Complete directions for Installing the Sword program and add-ins by jlesterback


									 Complete directions for Installing the Sword program and add-ins

1) before downloading any of the add-ins, download and install the Sword
   (this is the program that allows you to view each bible verse and look up
   meanings of words or look at commentaries of what these verses may
2) to begin ANY download, the Sword or the add-ins right click on the link

   3) Now click on Save Target as……

4) The above screen will appear. Click on the drop down box to show your C:
drive. Now click on the make new folder and type in Bible Studies. Next
double click on the yellow folder icon next to the name of the new folder.
The above screen will appear with the file name of which ever add-in you
have selected, now click on Save.

Screen to show the download process as it is completing.

5) When this is done the Cancel button will change to Close, click on close.
Repeat the steps performed so far until all the files you wish to use have been
downloaded and saved to the Bible Studies directory.
6) Next you will need to UnZip these files just downloaded. The first one
should be the Sword program itself. Proceed to Step 10 (If you do not have
an unzip program download the one found at the bottom of the Studies page)

6A) As you complete each unzip this screen will appear simply click on finish
and complete each file remaining in the same manner.

7) Next find the My Computer Icon on your desktop and double click on it,
when the window opens, click on the C: drive and the screen below will
appear. On this screen find the file we created (Bible Studies) and double
click on the folder icon next to the name

8) Here you will find ALL of the Zip files that you just downloaded. Double
click on these files in order, one at a time, to UnZip and create their own
folder, which will have the same name as the Zip file.

9) When you complete this process, we will activate each add-in so that it
works with the Sword program. (Proceed to Step 19)

10) BUT first let us install the Sword program. In the above view on your
computer you will find a file called Sword, double clicking on it will begin its
The next set of images will walk you through the process of setting up the
Sword. The first one above shows you the beginning process.

10) Click on next and this screen will appear, here click on YES

11) On the following screen click on browse, we are doing this to change the
location where the program will be stored.
12) On this screen we will type in the name of the folder we wish to create for
the Sword program. Click on the path box, hit the backspace key on your
keyboard and then type in exactly what you see here: Then click OK

13) This screen will appear next click YES to create this folder.
14) Simply click next on this screen.

15) This screen will appear next, if you live in a country where the reading or
the possession of the bible or bible study materials are illegal, you should
read this; otherwise simple close this screen.
16) This screen will come up next, at this time simply click on the X in the
upper right hand corner to close

17) Click finish.
18) Now go back to Step 7, complete Unzipping the remainder of all the files.
Once you have completed those come back to Step 19.

19) Now that you have installed the Sword program (if you haven’t go back to
Step 10 ) you will now setup each program so that they work together within
the Sword program.

20) Double click on the Yellow Folder Icon next to each add-in.

21) Here look for the setup file with computer icon, double click on it.
22) This screen will appear, remember it may take upwards of 5 (five) minutes
to complete, when it does click on the OK button.

23) Now that you have setup each of the add-ins, you will need to tell the
Sword program where these files are located. Start the Sword program by
clicking on the Start Button, then to Programs, then to The Sword Project
24) After clicking on the icon the program will start and this will be the main
screen. Here click on Tools, then onto Install Manager.

25) On this screen click on Options then onto Local Path
26) When you come to the Local Path screen click on the c: drive to show all
the file folders, locate the Bible Studies folder, click on it once to highlight and
click on OK.

27) Close the install manager using the X in the upper right hand corner and
then do the same on the Sword program.

28) Now start the program again as described in Step 23, at this point if you
want to create a short-cut icon on the desktop so you do not have to do this
each time, Right click on The Sword Project holding the button down, drag
or move your mouse until it is on your desktop, release the Right mouse
button and on the menu that appears select Create shortcut here. Now in the
future you will simply click on this icon to start the Sword.
29) For each of the installed add-ins a screen like this will appear, click on OK
until the program opens to the main screen.

The completed installation will look like this; Bibles, commentaries and

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