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									    N I T I N       A
    571.366.8004 |

     ROLES                                      SUMMARY
                                                Driven software engineer having 9 years of IT experience with extensive
    MS OLAP/BI Developer                       background in Data Warehousing, MSOLAP, Business Intelligence,
    Data Warehouse/ETL Developer               Enterprise Reporting, design, architecture, and traditional lifecycles.
    Data Warehouse/Database Architect
                                                   Received appreciations & accolades for delivering complex business
    Technical Lead / Team Lead
                                                    reporting timely & efficiently.
                                                   Fluent with SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, T-SQL, DTS/SSIS-Integration
     INDUSTRY DOMAINS                               Services, SSAS - Microsoft Analysis Services, MDX, SSRS - Reporting
                                                    Services, BSM - Scorecard & Dashboard, administration and performance
     Consumer Goods                                 tuning.
     Manufacturing                                 Expertise on design & development of Multi dimensional databases and well
     Information Technology                         versed in designing OLAP databases using Microsoft BI & Cognos.
     Health Care                                   Extensive experienced in the architectural design of n-tiered database
     Government                                     server architectures for OLTP and OLAP applications.
     Agriculture                                   Exposure to project management & leading teams and conversant with
                                                    CMMi Level 5 quality standards.
                                                   Experience in Server setup and configurations.
     EDUCATION                                     Hands on with the development of large-scale ETL processes, Data
                                                    Quality, data profiling, analysis and reverse engineering.
     Bachelors                                     Proficient in data architecture and modeling for enterprise scale transaction
                                                    databases, data warehouses & data marts.
     CERTIFICATIONS                                Thorough understanding of data warehousing concepts and Business
                                                    intelligence tools.
                                                   Experience in Microsoft server platforms and .NET architecture.
     MCITP: BI Developer
                                                   Adept at leading teams and working with business stakeholders.
     MCTS: MS SQL Server 2005
                                                   Extensive knowledge on QA activities.
     BI Development
     Oracle Certified Professional - DBA
                                                SKILLS INVENTORY
                                                Databases: MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MS Access.
     SPRINT       Award       for    Reckitt    BI/OLAP: Microsoft Analysis Services 2000, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS, BSM,
     Benckiser        for      commendable      ProClarity
     contribution in Transfer Price project.    Languages & Tools: T-SQL, MDX, DMX, XML/A, C#, VB 6.0, VB.NET,
                                                ASP.NET, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, Visual Studio, BI Development Studio
     Customer,     Microsoft      appreciated
     technical/architectural skills.            Reporting Tools: Cognos 8.3, MS Reporting Services (MDX&T-SQL),
                                                ProClarity, MSInsight, Crystal Reports
     Functional Area Representative for
                                                Collaborative Tools & Utilities: PAS (Proclarity Analytics Server), BI Portal,
     achieving CMMi Level 5.
                                                Business Scorecard Manager (BSM), Business Scorecards Accelerator, Share
     Awarded Best Student for Year
                                                Point Portal.
                                                Configuration/Version Control: Visual Source Safe, Product Studio
                                                Operating Systems: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003

     SQL Server 2005 - Microsoft



    S&OP Reporting (Architect and Developer)                                                04/2009 – till date

    Project Description

    The objective of this project is to provide a dataware house for accomplish reporting for S&OP process (Sales and Operation
    Planning). This caters to the need of various business functions like Demand Planning, Sales, Supply & Manufacturing.
Project provides reporting capabilities to show Forecast Accuracy/BIAS & comparative analysis of forecast, Shipment history
& Plan at summarized & detailed level. Data is transferred into SQL server DataWarehouse using ETL from various sources
that includes Demantra (Oracle 10G), Actual & Plan data from SQL Server and hierarchies from AS/400(JDE). This involves
providing canned reports through SSRS & Ad Hoc reporting using Cognos 8.3 build on top of SSAS cubes.

              Preparing Functional & Tech specs in line with business needs
              Architect & develop MS OLAP SSAS cubes/Dimensions
              Design & development of ETL SSIS Packages
              Scheduling automatic data loads & cube processing using XML/A
              Performance optimization using OLAP partitioning, Table aggregations.
              Creating calculated members & dynamic OLAP partitioning using DMX
              Reporting 4-4-5 calendar data to Monthly buckets
              Develop summarized as well as drill through reports in SSRS
              Install/configure Proclarity analytics Server (PAS) for Adhoc reports during UAT.
              Managing Resources & project management

Environment: T-SQL, MDX, DMX, XML/A, SQL Server 2005, SSAS, Cognos 8.3, SSRS, SSIS, PAS, Visual Source safe,
Windows 2003

DTS to SSIS Migration (BI Consultant)                                                                10/2009 – 04/2010

Project Description

The project was initiated to migrate various Business Intelligence applications from SQL Server 2000 sitting on 32 bit
environment to SQL Server 2008 64 bit environment. This involves:

               Migrating SQL Server 2000 DBs & Datawarehouses to SQL Server 2005
               Converting / migrating all ETL DTS packages to SSIS
               Migrating reports from MS Reporting Services 2000 to SSRS servers

              Single handed End to End execution of project
              Prepare, install & configure SQL server on 64 Bit environment
              Migration/ transfer of large SQL server databases using scripts and data transfer
              Migrating Reporting Services server to SSRS including reports, roles, security, subscriptions, datasources etc
              Convert DTS packages to SSIS and performance tuning alongside

Environment: T-SQL, MDX, SQL Server 200/2005, SSRS, DTS, SSIS, Visual Source safe, Windows 2003

IRS Audit (Internal Revenue Services) (Sr. Developer)                                              03/2009 – 04/2010

Project Description
IRS, USA required 3 years of General Ledger data as part of the Audit. Data has to be detail oriented with abbreviations &
description/explanation for all system code. All the data has to be reconciled & matched with the yearly tax returns.

              End to End project execution, single handedly
              requirements gathering from Finance/Tax Dept. of company & IRS auditors
              Responding to IDR’s requested by IRS auditor
              Develop SSIS packages to extract General Ledger data & Masters from JDE & Datawarehouse
              Reconcile extracted General Ledger data with Tax returns using scripts & tools
              Providing large files to the auditors with proper versioning & change control process

Environment: T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, MS Access, SSIS, Visual Source safe, Windows 2003

ICE – Global Management Reporting (Project Rollout) (Developer)                                      03/2009 – 04/2010

Project Description

This project was build as a replacement of current Global Reporting System (Summit). The goal is to replace all reports used
in the old system & provide a robust, better performing & scalable application.
                  Understand the current reporting application & prepare specs
                  Interacting with the business users on further enhancements and change
                  Parallel run of old and new system and data comparison & validation

Environment: IBM DB2, Cognos 8.3

Siebel Reporting (BI Consultant)                                                                       03/2008 – 03/2009

Project Description
The project is intended to provide various Business Intelligence reports related to product & customer planning. The data is
pulled from Siebel through ETL into a relational Datawarehouse and then summarized in MSOLAP SSAS cubes. Various
reports are then provided to users categorized based on security as Broker, Field Sales, Admin etc.

              Design and generate MDX based reports in SSRS querying MSOLAP SSAS cubes.
              Create complex SSRS Reports using T-SQL & MDX
              Creating calculated members & dynamic OLAP partitioning using DMX
              Analyze & develop bugs/enhancements

Environment: T-SQL, MDX, SQL Server 2005, SSAS, SSRS, Visual Source safe, Windows 2003

Freight Scorecard (BI consultant)                                                                      04/2007 – 03/2008

Project Description
Generate a scorecard to the users to analyze Freight details across various business units for specific KPIs. This involves
extracting data from various heterogeneous sources through ETL into data mart, creating MSOLAP SSAS cubes and then
providing scorecard reports to the users.

                  Design the logical & physical architecture of the DWH
                  Design & develop database in SQL Server 2005, Cubes in SSAS, SSIS packages and reports in SSRS
            using MDX
                  Creating calculated members & dynamic OLAP partitioning using DMX
                  Scheduling automatic data loads & cube processing using XML/A
                  Delelop SSRS reports having Drilldown/Drillthrough capabilities
                  Unit Testing & documentation
                  Install/configure Proclarity analytics Server (PAS) for Adhoc reports and publish briefing books.

Environment: T-SQL, MDX, SQL Server 2005, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, PAS, Visual Source safe, Windows 2003

JDE Operational Reporting (BI consultant / Support analyst)                                            10/2006 – 04/2007

Project Description
JDE operations project is to maintain a Datawarehouse intended to provide Daily, weekly & monthly operational reports to
various departments within the organization for North American region which includes USA & CANADA. This involves Support
& Maintenance of 336 reports with 180 ETL SSIS packages for 250 users. It involves nightly extraction of millions of rows
using ETL into a Terabyte sized datawarehouse

                  Support & Maintenance activities
                  Design & development of ETL SSIS packages
                  Develop reports using SSRS
                  Performance optimization
                  Coordination with Off shore team
                  Testing & relevant documentation

Environment: T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Source safe, Windows 2003

Critical Situation Management Office (Development Engineer)                                            08/2006 – 10/2006

Project Description
CSMO relates to monitoring critical situations encountered by customers while using Microsoft products. This is an internal BI
initiative of ISG (Industrial Solutions Group) wherein a datawarehouse containing details related to IP (Intellectual Property)
are maintained. IP is a Product which provides best configuration settings in a given environment for a product. The various
modules of the Business Intelligence application are: Opportunity, Engagements, Incidents and IP Effectiveness.

                  Develop reports using SSRS with Drilldowm/Drillthrough capabilities
                  Develop ETL SSIS package
                  Create & enhance MSOLAP cubes using SSAS for IP Effectiveness
                  Scheduling automatic data loads & cube processing using XML/A
                  Analyze & develop bugs/enhancements
                  Testing & relevant documentation

Environment: T-SQL, SQL Server 2005, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Source safe, Windows 2003


Data Quality Dashboard (Architect & Development Engineer)                                             04/2006 – 06/2006

Project Description
Data quality dashboard targets at providing measure of data consistency and accuracy across all modules within the
Datawarehouse application to provide a reliable and trustworthy view of the business/subject area. This is to ascertain the
consistency and accuracy of data across different dimensions like Applications, Subject areas, modules etc provides a top
level as well as detailed view of accuracy and consistency across different modules in the application along with drill down to
data values present for different attributes. The application contains 3 engines:
                     Configuration engine: Configures the tool by reading system tables/CWP
                     ETL engine: builds a dynamic ETL SSIS package and loads attribute data from different databases
                     Reporting engine: provides dashboard, scorecard & drill down reports

                  Single handed End to End execution
                  Design the logical & physical architecture of the tool
                  Design & develop database in SQL Server 2005 and reports in SSRS
                  Generate code in C# to create & execute dynamic ETL SSIS package
                  Unit Testing & documentation

Environment: T-SQL, C#.Net, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, SSRS, Visual Source safe, Windows 2003 / XP

PRW – SSAS Migration (Architect & Development Engineer)                                            04/2006 – 06/2006

Project Description
The project targets at migrating the current Microsoft Analysis Services 2000 cubes of PRW to SSAS. PSS Reporting
Warehouse (PRW) is a group of Datawarehouse applications spread across 7 regions (US, UK, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea &
Latin America) which holds data for Product support & services for Incidents, Agents, resolution time and many other
measures & Dimensions. The challenge is to migrate all the cubes without disturbing the reporting layer , performance tuning
& incorporate cube processing using CWP (Common Warehouse Platform) which is used as a metadata data engine in most of
the warehouse applications in Microsoft.

              Understand & document the current system which contains 20 cubes (9 virtual, 7 security & 4 data cubes)
               Migrate the current MSOLAP Services Analysis 2000 cubes to SSAS
              Develop dynamic security based on SSAS cube roles which uses data of Security cubes
              Develop cube processing to incorporate it with the current CWP structure.
              Creating calculated members & dynamic OLAP partitioning using DMX
              Performance tuning of MSOLAP processing by cube partitioning & optimization
              Make necessary changes in calculated members / dimensions to make it available for the current reporting

Environment: MDX, SSAS, Microsoft Analysis Services 2000 (MSAS), SQL Server 2000, MS Insight, Windows 2003 / XP

Shadow Applications (Development Engineer)                                                           01/2006 – 07/2006

Project Description
Shadow Application is a group of 7 Datawarehouse applications which pulls data from PRW(Product Support Datawarehouse)
as well as other systems and is built on different set of tools. These applications provide subject specific reports to the end
user. Some of the major applications are Utilization, ROSS, ADH Reporting & QM Reporting.
                  Analyze develop & Test bugs, Hot Fixes, nhancements etc
                  Troubleshooting & fixing production & data issues
                  Doing Performance analysis of the MSOLAP Processing
                  Maintaining system/release Documents & version control using Product Studio.

Environment: T-SQL, ASP.Net, Excel programming, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Analysis Services, Product Studio,
Windows 2003 / XP


Treasury Portal (Architect and Project Lead)                                                 02/2005 – 12/2005

Project Description
Project is aimed at providing portal for Treasury Department of HLL. This will include details of Mutual funds, Forex,
Investments, Bank Guarantees, and other lists & related documents. Data load is performed daily or weekly using Excel
Smart sheets. After validations data is transferred to database and finally cu bes are processed. User can access
reports, Graphs, charts etc. designed in Reporting services through Share Point Portal. A separate document library is
maintained on the portal for every module. Users can access reports based on their rights using NT aut hentication.
Reporting & Data analysis can be performed based on Portfolio, Company, Date etc. dimensions.

                  Project Management & Coordination with QA/ QC
                  Design SSRS reports to be deployed on SharePoint.
                  Design and develop relational DWH (Sql) and Multidimensional DB in MSOLAP Microsoft Analysis
                  Design & Develop ETL & Excel Smart sheets for user input
                  Create Dashboards/Scorecards using Business Scorecard Manager(BSM) and publishing on BI Portal

Environment: T-SQL, MDX, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Analysis Services, SharePoint Portal, BI Portal, BSM, MS
Reporting Services, Visual Source Safe, Windows 2003 / XP


New Product Development Tracking Tool (Technical Lead)                                       11/2004 – 02/2005

Project Description
Developing a Data Analysis Tool for tracking the performance of new products introduced into the market on the KPIs
like sales, profitability, Margin etc. Data is loaded from multiple data sources (JD Ed, SQ L) to Stage then cleansed data
is loaded in to Mart. User can view data for only those product for which access is provided.

                  Design and development of Database and Cubes in SQL Server & Microsoft Analysis Services
                  Design and development of DTS scripts to extract data into Data Warehouse and process Cubes.
                  Design & develop dynamic security using cube roles in MSOLAP Microsoft Analysis Services
                  Maintaining Quality documents & coordination with Testing team

Environment: T-SQL, MDX, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Analysis Services, Proclarity, Visual Source Safe, Windows 2000

Transfer Price (Technical Team Member)                                                      07/2004 – 11/2004

Project Description
Building a Data Warehouse for Reckitt Benckiser (FMCG operations World Wide) for Transfer Prices (direct, indirect cost,
Duty, Freight, markup etc.) of various Products transferred from Legal Entities to consumption centers worldwide.
Different KPIs (direct, indirect cost, Duty, Freight, markup etc.) are calculated for each Product, Legal entity and
destination combination. Data is loaded centrally using excel smart sheet and then loaded to Stage. After cleansing it is
loaded in the Mart Datawarehouse. Cleansed data is refreshed in multidimensional cubes. User can view data only for
product, Legal Entities & Sources for which access is provided

                  Design and Create Cubes in MSOLAP Microsoft Analysis Services
                  Create DTS packages for ETL Data to Stage, Mart and process the cube
                  Implement Security Using Security Cube in Microsoft Analysis Services
                  Maintaining CMMi Level 5 quality standard documents
Environment: T-SQL, MDX, VB (Excel Macros), SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Analysis Services, Proclarity, Visual Source
Safe, Windows 2000 server


TechAxes (BI Product) (Team Lead)                                                             09/2002 – 06/2004

Project Description
To compose a BI & Analytics Product for Harbinget Techaxes that takes care of ETL, Staging creation of Multi
dimensional Model and reporting (Scorecards and Dashboards). Data would be loaded into Data warehouse from
operational / external sources through an indigenously developed ETL tool. It is to contain user friendly interface for
Administration and Meta Data management. This includes creating and managing Dimensions, Categories, Indicators,
Hierarchies, Rules, Formulas, Consolidation and other Meta Data information. A multidimensional interf ace has been
developed for fact data entry / multidimensional analysis directly from/into the fact table. Data Warehouse is
maintained in MS SQL Server. Reporting is done by customizing MS Reporting Services, by using the Web Service
provided by MS Reporting Services. Microsoft Analysis Services is used for multidimensional data storage.

                 Analyze product requirements
                 Development of Business Intelligence application using C# and
                 Design & Develop interface for Multi Dimensional entry
                 Database and Cube design using MS SQL Server, MSOLAP Microsoft Analysis Services
                 Design vertical models for Banking, Customer Profitability & Manufacturing Industries using this product.

Environment: C#, ASP.Net, T-SQL, MDX, SQL Server 2000,Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft Reporting Services,
Visual Source Safe, Windows 2000 server

RajKrishi (Development Lead)                                                                      02/20 01– 07/2002

Project Description
To introduce a Web application for users to upload data for their region and for generating consolidated reports.
Irrigation related data can be uploaded from various locations & reports can be accessed by authorized users thr ough a
web application. Data can be loaded quarterly.

                 Understanding system requirements.
                 Database design and application development.
                 Implement security and develop web reports.

Environment: ASP, T-SQL, Java Script, HTML, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 server


UIT (Developer)                                                                                    09/2000 – 02/2001

Project Description
Designing MIS for Urban Improvement Trust and automate the process of various departments like Engineering,
Regularization, Legal etc. Data was captured using windows applications. Users can access reports through web

                 Capturing user requirement
                 Database design and application development
                 Design and Develop reports in ASP(web reporting) and Crystal Reports(Desktop Reporting)

Environment: VB 6.0, ASP, T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, Windows 2000 server

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