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									II. Research
       A. Take notes from current, reliable internet and print sources on your note cards
(15 minimum)
       B. Make a source card for each source (3 minimum)
              1. for a print source, you must write down the following information to
                  include on your source card (works cited page)
                       a. author’s name, editor’s name, title of the article/section you are
                           reading, title of the book, volume or issue number if applicable,
                           publishing company’s name, city of publication, copyright date,
                           page numbers you used
                       b. for an internet source, you must print the section you used; your
                          source card should include the following
       Author name. “Title of article.” Title of Web Site. Name of
              sponsor/organization, date it was last updated. Web. Date you accessed

Remember that your outline will follow this example:

I. Introductory- Give leader’s name
        A. birthplace; years lived
        B. country or group of people he/ she ruled
        C. Any other GENERAL fact you would like to include
        D. Thesis

II. Rise to Power
        A. how did your leader rise to power?
        B. give years and place

III. Signature policies
        A. What policies did your leader put into action?
               1. provide details

IV. Outcome
      A. What were the effects of that policy or action taken by the leader
      B. How did it affect his followers? Country? The world?

V. Success or Failure?
      A. Restate your thesis
      B. Summarize your main points
      C. Give opinions of those who lived during his time or even now on whether the
          leader was a successful leader or a failure

Therefore, you need to take notes on general background information about your
leader; how your leader came to power; what significant, signature policies he/she
made while in power; and the outcome of those policies.

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