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									                                  El Camino College
                           Associated Students Organization
                               Senate Meeting Minutes
                                  20 November 2008
                                    Stadium Room

I.     Call to Order
        K. Humphrey called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM.

II.    Roll Call (By sign-in)
        Executive Cabinet
          Present: Joe Udeochu, Clarissa Jones, Chiamaka Sandra Enemuoh, Elise Yerelian,
          Angelina Nader, Michael Pearlson, Deyja Charles
          Not Present: Megan McLean, Ivana Poste, Deyja Charles
        Senators
          Present: Joshua Casper, Michael Hiney, Cassie Liao, Kelly Humphrey, Anum Baig
          Not Present: Esteli Bowman-Rivera, Hassanat Kadiri, Liz Valencia, Salvatore
          DiGaetano, Sam Hong, John Wyatt, Aileen Kim
        Advisers
          Present: Janice Watanabe, Jeannine Barba
        Guests
          Present: Brandon Davis, Kirk Honda

III.   Approval of the Minutes
        The Minutes were approved as presented.

IV.    Approval of the Agenda
        The Agenda was approved as presented.

V.     New Business
        Not applicable

VI.    Old Business
        Not applicable

VII.   Reports
       7.1 ASO Member Reports
            7.1.1 – J. Casper
             I attended a meeting with the Enrollment Services Division on November 19th.
                There was discussion about possible budget cuts. By January 1st, 2009, costs
                may rise to $26/unit. By July 2009, that price may increase to $30/unit.
             Applications will now be entirely online. Registration will go paperless.
             There is a new testing software for El Camino’s placement tests.
             First Year Experience is conducting a toy drive in the CTO 106 office.

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7.2 ICC Reports – B. Davis
       Homecoming went well. We raised $1,620 through fundraising, which was more
        money than was expected.
       Friday, December 5, 2008, is the Children’s Holiday Party from 11:30A.M to
        1P.M in the Activities Center East Lounge. More volunteers are needed.
        Monday, December 1, four people are needed to help shop for toys at Toys R Us.
        Wednesday, December 3, people are needed to help wrap the presents. Thursday,
        December 4, from 10A.M. to 2P.M., people are needed to help setup and
       Two people are needed to dress up as Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause.
       There will be many stations that the children will be going through. Volunteers
        are needed at each table to help with the activity.
       Cookie Decorating Table – E. Yerelian
        Construction Paper Hats Table – A. Nader
        Photo with Santa Table – No volunteer
        Face Painting Table – No volunteer
        Ornament Making Table – No volunteer

7.3 Committee Reports
    7.3.1 – A. Nader
     The Web-Test Committee meeting discussed updating El Camino’s web design. If
      anyone has any ideas for changes, please email Angelina Nader at
     If you went onto the website and found it even the least bit confusing, please tell
      Angelina (J. Watanabe).

   7.3.2 – J. Casper
    I met with Chiamaka regarding the Recruitment Committee. It is difficult to work
     on it now with the holidays coming up and other end of year activities, but we need
     to have some progress done by this semester.
    The date for the first meeting was decided to be scheduled on Tuesday, November
     25, at 1P.M in the Executive Office.
    We are open to any ideas. We need more people to help and get the word out. We
     are trying to get something done this year so that everything is not crammed into
     the spring semester (C. Enemuoh).
    If each ASO person tells his/her class about the Recruitment Committee and ASO,
     many more students will get to know about us (B. Davis).
    Maybe we could get our classmates’ emails then send them information regarding
     ASO (K. Humphrey).

7.4 Adviser Reports – J. Watanabe
     The Vice President, Dr. Nishime, strongly encourages us to use our El Camino
      email addresses. It is not sure quite yet how practical this will be, but we need to
      try. Sometimes there is only so much room in your personal email inbox that an
      important school email may go unnoticed into junk email. Please sign into your El
      Camino email to see what it is like. We want to start with ASO members, then
      progressively try to get the other students to use their El Camino email addresses.
     The El Camino email address is hard to access (C. Enemuoh).

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              My computer will not allow me to access my El Camino email account (A. Nader).
              I did not even know I had an El Camino email address (B. Davis).

VII.     Public Comment on Non-Agenda Items
             Kirk Honda, a representative from the Environmental Club, discussed the club’s
              plan for installing recycling bins on campus. The club contacted the California
              Conservation Corporation who would provide the recycling bins at no cost to our
              school. The profits made on the recyclable products would be given back to our
             We would like to get feedback on whether we should host Midnight Madness again
              this year during finals week (E. Yerelian). It was agreed on that we should look
              further into planning this event.
                   Money for this event will need to be approved at the Finance Committee’s
                      next meeting.
                   It would run until 12A.M in the Activities Center East Lounge. We would
                      need someone to chair for this event, coordinate the food, and meet with
                      campus police to provide increased security during this time by possibly
                      offering a shuttle. Food has been offered at this event in the past since the
                      other food places are closed (J. Watanabe).
                   We need to get the word out about this event. We could make fliers, put an
                      excerpt in the Union newspaper, and/or make a note on the El Camino
                      website (J. Watanabe).
             Did everyone get the email from Megan concerning the Secret Santa Gift
              Exchange? Please email Megan back if you would like to be involved (E.
             We need to install whiteboards instead of the old chalkboards in the library study
              rooms (E. Yerelian).

IX.     Adjournment
          Motion to adjourn.
            Moved by K. Humphrey, Seconded by M. Hiney. Motion Passed.
          Meeting adjourned at 1:32P.M.

      Minutes recorded by A. Dreiling
      Minutes verified by:

      ___________________________________          _________________________________
      Kelly Humphrey, ASO Senate Leader                Janice Watanabe, ASO Adviser

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