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					JOSH Transportation Systems
Safety Sentry Marketing Distributor & Dealer Startup
May 2010

Safety Sentry Marketing Distributors and Dealers
   The Marketing Distributor role is to sign Dealers for a percentage take of
   Master Distributor profit. There are no inventory requirements, no quotas and
   no territories associated with this level of sales.

   All Marketing Distributor sales leads are submitted to Safety Sentry, Inc. by
   the Master Distributor so that all submitted leads are reserved in the name of
   the Marketing Distributor to develop.

   Dealers are signed by either the Master Distributor or the Marketing
   Distributor. The Dealer role is strictly retail, private or public sales. Dealers
   can transact from retail outlets, direct to end-users and through contract for
   end-users. Dealer profit is taken as the percentage difference between
   product cost and resell price. There is a one-time inventory requirement
   purchase through the provided Safety Sentry, Inc. Online Store. All sales
   performance statistics are tracked and made available to members through
   their Online Store accounts. UPS is contracted to provide Dealer members
   significant shipping cost reductions. Dealers purchase only product that
   matches the markets the Dealer so chooses. Beyond the initial inventory
   purchase, there are no quota requirements and no territories.

   Special pricing is available for bid and volume purchases. As part of on-going
   advertising and promotional activities, a Dealer’s Master Distributor or Safety
   Sentry, Inc. may introduce incentive pricing and special offers. Price
   Schedules are made available upon request. Contracts can be found and
   downloaded online for your consideration.

   Should you elect to become a JOSH Transportation Systems Marketing
   Distributor/Dealer, all purchases will reflect your status as such and are
   therefore wholesale and non-taxable at time of purchase.

   JOSH Transportation Systems requires new member contractual signing as
   part of standard business practice, legal requirements and operational

   Safety Sentry, Inc. requires new members to fill out and fax or e-mail the
   Safety Sentry, Inc. Marketing Distributor/Dealer Receipt for Online Store
   Member Account creation and access. Dealer Receipts are made available
   following co-signing of contract agreement.
  JOSH Transportation Systems provides contracts for perspective member
  consideration and signing. If you agree to terms, you will need to provide your
  JOSH Transportation Systems representative the signed and completed
  contract or you can mail the contract back to the North Texas JOSH
  Transportation Systems office at the following address:

  JOSH Transportation Systems
  Attn: Carl N. Johnson
  8982 Hialeah Circle South
  N. Richland Hills, TX 76182

  For submitting your Safety Sentry, Inc. Distributor/Dealer Receipt, fax or e-
  mail to the following:

  Safety Sentry, Inc.
  Fax:    (817) 579-0766
  E-mail: April@SafetySentryInc.com

Online Store and Account Setup-
  Once Safety Sentry, Inc. receives your Marketing Distributor/Dealer Receipt,
  their office will contact you by phone and provide Logon credentials for your
  Online Store access and necessary Online Store instructions. The first time
  you Logon to your online Safety Sentry account, we ask that you change your
  account password for your security.

  Your account setup will reflect your status and corresponding preferred
  pricing levels, provide you with Online Sales tracking information and will
  include code-based promotional pricing discounts when made available
  through either JOSH Transportation Systems or Safety Sentry, Inc.

  Your Online Store account will also include UPS Worldwide shipping
  discounts. UPS is contracted to provide a 67% discount on shipping for
  orders over 100lbs. and a 30% discount for orders under 100lbs.

  Please note that your Online Store account setup can take three to five days
  to setup following the submittal of your Marketing Distributor/Dealer Receipt.

At JOSH Transportation Systems, We Are Here to Serve You!

  As a new member of our family of representatives, we are here to assist you
  in becoming successful in your endeavors. Should you have any questions or
  concerns, we encourage you to contact your JOSH Transportation Systems
  We can provide product assistance, speak with perspective clientele on your
  behalf, provide technical and installation experience and if we don’t have the
  answers we’ll get the right answers for you.

  Your JOSH Transportation Systems (JTS) Representatives-

  JTS South Texas Office:

  Thom Sherer
  (713) 826-0739

  JTS North Texas Office:

  Carl Johnson
  (512) 635-5630

From All of Us at JOSH Transportation Systems, We Thank You!

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