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   --Title, Dewey, Format

   Summers, Claude. The Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage: A
   Reader‟s Companion to the Writers and Their Words, From
   Antiquity to the Present. New York: Henry Holt, 1995.

   809.89206 GAY AND 1995

   Hardcover. 786 pages. Slightly smaller than 8.5 x 11

   $88.00 on Amazon

   Note: This PPT addresses the 1995 edition, although there is also a 2002
   edition. Neither edition includes images, so any images in this powerpoint
   are simply for interest and visual appeal.
--Arrangement and Indexing

    350 alphabetical entries
    Notes on Contributors
    8 page index

    150 scholars contributed articles
    Survey of gay and lesbian literary
    presence in various historical periods and
    Critical essays on gay and lesbian authors
    Admits a bias toward English and
    American literary traditions, although
    attempts to address other cultures
    “from antiquity to the present” – Plato to
    Michael Cunningham (author of The
Literature                     “ …the nine-column
                               entry on AIDS
--Currency                     literature, which
                               previously delineated
                               the most significant
     2002 edition updates      works year by year
     the 1995, BUT…
                               through 1994, adds
     “Unfortunately, of        just two scant
     more than 380 entries,
                               paragraphs on the last
     just 32 are new, and
     very few of the others
                               seven years while
     have been revised or      revising none of the
     had their                 earlier text.”
     bibliographies updated.   ---Eric Bryant, Library
     Allen Ginsberg's entry    Journal
     now has a death date
     and one new citation,
     but the text is

            Intended                          Additional

  “…this book cannot help            To address a variety of needs:
  partaking of a specific
                                        Those who want to browse,
  cultural (and political) agenda,      dip into the book for
  the recovery .. of a                  pleasure & enlightenment.
  perpetually threatened legacy         Those who want to study
  of same-sex love in literature        in-depth.
  and life.”                            Those who need to find
        --from the Introduction         information quickly.

    Claude Summers
      Professor Emeritus of Humanities and
      English at University of Michigan,
      Won the Modern Language Association‟s
      Crompton-Noll award in Gay Studies
      Former chair of Modern Language
      Association‟s division on gay studies in
      language and literature
      Author of Gay Fictions: Wilde to Stonewall

  “The re-release of The Gay & Lesbian Literary Heritage-published in
  1995 by Holt is to be celebrated for at least bringing back into print
  this best-ever, single-volume reference on the subject. Summers
  (English, Univ. of Michigan) presents both biographical and topical
  entries with an international scope, though the emphasis is on
  American and English literature.“
      -From Library Journal

  This remarkable volume contains essential reading for gay people
  seeking evidence of ancient roots and roles--and for anyone else who
  wants a more complete picture of the origins of literary endeavor than
  formal education usually offers.
     –Lisa Alther, author of Kinflicks and Five Minutes in Heaven

  Comprehensive in scope, taking us from ancient to contemporary times and
  treating each topic with an admirable thoroughness, this is the first
  edition of what I predict will become an authoritative record for an
  expanding 'literary heritage'.
      –Richard Schneider Jr., editor of The Harvard Gay and Lesbian

         It is dedicated to the recovery, consolidation, and document of the
             diverse legacies of same sex love in literature, and the 150-plus
           scholars from around the world who ahve authored these articles
        should be proud to have contributed so successfully to that mission..
                             –Library Journal, G. Douglas Meyers, Dec 02
--Typical reference uses

    On page ix of the    “The trip to the local library,
    Introduction, this
    description of a     where the young (person),
    typical „coming      desperate for the most basic
    out‟ story range
                         information, is usually utterly
    incredibly true; I
    know from            confused or bitterly
    experience this      disappointed by what he or
    kind of reference
    use occurs:          she discovers.”
--Typical reference uses, continued

    Students wanting information on famous
    authors who are themselves gay or
    Students wanting information on gay and
    lesbian themes in literature.
    Instructors teaching literature survey
    courses, who are comparing gay and
    lesbian themes across historical periods.
--Special Features

    Includes national & ethnic literatures:
       English Lit (e.g. medieval, Renaissance,
       American Lit: Lesbian post-Stonewall
    Bibliographies for most entries
--Complementary Sources

    Gay and Lesbian Literature.
    Ed. Malinowski, Sharon. Detroit: St.
    James Press, 1994.
      485 pages, categorized index (general,
      nationality, subject, genre, literary
      More accessible re. Authors, but no
      entries on literary traditions.
--Personal Impression

    I‟m impressed with stated purpose of book. Did not know
    such an anthology existed.
    The book is unwieldy: heavy, dense, completely alphabetic.
    Separate sections would make it more useful: literary
    traditions, topics, authors.
    I‟d prefer an overview of literatures, then to dive into
    Language is highly sophisticated: not accessible to the
    average young or student reader. Requires strong
    vocabulary and understanding of literary terms.

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