Aerobic Verses Weight Lifting

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                 Aerobic Verses Weight Lifting
Summary: Aerobic verses weight lifting is a concern for many. You may not have all the
time in the world to exercise. In reality you should not be asking yourself if it is between
cardio and weight training. You should be figuring out how to incorporate both into your
workout plan.

Consider the following question about the aerobic verses the weight training debate; Do
you want to burn fat while you are working out or after?

Benefits of Aerobics

The definition of aerobic is with oxygen. Aerobics requires oxygen to do cardio
exercises. With aerobic exercises you lose fat while you are working out. Aerobic
exercise doesn’t have much of a residual fat loss effect. Focus on the weight bearing
exercises. Running is a great weight bearing exercise but the disadvantage is with time it
can wear out your joints. Weight bearing cardio will build bone density. There are many
weight bearing cardio machines such as the elliptical machine that will save the stress on
your joints and build bone density at the same time.

Additional Advantages Cardio has Over Weight Training

   1. Cardio is better with relieving stress and overcoming depression. Cardio training
      elevates the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. Endorphins are another
      neurotransmitter in the brain that reduces pain and causes you to feel good.
   2. Reduces hypertension and blood pressure.
   3. Improves cholesterol levels. Weight training may impact it a little but you would
      have to train in a circuit training fashion to benefit from improved cholesterol.
   4. Increases maximum oxygen uptake.
   5. Improves resting metabolic rate.
   6. Burn more calories while working out. The big disadvantage with cardio is once
      you stop working out you stop burning calories.
   7. Better at strengthening your heart.

Benefits of Weight Training

An advantage weight training has over aerobics is its residual fat loss effect. How big of
an effect this has is still a hot debate. Muscles burn calories at rest. The bigger muscles
you have the less fat you have.

Advantages weight training has over aerobic exercises
   1. Musculoskeletal
   2. Bone density: I also included this in both categories, but most of the research says
      you are more likely to build bone mass with weight lifting. Jumping may be the
   3. Leaner muscle mass
   4. Body image: Weight training is more likely to give you the figure you want. You
      still will need cardio to take off that extra little baby fat.
   5. Better at reducing the chances of injury.

The Equal Benefits of Both Weight training and Cardio

   1. Diabetes: Both cardio and weight training improve glucose tolerance and reduce
      insulin responses.
   2. Functional capabilities: These are your abilities to do your day to day tasks.
   3. Bone density: Increasing your bone density for aerobic exercises is most effective
      with weight bearing exercises. Swimming will not strengthen your bones like
      running will do. Jumping and plyometric training will do the most for
      strengthening your bones. There is a machine new to the United States called the
      T-Zone machine that operates off vibration technology. You stand on the
      machine and it vibrates you causing your muscles to involuntarily contract.
      Astronauts use this machine when they return from space to build their bone
   4. Metabolism: I put metabolism in both because research seems to support aerobic
      and weight training improves metabolism.


The aerobic verses weight lifting debate should not be a concern to you. You should plan
on doing both. Many benefits of aerobic and weight training are interwoven. Cardio still
has some clear benefits over weight training. Weight training has some clear benefits
over aerobics, which is why doing both is the best answer.

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