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					          The American Society of Safety Engineers                                                Volume 6 Issue 8

                                                                                                  August 2010

           Bakersfield Chapter
                                   Government Affairs
Inside this issue:

Gov’t Affairs                 1    Greetings from Govern-          home page. The link can
                                   ment Affairs!                   also be accessed at https://
July Meeting                  2                          
                                   Below are a few insights as
ASSE Workshops                2    to what events or changes
                                                                   T8Index.html.        Please
&Webinars                          are occurring. Please feel
                                                                   bookmark for easy access
                                                                   and future use.
Hardship Membership           3    free to read any articles
                                   which interest you.             The index’s home page
Safety Picks                  3                                    contains several means to
                                   OSHA's Cranes & Der-
New Members                   4                                    access the references in       health standards in Chapter
                                   ricks Rule Released
                                                                   the index. The index can       4 (Safety Orders) of the
Pro Development               4
                                   The new standard has been       be browsed by the first let-   California Code of Regula-
Scholarships                  4    a long time coming, having      ter of the desired en-         tions (CCR). In addition to
Co- Editors:                       begun with a July 2002 an-      try. Two search functions      the Title 8 worker safety
Bob Pullampally and Casey
                                   nouncement of the intent.       have been added to allow       and health standards the
Cook                                                               1) a word search of the        index includes references to
                                   The rule will be published in
                                                                   main index entries or 2) a     a limited number of Cal/
E-mail your ideas, sugges-         the Aug. 9, 2010 Federal
                                                                   word search of all the text    OSHA Program administra-
tions, safety stories and safety   Register and take effect
                                                                   in both the main index en-     tive requirements in Chap-
suggestions to:                    Nov. 8. To read/download
                                                                   tries and the associated       ters 3.2, 3.3, and 3.5 such and/or          the standard now, visit:
                                                                   sub-entries.    The index      as posting, certification,        
                                                                   page also contains a down-     appeal, variance and regis-
                                                                   loadable index that can be     tration requirements.
IMPORTANT REMINDER!                -17818_PI.pdf     (a word of
                                   warning...the document is       placed on your computer        The index includes common
Our August Meeting will be                                         for your convenience and
                                   1070 pages long).                                              terms and words that may
on the first Wednesday                                             which contains active hy-      not be found in the safety
(August 4th) at 7 am at            Web-chat: http://               perlinks to the referenced     orders and will identify the
                               Title 8 sections.      The
Hodels!                                                                                           regulatory language as well
                                   osha-20100728.htm;              downloading of the index       as terms used in the stan-
Looking for a job?                 Preamble: http://               may take 20 to 30 seconds      dard.      For example; the
                                                                   because of the size of the
Check out…                                                                  word “forklift” is identified as
                                   inspection.aspx;                file (1400+ pages). It will    “industrial truck” in the
                                                                   also be searchable using       safety orders, similarly,
http://                            Rule:
                                                                   the included search func-      “mushroom cap” is identi-              doc/cranesreg.pdf.
                                                                   tion.                          fied as “impalement protec-
employment.html                    California DOSH Easy            The index references the       tion” in the safety orders.
                                   Web Search Option now           occupational safety and
                                   available!                                                              ( Contd on Page 3)

                                   A link has been placed on Reminder
                                   the Standards Board’s Beginning 2010, the breakfast meeting cost is $12. Payments
jobopenings.htm                    Webpage to the index’s via credit card are now being accepted.
Page 2                                                                                                                        Volume 6 Issue 8

  August Meeting                                                                    Graduating                 Students               Pro-

  Topic: Accident Investigation 101 - It hit                                        motion
  the fan, now what do you do? Find out what
  really happened to JD Paine                                                       Ensure Your Graduating Student Members Receive
                                                                                    Their FREE YEAR OF ASSE MEMBERSHIP!
  Speaker: Frank Malquist, CSP
                                                                                    To congratulate student members for a job well done
  The presentation will include...                                                  completing a safety professional program, ASSE offers all
            An Overview of The Incident Man-                                      graduating student members a “grad gift” as they start
              agement Process                                                       your career – a FREE one-year membership to ASSE as a
                                                                                    Member! A year of membership with ASSE will help
            Why and How We Can Best Learn from Incidents                          students successfully transition from safety student to full
            Ideas for Sharing Incidents                                           -time safety professional through increased educational
                                                                                    opportunities and networking events. Encourage your
            Interview Do’s and Don’ts
                                                                                    student members to redeem their free year of membership
            What about Tape Recorders? Photography?                               upon graduation by contacting Geri Golonka, ASSE’s
                                                                                    Membership        Developm ent        Coordi nator,      at
            Building your chain of events and conditions
            Accident Investigation Kit Suggestions
  Frank Malquist, CSP has been involved in the safety profession                                        Check it out!!
  for over 20 years. He has investigated several hundred accidents
  including personal injuries, motor vehicle accidents and property                    The Bakersfield Chapter now publishes the
  loss and damage. As a member of ASSE since 1994, he was in-                        presentation materials of our monthly meetings
  strumental in getting the South Valley Sectino and the Bakersfield                      online at
  Chapter established. He achieved the status of Certified Safety
  Professional (CSP) in 1995.

                                                   ASSE's 100th Anniversary
  The American Society of Safety Engineers will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2011. Founded in 1911 as the United Association of
  Casualty Inspectors, the Society was formed in the wake of tragic events such as the March 1911, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New
  York City where 146 young girls and women lost their lives in a workplace tragedy that drew the attention to the need for workplace safe-
  guards and regulations. As its 100th anniversary nears the 30,000 plus members of ASSE, the world’s oldest and largest professional
  safety organization, look forward to commemorating 100 years of dedicated service to workplace safety and health.

  To commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Society, we look forward to:

       Celebrating the accomplishments and professionalism of its members

       Building on its leadership in protecting people property and the environment and

       Launching its vision for the future of the safety profession

                                                         The Society ’s 100th year theme is:

                                         Your Safety is our Business. Your Future is our Mission.
Page 3                                                                                                              Volume 6 Issue 8

  GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS                                                ASSE Webinars

  (Contd. from Page 1)                                              Reinforcing Excellent Safety Perform-
                                                                    ance: Rewards, Recognition & Incen-
  CA 20110 2010 Department of Pesticide Regulation. Desig-          tives
  nates the pesticide chemical chloropicrin as a toxic air con-     August 4, 2010 at 9:00 AM PDT (90 min-
                                                                    utes), $95
  Proposed Rule                                                     This session will cover powerful
  Comment Deadline: 08/10/2010                                      reinforcement strategies for safety
                                                                    performance. Common problems with
  Department of Pesticide Regulation 06/29/2010                     the use of rewards and incentives will be
                                                                    discussed, as well as guidelines for making reward and recog-
                                                                    nition programs more effective. Brief cases and examples will
  CA 20119 2010 Labor and Workforce Development Agency/             be provided of effective strategies for maximizing individual
  Department of Industrial Relations/Occupational Safety and        and team recognition and the use of safety metrics that moti-
                                                                    vate and reinforce performance. Presenter: Dr. Earl Blair, As-
  Health Standards Board. Clarifies rules regarding the maxi-       sociate Professor and Program Director for the Graduate Pro-
  mum allowable load for various support or scaffolds. Adds         gram in Safety Management at Indiana University in Blooming-
  definitions for "manifold" and "header" with regard to fuel gas
  hose systems and their connections.                               Understanding a Comprehensive Managed Fall Protection
  Proposed Rule                                                     Program & Personnel Key to Its Development & Implemen-
  Comment Deadline: 08/13/2010                                      August 18, 2010 at 9:00 AM PDT (90 minutes), $115
  Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board 07/07/2010
                                                                    Developing and implementing a comprehensive managed fall
                                                                    protection program is the most effective method to identify,
  CSB to Investigate Root Causes of Deepwater Horizon Acci-         evaluate and eliminate fall hazards through planning. It also
                                                                    ensures proper fall protection training and installation of fall
                                                                    protection systems along with implementation of safe fall pro-             tection and rescue procedures. ANSI/ASSE Z359.2-2007, ti-
  index.php?issue=2010-07-15&article=1673                           tled "Minimum Requirements for a Comprehensive Managed
                                                                    Fall Protection Program," addresses the development and
                                                                    implementation of this detailed program aimed at SH&E pro-
  EPA Interim Guidelines on Employee Participation in Chemical      fessionals and employers with one or more workers exposed
  Safety Inspections                                                to a fall hazard. A comprehensive managed fall protection pro-             gram is dependent upon several key people, including the Au-
                                                                    thorized Person, Competent Person, Qualified Person and
                                                                    Program Administrator. This presentation will take an in-depth
  As     always,       please   feel    free    to    call   or     look ANSI/ASSE Z359.2-2007 and examine the roles and
  email me with questions!                                          training of important personnel.

  – Dave Crow                                                       When No One’s Watching: The Psychology of Self-
                                                                    August 25, 2010 at 9:00 AM PDT (90 minutes), $95
  ASSE Offers Hardship Membership Option
                                                                    Presenter - Dr. E. Scott Geller, behavioral science expert
                                                                    renowned for his knowledge of workplace safety and
                                                                    Alumni Distinguished Professor and Director of the Center
                                                                    for Applied Behavior Systems at Virginia Tech.
                   ASSE is currently offering a hardship mem-
                   bership option for those who are currently       An injury-free culture requires people to do the right things for
                                                                    safety when working and driving alone with no one watching to
                  unemployed and would like to continue their       hold them accountable. Such self-accountability requires self-
               membership. If you are in this unfortunate situa-    motivation. This spirited, research-based presentation will
                                                                    specify practical ways to facilitate the self-motivation needed to
  tion, please contact ASSE’s Membership Development Coordi-        achieve and sustain a Total Safety Culture. The theme of this
  nator, Geri Golonka, at and she can assist      presentation is the same as Dr. Geller's recently published
                                                                    storybook, coauthored with Bob Veazie, entitled When No
  you with continuing your membership with ASSE.                    One's Watching: Living & Leading Self-Motivation.
Page 4                                                                                                 Volume 6 Issue 8

 Memberships                                                         ASSE Scholarship Committee

 Thanks to the 174 folks (including 101 guests)                      Scholarship     applications
 who attended the July meeting.                                      are now being accepted
                                                                     for the 2009/2010 aca-
 Welcome to the 9 new members who joined us
 in July. Please feel free to contact Chris                          demic season.
 Vochoska (Membership Chair) or Mark Smith                           Applications can be found
 (New Member Liaison) who is available to help                       on our chapter web site
 you get plugged into the chapter. Mark can be
 contacted at 323-0487 or

 New Members who joined in July:                                     If you know of any deserving students that
                                                                     are preparing for college pursuing a safety
 Gary Wilson - Production Services Network
                                                                     related career, you can contact Norm Fox at:
 Adam Halla - Aera Energy
 Kyle Krueger (sponsored by Mick Swen) - Gas Clip Technologies
 John Hess - Bonanza Creek Energy Operating Company                  Safety Recognitions
 Collin Morrison and Jason Lerro - Chevron
                                                                     E-mail   Norm Fox at and let
 Daniel Bustos and Heath Taylor - Continental Labor & Staffing Re-
                                                                     him know if you have anyone you would like to
 Tharold Dill (sponsored by Lynn Bishop)

 Study Group
 Do you want to further your safety education? Thinking about pursing an OHST/

 The Bakersfield area OHST / ASP Study Group will start meeting on the 2nd and 4th MONDAY
 from 6:00 - 7:30 PM at Memorial Occupational Medical, 3838 San Dimas Street, Building B, Suite
 100. For more information contact Mark Ruder at (Cell: 661-431-

 CCO Crane Class
 Class will be held on the 11th and 12th September with the written exam on the 18th at Westside Parks and
 Recreation, 500 Cascade Place, Taft, CA. It is intended for initial certification training as well as to be a
 great refresher course for those who need to re-certify.

 Note: Those who are recertifying have a 12 month window prior to their expiration date to complete their
 recertification written exams, their expiration date stays the same.

 Please contact Greg Peters for more information (661-203-1012,

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