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					                                                                      December 2006

Dear Child Care Health Consultant and Health Trainer,

        Healthy Child Care Virginia continues to work toward its goal of promoting the health
and safety of all children in child care. One of the program objectives is to establish a
sustainable team of trained Child Care Health Consultants (CCHC) and health trainers in each
region of Virginia. The CCHC or health trainer offers training, guidance and assistance based on
the National Health and Safety Standards (“Caring for our Children”) and a range of issues
affecting the health and safety of children in child care.

       In 2003, we surveyed all VDH trained CCHC in Virginia to establish how to best support
the families and professionals with whom we work. Based on the 2003 feedback, we designed
and implemented additional child care provider curriculums, redesigned our CCHC course and
developed a four hour health trainer course as well as developing and updating a Healthy Child
Care Virginia website.

        The past three years have been busy including substantial changes in licensing
requirements along with a large increase in child care health consultation and training activities
across the state. It is time to update our database and to plan the next phase of Healthy Child
Care Virginia. We are interested hearing about your work with child care providers and how we
can assist you in improving your practice.

        To help us plan and seek funding for the next three years, we need your input. Please
take the time to complete the following survey. We shall be using your input to plan ways to
best support your efforts. If you have any questions or comments not addressed on the survey,
you may contact us at or (804) 864-7687 or add them to the end of the survey.

                                                             Many thanks,
                                                             Bethany Geldmaker, PhD, PNP
                                                             Program Director
                                                             Healthy Child Care Virginia

                                                             Claire Wood, RN
                                                             Child Care Health Consultant
                                                             Project Coordinator
                                                             Healthy Child Care Virginia
                           Healthy Child Care Virginia Survey 2006

1.     Are you a trained CCHC (32 hour course) and/or Health Trainer (4 hour course)?

       CCHC            Health Trainer

2.     Have you been involved with any child care consultation or training over the past year?

       Yes                     No

If yes, how may hours per week/month do you engage in CCHC or health training activity?

If no, please skip to question 10.

If you are a health trainer only, please skip to question 4.

 3.    What types of work experiences have you had with child care? Please check all that

          Provider/staff training
          Policy development
          Consultation on immunizations
          Screenings (i.e. - Tb, Lead)
          Consultation on infectious disease outbreaks
          Other (please specify)

4.     Have you trained any other professionals to work or assist with child care
       consultation? If yes, how many?

5.     What topics are being requested by child care staff and directors? Please check all that

          Hand washing
          Health screening/assessment
          Medication administration
           Bloodbourne pathogen training
           Infectious disease
           General safety training
           Children with special needs
           SIDS-Sleep Environment
           Child abuse/neglect
           Policy development
           Mental wellness/social-emotional competence
           Communicable disease
           Emergency preparedness
           Other (please specify)

6.      We are continually revising and updating materials for our CCHC and health trainer
        programs. What materials from your HCCV trainings/meetings are most useful to you in
        your consultation and/or training? Least useful? Any resources that you have found that
        we could add?

7.      Based on feedback from the 2003 survey, we have developed standardized curriculums
        for trainers to use with providers. Please check the following curriculums you have used.

       Health Observation for Child Care Providers
       Medication Administration Phase I
       Standard Precautions and Bloodbourne Pathogens
       Deterring Emergencies in Child Care

     Please comment below on the usefulness of each curriculum (ease of use, applicability,
     supplementary materials, accuracy of information)
8.     Are you charging for your services? Yes_____ No_____
       If yes, what are your customary charges and how do you determine these?

9.     How are you marketing your services?

10. What type of child care setting do you serve and approximately how many in each
    category? How many of each setting do you serve?

          Center Based         How many?
          Family Day Home How many?
          Faith Based          How many?
          Residential Care How many?
          Other (please list below)

In comment box below, please tell us whether your services to these settings are your primary
employment or a supplementary employment. Public or Private?

11.    If you answered NO to the first question, what has prevented you from engaging in
       CCHC activities?

All Respondents complete items 12 through 15:
12.    What technical assistance do you need to provide child care consultation or health training
in your area?
13.     We have used several different means to communicate and encourage networking
statewide with the CCHC and health trainers. Which of the following have you used? What
other suggestions do you have to improve education updates, alerts, communication and

         Face to face meetings
         E-newsletter for CCHC and health trainers
         Health and Safety Newsletter with DSS TA mail out
         Early Childhood Health/Healthy Child Care Virginia web site
         Poly Com
         List Serve updates/alerts/communication

14.     What other assistance can Healthy Child Care Virginia offer to help you with
       consultation or health training?

15.    How have you used our web site?


       If yes, how often do you visit?

         Less than once a month

       What changes/additions can you recommend for the website?
Thank you for your participation. Your involvement is imperative to the sustainability of the
Healthy Child Care Virginia program. Additional comments and suggestions are most

Please mail or fax completed survey to:

Bethany Geldmaker, PhD, PNP
Division of Child and Adolescent Health
Virginia Department of Health
109 Governors Street, Eighth Floor
Richmond, Virginia, 23219
FAX (804) 864-7722

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