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									   Upgrade Overview
The process, services, tools and
  opportunities for success…
• Recap of Last Year
• What’s next?
• Upgrade Process / Methodology
• Upgrade Planning Tools and Services
• v7.2.4 – v8.0.2 Upgrade path
Get a Customer, Keep Them Forever...
What did we do last year?

• New Upgrade Strategy
        - Dave Thomas - Upgrade Services Manager
• Lawson Owns Upgrades
        - We are accountable for your success
• Change Perception
        - Who wants to do an upgrade?
• User Group Rollout
        - Communicate message to our clients
• Developed Upgrade Service Recommendations deliverable
Why Upgrade?
Why Lawson Clients Upgrade?
 •   New Products
 •   Utilize new Features and Functionality
 •   New Tools
 •   Adopt new Technology

View Upgrades as an Opportunity for Improvement…!
What’s Next…?

 • Continue to build on New Strategy
     • Improve tools and deliverables
 • Upgrade Planning Managers across all verticals
     • UPM’s provide latest upgrade information to all clients
     • FREE resource
 • Upgrade Training for Lawson resources
     • Client Service Managers
     • Technical Resources
     • Application Consultants
 • Enhanced Upgrade Workshop
     • Hands on excercises
     • Upgrade Programs available prior to Workshop attendance
 • Lawson Differences Training enhancements
     • Webcast options for some applications
     • Specific Application Upgrade Program information included
Starting Your Upgrade

 • 1st Step - Call Client Manager (CM)
 • Complete Upgrade Client Profile (UCP)
       • New Improved UCP now available!
 • CM registers you and triggers the delivery of the
   Upgrade Information Packet (UIP).
       • UIP is the Technical documentation for the Upgrade programs
 • Review UCP information with Upgrade Planning
   Manager and DigiTerra
 • Deliverables to you:
       • Lawson Upgrade Service Recommendations – Applications
       • Digiterra Technical Scope – Upgrade Program
Starting Your Upgrade

Upgrade Service Recommendations include:
 • Upgrade Planning / Project Management
    • Lawson CSM assigned to your project

 • Application Differences Training
    • Public and On-site options available

 • Application Consulting
    • Business Procedures Review
    • Modification elimination going forward to the new version

 • Technical Requirements and Training
    • New Compiler costs
    • Environment Training

 • Estimated Time Frame
 • Associated Costs
 • Project Team Requirements
Lawson Partners and Upgrades
Lawson Partners and Upgrades

  Certified Upgrade Partner
     • Digiterra
  Accredited consultants
     • All official Lawson business partners can send
       consultants to training that is upgrade path specific
     • Partners which have accredited consultants are listed
       on support.Lawson.Com
     • Individual resource names are available from your CM
The Upgrade Project
Lawson Upgrade Terminology

 • Involves moving Data from old version to new
    • 6.1 to 7.2 -or- 7.2 to 8.0

 • Periodic Update to current release
    • 6.1.14 to 6.1.17 -or- 7.2.3 to 7.2.4
Lawson Upgrade Terminology

  • Moving to a new Platform
     • all combo’s of UNIX - AS/400 - NT

  • Non-Lawson data to Lawson
  • Data from old modified Lawson to New Vanilla Lawson
     • Home grown mainframe GL program to Lawson
     • 5.X OE – 8.0
      Business        Project                   Initial    Project
       Needs         Strategy                  Project      Team
      Analysis         Phase                   Planning    Training

                 Lawson Upgrade                                  Application
Production          Post                                          Business
 Upgrade          Upgrade                                        Procedures
                   Review                                          Review

                       Recycle as often as necessary
                          (2-3 test runs typically)

     End User         System                                Test
     Training          Test                                Upgrade
Upgrade Planning, Tools and Services
Upgrade Planning
When should you plan?
  • Start Next Week
  • Call CM, work with UPM
  • Determine/consider
     • Application Differences Training - what type is best
       for your project team and end users
     • Application Consulting
     • Technical requirements and training
     • Time Frame
     • Associated Costs

  • Upgrade Planning should be done in advance
Upgrade Tools and Services

  • Upgrade Software
      • Free to clients on maintenance
  • Upgrade Information Package - (UIP)
      • Sent to client once registered via the UCP
  • Lawson Upgrade Center – (GSC)
      • Support consultants dedicated to Upgrade programs
  • v7.2 – v8.0.2 Upgrade Workshop
      • Upgrade program training
  • Application Differences Training
  • Upgrade Consulting
Upgrade Info on

 Information categorized by Platform – AS400, Unix, NT
  • Upgrade Checklists
  • Application Differences Training Agendas
  • Lawson Upgrade Methodology
  • Database Differences Documentation
     • No longer comes with the UIP (too large)
  • Free Application Differences web based presentations (WBT’s)
  • Partners
     • List of Partners which have Accredited consultants
  • UIP Updates/Upgrade Program patches
  • FAQ’s and Fact Sheets
Why Upgrade to v8.0.2?
 •   New Products
     •   Professional Service Automation (PSA)
     •   Enterprise Reporting
     •   OLE DB Object Services

 •   Utilize new Features and Functionality
     •   Invoice Matching
     •   Project and Activity Accounting (BR)
     •   Canadian Payroll
     •   TaxLocator

 •   New Tools
     •   Design Studio
     •   Development Environments for Com+, Java and Lotus Domino

 •   Adopt new Technology
     •   Lawson.insight User Interface (LIUI) – Portal 2.0 (XML)

View Upgrades as an Opportunity for Improvement…!
V8.0.2 Upgrade Planning

   v7.2.4 – v8.0.2 Considerations
   • Upgrade Path’s/Application version requirements
   • Environment v8.0.1 (not required for v8.0.2 App’s)
   • Compiler (required for v8.0.1 Environment)
        • Micro Focus ServerExpress for Unix
        • Micro Focus NetExpress for NT
   • Database and Operating System versions
   • Hardware and Disk Space
   • Know Your Unique Issues
        •   Browser standard
        •   Interfaces
        •   Modifications
        •   Web Server
Upgrade Software Status
Upgrade Software Status
 UNIX/Windows -- 7.2.4 - 8.0.2
  • All Applications (Fin,HR,Proc,Dist) – GA

 AS/400 -- 6.1 - 7.X
  • GA
  • Decommissioned - October 1, 2001
 UNIX / NT -- 7.0 - 7.2 (HR only)
  • GA
  • Decommissioned - October 1, 2001

               Thank You!!!

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