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dylan suicide


									User                    DYLAN SUICIDE
(3/10/02 11:54:56 am)
                        Okay so Dylan was shot in the left side of his head and he was right
                        handed, his gun was held in his left hand, strange? -Not to me.

                        Dylan was found on his back, Eric to his right was crumpled up
                        beside him. Now it is my contention that if you're gonna shoot
                        eachother at the same time, suicide style, then you'd wanna see
                        eachother, afterall it is an act of union. What difference would it
                        make in his final SECONDS for Dylan to worry about what hand he
                        held his gun in? They were likely to have said something like
                        "1...2...3" and then BOOM, shot themselves. If Dylan held his gun
                        up to his left he'd not be able to see Eric doing the same thing.
                        Union of suicide. UNION. I've discussed this with several others and
                        they agree, afterall in death, little things don't matter, one would
                        assume. What's Dylan going to say? - "Eric can you just stand to
                        my left so I can see you whilst I shoot myself with the gun that's in
                        my left hand as opposed to my right?"

                        Any thoughts??

                        "Eric? Dylan? - What the f**k happened back there?!"

                        Edited by: Imtheghost at: 3/10/02 12:13:59 pm

starviego               Re: DYLAN SUICIDE
Registered User
(3/10/02 12:42:56 pm)
                        See Vodkagirl's post "Did Eric kill Dylan?" currently located on pg 6
                        of this forum for an intersting discussion of the topic.

                        ps I recommend spending some time in the archives to get a feel
                        for what has been discussed before. That way you can post on one
                        area of interest in one place, and not have umpteen threads on one
                        subject in disparate areas of the archives. Unfortunately that has
                        been a recurring problem for this board.

                        pss A belated welcome to the CRTF!

Registered User
(3/10/02 2:55:59 pm)    The way Dylan was...

                        He loved controversy and mystery surrounding his existence. Just
                        from his persona alone I would have to say that it is my opinion
                        that he did it on purpose. Just another thing to shroud some more
                        mystery around his death.

                        "Expell the problem"

Imtheghost              Re: DYLAN SUICIDE
Registered User
(3/10/02 3:15:43 pm)    Good idea KS! I never thought of that one properly until today
                        when I read your post.
                       "Eric? Dylan? - What the f**k happened back there?!"

critter                Re: DYLAN SUICIDE
Registered User
(3/10/02 6:47:16 pm)   Actually, I think you'll find Dylan was shot on the left side and the
                       gun was found in his right hand. Of course this could be deemed
                       irrelevant by some, but it seems physically matter
                       how much Dylan *loved controversy and mystery surrounding his

                       Even if you do buy JeffCo's explanation that Dylan shot himself,
                       dropped the gun and then his right hand fell over its handle (that's
                       just one of the *final* positions they recorded finding Dylan in,
                       btw)'s hard to see how Dylan *did it on purpose (as) Just
                       another thing to shroud some more mystery around his death.*

                       I think the archive idea is best, ghost. At the moment, I can't see
                       how either one of you would know if new information was BS or

                       <edit: just changed ghost's name back from *star(fuked)*...didn't
                       want to give starviego the impression I was referring to him/her.>
                       Edited by: critter at: 3/10/02 7:30:33 pm

                       Re: DYLAN SUICIDE
   Rebdomine 420
Registered User
(3/10/02 7:15:54 pm)   And actually from what I understand, Dylan was left-handed, not
Reply                  right-handed. Just to clarify.
                       ~When you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness,
                       ignorance, smallness, or insecurities, remember things could be
              could be them.~

                       Edited by: Rebdomine 420 at: 3/10/02 7:16:32 pm

SuperSaiyan Fan        Re: DYLAN SUICIDE
Registered User
(3/10/02 9:30:33 pm)   Yeah, Dylan was left-handed. I personally didn't have any questions
                       at all about that since the 2nd cover of Time magazine with Eric and
                       Dylan on it(the 12/20/99 edition), Dylan is shown to have the Tec-9
                       in his left hand.

SOSSpokeperson         Re: DYLAN SUICIDE
Registered User
(3/13/02 4:20:16 pm)   It isnt impossible to do.

                       Pick up a toy gun and try it. It's very possible and easy to do.

                       It does go in at a slight angle but what's the difference, your dead
                       either way.

critter                DYLAN SUICIDE
Registered User
(3/13/02 7:32:33 pm)   Now try it with something the size of a tec-9, Nate, and think about
                       how a real gun works.
You should stick to JeffCo's explanation, although I've now lost
track of which position JeffCo eventually said they actually found
Dylan in, at least theirs is a little more plausible.

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