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					                                    Essential Question
                    How do artists use math?
Sessions: 8+                                Hour: 4th
Procedures:                                   Day Three: Teacher will show a power
                                              point of M.C Escher. Teacher will give a
Day One: Teacher will introduce the
                                              demonstration on words in perspective.
next essential question, how do artists
                                              Students will add words and forms of life.
use math, and the project – perspective
                                              Day four: Students will continue their
drawing. Teacher will go over key
                                              drawings adding color or shading. If
words, dealing with perspective
                                              finished students will write a 1-page story
drawings, their definition and how
                                              about their drawings.
math is involved. Students will view a
                                              Day Five: Teacher will give a
video on perspective drawing. Students
                                              demonstration of the next project – Words
and teacher will begin a 1pt perspective
                                              in perspective. Students will brain storm
drawing of a room together. We will
                                              their 3d word and have grid drawn out
get vanishing point, walls, and ceiling
                                              Day Six: Students will create their words in
                                              perspective, cut them out and glue onto
Day Two: Teacher gives demonstration
on how to add windows, doors and
                                               Day Seven: Work on projects.
furniture to room. Students will work
                                              Day Eight: Critique. Students may choose
on drawings.
                                              either their cityscape or perspective words.


Vocabulary:                                   Materials:
Vanishing Point                               Pencil
M.C Escher                                    Eraser
Perspective drawings                          Rulers

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on the how well they met each project
guidelines, participation, quiz, clean up, and effort/on task.
Accommodations: I will be showing visual examples via power point, over head,
and movie clips, explaining tasks, and using tangible materials.

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