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									           Instructions for BOMA 360 Performance Program™ Online Application

Welcome to the BOMA 360 Program online application. Please read the following instructions in their
entirety before starting your application. If you have any questions that are not answered below, please
contact the BOMA 360 Program Administrator at

    • Only occupied commercial office buildings and industrial buildings are eligible for the BOMA
         360 Performance Program designation. Commercial office includes: multi-tenant office
         buildings; single-tenant office buildings; corporate facilities; government buildings; medical
         office buildings; suburban office parks; and multi-use/mixed-use buildings.
    • For multi-use buildings (i.e. office/retail, office/residential, mixed-use, etc.), information should
         be reported only on the office portion of the building. If the building contains no occupied
         commercial office space as described above, or is a hotel, apartment/multi-family, or
         retail/shopping center it is not eligible for participation.

Mandatory Requirements/Pre-Requisites
In addition to meeting eligibility requirements described above, the following are required in order to
enter your building into the BOMA 360 Performance Program:
    • Standard Operating Procedures Manual must be in place for the building
    • Preventive Maintenance Program must be in place for the building
    • The building’s income and expense performance data must be included in the most recent BOMA
         Experience Exchange Report (EER) survey, unless exempt from this requirement (this
         requirement is waived for 2009 applications, see note below)*
    • The building must be benchmarked through EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager and
         data shared with BOMA International**
*The BOMA EER survey is open January-April each year. Because the BOMA 360 program launched after the
2009 EER survey closed, this requirement has been waived for BOMA 360 applications submitted through
December 30, 2009. However all BOMA 360 new and renewal applications submitted on or after January 1, 2010
must comply with this requirement. Industrial buildings and buildings with less than 70% office space are exempt
from this requirement, as data from these buildings is not reported in the EER.

**Benchmarking through EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager is easy. Go to and log in to Portfolio Manager. To share data with BOMA, from “My
Portfolio,” select “Share Facilities.” From the drop-down box, select “BOMA International BOMABEEP,” and then
click “Continue.” It’s that easy. If you have already entered your building’s data, you may go back into the system
at any time to share your data with BOMA.

Fee Schedule
Fees are by building. For portfolio discounts, please contact the BOMA 360 Program Administrator at
                                            BOMA Members              Non-Members
                                            New*  Renewal**           New*   Renewal**
        Under 100,000 sf                    $500       $350           $750       $500
        100,000-299,999 sf                  $750       $500           $950       $750
        300,000-599,999 sf                  $950       $750           $1,250     $950
        600,000 sf and over                 $1,250     $950           $1,500     $1,250
        *Introductory fees for 2009 submissions.
        **To qualify for reduced renewal fees, the building must have the same owner and property management
        firm as identified in the original application; otherwise, the application is considered a new application. In
        addition, if the renewal is allowed to lapse, the building may re-apply but will be considered a new

Have your credit card ready. You will be charged a non-refundable $50 application fee to start each
building application. The balance will be charged once you complete and submit your application. For
payment questions or assistance, contact the BOMA 360 Program Administrator at

Using the BOMA 360 Online Application – Rules, Procedures and General Information
   • You will be asked to establish a user name and password (password must be at least 7 characters
       and any combination of alpha and numeric, but must include one non-alphanumeric character,
       such as a symbol like @, #, $, etc.). The password is case sensitive. Please record your user
       name and password and keep them in a safe place.
   • To claim the BOMA member discount and bonus points for BOMA membership, you must
       provide the name of the BOMA member for the building and BOMA membership number.
   • Most applications can be completed in one hour; however, you do not have to complete your
       application in one sitting. You can enter and exit the system as many times as you would like for
       each application. Your information is automatically saved. Once you select “submit” at the end
       of the application process, however, you will not be able to change any information on your
       application unless authorized by the Program Administrator.
   • Throughout the application, you will be asked to upload documents to support responses to
       questions. To upload more than one document for a single question, you must cut and paste
       all documents into a single document before uploading.
   • Incomplete applications (i.e. not submitted) will be automatically deleted from the system after
       six (6) months.
   • If you are contacted regarding a completed application, and are asked to submit additional
       information or documentation, you will have up to sixty (60) days from the receipt of notice to do
       so. After 60 days, the application will be automatically deleted from the system.
   • Once you submit your application, you will receive e-mail confirmation of your application and
       payment, as well as confirmation of award.
   • The BOMA 360 Program designation is conferred by the BOMA 360 Program Council of
       BOMA International. For a roster of Council members and/or procedures for challenging any
       decision of the Council, please contact the BOMA 360 Program Administrator at
   • Annual renewal is required to maintain the BOMA 360 Performance designation. You will
       receive additional instructions. Also see fee schedule.
   • All data submitted is kept in strictest confidence.

Scoring Information

The maximum total possible points per application is 91, including bonus points. 67 points are required
to achieve the certification, with a required score for each section as follows:

Section                                               Max. Points        Bonus Points Required Points
Building Operations and Management                      14                  1              12
Life Safety/Security/Risk Management                    20                  1              16
Training/Education                                      13                  4              10
Energy                                                  15                  1               12
Environmental/Sustainability                       15                                 12
Tenant Relations/Community Involvement              7                                  5
Total                                              84              7                  67

Documentation to Gather Before You Begin Your Application
As you work through the six sections of the application, you will be asked to describe and/or upload
documentation to support your application. The application process will go more quickly and smoothly if
you gather this information in advance. Most applications can be completed in one hour. Please Note:
To upload more than one document for a single question, you must cut and paste all documents into
a single document before uploading.

We also recommend that you save all uploaded documents into a file for future reference. When
you renew your application, you will not be able to access these documents in the BOMA 360

   Mandatory Requirements/Pre-Requisites
     o Word or PDF file of Standard Operating Procedures Manual Table of Contents
     o Sample Preventive Maintenance task sheet and/or name of PM software program
     o EER confirmation number (e-mailed to you after you submit your data to the EER survey).
         As noted earlier, this requirement is waived for BOMA 360 applications submitted
         through December 30, 2009.
     o Statement of Energy Performance from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

   Building Operations & Management
      o Reference for BOMA floor measurement standard in lease or other documentation, such as
          architectural calculations based on the ANSI/BOMA Z65.1-1996 standard, or the Standard
          Method for Measuring Floor Area in Industrial Buildings.
      o Identify accounting software utilized
      o Samples of monthly and quarterly financial reporting forms
      o Copies of insurance certificates for comprehensive and liability coverages
      o Copy of blank lease form showing “green lease” language
      o Documentation explaining green purchasing policies

   Life Safety/Security/Risk Management
       o Documentation of emergency preparedness and recovery plans (reference section of SOP
           manual Table of Contents, or provide Table of Contents from plans, or other documentation)
       o Copy of AED policy, or PAD program/training guide Table of Contents
       o Documentation of established communications network with neighboring facilities and local
           police/fire departments, and terrorism or local alert networks
       o Certificate of Occupancy or business license for the building
       o Reference section of SOP Manual Table of Contents or lease language dealing with lease
           space code compliance
       o Documentation of evacuation drills conducted in past 12 months
       o Documentation of written security procedures (reference section of SOP Table of Contents or
           other documentation)
       o Identify access control or surveillance system utilized
       o Description of compliance with fire safety codes
       o Copy of ADA Compliance Guide Table of Contents or other documentation of ADA plan
   Training & Education
      o License numbers for current licenses required by local, state or federal jurisdiction for
          building personnel
      o Copy of professional development plan
      o Identify professional designations and professional memberships held by the property
          executive responsible for day-to-day operation of the building
      o Continuing education participation by property executives and licensees

      o ENERGY STAR rating score (bonus point for score of 50 or above)
      o Copies of policies for “preferred purchase” of ENERGY STAR and/or environmentally-
          friendly products
      o Summary (no more than 2 pages) of building energy management plan
      o Summary of energy audit conducted within past 5 years
      o Summary of re-commissioning/retro-commissioning evaluation within past 5 years
      o Copy of letter endorsing BOMA’s 7-Point Challenge
      o Listing of participation in energy management education programs (such as BEEP), to
          include program titles, dates, sponsoring organizations, hours (length)

      o Copy of building’s waste management plan and recycling policies.
      o Documentation of IAQ daily feedback system and annual testing program
      o Documentation of green cleaning program (Table of Contents, or summary/description of
      o Documentation of exterior management plan (Table of Contents, or summary/description of
      o Copy of the “view” of water consumption from EPA ENERGY STAR water tool
      o Description of traffic reduction initiatives (limit 1 page)
   Tenant Relations/Community Involvement
      o Descriptions of public and tenant-only community events that take place on and off-property
      o Descriptions of on-site accessible community service, such as daycare center, clinic, library,
          community center, etc.
      o Link to online tenant survey or copy of paper survey
      o Identify software or platform (including in-house systems) for managing critical leasing dates
          and information
      o Copy or template for tenant communications piece
      o Documentation for participation in advocacy events/activities (meetings, correspondence to
          elected officials or regulatory agencies)
      o Copies of any articles written or co-authored on relevant industry-related matters
      o Documentation (date and description of activity) or any sponsored forums or town-hall-type
          meetings on property
      o Description of planned events in cooperation with municipal departments, such as police, fire,
          public works, etc.

You are now ready to begin your application. Good luck!
Questions? Contact the BOMA 360 Program Administrator at

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