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									 Global Logistics Cluster: WEEK 34

                                                     GLOBAL LOGISTICS CLUSTER
                                                    OPERATIONS WEEKLY UPDATE
                                                      19 – 25 AUGUST 2011

 Each week the Global Logistics Cluster Support Cell (GLCSC) provides an operational update of the activities of Logistics
 Clusters/Sectors in the field, together with the details of the latest publications on the Logistics Cluster website. The GLCSC
 is housed in the Logistics Division of the UN World Food Programme, the Global Logistics Cluster Lead. It is comprised of a
 diverse, multi-skilled group of logisticians drawn from ACF, Care International, WFP, WVI, and MSB (formerly SRSA).

 To subscribe to any of the field cluster mailing lists please visit the operations page for the required country on the
 Logistics Cluster website.                     Somalia Famine Response
 August 24 - Snapshot - Mogadishu Port                    Situation:            There is currently a shortage of fuel at Mogadishu Airport. This is having an
 dishu_port/view                                               impact on the costs of current airlifts to Somalia. The situation is not
 August 22 - Meeting Minutes - 19 August 2011                  expected to improve in the immediate future.       Coordination:
 ng_minutes_110819                                             Coordination in Mogadishu is currently a challenge for humanitarian
                                                               organizations due to movement restrictions and the general security
 August 22 - Horn of Africa - Logistics                        situation.
 Infrastructures and Food Insecurity Areas                Services:                        During the past week, in support of Somalia operations, UNHAS transported
 orn-of-africa-logistics-infrastructures-and-                  397 passengers between Dolow, El Berde, El Waq, Galkayo, Garowe, Hargeisa,
 food-insecurity-areas                                         Nairobi, and Mogadishu.
 August 22 - Concept of Operations                             An UNHAS User Group Meeting was held this week to ascertain current              passenger transport requirements for the humanitarian community. The main
                                                               findings were:
 August 19 - Situation Report - 18 August 2011                      o Demand for passenger transport to Mogadishu has increased as                        organizations scale up their response activities. Hence regular
                                                                         UNHAS flights to Mogadishu will begin as of this week and a revised
                                                                         schedule will be shared with the humanitarian community as soon as
                                                                         it is made available. The aircraft will also be cargo-configured,
                                                                         accommodating the transport of light cargo.
                                                                    o A proposal for regular flights to Gedo is under consideration.
                                                               Logistics Cluster participants continue to evaluate the operating mechanism
                                                               for the proposed common warehousing facility in Mogadishu.
                                                           Infrastructure and Assessments:
                                                               A Logistics Assessment in Mogadishu Port was conducted last week. The
                                                               mission assessed progress on the removal of wreckage at the port, which is
                                                               now 80% complete.                Libya
 August 25 - Nafusa Mountains Region -                    Situation:
 Logistics Supply Corridors                                   The situation in Tripoli remains volatile, with sporadic fighting ongoing across                        the city. There have been reports of cuts to basic services including water
 nafusa- mountains-region-logistics-                          provision.
 supply-corridors                                             Access within the northern part of Eastern Libya remains open. Access
 August 23 - Concept of Operations Map                        constraints continue to exist to the South and West of Ajdabia. Misurata
 on 23 August 2011                                            remains inaccessible by road with logistics support only possible by sea.             The logistics corridor connecting Tripoli with Tunisia is inaccessible, Tripoli
 operations-map-on-23rd-august-2011                           airport is inaccessible, and Tripoli seaport is only partially accessible.
                                                              Availability of fuel inside Libya continues to be a major concern. The
 August 22 - Meeting Minutes - Benghazi                       humanitarian community may have to import fuel to continue its activities.
 - 16 August 2011                                             The Logistics Cluster is coordinating with humanitarian partners to assess                        monthly fuel requirements for operations in Tripoli.                                                                                                           Page 1 of 6
 Global Logistics Cluster: WEEK 34

 meeting_minutes_benghazi_110816/view                   Coordination:
                                                            The Logistics Cluster is working with partner organisations to determine their
 August 22 - Zliten City Map
                                                            projected logistics needs for Tripoli, once the city is accessible. The Logistics
                                                            Cluster is ready to mobilize a vessel for cargo transport from east Libya to
                                                            west Libya (Tripoli Port) as soon as security permits.
                                                            The Logistics Cluster is organizing a Customs Clearance training for all
                                                            interested partners in Zarzis, Tunisia. Date and venue to be confirmed in the
                                                            coming days.
                                                            WFP as the lead off the logistics cluster has purchased and shipped 23,000
                                                            litres of drinking water in Coordination with UNICEF; the water was loaded on
                                                            a vessel in Malta and is due to arrive in Tripoli later this afternoon.
                                                            Additionally the WFP Chartered Fehim Bay is scheduled to call at Malta in the
                                                            coming days, after a trip to Misrata, to transport additional potable water and
                                                            other relief items including emergency medical kits for WHO; the vessel may
                                                            also call at Tunis and Sfax in Tunisia to pick up humanitarian relief cargo for
                                                            From 1 May through 21 August, UNHAS has transported 2,239 passengers
                                                            from 137 UN agencies, NGOs and diplomatic corps on 60 flights between
                                                            Malta, Cairo, Djerba, Benghazi and Heraklion.
                                                            As of 21 August, 345 passengers from 50 entities and 3,584 m³ of inter-agency
                                                            cargo for 23 organizations have been transported by the MV FEHIM BEY
                                                            between Misrata, Malta and Benghazi. The twelfth rotation of the vessel
                                                            departed on 24 August, and is carrying food and medicine bound for Zliten.
                                                            The contract for the MV FEHIM BEY shuttle service will expire at the end of
                                                            August. The Logistics Cluster is currently looking to extend the contract to
                                                            include the month of September.
                                                            Overall, 4,943 m³ of interagency goods have been transported to date on
                                                            available/chartered ships by sea at no cost to users for 27 different
                                                            WFP, through the Logistics Cluster, continues to offer road transport services
                                                            on a cost recovery basis from Alexandria/Cairo to Benghazi and within Libya
                                                            from Benghazi and Tobruq. To date, 2,041 m³ has been transported ex-Egypt
                                                            for 11 organizations.
                                                            WHO has approached WFP, as lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, to provide
                                                            support with the transportation of medicines from Tunis to Tripoli, by air or
                                                            The Logistics Cluster is transporting 14 containers of food and medical
                                                            supplies from Tunisia to Libya on behalf of IOM.
                                                            WFP continues to offer free storage to humanitarian organizations in the
                                                            20,000 m² warehouse in Ganfuda, Benghazi. So far 2,718 m³ has been stored
                                                            on behalf of 11 organizations.
                                                            The bonded warehouse in Tataouine is now operational.
                                                            There is currently storage space available for humanitarian organizations in
                                                            four warehouses run by the Transitional National Council (TNC) in the Nafusa
                                                            Mountains: Nalut, Jadu, Zintan and Yefrin.                   Haiti
                                                            On 23 August 2011, Hurricane “Irene” was located 100 km off the northern
                                                            coast of Haiti. Two days earlier, weather forecasts suggested that the centre
                                                            of the storm would actually move across the Hispaniola Island. On 23 August,
                                                            the Government of Haiti banned all flights to and from airports and landing
                                                            sites in Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, Port-de-Paix and Hinche. However, the
                                                            hurricane passed Haiti along the northern coast, en route Turks & Caicos and
                                                            Preparedness activities were coordinated by the Government of Haiti
                                                            /Direction de la Protection Civile (DPC) and OCHA.
                                                            Logistics Cluster representatives attended meetings at the following
                                                            emergency centres, which were activated and in place 22-24 August:                                                                                                          Page 2 of 6
 Global Logistics Cluster: WEEK 34

                                                    o      “Centre d’Operation d’Urgence National” (COUN) located at the
                                                           emergency headquarters of the Direction de la Protection Civile
                                                           (DPC), which is composed of Cluster representatives, the Red Cross
                                                           Movement and Government staff.
                                                      o “Emergency Joint Operations Centre” (EJOINT), a humanitarian cell
                                                           comprised of Cluster members, activated and lead by OCHA.
                                                      o “Expanded Joint Operations Centre” (EJOC), a support cell that
                                                           includes police, military actors and humanitarian liaison officers.
                                                 The Logistics Cluster held a coordination meeting in Port-au-Prince on 23
                                                 August 2011, with 22 participants representing 17 UN agencies, NGOs and the
                                                 Government of Haiti/DPC. Ongoing preparedness activities in regards to the
                                                 passing hurricane, which at that stage could have still had an impact in the
                                                 northern departments, were discussed. In addition, recent map products, the
                                                 soon-to-be-launched Logistics Cluster evaluation survey, as well as Handicap
                                                 International’s inter-agency storage base in Petit Goave (partners, stock
                                                 update, future of the project) were presented.
                                                 This week a total of 141 mt of cholera relief supplies, food, nutrition,
                                                 education and field support material were dispatched from Port-de-Prince to
                                                 Cap-Haitien, Fond des Negres, Gonaives, Hinche, Jacmel and Jaquot Merlin on
                                                 behalf of Save the Children, UNICEF, WFP and WHO/PAHO.
                                                 Provision of transport services continues in the regions with the dispatch of
                                                 relief supplies from Cap-Haitien, Gonaives, Jacmel and Les Cayes to the
                                                 surrounding areas.
                                                 The preparation of the ground for the augmentation of inter-agency storage
                                                 site in Tabarre 1/Port-au-Prince is still ongoing. Engineering works is expected
                                                 to be finalised in the first week of September. Three additional Mobile
                                                 Storage Units (MSUs) will be erected, which will bring the overall number of
                                                 MSUs on this site to 15.
                                            Civil-Military Liaison:
                                                 The Logistics Cluster met with MINUSTAH’s Chief of Logistics (U4) this week to
                                                 share information and agree on the format of the joint presentation on
                                                 "Logistics and Civil Military Liaison" that shall be delivered during the
                                                 CMCoord workshop organised by the Civil Military Cooperation section of
                                                 MINUSTAH (U9) in coordination with OCHA on 29/30 August 2011.
                                            Emergency Preparedness – Hurricane Season 2011:
                                                 Several meetings were held this week among key actors involved in
                                                 emergency preparedness and response (OCHA, UNDP, Logistics Cluster,
                                                 MINUSTAH) to organise joint regional visits in all the departments of Haiti.
                                                 The purpose of these visits is to share information on contingency planning,
                                                 response mechanisms and coordination among emergency operation centres
                                                 at central and department level. In addition, the visits will represent the
                                                 opportunity to share and discuss the lessons learnt of the recent simulation
                                                 exercise (SIMEX) as well as the recommendations identified after Tropical
                                                 Storm “Emily”. The first visit is scheduled for Leogane on 26 August 2011.        South Sudan
 August 24 - Southern Sudan - Nile River    Situation:
 Corridor                                       Fuel shortages continue, and prices are escalated when fuel is available. The       most recent market survey indicates five out of the six petrol stations visited
 hern-sudan-nile-river-corridor                 in Juba are out of stock. Fuel price is 5.5 SDG (1.57 USD) per litre with prices
                                                expected to continue rising.
                                                Fighting has resumed in the far north of South Sudan after a lapse of 6 weeks.
                                                The SPLA stopped a WFP convoy in Warrap State and forcefully took 20 litres
                                                of fuel.
                                                Tribal fighting in Jonglei State has caused many deaths and some
                                                displacement, although no agency is able to confirm numbers at this stage. In
                                                light of the situation the Logistics Cluster is working with the humanitarian
                                                community to determine accessibility, but rains are hampering efforts.                                                                                              Page 3 of 6
 Global Logistics Cluster: WEEK 34

                                                            Borders with the Republic of Sudan are still subject to closure on an
                                                            unpredictable basis.
                                                            The slow pace of commercial supplies arriving from the Republic of Sudan
                                                            continues to result in supply shortfalls and higher prices in northern markets.
                                                            The following Mapping & GIS products were completed or updated: Access
                                                            Constraint Map for South Sudan (including Jonglei), Road Rehabilitation
                                                            Priority Map, Feeder Roads, Transport Overview Map, State Detail Transport
                                                            The Common Transport Barge departed on 18 August, and arrived in Malakal
                                                            on 24 August carrying emergency cargo on behalf of 10 organisations.
                                                            Cargo Movement Requests were received from Malaria Consortium for the
                                                            Juba-Aweil route.
                                                            The Logistics Cluster is currently seeking a new location for the common
                                                            warehouse in Wunrok, due to the relocation of WFP warehouses.
                                                       Infrastructure and Assessments:
                                                            The joint UNOPS and UNMISS (UN Mission in South Sudan) team has
                                                            completed work on Alek airstrip; UNHAS will schedule a fly-in to approve and
                                                            re-open for humanitarian flights.
                                                            Roads between Turalei and Mayom (including Agok), previously identified for
                                                            priority rehabilitation, have been determined to be too wet to proceed with
                                                            A UNOPS / Logistics Cluster assessment of current road conditions between
                                                            Juba, Mundri, Rumbek, Yirol, and Shambe will commence on 26 August; these
                                                            roads have been identified as high priority following a meeting with the
                                                            Director General from the Ministry of Roads and Transport.
                                                            At the request of UNHAS, UNOPS will complete the assessment of Boma
                                                            airstrip on 29 August                   Sudan
 August 24 - UNHAS announcement for HAC closure (Eid   NFI Common Pipeline
 Alftr Almubarak)                                          During the reporting period 6,528 households were served with rainy season                replenishments items, distributed by implementing partners SRCS in North
 announcement-for-hac-closure-eid-alftr-almubarak          Darfur, World Relief, NCA, and HelpAge in West Darfur and Muslim Aid, PODR,
                                                           SRCS in South Darfur. To date, 59% of IDP households in rural and urban
                                                           camps have been served out of a targeted 95,000 households.
                                                           The El-Obeid warehouse received 58,674 plastic sheets from Port Sudan
                                                           during the reporting period.
                                                           During the reporting period 535 full NFI kits (minus cooking sets), were
                                                           collected by implementing partner SRCS from the El-Obeid warehouse for
                                                           distribution to displaced households in South Kordofan.
                                                       Logistics Coordination
                                                           WFP Logistics Coordination Unit held bilateral meetings with OCHA, ICRC, IAS,
                                                           and UNICEF during the reporting period, to discuss customs and
                                                           documentation processes and constraints on movement of humanitarian
                                                           cargo between North and South Sudan.
                                                           OCHA Sudan has offered support to agencies on custom clearances for their
                                                           relief goods depending on need, through their Logistic Support Unit in
                                                           Geneva, by activating the existing network based on the MoU signed with the
                                                           World Customs Organization.                  Yemen
                                                       Situation Update:
                                                           The general situation in Yemen remains tense; armed tribesmen in Raima
                                                           Governorate, 200 km west of the capital Sana’a, blocked a military shipment
                                                           in transit from Hodeida port to Sana’a on 20 August. A Russian-made
                                                           Ilyushin plane was destroyed on the same day at a military air-base close to
                                                           Sana’a International Airport.                                                                                                        Page 4 of 6
 Global Logistics Cluster: WEEK 34

                                                               President Saleh, who is still recovering in Saudi Arabia, has refused to sign the
                                                               GCC power transition proposal, which the opposition signed last May.
                                                               The fuel shortage is ongoing and expected to continue. The government has
                                                               increased the price of diesel from 50 to 120 YR per litre, and of petrol from 75
                                                               to 175 YR per litre.
                                                               A coordination meeting was held in the OCHA office to discuss the Sa’ada
                                                               emergency response plan, as well as the southern IDPs emergency response.
                                                               No security clearance has been forthcoming from the government for UNHAS
                                                               flights to Sa’adah.
                                                               The Logistics Cluster allocated 26,000 litres of diesel and 3,000 litres of petrol
                                                               to 30 different humanitarian organizations.
                                                               The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the fuel service has been signed by
                                                               WFP CD and sent to participating organizations for their agreement.                         D.R.C.
 August 24 - ECHO Flight Announcement - Special Flight     Situation:
 Kinshasa-Goma-Kinshasa on 25 August 2011                       The Logistics Cluster has stressed the access difficulties in the area of                 Shabunda-Kalehe-Fizi (South Kivu), and advocated for road rehabilitation
 announcement-special-flight-kinshasa-goma-kinshasa-            funding. They have also advocated for funding to undertake a new project for
 on-25-august-2011                                              transportation of NFIs, to be funded by CERF and/or Pooled.
 August 24 - UNHAS Announcement - Cancellation of          Coordination:
 flights on 11 August 2011                                      The national logistics cluster held the Humanitarian Air Operators meeting in             DRC on 25 August.
 nt_cancellation_of_flights_110831/view                    Services:
                                                                The 40 mt capacity cable ferry given by WFP to the Katanga Province has been
 August 22 - Annulation des vols ASF-F du 31 août 2011          operational since 22 August on the Luapula River.
 au 10 septembre 2011                                           Maps illustrating the routings and schedules for humanitarian air operators in           DRC have been issued.
 ls_asff_du_31_aout_2011_au_10_septembre_2011/vie               The construction by Solidarite of a 20 mt cable ferry based in Nyemba,
 w                                                              Katanga Province, is now completed. Service should be inaugurated by early
                                                           Infrastructure and Assessments:
                                                                A meeting was held on 24 August between the Logistics Cluster’s engineer
                                                                and Caritas DRC representatives to discuss options for accelerating the
                                                                progress of ongoing rehabilitation work on roads in Equateur Province. The
                                                                work has been experiencing delays.                      Cote d’Ivoire
 August 19 - Meeting Minutes - Cote d’Ivoire - 03 August   Situation:
 2011                                                          The general security situation was calm yet unpredictable both in Abidjan and                 across the country. Crime and traffic accidents remain the main threats.
 minutes-man-110803/view                                       Roadside robberies, carjacking and burglaries are increasing, especially in
 August 19 - Meeting Minutes - Cote d’Ivoire - 17 August       Abidjan.
 2011                                                      Coordination:
                                                               A CAP process will begin in September.
                                                               A new contingency plan is being developed for Côte d’Ivoire on order to
                                                               update the current planning.
                                                               A tripartite agreement has been signed with UNHCR, Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia
                                                               to assist the return of refugees to Côte d’Ivoire. The return strategy and an
                                                               early recovery strategy are being coordinated by OCHA and the Clusters.
                                                               Approximately 270 passengers and 6 mt of cargo have been transported so
                                                               far in August. The current funding shortfall for the UNHAS operation is 1.4
                                                               million (USD), representing almost 54 percent of total requirements.
                                                               5 mt of NFIs for Save the Children were transported from Abidjan to Bouaké
                                                               on 19 August.
                                                               20 mt of HEBs for UNICEF were transported from Abidjan to Man on the 22                                                                                                              Page 5 of 6
 Global Logistics Cluster: WEEK 34

                                          The Logistics Cluster is currently organizing warehousing for UNICEF in Abidjan
                                          and Bouaké, as well as for IOM in Abidjan.
                                     Infrastructure and Assessments:
                                          Logistics activities expansion in the west (Toulepleu) is still underway and staff
                                          deployment to the UN warehouse in Toulepleu will begin at the end of
                                          August.                                                                                         Page 6 of 6

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