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                     From the President Harry Theofanus
                         NAMI National Conference and Press Conference on Depression
                     As I promised to you, after our return from the Conference we, Johnny Limbaugh and I, will be
                     reporting our findings of the events and meetings that we took part. We will start with:
                      “In Our Own Voices” (IOOV), is a unique recovery education program that provides inside and
                     offers hope of recovery for people with mental health issues. Key program topics were the practical
                     education tools that it uses to fight Stigma and increase awareness about the true nature of brain disorders,
commonly known as mental illnesses. The presentation also covered issues frequently faced by those dealing with severed
mental illnesses such as; the Dark Days, Acceptance, Treatment, Coping Strategies, then Successes, Hopes and
The in our own voices (IOOV) program presentation was a huge success and is Ideal for:
         a. Persons living with mental health issues. (it gives hope)
         b. Family members (they see possibility of recovery)
         c. Faith communities (accept mental illnesses as brain disorders)
         d. Universities and professionals (enhances understanding of real life of living with mental illnesses).
“Crisis Intervention team” (CIT) Program. The presentations reflected the diverse levels of the program from the early
days of its development to the full implementation of the Memphis Model and beyond.
The presentations used general sessions and workshops that addressed the development, implementation and effectiveness
of the CIT teams. Also innovative programs for the diversion of persons with mental illnesses from the Criminal Justice
system were introduced. Keynote speakers were among others, well known Major Sam Cochran and Dr. Randy Dupont
from Memphis Tenn.
The second National Conference of the CIT team program will take place in Orlando Florida on September 25, 26 and 27,
2006 ( our Johnny Limbaugh & Terry Taggart will be attending and take an active part).
“Multi-Cultural Action Center Summit”. The purpose of the Summit was to bring together advocates of different races/
ethnic and cultures from across the nation to address the disparities to mental health that affect the multi-ethnic multi-race
multi-cultural communities that make up our nation.
The goals were to: Draw national attention to the existence of disparities of these communities in mental health treatments.
Also to create a national partnerships and common strategies to help the crisis faced by these diverse communities, and to
Draft a report with recommendations to be used as an advocacy tool at State and National levels.
The Summit featured: Problem solving sessions, Policy and research briefings, and workshops that address different racial/
ethnic groups.                                                                                            see conference on page 3

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                                                              Page 2                                                 Sept/Oct 2006

                                   Y      ou’ve got questions?                       choices. These
                                                                                     medications work
                                          She’s got answers.                         on       different
                                                                                     neuroreceptors in
EXECUTIVE BOARD                         Question: What do anti-depres-               the brain. The ma-
Harry Theofanus, President         sants do and why are there so many of             jor ones are sero-
                                   them?                                             tonin, norepineph-
Nancy Durstein, Vice President
                                          Answer: As a practitioner, I get           rine and dopamine.
Steven Thompson, Secretary
Jerry Scheg, Treasurer.            asked this question all the time. It can get      The largest group
Stacy Freskos, Past President
                                   very confusing and medication may not al-         of anti-depressants
John Jones, Past President
Donald Turnbaugh, Past President   ways be necessary. When I am evaluating           works on serotonin. They are called SSRI’s.
Elliott Steele, Past President     someone with depression the first question        That stands for selective serotonin re-uptake
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                 is whether this is truly an episode of depres-    inhibitors. They increase the amount of sero-
Amanda Smith
                                   sion or a response to something that has          tonin by blocking the amount the body usually
                                   happened. Sometimes you can feel de-              absorbs. They are indicated for depression, anxi-
EXECUTIVE COORDINATORS             pressed or trapped because all of your en-        ety and panic attacks. In this group is Prozac,
Dick Durstein 727.784.5780
                                   ergy is going toward things that you have no      Paxil, celexa, lexipro and zoloft. This class is
John Jones 727.544.4543            control. I will often give a consumer a copy      usually the first -line choice of many providers.
  Crisis Intervention Team CIT     of the Serenity Prayer, which will help them               The next group includes effexor and
                                   identify how much control they really have.       cymbalta, which increase serotonin and
Bernadette Ackerman                That can provide the consumer with options        norepinenphrine. These are helpful with de-
Dr. Krishan Batra                                                                    pression and chronic pain. There is also
Dick Durstein
                                   they didn’t realize they had. Also looking at
Lynn Rosenthal                     sleeping and appetite patterns is helpful.        remeron which works a little different, but is
Lynn Hill                          Someone’s mood is greatly affected by a           very helpful for insomnia and poor appetite.
Terry Taggart
                                   lack of sleep or poor nutrition. Promoting             The last anti-depressant is wellbutrin or
COMMITTEES                         healthy lifestyle changes, exercising, paying     zyban. It increases dopamine and
Bernadette Ackerman                attention to your own needs and taking con-       norepinephrine. It can increase energy and help
   Education                                                                         with focus and concentration. It can also help
Nancy Durstein                     trol are some changes that can be made and
                                                                                     with quitting smoking. It can cause insomnia if
  Speakers Bureau                  have a real effect on mood. These changes
Marge Eskenas/Lynn Rosenthal
                                   can be made with the support of a good thera-     taken too late in the day- so take it early.
  Telephone Chain/Library                                                               Remember, all these medications take time
Stacy Freskos                      pist! A therapist is a guide that will help the
  Support Groups                                                                     to work. But I have seen improvement quickly
                                   consumer navigate a different path to re-
Lynn Hill                                                                            because the decision was made to finally get
 Family-to-Family                  covery.                                           help, and THAT is the most important decision
Anne Jones                               When the depression is severe enough        of all.
  Membership                       for use of an anti-depressant, there are many
Bertha Jones
   Breaking the Silence
Dee Nelson
  Holiday Party                                           End the Mystery Awards Banquet
Fran Rowse/ Lois Lindsey
  Welcoming                        Celebrating 20 years of progress and Mental Illness Awareness Week. NAMI Pinellas is
Terry Taggart                      hosting our 3rd Annual ETM Awards Banquet. Date: Saturday October 7th Time: 6-10pm
  Peer Support                     Location: Banquet Masters, 8100 Park Blvd., Pinellas Park This year we are having a
Yiota Theofanus
  Newsletter                       Hawaiian Luau, Hawaiian music and Hula Dancing. It will be a fun evening with prizes and
Donald Turnbaugh                   festivities. This is an important event for NAMI PC. We need your support. Please plan to
  Awards/Picnic/NAMI FL
David Vaughn
                                   attend and bring family and friends. Let’s make this years banquet the best so far.
   NAMI-PC Website                 John Jones, Event Chair
Steven Thompson-Activities
Terry Taggart, Bob Pitts
Johnny Limbaugh                       Upcoming CIT training class: October 2nd thru Oct. 6th, 2006
ADVISORY COUNCIL                   Location: Sunstar EMS Building, 12490 Ulmerton Rd., Largo, FL.
Travis Finchum                     Crisis Intervention Training is a 40 hour specialized course for law enforcement officers.
Martha Lenderman                   Law enforcement officers are generally the first response to crisis events. The CIT program
Douglas deVlaming
Pat Siracusa                       provides education about mental illness and how to handle someone who is experiencing a
Judy Turnbaugh                     crisis.
                                                           Page 3                                             Sept/Oct 2006
Conference from p.1
“Support and Recovery Programs” For our Peer to Peer group, we received information from the Peer to Peer Resource
Center that we know will be very helpful to our group goals. The purpose and goals of the center is to help to bring Peer-to-
Peer program the recognition it deserves, and to ensure that Peers are an integral part of recovery systems nationwide. All
information is self-reported by the representatives of these programs, the Center does not vouch for quality of listed programs.
“NAMI ADVOCACY DAY “June 29th 2006. The day started with a Legislative Plenary session, the State leaders and
advocates were given summaries and talking points on the issues that they may be addressing with their representatives on
the Hill and asked to focus on the main once 4 to 5 duo to the limited time.
Medicaid Reform Act. Housing reform cuts. Children’s Legislation. Decriminalize mental illnesses. Mental
illness Insurance Parity. Veterans Issues. Discrimination Funding for Mental illness Research and Services Our
Nation must maintain and increase its involvement of research and services.

On July 11, 2006 the Press Conference of Depression Survey sponsored by NAMI National took place at the Radisson
Hotel in St. Pete as scheduled. The survey found that the financial consequences of depression are 75% higher for Floridians
than the national average. Results reveal that many Floridian living with depression have symptoms of other related conditions,
such as bipolar disorder or generalized anxiety disorder that have not yet been officially diagnosed. In fact, while 72% of
respondents indicated that presence of symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder – a disease that often coexists with depression
– only 23% of those respondents had been officially diagnosed. Additionally, the survey showed that many Floridians living
with depression are under-treated. While studies demonstrate that a combination of prescription medication and psychotherapy
enable the most effective treatment of depression symptoms, less than 1/3 of Floridians living with depression are currently
receiving both treatments
The survey was conducted on line by Harris interactive among 2880 people in five state samples (California, Florida, New
York, Ohio, and Texas) and 882 people from a national sample for a total of 3542 respondents over 18 yrs of age. The total
responds in Florida was 542. On behalf of NAMI-Pinellas I want to thank NAMI-National for selecting our affiliate; a big
thank you to Dick Durstein, our Executive Coordinator, for his efforts to coordinate the survey and the press conference.
Also a big thank you must go to our board member Dr Krishan K. Batra, M.D., Mary Warner from Vincent House and
State Representative Leslie Waters for their participation as speakers at the press conference.
                                   Meet Amanda - Executive Director of NAMI Pinellas
                        My name is Amanda Smith and the Board of Directors of NAMI Pinellas has chosen me to serve
                         you – our members, consumers, their friends and families, and our community – as the organization’s
                         Executive Director.
                         I come to NAMI Pinellas with a background in the for-profit field. However, in 2001 I served on my
                         first nonprofit board and found the work so rewarding and life-changing that I knew that I couldn’t
                         remain in the business world for much longer. A little over a year ago I moved to St. Petersburg and
                         began working for the first time in the voluntary sector.
                         My areas of research and interest
                         include economic implications related
                                                                              NAMI Pinellas Helpline Vignettes:
to mental illness and medication adherence, major depression,
                                                                                       By Dick & Nancy Durstein
borderline personality disorder, and issues surrounding mental
health of incarcerated individuals and, in particular, jail suicide. Too often a call comes in like this one in August: Desper-
It has been a dream of mine to work with an organization like        ate mother reports 24 yr. old son had been threatening
NAMI Pinellas—a group with the power to make a daily impact          suicide. She had police Baker Act him. Three days later,
on those we seek to reach in Pinellas County. Through a 20-          he was discharged in unstable condition refusing to take
year history of volunteerism and selfless dedication NAMI            the one med he had been on before and disliked. Was
Pinellas has aided countless individuals and their families; I’m     now in the street waving his arms yelling at cars to hit
looking forward to helping continue this legacy of success. To
                                                                     him. She was awaiting police response, but what could
our hundreds of consumers, members, and volunteers: Thank
you so much for your selfless devotion to NAMI Pinellas. With
                                                                     she do this time to avoid same result. Reply: Fax crisis
your help, we can continue to make profound impact in the            unit with complete history and stating it takes 10 days to
area of mental health.                                               stabilize him on a med—and don’t use that last one.
I am here to serve you – I can be reached at                         Follow up with social worker. On release, try to get him and welcome your                      to sign a Healthcare Surrogate form so you can
comments, suggestions and feedback. I look forward to meeting        be involved in all decisions in the future.
all of you. Most respectfully, Amanda Smith
                                                      Page 4                                           Sept/Oct 2006

                                              Nancy K. Doyle
Nancy left us on Sunday, July 16, 2006. She passed at Mease Countryside Hospital, at the age of 54. The
wake was in Clearwater on Wednesday the 19th and the burial the next day in Safety Harbor. NAMI Pinellas
presence at both services was very well attended.

Nancy was a registered nurse at Bay Pines VA Medical Center and an active member of NAMI Pinellas. She
served on the board for many years,                               helped at support groups, was in charge of
circulation of our News & Views                                   Newsletter, took charge of the first Silent
Auction at our End the Mystery October                            function, and most importantly, was
chairperson of our Family-to-Family                               program. She did an excellent job by
arranging the 12 week program at the                              VA and also in North Pinellas.
Nancy always had a smile on her face                              and made everything look easy.

In November of 2003, we featured                                   Nancy on the front page of our News &
Views and here is part of what she                                 wrote: “My interest in mental health
issues began upon my graduating                                    from college 29 years ago. Since then, I
have been involved in the mental                                   health community where I lived and
worked advocating for services/                                    programs for persons who have been
diagnosed with a mental illness.                                   Believing that education is power, I have
been active in providing education to                              the community, family members, and
consumers over the past several years.
Recently NAMI National challenged local NAMI affiliates to submit the paper work to obtain one of 10
grants to support additional Family-to-Family training programs across the US. NAMI Pinellas was
selected as one of the sites chosen for the grant and I look forward to providing this program to our local
community.” Well, she did exactly what she said.

                      I’m Free                                
       Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free.                  Log on to our website and get all the latest news on
       I’m following the path God laid for me.                 mental health and find many useful links.
       I took his hand when I heard Him call.                  We welcome recommendations/suggestions. Email
             I turned by back and left it all.                 Webmaster David Vaughn at:
              I could not stay another day.
            To laugh, to love, to work or play.
         Task left undone must stay that way;                                                  News Views”
                                                                   Need extra copies of “News & Views
         I found that place at the close of day.                                  IN COLOR!!!
        If my parting has left a void, then fill it               Go to our website select
                  with remembered joy.                              Newsletters and click on News & Views.
          A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss.
          Ah yes, these things, I too will miss.
     Be not burdened with these times of sorrow.
         I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.                                         Memorial Donations:
          My life’s been full. I saviored much.                                                    Pinellas
                                                                                            NAMI Pinellas
    Good friends, good times. A loved one’s touch.                                     acknowledges and thanks
       Perhaps my times seemed all too brief.
                                                                                      Douglas & Thekla Schwarz
       Don’t lengthen it now with undue grief.
                                                                                         for their donation
        Lift up your heart and share with me.
                                                                                   in memory of Thomas Hammond.
        God wanted me now, He set me free.
                                                          Page 5                                            Sept/Oct 2006
                                      Submitted to by Donald Turnbaugh
 Law Enforcement in Florida can change the face of mental illness in communities across the state. And, it can
be done not only cost-free, but also with cost savings! How law enforcement responds to behavior influences how society
views that behavior. To learn how to deal with the behavior of persons with mental illnesses, particularly when in crisis,
uniformed police officers and sheriffs’ deputies volunteer to participate in the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program
by first attending a 40-hour specialized training course. The techniques and knowledge learned, coupled with implemen-
tation of an operational CIT-Program, benefits persons with mental illness and their families. And, equally important, it also
benefits the mental health system, law enforcement, the courts, jails, hospitals, and the general public.
 With no taxpayer funding, the CIT program: increases treatment and decreases hospitalizations; increases community
placement and decreases jailings; increases patrol time and decreases court time; increases morale and decreases prob-
lems; increases well-being and decreases injuries; and, increases professionalism and decreases law suits.
 As CIT is more than just a training course, implementation of a model operational CIT-Program is essential to the success
of this idea.
                              IMPROVING THE STATE OF MENTAL HEALTH -
                                   by Donald Turnbaugh

On August 3, 2006, NAMI Pinellas members: Dianne Steele and Judy Turnbaugh were among the more than
twenty speakers who made presentations before State Representatives Kevin Ambler
(Tampa, Rep.-H-47) and Gayle Harrell, Chair, Health Care General Committee (Port
St. Lucie, Rep.-H-81). The meeting was billed as an “Idearaiser” to be used by the Florida
Legislature to plan and direct the future to “improve the state of mental health” in Florida
for the next twenty years. The approach was to seek “bold new policy” and for attendees to
“think outside the box.” However, there were some restrictions on the boldness and the
box, as the ideas are to: effect day-to-day life; focus on the future; and not expand government”
e.g., funding.
Dianne and two Members of Vincent House, Ron Wells and Debbie Cibik, spoke on the
value of and contributions ICCD Clubhouses make to communities. Judy spoke on the need                   StateRepKevinAmbler
of long-term supervised housing for those persons who are so severely ill that planning for                with Gayle Harrell
their “recovery” without adequate residences is a huge gap in services and a real “road-block”
on their “road to recovery.”
Some of the presenters were from other NAMI Affiliates: Carl Reed, NAMI Polk County, George Thomas, NAMI
Hillsborough County, and Linda McKinnon, NAMI Florida. They and other presenters offered improvements for:
the 211-information system; housing, employment and friends; consumer empowerment; effective medications; a collaborating
effort by a provider network; parity & off-label drugs; self-directed care; longer rehabilitation; a central data base; Grading
the States report by NAMI; prevention based efforts for babies; legislators and providers; housing and the homeless;
fragmented services; more FACT teams; developmental disabilities information sharing; and, a consumer web base.

The best piece of advice was offered by Representative Ambler: Contact your legislator when they are not in session);
make you legislator your “best friend;” make frequent visits to legislator’s office; and, legislators don’t know about our
issues if we don’t tell them.

If you would like to review some of the over fourteen ideas related to mental illness submitted on the statewide website, or
submit some better ones of your own, go to: and follow the instructions. Vote for the ideas you agree
with as legislators give more weight to ideas rated higher by their constituents.
                                                            Page 6                                           Sept/Oct 2006
                                                                        National Suicide Hotline to Operate for
                                                                                   Two Additional Weeks

                                                                     A     s NAMI reported on StigmaBuster Alert August 11,
                                                                          2006, the nation’s largest suicide hotline, 1-800-
                                                                     SUICIDE, is scheduled to go out of service. But instead

B     everly Arfaras is the focus for the column this week.
      She is a client at Directions’ and lives in an ALF in
Tarpon Springs. She sees her doctor
                                                                     of this occurring on Saturday, August 12, as previously
                                                                     announced, the operator of this hotline has been given a
                                                                     two week extension. Negotiations are still in progress that
every month and makes sure that her                                  may prevent the number from going out of service.
medications are working fine. She                                    However, NAMI is still urging the public to be aware that
is a religious person and believes                                   the alternative number for those in crisis is 1-800-
whole-heartedly in Christ. She                                       273-TALK.
cooks once a month at her ALF and
likes comedy programs and Police                                         News Flash from the North Pole!!!
Officer programs. She recommends people read the Bible
and put kids in Sunday School. Beverly is fun to talk to and
is a good person.
                                                                 H     o Ho Ho from the North Pole!!! Up here at the
                                                                       North Pole the Holiday Elves are making early plans
                                                                 for your NAMI Pinellas Holiday Party. Last year’s all new
You can read about people like Beverly in every edition of       and bigger party was such a success and enjoyed by
the News & Views.                                                everyone that we are making plans to again hold the party
If you would like to learn more about NAMI PC consumer           at The Salvation Army, 1625 N. Belcher Road,
programs           you      can       reach       me      at     Clearwater. This larger facility is perfect for our NAMI or (727) 443-4715. You              family and friends to enjoy the festive Holiday Party. It will
can also visit the consumer section of our website by going      be on Saturday December 2nd from 11-2 PM.
to and click on Programs on the left           We will have entertainment by Bill Ebersberger and his wife
and click on Peer-to-Peer. Thank you.                            Lauri with lots of singing and dancing. There will be a
                                                                 delicious Holiday dinner with the ever famous “Paula and
                                                                 Johnny” desserts.
                                                                 Enjoy your summer time, but remember to mark December
      Chip Correll Memorial Scholarship                          2nd from 11-2 for the annual HOLIDAY PARTY.
                                                                 See you there, Ho, Ho, Ho, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus
T    he family and friends of Chip Correll have set up a
     scholarship to benefit students with mental illness in
our community. This scholarship is ongoing at the St. Pe-            Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services Appre-
                                                                            ciates 15 Years of Service
tersburg College. Chip was an active consumer advocate,
NAMI Pinellas Board member, wrote and published
“Overcoming OCD & Schizophrenia with God in My Life”.
He valued his education and encouraged others to do the
                                                                     M     arge Eskenas has served 15 distinguished years on
                                                                           the GCJFS Board of Directors. Marge received
                                                                     recognition and thanks during the November GCJFS BOD
same.                                                                meeting. MIke Bernstein (Pres/CEO of GCJFS) and our
 The criteria for the scholarship is that the applicant be en-       very own team from NAMI, Elliott and Dianne Steele,
rolled at any campus of the St. Petersburg College as a full         Bob Pitts and Lynn Rosenthal paid tribute to Marge. Marge
time or part time student and has been diagnosed with a              was awarded a mini Torah sculpture for her dedication to
mental illness.                                                      Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services.
 To receive an application or further information, please
call Dee Nelson (727) 725-4796 or email                                       Next Family-to-Family Class

           Support Meetings in Tampa
                                                                     N    AMI Pinellas is pleased to announce the next F2F
                                                                          class will be on Monday evenings 6-9 pm starting
                                                                     Sept 18 through Dec 4, 06 at the Garden House located

N  AMI Hillsborough holds support meetings every
    Sunday 7:30 – 9 PM at the Town N Country Hospital,
Tampa. Facilitator: Linda Green 813-925-8302
                                                                     at the Hospice of the Florida Suncoast. If you are
                                                                     interested please call Lynn Hill 727.947.7533 of Joe
                                                                     Connelly 727.784.6987.
                                                          Page 7                                            Sept/Oct 2006

      ILLNESS ALL ACROSS FLORIDA - Submitted to by Donald Turnbaugh
Establish group homes across the state for persons with         otherwise, would be in ERs, jails and/or prisons, on the
chronic and persistent mental illnesses staffed on an around-   streets homeless, or in-and-out of state hospitals.
the-clock basis and administered by a nationally                 Franchisees must adhere to stringent requirements and
recognized not-for-profit organization. They would              standards. This standardization of programs, treatment,
solve one of the major societal problems of how to humanely     facilities, equipment, supplies, operation, etc., would reduce
house and treat persons with severe mental illnesses who,       costs across the board. Residents would gain dignity,
                                                                stability, and an improved quality of life.

       FORM - Information researched and submitted by Donald Turnbaugh,
The Campaign for Mental Health Reform is a national partnership of sixteen organizations whose collective goal is to
make access, recovery and quality in mental health services the hallmarks of the nation’s mental health system. In July
2005, their report, Emergency Response, a roadmap for federal action on America’s Mental Health Crisis, is a call-to-
action to address the tremendous human and financial costs of unmet mental health needs. The Roadmap presents a
constructive set of seven steps to successful mental health reform that will implement the vision of the President’s New
Freedom Commission (July 2003).
 The report is available online at: . Questions about the report or the Campaign can be directed to The names of the participating organizations follow:

                             American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
                                        American Psychiatric Association
                                       American Psychological association
                                     Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
                      CHADD: Children and Adults with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder
                                    Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
                               Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
                         NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness,
                           National Association of County Behavioral Health Directors
                          National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
                             National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare
                                         National Empowerment Center
                                       National Mental Health Association
                           National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse
                                    Suicide Prevention Action Network USA
                           USPRA: United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association

                                                Dates to Remember:
     September 25-27, 2006: National CIT Conference, Orlando. To register: Contact http//
      October 11, 2006, 1:00 p.m.: Mental Health Coalition Quarterly Meeting/Pinellas County, Clearwater
                              October 1-7, 2006: Mental Illness Awareness Week
      October 7, 2006: NAMI Pinellas County’s “End the Mystery” Fundraiser
         December 1-3, 2006: NAMI Florida Annual Membership Meeting, Orlando.
    March 27-28, 2007: NAMI Florida WALK (March 28th) and Advocacy Training (March 27th), Tallahassee.
                June 20 - 24, 2007: NAMI 2007 Annual Convention, San Diego.
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     3rd Thursday of each Month
      Board of Trustees: 6:00 pm
      Support:           7:30 pm
      Every Monday at 6:30 pm
           Consumer Support
    Location for all above meetings:
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