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									                    The Northern Region of the
  Virginia Academy of School Psychologists
 invites you to a training opportunity for school psychologists in Northern Virginia

            The Evolution of RTI in Virginia
                                    Presented by
                                 Wayne Barry
           Student Services Specialist, Virginia Department of Education

The Integration of Neuropsychological Principles
        in the Evaluation of Preschoolers
                                    Presented by
                              Ellen Goldberger
                        Fairfax County School Psychologist

           Are There Alternative Models for
           Learning Disability Identification?
                                    Presented by
                                 Susan Wallace
        Pearson Assessment Consultant and Consulting School Psychologist

          Update from the NASP Convention
                                    Presented by
                                Leisa Williams
                    Prince William County School Psychologist

             Roundtable Panel:
 School Psychology: Past, Present and Future
         Monday, April 12, 2010, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
                     Bull Run Regional Library, Manassas, VA.

         Free to VASP members and students, $25.00 for non-members
Send the following to drlsutton@comcast.net
    Your name and title
    E-mail address and contact phone number.
    Your school division or place of employment

You will be sent an e-mail confirmation.
Please do not come without an e-mail confirmation, as seating is limited.
If you are not a 2010 member of VASP or a school psychology graduate student, send a $25.00 check
(payable to VASP) to:
                                                       Dr. Lawrence Sutton
                                                       Northern Region Representative, VASP
                                                       12481 Cricket Lane
                                                       Woodbridge, VA. 22192

There will be no registration/payment available on-site. Cancellations and refunds can be arranged until April 10.

Bull Run Regional Library, 8051 Ashton Ave, Manassas, VA. 20109-2892

From the West/North:
    Follow Interstate 66 to Exit 47 (Route 234 south/Sudley Rd). Follow 234/Sudley Rd south.
    Turn right at the third traffic light, Sudley Manor Drive.
    Turn right on Ashton Ave. See Bull Run Regional Library on the right.

From the East:
    Follow Interstate 66 to Exit 47A (Route 234 south/Sudley Rd.). Follow 234/Sudley Rd. south.
    Turn right at the fourth traffic light, Sudley Manor Drive.
    Turn right on Ashton Ave. See Bull Run Regional Library on the right.

From the South:

        Follow Interstate 95 North to Exit 152A (Route 234 North/Dumfries Road)
        Follow Route 234 North to Manassas, continuing on 234 North/Prince William Parkway
        Turn right on Sudley Manor Drive
        Turn left on Ashton Ave. See Bull Run Regional Library on the right.

Paste the following link in your browser to see Bull Run Regional Library on a map:


Target Audience:
This presentation is directed to school psychologists and other student services professionals throughout Virginia
who are interested in issues pertinent to the practice of school psychology.

Continuing Education Credit:
Participants who attend the whole day are entitled to 6 hours of continuing education credits.

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9:00-9:30             Networking and Continental Breakfast

9:30-10:30            Wayne Barry: The Evolution of RTI in Virginia

10:30-10:45           Networking Break

10:45-12:30           Susan Wallace: Are There Alternative Models for
                      Learning Disability Identification?

12:30-1:30            Lunch (on your own, or stay for an optional program)
                      Leisa Williams: Update from the NASP Chicago

1:30-2:30             Ellen Goldberger: The Integration of Neuropsychological
                      Principles in the Evaluation of Preschoolers
2:30-2:45             Networking Break

2:45-4:15             Roundtable: School Psychology: Past, Present and Future

Today’s roundtable will focus on the evolving practice of school psychology in Virginia. We currently
face an unprecedented challenge to our viability, given that school systems are weighing the costs and
benefits of everything in their budgets from athletics to school psychologist services. How can we
highlight the essential mental health and evaluation services we provide to students and families? Have
we mistakenly stayed “behind the scenes” instead of maintaining a high profile in our schools? Wayne
Barry will offer insights about meeting the challenging duties expected of today’s school psychologists.
Susan Wallace will focus on training issues and background knowledge needed to become/remain a
highly regarded (and employable) practitioner. And Ellen Goldberger will discuss professional and
legislative strategies we can use to enhance our visibility and highlight our essential services to
stakeholders, who are being forced to make devastating budget cuts.

All conference attendees are encouraged to participate fully in this roundtable discussion.

4:15-4:30             Evaluations and Door Prizes

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                                         Our Presenters
Wayne Barry, Ed.D. has worked on the development of RTI as well as the current Virginia special
education regulations. His background as a school psychologist gives him a unique perspective on both
practical as well as regulatory considerations. Is RTI here to stay? Wayne will provide strategies that can
help you on the job regardless of whether or not your school system formally supports RTI. His current
duties with VDOE include consulting with the “Response To Intervention (RTI)” and the “Mental Health
in the Schools” initiatives in Virginia

Ellen Goldberger is a member of Fairfax County’s Early Childhood Assessment Team as well as the co-
chair of the Legislative Affairs committee of the VASP executive board. Her legislative advocacy
recently led to a proclamation honoring school psychology services that was issued by the Virginia House
of Delegates. When Ellen presented this highly rated program on neuropsychological principles at the
2009 Fall VASP Convention it filled up early, and many interested school psychologists missed it.

Susan Brown Wallace, Ph.D. is currently an Assessment Consultant with Pearson after serving 15 years
as a school psychologist and a school psychologist supervisor. She formerly taught at the University of
Maryland, Hampton University, and Wake Forest University. Her special interests include assessment of
preschool children, culturally sensitive assessment and treatment of ethnic and language minority
children, effects of chronic illness on children, and childhood anxiety. She currently holds clinical
licensure in Virginia, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and School Psychology
Certification in Virginia. She has worked on the standardization of the Stanford-Binet 5, KABC-II,
Vineland, DAS-II, and other instruments.

Leisa A. Williams, Ph.D. is a certified school psychologist in Virginia. She has worked in Prince
William County Schools for 7 years. She has been a site supervisor for two of Prince William County’s
School Psychology Interns from George Mason University. Her previous experience in Omaha Nebraska
as a school psychologist and as the Interim Department Chair for Governor’s State University’s (GSU)
School Psychology program gives her a wide array of experiences in the field. At GSU, she supervised
School Psychologist Interns, taught Cognitive Assessment, Roles and Functions of School Psychologists
and Educational Psychology. Her special interests include motivation and learning, and helping students
overcome depression and anxiety. Her dissertation work was a study of suicidal behavior of adolescents in
a residential treatment setting.

***Additional Training Opportunity***

VPA/VASP is holding its Spring Convention and Educational Conference April 21-23 at the Norfolk Waterside
Marriott, Norfolk, VA. Paste the following link in your browser to see the VASP/VPA Spring Convention


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