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					Company Description

The number cookie is hard to trace back when it was been invented, the only thing we
know is that this cookie has always accompany with us since our childhoods.
Although this cookie you can also buy in the traditional market, but we serve high
quality, best service, special wrap up and well delivery service.
This number cookie is made of cream, sugar, egg and flour. It is easy to make and also
a dessert suitable for family and children. This cookie can be use a breakfast for
children and snack. We guarantee you that our product is safe and high quality.

We want this cookie can be famous as chocolate, being a present or gift to delivery
our emotion and what we want to say. You can use this cookie to range special
number as date of anniversary or what you want to say to your family and also your
lover. It is another choice for you and also an economic choice. You don’t have to buy
expensive gift or chocolate. We create various ways to eat this cookie, and the special
taste is totally beyond your imagination.

Management & Organization

Key Employees & Principals

Laney Huang, President. Laney Huang is also the owner and manager of FJU
BRAVO, a number cookies wholesaler and retail store. Since 1970 her company has
created a high-profile mainstream image for number cookies. In 2009, FJU BRAVO
had opened 32 branches within various flavors that became so popular and profitable,
she decided to expand the concept into a full service restaurant.

Laney brings with her a track record of success in the number cookies industry. Her
management style is innovative and in keeping with the corporate style outlined in the
mission statement.

Board of Directors

An impressive board of directors has been assembled that represents some top
professional from the area. They will be a great asset to the development of the
Management Structure & Style

1. CEO: Laney Huang is the President and Chief Executive Office, one of the
highest-ranking corporate officers or administrators in charge of total management.
She is responsible for aligning the company, internally and externally, with their
strategic vision. Her core duty is to facilitate business outside of the company while
guiding employees and other executive officers towards a central objective. The size
and sector of the company will dictate the secondary responsibilities. She has a
balance of internal and external initiatives to build a sustainable company.

2. CPO:Jean Chang is the chief production officer. She spends some time working
alone on reports, but most of her time (over 60 percent) is spent meeting with
representatives from different levels of the production process. In situations where
production facilities are spread over large areas, a production manager spends a
significant amount of time on the telephone. Her work covers purchasing, production
and production support. Jean’s main aim is to increase production capacity by driving
efficiency and maintaining continuous improvement.

3. CMO:Carrie Wang is the chief marketing officer. CMO is a corporate title
referring to an executive responsible for various marketing in an organization. Most
often the position reports to the chief executive officer.

4. CFO:Cindy Li is the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO is a corporate officer
primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation. This officer
is also responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial
reporting to higher management. In some sectors the CFO is also responsible for
analysis of data. The CFO typically reports to the chief executive officer and to the
board of directors, and may additionally sit on the board.

5. CHRO:Sammy Ou is the chief human resources officer. He is a corporate officer
who oversees all HR and industrial relations operations for an organization. Similar
job titles includes Chief People Officer, Chief Personnel Officer, and Senior VP of
HR. Roles and responsibilities of a typical CHRO can be categorized as follows: (1)
workforce strategist, (2) organizational and performance conductor, (3) HR service
delivery owner, and (4) compliance and governance regulator. CHROs may also be
involved in board member selection and orientation, executive compensation, and
succession planning.
            Laney Huang and the stockholders will retain ownership with the possibility of
            offering stock to key employees if deemed appropriate.

                                                The Board of Directors

                                         Managing Directors, President / CEO

Production Manager,             Marketing Manager,                   Financial Manager,       Human Resources
                                      CMO                                   CFO               Manager, CHRO
                                                                     Customer           Wages
           Maintenance    Advertising Manager   Sales Manager                                       Training Officer
                                                                   Accounts Dept.    Section Head
Foremen    and Security                                                Head
             Officers                                                                                   Personnel Dept.
                           Advertising                                                   Wages               Staff
           Maintenance,    Assistants            Sales Team          Accounts            Clerks
           Security and                                               Clerks

            The Target market

            The customer mainly service for children and family because it is a snack suit for
            We locate our store beside the streets; it is very convenient for people the stop the car
            and buy. In our office web also service the delivery, you can buy our product in
            We have the first store in 13 March 1970, and now we have almost 32 stores in
            Taiwan and China.
            We have almost 320 staffs and we set a serious rule and in company we have a happy
            relation during working.

            Marketing Plan& Marketing Strategy

            1. Diversity of package- we not only make cookies for you, but also offer wrapping
            papers and boxes. The most important thing is – you can draw pictures if you want or
            we design it for you.
2. Holidays speciality- Besides the flavors we bake every day, we will serve special
flavors or offer a promotion program in holidays.The following statements are
examples of promotion programs:
(1) Lunar New Year's Day: In order to match traditional customs, we will hold
contests from the first day to the fifth day of Lunar New Year's Day. During these
days, customers need to figure out idioms which relates to our number cookies. If he
or she can figure out idioms more than our staff, he or she can have cookies for free.
(2) Valentine's Day: Buy one, get one free!- It means if a couple comes to buy our
product, she or he only needs to buy one item with another similar item presented free.
However, the promotion will only works when couples pass the tests we design. Also,
the supply is limited, if you come to our stores late that day, you may not have this
(3) Mother’s Day & Father’s Day: Different from other programs, we will not present
the favourable price to attract customers. Instead, we will combine the speciality of
our stores- package, we let customer write down words they want to tell their Dad or
Mom,then choose boxes and wrapping paper to make a gift with warmness, which is
available for only one family.

Marketing tools:
Print media -- local newspapers, magazines and student publications and handbills.
E-DM – use blogs like: pixnet, wretch, yam ...and so on.
Community Site – Facebook, Ttwitter, Plurk....

Product and Related Service

Here we are going to show you some different ways to eat the number cookies. There
are some basic combinations, but once getting more interested in our idea of creative
eating style, you are encouraged to add some flavor as you like. Just try it! Use your

    Number Cookies with Ice cream

Imagine in a hot summer day that makes you want to have something to cooling down
yourself, ice cream with some cookies must be the top choice!

    Number Cookies with Pudding
The soft and sweet taste of pudding combines with the crunchy cookies, another
excellent choice for snack!

    Number Cookies with Cappuccino

After lunch hour you would like to have a cup of coffee, so that you can get
concentrate and then back to work. It’s also a good choice to add some cookies in the
coffee. Coffee flavors the cookies and makes it fantastic!

    Number Cookies with Yogurt

The sweet and a little bit of sour taste from the yogurt with the crunchy cookies is also
a good choice. If you like, you can also smash the cookies into pieces and mix it up
with the yogurt or yogurt in fruit flavored.

    Number Cookies with Fruit

Try to get as many kind of fruit as you can get, use a peeler if it’s needed, and then
chop all the fruit into little cubes. Mix them up, you would get a fresh dish of fruit
plate with delicious cookies.

We also have packing service. In our office web, you can see we have various types of
packing, as you whish. In addition, we have delivery service or we also have store in
Taipei, you can take you product by yourself. Here for your information, the packing
services are including, for example, special packing for different festivals, specific
days, and any kinds of celebrations. According to the customer’s requests and favors,
we provide different patterns, styles, and design.

New Year

Valentine’s Day

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Thanksgiving Day


In addition to the cards which come with our special packing, we have some specific
ribbons for customers. You can not only choose different colors but sew the words or
names on it. To make your own gift, make it here!