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									How to get accepted into
any CPA Network wherever
you reside in the world +
my $40/day CPA method.


     Ifeanyi Nnamdi

You have absolutely no right to give out this product for free or sell it.
So let’s get started……I am not a man of too many words…..I prefer making my
ebooks short, precise and straight to the point.

Now, there’s no doubt that one of the huge problems many marketers face is how to
get accepted into CPA networks. Marketers living outside the USA and Europe most
especially have this problem.

But I am about to reveal to you JUST HOW to get accepted by any CPA network,
regardless of where you reside in the world…….I will show you just how I got
accepted by some of the biggest CPA networks, even though I reside OUTSIDE of
the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. All you have to do is just follow the
instructions EXACTLY as I have written them, and it should work for you, because it
did for me.

So first things first………

   1. Make sure you have a business website set up. Now most CPA networks will
      tell you that having a website is not mandatory, but bear it in mind that it does
      help a whole lot. Invest in a good domain name, eg or
      something like that…..then upload a decent theme….then publish a few PLR
      articles related to your niche on your blog. This will make your blog look very
      presentable when they check it out.
   2. Now most of these CPA networks DISLIKE NEWBIES…….They want
      marketers with at least some degree of experience. Tell them you have at least
      2-3 years of experience in internet/affiliate marketing. (NOTE: I AM NOT
      PATIENTLY UNTIL IT IS). The reason why these companies dislike newbies
      is because they do not want some newbie using QUESTIONABLE marketing
      tactics which will portray their company in a bad light. So the more
      experienced you let them know you are, the better.
   3. Get yourself a real email address WITH YOUR BUSINESS DOMAIN….and
      not from any free email provider like Yahoo/Gmail. Seriously, they may not
      take you serious with an email like lol!

Create an email account for yourself somewhere in the line of these few examples, ,…… you get the idea?

    4. Now some CPA Networks will call you upon registration. It is very important
that you answer your phone calls professionally. I'm not saying that you have to be a
tele-marketer but a little soft skill goes a long way.

Answer your phone with:
Hi, this is "Full Name" from "Your business" and end the conversation with "Thank
you for your time".

There are only two questions your application reviewer will probably ask you:

1. How do you promote offers?
2. What type of offers are you interested in?

The answers are simple:
1. Pay Per Click, banner space and media buying.
2. I run all types of offers if they are converting well. I have access to a lot of traffic

Now DO NOT EVER say you use emails as a marketing strategy. As you may know,
the issue of emails has been a controversial one over the years, and many affiliate
companies are not very comfortable with email marketing. So saying you use emails
as a marketing tool will significantly decrease your chances of getting accepted.


As I said earlier, some affiliate companies will contact you immediately after
registration, while some will not. Now if you really wanna impress these people,
contact them first before they contact you!!!…..This is one of the tricks that have
worked MAGIC for me. If you contact them first, you are giving them the impression
that you are a serious-minded person who’s gearing to go. So get their phone number
from the site and call them immediately. Introduce your self and let them know that
you just applied to their network. Try to sound AS PROFESSIONAL AS
POSSIBLE. Let them know a bit more about you. Tell them about your
“achievements” in CPA/affiliate marketing in the past, the successes you have
achieved in other online ventures, how enthusiastic you are to get started, and very
importantly, tell them about how you plan to drive traffic to their offers. As I
said earlier, PPC, Media buying and Banner ads are just perfect for CPA. These will
give them the impression that you are a SERIOUS and experienced person, and the
chances of approving your application are higher.

But note that NOT ALL CPA networks have their phone numbers written on the site.
For the ones that don’t, just contact them through their websites. Most of them have a
“CONTACT US” button on their site, so you can contact them.

So folks, these are the simple strategies that helped me get accepted into every CPA
network I applied to. All you have to do is just follow these instructions step-by-
step….and I say this with all confidence because it worked for me!


This is a strategy that was introduced to me by another online marketer sometime
back, but I have USED IT TO PERFECTION. It involves picking a GAMING CPA
offer and linking it with a trending movie (a movie that’s HOT right now). To get
these kinda movies, just visit or you can also go to Google and search
for trending movies.

Now ask yourself: What do game offers and trending movies have in
common?….Answer: YOUNG PEOPLE!!!…..So you can now see why I am linking
the 2.

Now take for instance the Nintendo Wii offer.

This offer pays out $1.20-$2 per email submit.Depends on you CPA Nework.
When setting up a PPC campaign for this offer, affiliates start looking for keywords
such as Nintendo wii, free Nintendo wii, free wii etc.
For getting top positions for these keywords, you need to pay around $0.25 - $40
cents. I am not saying that you won’t make profits paying that much for these offers,
but the profit margin will be low and you need to spend $1 to make $1.30
commission. We are not after this method of doing PPC.

Now brainstorm the demography of a typical user who will be interested in this offer.
In this case, I take it as primarily younger male audience. Here is the twist. What I’m
going to do now is find 2-5 popular movies liked by this demography of users.
For example let’s take these 2 movies:

Spiderman 3

Now let’s check the popularity of these movies in Google and their search trends. Go
to Google Keyword Tool
and type the movie names in the keyword box. We see that there is quite a lot of
search volume for these keywords. This means that there is enough traffic to get from
these keywords.
Now we know that these movies (Spiderman 3, transformers) are popular enough to
get traffic via Adwords. But instead of using Adwords search network we are going to
use only the Content Network option for this campaign. The structure and keywords
for the campaign will be:
Campaign 1
Spiderman 3
spiderman 3
spiderman 3 trailer
spiderman 3 movie
spiderman 3 trailers
spider man 3
spider man 3 trailer
spiderman 3 the movie
spiderman 3 release
spider man 3 movie
spiderman 3 online
And another similar ad group for ‘Transformers movie’.
What we are going do next is build a landing page where some information of the two
movies is given, and the user is asked to vote their favorite movie out of the two.
The landing page reads:
“Vote For Your Favorite Movie & Win a Brand New Nintendo Wii!”

Now I guess you have got a clue on what follows. Below the headline two movie
image or cd cover followed by a brief description of the movie one on the left and
other on the right. Followed by that are two links : “Vote For Spiderman 3”, and
“Vote For Transformers”.
Both these links forward to the affiliate offer where the users enter their email and
you get paid $1.35 for that.

So far, I have been implementing this method for about 2 months now, and I’m
making a steady $40/day.

If you’ve got money to invest in this and many more CPA methods,
contact me via Skype: zanga1982 and we can discuss something.
Profits are guaranteed.
Good luck

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