Food by yaofenji


									         Food Part 2

Part 2
Use this Heading:
    Cooking Online
•    Please go the following site:
     – Then click on the Food Link in the green column on the left.
     – Scroll down to the cooking section to answer the following questions
•    Please answer all the question below in your Journal…
     1. Click on Steam Pit Cooking. Draw the sketch you see and label all
        the parts
     2. Click on Earth Oven and Pit Cooking. Explain in sentences how to
        cook in this pit. Explain the 6 steps. Use bullets.
     3. Click on Cooking with Nature. Scroll down to the cactus part.
        Explain how to clean/prepare beavertail cactus for cooking.
     4. Click on Tom & Judy Brown's Famous Acorn Yeast Bread. Explain
        the process for making acorn flour. (1 paragraph)
     5. Use the same link as above for this question. What can you make
        with acorn flour??? Sketch the 2 types of acorns and 2 types of oak

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