
 Donna Kuck, Retired Veterinarian
 Gil Kulick, Hazon
 Lisa Kuniholm
 Berhard Kupferschmid
 Bernard Kupferschmidt
 Yosl Kurland, Wholesale Klezmer Band and Ba'al T'file Temple Israel of Greenfield MA and Ba'al
Athol MA
 Michael Kurman, Baltimore Tikkun
 Janaki Kuruppu
 Joseph Kushick
 Marilyn Kushick
 Shai Kushner
 Gayle Lacks
 Susan LaDue
 K Lahtinen
 Willa K Lakwakk
 Susan Lamden
 Abraham Landau
Joshua Landau
Judith Landau
Paula Landau
Nadine Lande
Susan B. Lander
Wendy Landman
Alfred Landsberg, TEMPLE EMANU - EL
Amy Landsman
Julie Lane
Amy Lange, Shir Tikvah Synagogue
Rachmiel Langer
Roland Lanoue
Sarah Lanzman, P'nai Yiraesl Chavurah
Smardar Lapidot, Congregation Har Shalom
Jeff Lapidus
Rita Lasar
Wendie Bernstein Lash
Jennifer Lasker
Marjorie Lasky
Joseph Laur
Elizabeth Lauren
Diane Lavin
Skye Lavin
anne lazar
Paul Lazar
Margery Lazar
Rosalind A. Lazarus, Attorney
Ned Lazarus, Harvard Program on Negotiation
Lynn Lazarus
Catherina Lazarus
Muriel Lederman
Nadyne Lee, Leitchfield Pediatric Clinic
claudia Lee
Darren Lee
Christy Lee-Engel, Bastyr University
Michael Leff, Mishkan Shalom
Leslie Leff
Phyllis Lefohn
Caroline Lehman
Jeremy Lehrer
Judy Leib
Herbert Leibowitz
Celeste Leibowitz
Pesha Leichter, member of Mishkan Shalom
Amy Leider
Claudia Leight, Baltimore Tikkun
Edmund Leites
Linda Lempert
Robert Lenk, member Congregation Har Shalom, Fort Collins and Brth Israel Congregation
Clara Lennox
Margaret Lenzi
David Lerman
Peter Lerman
Ilana Lescohier
Mishy Lesser, Consulting Services for Peaceable and Prosperous Communities
Deborah Levenstein
Steve Levin, Silicon Valley Jewish Renewal Havurah
Steve Levin, South Bay Havurah
Carrie Levin
Martin Levine, JCC Chicago
Denya LeVine
fran levine
Gary Levine
janis levinson
Susan Leviton
Audrey Leviton
D0n Levitsky
Barbara Levy
Diana Levy
Kenneth Levy
Penny levy
Yael Levy
Leslie Levy
Suzanne Levy
Sherry R. Lewis, New Mexico Interfaith Power & Lght
Geoffrey Lewis
Jill Lewis
samantha lewis
Kathy Lewis
Tammy Lianu
Alan Lichman
Veronica Lichman
Edward Lichstein
Jane Lichtman
Miriam Lieberman
Barbara Lieberman Sherwood
Roberta Liebler
Cynthia Lief, The Islesford Group
Theodore Lieverman, IPS Alumni
Theodore M. Lieverman
Adria Light, Director of the Healing Center
Stephan Likosky
Earland Lilly
Lorraine Linder, Shalom Aleichem Club
Janet Linder
Joan Linderman
Mark Lipman
Robin Lipp
Alan Lippert
Ellen Lippmann, Kolot Chayeinu
Marion Lipshutz, USA
Deborah Lira
Nechama Nancy Liss-Levinson
David Lobron
Paul R. Loeb, Aurthor Soul of a Citizen
Judith Loebl
Suzanne London
Mars Longden
Gail Lopez-Henriquez
Judith Lorber
Marc Lowenstein
Leonard Lubarsky
Sandra B. Lubarsky
Joanna Lubkin
Robert Lubotsky
Jane Luna-Rieger, Temple Mishkon Tephila
Gordon and Sue Gena Lurie
Ruth Lurie
Jan Lustig, Temple Beth Shalom
Bonnie Lustig
Abbe Lyons, Congregation Tikkun v'Or
Maxine Lyons, J Street member
Judith Lytel
Gwynn Macdonald
jonathan machta
Roderisk MacNeil, Mishkan Shalom
Susan Macnofsky
Andera Madden
Libbe Madsen
Ruth Madwed
Joel Magalnick
Shaul Magid
rachel mahoney
Arthur Maisel
Suzanne Maisner
Marianne Makman
Morris Malakoff
Donna Malamud
Batya Malick
Marcy Maller
Bobbie and Bill Malone, Temple Beth El
Ariane Mandel
Ruth Mandel
Richard Mandell, The PanAfrican Acupuncture Project
jerome manheim
Ann Manheimer
Ewa Maniawski-Tuschman
Amy Mann
Benetta Mansfield
Ben Manski, Liberty Tree Foundation
Joseph Manzi
shoshana marchand
Jack Marcus, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun
Rita Margolies
nancy margulies
Hune Margulies, Ph.D., The Martin Buber Institute For Dialogical Ecology
Gerald Maritzer
Jay Mark
Joshua Mark
David Marker
Milt Markewitz, IBM
Iris Markham
Iris Marreck, Limmud Chicago- Beth Emet Synagogue
burt marsh
Eric Marshall
Laura Marshall
Karen Martin
Danny Maseng
Steve Masters, Philadelphia Jewish Community Relations
Judith Masur
Jose Rolando Matalon, Congregation B'nai Jeshrun
Michaella Matt
sidney mayer
Judith Mayer
Miriam Mayer, Ph.D.
Dominique Mazeaud
Hosea W. McAdoo
Debrosha McCants
Frederick McCarty
Noreen McGowan
John McManus
Judy Mead
Bonnie Meadow
Felicia Mednick
Deborah Medvin
Janice Medvin
Heather Melnick
Beth Meltzer-Abelow
Lynn Melville
Larry Menkes, Delaware Valley Earth Charter
Barbara Mercer
Barbara Mercer
Don Merit
Laura Merit
Jo Merrick, Temple Beth Am
Lewis Mervis
Ellen Meshnick
Ruth W. Messinger, American Jewish World Service
Paul Messinger
William M. Mettler, Quiet Riot: Storytellers&Educators
Deborah Meyer
nana meyer
Jane Charna Meyers
Phyllis Meyers
Louise Meyers
Howard Meyerson
gail michaelis-ow
david seth michaels
Melvin L Michaels
Elana Michaelson
Abby Michaleski, Rabbinical Student and Spiritual Leader
Shella Mierson
abigail migala
henri migala
sofia migala
sherry migdail
Iris Milan, Havurah Shir Hadash
fern miller
Myra Miller
Laurence Miller
Danielle Miller Wagner
Hali Milner
Patience Milrod
Naomi Mindlin
Frances R. Minkin Wolff, Springfield Daughters of Abraham
Michael Minkus
Hannah Minkus, MD
Robert Minkus, MD
Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman
Diane Mintz
Janna Mintz
Margo Mintzer
Margo Mintzer
patricia mitchell
Brian Mitchell
Malka Mittelman
Laurie Mlatawou
Geri Modell
Nina Moliver
lily moment
Joy Moore
Joan Morein, Philadelphia Kehilla for Secular Jews
Selina Morris
Sheri Morrison
Shirley Morrison
Trudy Morse, AM KOLEL Sanctuary and Retreat Center
elena moser
Denise Moser
Elaine Mosie
Susan Moss
Emily Mottahedeh
James Moy
James Moy
Edith Murphy, Lakeview Functional Rehab
Leila Mustachi
Helen Myers
Carol Myers
Aharon Nachshon
Hasita Nadai
Sheri Nadler
Judith Naimark
Evan Namerow
Aryeh Nanas, Brit Tzedek V'Shalom
Tina Nannaronne
Norman Narotzky
ivis nasir
Judith Nathans
Caryn Navy
Bonnie Nelson
Laura Nelson
Bernice Nepon
Carol Newman
Michelle newman
Nancy Newman
Norman Nexon
Deborah Niederman, URJ and HUC-JIR
francie Niederman
Michael Niederman
Robert Niederman
Robert Nissenbaum
Cyndi Norman
Bruce Nygren
Betty Obal
Lisa Ochs
Carl & Susan Offner
Myrna Ohmann
Jo Oppenheimer, The Counseling Center for Women-Israel
Gloria Orenstein
Joyce Orkand
Maria Orlandini
Susan Orovitz
Leah Orr
Susan A. Ortega
Marc Osterweil
Barbara Ostfeld
Linda Owen
Rosemarie Pace
Idelle Packer
Anita Page
Gary Paller, Congregation Shaarey Tikvah
Joseph Palombo
Patricia Papernow
Ken Paradise
Mitch Paradise
Marie Parham
Sheila Parks, Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots
Sandra Parnes
Julie Parson-Nesbitt
Nati Passow, Jewish Farm School
Bettina Pearl
Judy Pearl
Stephen Pearlman
Rosemarie Pegueros-Lev, University of Rhode Island
Malka Percal
Leora Perkins
Bill Perlmutter
Tova Perlmutter
Mary Peterson
Edward Petsonk
Judith Petsonk
Eva Pettersson
Sharon Phillips
Jacob Picheny, Trees of Hope and Rabbis in Support of Human Rights in Jerusalem
Stacey Pilson
Perry Pinchas Spring, Sacred Nature: A Center for Spiritual Ecology
Martin Pincus
Amy Pine
Isaac Pingree
Judith Plaskow
Terry Plotkin
Michelle Poage-Oldroyd
Joseph Pobereskin
Alan Podber
Sandy Polishuk
John Polite
Richard Pollack, New York University
yvette pollack
Jason Pollens
Shirley L. Pollock
Dash Pomerantz
Gigi Pomerantz
Ron Pomerantz
Jane Poncia
Ann Port, Women Transcending Boundaries
lisa port white
Dave Posmontier
Edda Post
Marjory Potts
Phoebe Potts
Richard Poyourow
Carol Fox Prescott
Cara Press
lawrence press
Leah Press
Linda Preston
Marty Price, Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program Information & Resource Center
Jeremy Price
Timothy Price
Terese Pritschet
Calvin Probst
Naomi Puro
Richard Rabin
sandi rabin
Lynne Rabin
jerome rabow
Joan Rachlin
Jennifer Rader, El Cerrito High School Health Center
Wilma Rader
Jane Ramsey, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
Jane Ramsey, Jewish Council on Urban Affairs
Alan Rasenberg
Renee Rasenberg
Mark Rausher
Shirley Rausher
Joel Ray
Julie Ray
Nancy Ray
Pauline Raymond, Kol HaLev Reconstructionist Congregation
Anna Rayne-Levi, La Familia Medical Center
Barbara S. Reed, Rutgers University
Renny Reep, Congregation Eitz Or
Jean Reibman
Dale Reid
ellen reider
Joyce Reinitz
Victor Reinstein
Esther Reiter
Stephaine Reith, Providence St. Peter Hospital
Monty Renov
Naomi Replansky
Jay Resnick
Jeffrey Resnick
Pamela Rhodes
Megan Rice, Nevada Desert Experience
Susan C. Richards
Rise Richardson
Rosalyn Richman
Marion Richter
Hadas Rin
Carol Rinehart, Northhampton Human Rights Commission
heddy riss
Lilly Rivlin, Mertez USA Past President Organization
Don Rivlin
Renee Robbins
Bruce Robbins
Deborah Roberts
Carla Helen Rockliff, RN, BSN
Leonard Rodberg, Queens College/CUNY
Diana Rogers
Evan Rogers
Elizabeth Rood
Barbara Rose
Beth Rose
Jonathan Rose
Lauren Rose
rene rose
Lilith Rose
Chaim Rosemarin
Marian Rosen, Central Reform Congregation
Lynn Brice Rosen, Inner-Directed Movement: The Alexander Technique and Inner-listening: Who
Dale Rosen, Temple Ahavat Achim
Leah Rosen
A. Rosen
Anny Rosen , Intersource Inc. A Center for Psychotherapy and Healing
Rebecca Rosenbaum
Eric Rosenberg
John Rosenberg
Paul Rosenberg
Amy Rosenberg
David Rosenbloom
Seymour Rosenbloom
Herb Rosenblum
Ruth Rosenblum
Mitchell A. Rosenburg, Kiva Systems, Inc.
judy rosenfeld, Beyt Tikkun Synagogue
Rhonda Rosenheck
Joseph G. Rosenstein, Rutgers University
Vic Rosenthal, Jewish Community Action
Harold & Sue Rosenthal, Jewish Labor Committee
barbara rosenthal
Debby Rosenthal
Jim Davis Rosenthal
Marjorie Rosenthal
Ronald Rosenthal
Lawrence A. Rosenwald, Wellesley College
John L. Rosove, Temple Israel of Hollywood
Betsy Rotberg
Brad Roter
Susan Rotgard
Audrey Roth
Jeffrey Roth
Maria Roth
Mitchell Roth
Victoria Roth
Chana Rothman, JFREJ
Joel Rothschild, Ravenna Kibbutz
Evelyn Rothstein, Bnai Jeshrun
Evelyn Rothstein
Karyn Rotker
Nahanni Rous
Zvi Rozen
Sam Ruben , United Religions Initiative
Stephen B. Rubin, Arbitrator & Hearing Officer
Arlene Rubin
Stephen Rubin
Lisa Rubinstein
Franna Ruddell
Walter and Marjorie Rudolph
Alan Rutkowski
Kathryn Ryan
Fred Sachs
Jill Sachs
Lesli Sachs
David B. Sacks
Sara Sadownik
Sara Sadownik
Lisa Safier
Rebecca Sahl
Beth Saltzman
susanne saltzman, MD
Penny Joy Salus
Jonathan Salzedo
Max Samson, Shalom Center
Sheldon J. Sands, Shalhevet Productions
Sheldon J. Sands
Phillip Saperia
Norman Sapitsky
Henry Sapoznik
Norman Sarachek
Suraya Rose Sarae
Barbara Sarah, Third Opinion
R Sarig
Etta Satter
Susan Satter
Marcia Saul
Nigel Savage
William D. Savedoff
jonathan savrin
David Saylor
Michael Schaal
hollis schachner
Nancy Schafer
Walter Schaffer
Peter Schaktman
Pamela Scharaga, Bet Shira
judith schechtman
Ted Scheinman
Hillel Schenker
david schimmel
Helaine Barbanell Schipper, Kehilla Com. Synagogue
Robert Schlegel, Elite Reality/ Las Vegas Bugle
Lester Schlosbergq, CSJO
Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen
sandy schmidt
Rachel Schmitt
Jean Schnall
Cheryl Schneider
Shepa Schneirsohn Vainstein
Shepha Schneirson Vainstein
Elizabeth Schnider, The Schnider group, LLC
Michael Schochet
Sylvia Scholnick
Nancy Scholnik
Jacob Schonfield
manuel schonhorn
Carole Schor
Arona Schreiber
Frances Schreiberg
Anne Schuham
Eric Schulmiller, Reconstructionist Synagogue of the North Shore
Karen Schulte
Stephanie Schwab
Bonne Schwab
Phoebe Schwartrz
Richard Schwartz, Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Joseph Schwartz
Ferne Schwartz
Lisa B. Schwartz
Robert Schwartz
Phebe Schwartz
Adam Schwartzbaum
Holly Schwartztol
Milton Schwebel
Beri Schwitzer
Althea Scohen, L.C. S. W.
giovanna scruby
Barbara Seaver, Limmud Chicago
Joshua Seeger
Ruth Seeley
David Seidenberg
Audrey Seidman
Ruth Seidner
Elliott and Ellie Seif
Ellen Seligsohn-Verni
Ilene Serlin
Elaine Shapiro, Congregation P'nai Or
Maura Shapiro, Limmud
Stan Shapiro, Mishkan Shalom
Doreen Shapiro
elaine shapiro
Lynne Shapiro
Jeffrey Shapiro
Pamela Sheff, Johns Hopkins University
Deborah Shefner
Rachel Shefner
shirley shelpman
Heidi Sheppard
Paul Sheren
Estelle Sherer
Estelle Sherer
Zahava Sherez, USA
Hanna Sherman
Irving Sherman
Leah Sherman
Sanford Sherman
Selma Sherman
Billie Shields
Ariella Shira
dorine shirinian
Elana Shneyer, Pratt Area Community Council
Jack Shor
Gail Shorr
Maeera Shreiber, University of Utah
Robin Shtulman
Clifford Shulman, PT
Dennis Shuman
Fanchon Shur, Growth in Motion Center
Eve Sicular, Metropolian Kelzmer/Isle of Klezbos
Steven Sidell
Linda Sidorsky
Stephen J. Siegel, East Bnak Havurah
Rachel Siegel
Jeanne Sieger
Nadine G. Siegman
Daniel Sieradski, Jew It Yourself
Adam Silk
Jonathan Silver
Alice Silverman
Ann Silverman
Eric Silverman
Fred Silverman
Maxine Silverman
Ruth Silverman
Scott Silverman
Steven Silverman
Sergiu Simmel
Angelica Simon
Charles Simon
anita simons
irvin\\\\\\ simons
Miriam Simos
Bon Singer
Greta Singer
Helen Sirkin
Linda Sirosis, Temple Ahavat Achim School Committee
karyl sisson
Susan Sklar, Equal Exchange
Marc Sklar
Rick Sklar
Michael Slater, Siani Medical Group, Chicago
Christopher Sloan
Wolodymyr Smishkewych
Robin Smith, SUNY New Paltz
Amy Smith
Beverly Smith
J.P. Smith
James Smith
Beverly Smith
Elaine Smitham
Ness Smith-Savedoff
joyce smoler
jill smyth
Marilyn Snyder
Eliezer Sobel
Eliezer Sobel
Marjorie Sobil
Robert Socolow, Princeton University
Ellen Sokol
Judith Sokoloff, NA'AMAT
Lisa Sokolov
Felicia Sol, Sh Ctr global invites
Bruce Solomon, Indiana University
allan solomonow
Ellen K. Solot
Richard Sperber
Manny Sperling
Ross Spiegel
Eileen Spira
Susan Spira
Skip Spitzer
Toba Spitzer
Richard Spool
Jeffrey Sprung
Marthanne Squires
Tova Stabin
Betsy Stang
Susan Stanger
Susan Stanger
pauline stark
Lynn Stein, member of Congregation Nevei Kodesh
Bruce Stein
Francine Stein
Steven Stein
Barbara F. Stein
Gail C. Stein
Adele Steinberg
Janice Steinberg
Julie Stein-Makowsky
Karen Stern, Narberth Havurah
George Stern
leslie sternberg
Robert Sternberg
William Stewart
Janice Stieber Rous
Patricia Still
Jonathan Stoler, Germantown Jewish Centre
Larry Stoler
Michael Stoller
Judith Stoloff
Kathry A. Stone, Unitarian Universialist Congregation of Charleston, WV
David A. Stone
Ellen Stone
Barbara Stoner
Melinda Strauss
Jill Strauss
Joyce Strickland, Institute of Jewish Knowledge and Learning
Adrian Strizhak, Temple Israel of White Plains NY
Ellen Stromberg
randall stuart
Shirley Suconik
Teija Sudol
Bahira Sugarman
Roxanne B Sukol MD
Richard Sussman, Beyond Shelter Coalition of West Side Synagogues and Institutions for Afford
Barry Swan, SHJ
Susan Swartz
Lois Swartz
Ronnie Swartzberg
Robin Swett
Laurie Swiadon
Judith Swirnow, Sippur Nafshi
Tekla Szymanski
David Tabak
Caron Taira
Solange Tajchman
Shlomo Talbenfeld
Laya Tamar, LCSW
tricia taper
Suzanne Tarica
Eugenie Tartell
Joan Taslitz
jane Taylor
Dana Tell
Alan Teller
Silvia Tennenbaum, Committee for Peace in Israel and Palestine
Robyn Tevah
Linda Thal
paul thomas
Larisa Thomason
Mary-Anne Thompson
Kristine Thurston
Cathi Tillman, Mishkan Shalom
barbara tisdale
Julia Tisdale
Ann Toback, Arbeter Ring
Jack Toback
Renee Toback
Sandy & Jack Toback
Linda Tobin, Beth El - The Heights Synagogue
Kathy Torvik
Gale Trachtenberg
Janet Trager
Pamina Traylor
Emil Trellis
Lawrence Troster, GreenFaith
Joshua Truitt
Linda Truman
David Tulin
Blosson M. Turk
Alan Tuttle, Congregation Mishkan Shalom
Sabina Ubell
Kari Uman
Terry Unterman
Ray Van Ostran
Zoe A. Van Raan
Asha Velamati
Charles Vernoff
Merna Victor
Roslyn Vladimer
Janet Voigt
roberta walitt
Phylise Walker, Accommodation Station Rentals
Doris Wallace
Risa Wallach, Hebrew College
Daniel Wallach
Ellen Walters
Robert Warren
Robert Warren
Beverly Warshai, Hebrew Day School of Ann Arbor
Meira Warshauer
Dean Wartell
Shoshana Elkin Waskow
Ilene Wasserman
Kalman Watsky
Paul Watsky
Dana Waxler
Bruce Waxman
Jane Webber
Stewart Wechsler
Alan Weibard, University of Wisconsin
Nancy Weinberg
Barbara Weinberg Barefield, Jewish Voice for Peace
Jeff Weinberger, M&E Mfg. Co. Inc.
Julie Weiner
Karen Weinfuss
Kaethe Weingarten
Francene Weingast
David, Theresa, Jeremiah Weingrod
Matthew Weinstein
Aaron Weintraub
Sarah Weintraub
Ronald Weisberger, Bristol Community College
Ellen Weisman
Alan M Weisner
Aimee Weiss
Jason Weiss
Howard Weiss
Robin Weiss, MD, Beth Am Synagogue, Baltimore
Robert A. Weissberg
Fran Weissman
Mike Weissman
Mike Weissman
Sandra Weiswasser
Judy Weitzman
Richard Weitzner
Renee Weitzner
Arnold Welber, Temple Adath Or of Broward County Florida
Deborah Weltman
David West
Ann Wexler
Daniel Weyl
Eric Whinston
Rhoda White
Debra E. Whitehead, Congregation Nevei Kodesh
Mira Whiting
Mike Whitty
Gail Whitty
Barbara Wien, Amerian University and Interfaith Peacebuilders
Francine Wiener
Mitchell Wiener
Naomi Wilensky, Congregation Tikkun v'Or
Alice Wilkins
Susan Wilkins
Corinne Willett
Susan Willett
Binnie Williams, Temple Beth El
Erick Williams
Susan Windle
Noah T. Winer
Clemency Wings
Florence Winnik, Am Kolel
jayne winsor
janelle winston
Cory Winter
James Wintner, Benefit Events
Margie Wirth
Ora Wise, Kolot Chayeinu
Leslie Wohl
Deborah S. Wohl
Joseph Wolf
mollie wolf
Richard Wolfe, Holy Temple Drumming Institute
raven wolfe
Jonathan Wolfson
Jordan Wolfson
Daniel Wolk
David Wollner
Nancy Wolman
David Woodsfellow
Sandra Wortzel, ALEPH Alliance for Jewish Renewal
Lisa Wyant
Shelley Wyant
Charles Yaker
Deborah Yaker
Yael Yanich
Gregory Yaroslow
Judy Yeager
jackie yellin
Marcia G. Yerman
Aimee Yermish, Temple Beth El of the Sudbury River Valley
Felice Yeskel
Nancy Yudell
Ruth Zabor
sara zacharia
Barbara Zacky
Sandy Zalkind, Accommodation Station Rentals
Natalie Zarchin
Alan Zaur
Karen Zaur
Tobi Zausner, Saybrook University
Jerri Zbiral
Orly Zeewy, member of Mishkan Shalom
Stuart Zeiger
Carol Zeitz
Glori R. Zeltzer
Cathy Zheutlin, P'nai Or of Portland
Laura S. Ziff
Suellen Zimet
Arieh Zimmerman
Laurajane Zimmer-Reed
Bernhard Bruno Zinkgraf, Community of St Benedict
John Zippert
Alan Zisser
Saul Zlatkovski
Susan Zlotnick-Hale, MD
Julie Zolot
zara zsido
Robert Zucker
Linda Zweig, Aleph

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