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Benefits of Aerobic Exercise


Aerobic exercise refers to increased heart rate, increase the workload of the lungs and heart movement, need to speed up the operation of the heart and lungs to the body parts to improve the amount of oxygen, it can accelerate the blood circulation of oxygen in the process, including jogging, running, swimming, cycling, rowing and jumping and so is aerobic exercise.

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									Benefits of Aerobic Exercise 
Here is a list of the benefits of aerobic exercise. Put a check mark in front of the ones
you feel help you the most.

_____ Better concentration

_____ Helps you succeed in other sports

_____ Improves coordination

_____ Makes it easier to maintain your best weight

_____ Boosts self-confidence

_____ Promotes cooperation when done with others

_____ Promotes friendship when done with others

_____ Helps you feel happier: less grouchy, anxious or depressed

_____ Healthier, feel better

_____ Able to challenge yourself and improve

_____ Get attention for you accomplishments

_____ Helps attract friends and family to fitness

_____ Have fun

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