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The children were alone, standing
outside the icy, cold gates, the wind
biting at their faces. Goosebumps raised
on their arms.
“Where are we?” questioned the youngest
child nervously.
“I know exactly where we are,”
whispered the oldest child, Thomas,
crossing his fingers behind his back.
All five children looked at him
hopefully. They had been lost for days,
but now it seemed that there was light
on the horizon. Wondering what they
would find, they pushed hard on the stiff

The gate creaked open.
The five children tiptoed into the dark,
dark cave, past the sleeping bear and
The lava was bubbling under a wooden
bridge. They trudged over the bridge
and found…

An old wooden chest, covered in a thick
layer of dust.
“Wow! Look at this,” the youngest child,
Luke shouted, blowing clouds of dust
around them.
“Let‟s open it – it might be full of money,”
Sam chimed in.
They tiptoed cautiously towards the
chest, curiosity getting the better of
In a fit of excitement, Sophia, the oldest
girl, rushed forward and forced open
the lid.
The noise that erupted was deafening…

As a black, scaly monster jumped out of
the chest.
“Aaaarrrrhhh!” screamed all of the
They were too frightened to run away
and stood there, terrified. All of a
sudden the monster began to laugh.
The children stopped screaming and
stared at the monster in amazement.
There was a bright flash and the

Melted into the ground.
He was a ghost!
The children looked around, they were
in a graveyard. Just then graves broke
open and out burst skeletons, zombies
and boney snakes. The children were as
scared as a mouse being chased by a cat
with an empty stomach. The undead
army began slowly walking closer to the
children. The children backed away,
unaware that there was a zombie
behind them, reaching out with his
cold, dead fingers…

Petrified, the children edged nervously
“This is all your fault.” Whispered the
youngest child, Luke
Despite being annoyed with her younger
brother whinging, Sophia decided to get
on with the job in front of her; namely
the zombie.
The zombie fell to the floor as she
whacked him over the head with a loose
gravestone. Blood oozing from his
head, the zombie staggered away.
Sophia put down the gravestone and
turned to the other children.
“Anyone else want to argue with me?”
she muttered…

“I‟ll argue with you, you silly little girl.”
Boomed a second zombie, as he emerged
from behind a dark, haunted grave
with two swords in his hands. Before
any of the children could respond, a
little, boney skeleton rose up from his
“Who do you think you are stamping all
over my grave?” called the skeleton,
angrily. With that, the zombies charged
at the skeleton and the children. The
children and the skeleton raced
through the graveyard like a flash of
lightening, and out of the stiff, old

to the old abandoned cottage in the
dark, creepy forest, racing inside and
slamming the battered, beaten door.
Scared and tired, the children fiddled
for a light switch. Relieved, Thomas
cautiously turned on the light which
flickered three times before exploding
like a ticking time bomb, scattering
yellow sparks and shattered glass on the
crazy old hag, cackling beneath…

The old cackling woman lit a candle,
which shone upon her face to reveal her
toothless mouth. She wore red socks and
purple trousers. Her messy green hair
stood up like a pineapple. As the light
lit the room, Sophia reached for Luke‟s
“Luke!” she shispered, “LUKE, LUKE!...
Where is Luke?”
Luke had disappeared.
“Ha! Ha! Ha!” laughed the old ugly hag.
“What have you done with Luke?”
shouted Thomas. “Where is our
The laughing hag smiled and blew out
the candle.
There was silence as the children stood,
frightened in the dark. The old
woman‟s laughing had stopped.
The door closed shut…

Thomas began to feel very dizzy. He
started stumbling around. Then he
started falling, falling like a stone
being dropped from an aeroplane. He
fell into a bookcase and it turned,
sending him into a new room… There
was Luke! But he was a goblin.

Thomas and the goblin‟s brothers and
sisters were banging hard on the
bookcase, wondering how to get Thomas
back. Meanwhile, Thomas and the
goblin were chasing each other around
the room, playing their favourite game
of „it,‟ forgetting their worried brothers
and sisters. All of a sudden, a trap door
appeared from nowhere and the witch
chased them on her broomstick and
knocked Thomas and the bewitched
Luke into the bookcase…

The bookcase spun around to reveal a
room with no floor. Instead of a floor,
there stood a mountain of books. The
children glanced at each other in
dismay, both knowing what the other
one was thinking.
“What on earth shall we do now?” their
voices said. Suddenly an idea popped
into their heads and they began to
climb the gigantic pile of books.
Eventually they reached the top.
Without knowing why, the boys grabbed
the topmost book and read the cover. It
said „Kilmorie School Book Week Book‟
and attached to it was a pen. After a
quick scan of the contents they realised
it was all about them and their sisters.
It was up to them to finish the story… As
quickly as they could, they wrote the
final sentence.

„All the children woke up in their beds
and realised it had just been a very
strange dream… Or had it?‟

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