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MA.ASM.03.U08.March # 6 Computation


Title:                MA.ASM.03.U08.March # 6 Computation
Type:                 Assessment
Subject:              Mathematics
Grade Range:          Third
Description:          Assessment suggestions for 3rd grade math 3-
                      check Standard 6-Computation: add/subtract
                      decimals; add/subtract numbers with
                      regrouping to include money
Author(s):            Kathy Carpenter
Assessment Content

Stage 1: Establish Goals
Standard 6: Computation- March

       Add and subtract decimals
       Add 4-digit numbers with regrouping to include money
       Subtract 4-digit numbers with regrouping to include money

Stage 1: Understandings

       We can use what we know to work with more difficult or larger number problems.
       Flexible methods of computation involve grouping numbers in a variety of ways.

Essential Questions

       What strategies can be found for finding sums and differences?
       What strategies can be found for finding sums with regrouping?
       What strategies can be found for finding differences with regrouping?

Stage 1: Students Will Be Able To
             Add and subtract decimals
             Add 4-digit numbers with regrouping to include money
          Subtract 4-digit numbers with regrouping to include money

Stage 2: Performance Task
Sum or Difference:
Students will demonstrate their ability to find the sum or difference with decimal numerals. (With and without regrouping)
Use the number cards below to create problems for students to solve. (Print the cards in 2 different colors: whole numbers one color,
decimal numbers another color.)
Students will draw 2 whole number cards and 2 decimal cards. They will create 2 numerals with their cards. The teacher will tell them
add or subtract their numbers. Students will demonstrate number sense by putting the cards in the correct position to allow addition or
subtraction. Using a white board, students will solve their problems.
Sample Number Cards: (Create as many different cards as you like.)
Whole Numbers:
 72       53     12    104    38
 9        25     0     50     2
 324      45     69    31     56
 89       6      51    63     38
 654      38     7     86     3
Decimal Numbers:
 .06       .8      .12   .104    .38
 .93       .25     .90   .50     .96
 .324      .45     .69   .31     .59
 .89       .60     .51   .63     .38
 .654      .38     .74   .86     .54

Whole and Decimal Numbers (optional, use 3rd color)
 1.72    5.3   .12  10.4    3.8
 9.0     2.5   0    5.0     9.6
 32.4    4.5   6.9  3.1     5.6
 8.9     6.0   5.1  6.3     3.8
 6.54    3.8   7.4  8.6     5.4

Use the following assessment for BOTH addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers, with regrouping, including money.

You need: a shopping list and a white board
You won a $10.00** shopping spree at the Arcade Gift Shop! You may buy anything you like from the lists below but you may not spe
more than your $10.00. You must spend as much of your $10.00 (tax is included!) as you can because you can’t get any change and yo
can’t come back later!! Use your white board to record the $10.00 you start with. Subtract each purchase so you don’t waste any of you
money!!! (Add together items of the same price before subtracting.)

                                                            SHOPPING LIST

                    $1.25                                          $2.79                                           $3.64
 1. Shadow Paper                                1. Ladybug Puppet                             1. Flashlight Kit
 2.Glo-in-the-dark worm                         2. Super Stickers                             2. Bucket of Slime
 3. Magic wand                                  3. High-bounce Ball                           3. Kaleidoscope
 4.Foam Glider Plane                            4. Floating Ducky                             4. Spinning Top
*adapted from Marilyn Burns

Stage 2: Key Criteria

Formative Assessment:

Students will indicate mastery with accurate completion of 3 out of 4 problems. Teachers may check off mastery.

Formative Assessment:

Accurate addition and subtraction is 80% for mastery.

**(If you want to add and subtract only all 4-digit numerals, increase the amount that can be spent and increase the cost of
items to equal 4 digits.)

I would use the Aracade Shopping Spree assessment and combine addition and subtraction of 4-digit numbers with
regrouping to include money into one assessment.

Standards Aligned to this Assessment

                                                              Colorado State Standards
View standards alignment from a different set of standards:
       MA.K-4.6: Students link concepts and procedures as they develop and use computational techniques,
        including estimation, mental arithmetic, paper-and-pencil, calculators, and computers, in problem-solving
        situations and communicate the reasoning used in solving these problems.
             o MA.K-4. 6.1: demonstrate conceptual meanings for the four basic arithmetic operations of
                 addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division;
             o MA.K-4. 6.4: construct, use, and explain procedures to compute and estimate with whole
                 numbers; and
             o MA.K-4. 6.5: select and use appropriate algorithms for computing with whole numbers in
                 problem-solving situations.

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