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The World O f

           T h e Wo r l d O f N o r f o l k

    Norfolk Island’s Practitioners &
         Wellbeing Directory
 The World O f

We invite you to indulge yourself in Norfolk’s beautiful healing energies...

  Whilst your soul is being rejuvenated by the gentle Pacific breeze, the
  sweeping winds and enlightened sunshine, allow your body to luxuriate
  with the Island’s therapists as they treat you with facials, skin toning,
  muscle tissue massage, hand and foot treatments, hot rock massage
  and body therapies such as Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Bowen and a number
  of other modalities that will have you purring with sheer indulgent delight.

  Norfolk Island is neither a salon nor a beauty clinic. Your indulgence
  doesn’t last for a thirty-minute session. It begins when you arrive and
  continues day-by-day, moment-by-moment, until you leave our shores.
  Open your energies and allow yourself to INDULGE.

  Come. Let us relax your body and your mind. Soothe your spirit and
  calm your soul.

                            Gaye Evans is a mystic with a fascinating heritage. She
                            is a multi faceted person and as a result is both intriguing
                            and enigmatic. Gaye is a highly intuitive healer tuning into
                            Norfolk Island’s energies and works closely with the Great
                            Celestial Beings. Gaye has conducted workshops over
                            many years on Crystals, Colour and Chakras, Spiritual
                            Evolution and Psychic Development. Gaye’s strong ties
                            with the community, her warmth, humour, pragmatism and
                            unquestionable gifts, make her a much sought-after and
                            truly inspirational teacher, leader and healer!
  Gaye Evans                Contact Gaye for a Spiritual Reading or Healing
                            Session. Phone: 22497 or 55272
                   Sarah Quintal teaches Vinyasa style Yoga, a flowing practice
                   that helps create balance, strength and flexibility in your
                   body, mind and spirit. Join in on a weekly multi-level class
                   or indulge in an arranged session at a time that suits you,
                   from any of the following - Private one on one, meditation
                   and pranayama, beginners, kids, partners, Ashtanga, home
                   practice and half day wellbeing packages, yoga therapy
                   for the body and personalised group sessions whilst here
                   on beautiful Norfolk Island. Weekly classes Mon and Wed
                   5.30pm at Aura Studio (opposite Airport, behind Photopress).
Yoga With Sarah
                   Phone: 53953 Email:

                   Miles Sanderson runs the Norfolk Island Ka Huna Centre.
                   Ka Huna is a luxurious form of massage that is deeply
                   relaxing, rejuvenating and healing for the body, mind and
                   spirit. Originating in the South Pacific, Ka Huna is used
                   as a transformational and healing massage. Your therapist
                   creates a space that is safe, caring and nurturing. Each
                   treatment is specialized to work with your physical, mental
                   and emotional wellbeing, and the healing effects can be felt
                   for weeks afterwards.
                   Phone: 22149 Email:
Miles Sanderson

                   Patricia Buffett has lived on Norfolk Island since 1977,
                   and has 3 children and 7 grand-children. She has been a
                   practitioner of Bowen Therapy for 11 years and her passion
                   is to help men, women and children to be fit, healthy and
                   happy. Bowen Therapy is a dynamic system of muscle and
                   connective tissue therapy which balances the body to allow
                   it to heal itself. The other modality Patricia works with is Reiki
                   and channelling Universal Energy.
                   Phone: 22688 Mobile: 56979
Patricia Buffett

                   Healing Hands Fenella Evans has been residing on Norfolk
                   Island for some 42 years. She has been a massage therapist
                   for some 14 years, certified in Swedish & Advanced Massage,
                   Reflexology (a total approach to glowing health), Reiki (a
                   relaxing, universal hands-on healing) and has a Diploma
                   in Sports and Remedial Massage. She looks forward to
                   applying many heavenly massages to you all.
                   Phone: 23268

Fenella Evans
                         Power Flow Yoga
                         with Candida Langman at Strawberry Fields Yoga Studio
                         A unique experience of inward focus and yoga flow.
                                          From Sound to silence,
                                               say no more.
                         Class or private sessions to suit
                                  Monday & Thursday          5:30pm
                                  Wednesday                  6am
                                  Saturday                   3pm
                         Phone: 50811
Strawberry Fields Yoga   Email:
Candida Langman
                         Trevor Calder Radionics Practitioner. We use distance
                         or hands-on healing that works at the physical, mental,
                         emotional and spiritual level bringing about healings that are
                         proven to work for both animals and humans. We do: Health
                         profiles, Herbal remedies, Colour therapy, Homeopathy,
                         Spinal realignments, Hair testing, Geomancy- house/land
                         balancing, Biodynamic farming, Power Towers. Blessings.
                         Phone: 50975 or 22959
Trevor Calder

                         Friends of Yoga Inc
                         Non-profit organisation established in 1999 to bring the
                         benefits of yoga to the Norfolk Island community. Classes
                         are held every Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5.30pm to
                         7pm at the Aura Studio (behind Photopress, opposite the
                         Airport entrance). Beginners and visitors welcome.
                         For further enquiries contact Dyann at her Reflections Gift
                         Phone: 22142
Friends of Yoga Inc

                         REFLECTIONS ~ Gift Shop on Norfolk Island
                         is a true reflection of owner Dyann, “coming from the heart”.
                         Her beautiful fragrant shop offers spiritual and healing books,
                         inspirational cards, crystals, soaps, candles, incense, new
                         age gifts, essential oils, natural body and skin care products.
                         As well as these gifts that nurture the heart and soul, Dyann
                         has jewellery, teddy bears, quilting fabrics, scarves, felt hats
                         and cloth bags. She also stocks Norfolk Island’s own Flower
                         Phone: 22142
Reflections Gift Shop
                      Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage-Organic Body
                      Therapies Relax, Unwind and Restore. With over 22 years
                      experience as a Massage Therapist, Louise welcomes you
                      to her Unique eco-retreat with views of the sea and mountain
                      outside, complemented by a collection of local artworks
                      inside. Organic Body therapies proudly uses USPA natural
                      skincare products. 30min treatments to half day retreats.
                      Facials, scrubs, wraps, Lulur, ear candling, cupping.
                      Massage options; Swedish/Relaxation, Remedial, Deep
                      tissue, Shiatsu, Balinese. Meditation, guided relaxation,
Louise Donald         detox foot spa. Phone: 23181

                      Mojo Fitness Centre with Suzanne Evans and Serina
                      Trickey.Get your “Mojo” back on Norfolk Island. We specialise
                      in fun fitness with Outdoor Beach Bootcamp, Zumba classes,
                      Circuit, Step ,Pump and Group Exercise classes. We have
                      kids fitness and Zumbatomic classes. Kick start your holiday
                      with personal training, a fitness test and fitness program
                      that you can take home with you. Check our latest timetable
                      and pricing schedule plus our photo gallery for active holiday
                      ideas on Norfolk Island.
                      Mojo Taylors Road Norfolk Island.
Mojo Fitness Centre   Mobile: 51521 Suzanne or Serina 50372

                      Eunice Vercoe has come to us from New Zealand and
                      has made Norfolk her home for the past 30 years. She has
                      lead Tai Chi and Qigong classes since 2008 and is closely
                      affiliated with Master Zhang Hao’s Chi Chinese Healing
                      College. Qigong is a traditional Chinese exercise that has
                      been practised for thousands of years. It is an easy flowing
                      exercise for all ages and levels of health and fitness.
                      Phone: 22246

Eunice Vercoe

                      Piria Coleman has 15 years of professional massage
                      experience and a natural gift for intuitive healing. She offers
                      a relaxing and energising session tailored to the individual.
                      This approach draws together techniques from aromatherapy,
                      sports and remedial massage, kahuna healing, and chi-
                      acupressure. Piria is also a dedicated teacher of tai chi
                      and qigong and her style advocates the path of least strain.
                      Practitioners gain a sense of wellbeing through meditation
                      in motion.
                      Phone: 51123 Email:
Piria Coleman
                             Stephanie Alpha is a Natural Spiritual Healer now living
                             and working on our Island. She trained for her Professional
                             Diploma in the Blue Mountains. Spiritual Healing is a non
                             intrusive therapy designed to bring the whole being into
                             balance and harmony and reach the true cause of any
                             problem. To progress into health and happiness we must
                             go deeper than just the symptoms, encompassing the
                             emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state.
                             Ph: 56033 Email:
Stephanie Alpha

                             Jeanette Han is a Scottish intuitive who offers ‘guidance
                             along the way’ using Tarot and Astrology readings to help
                             others. Her long-held interest in spiritual teachings reached
                             a critical point when she suffered a life threatening illness
                             in 1992. The desire to help others grew, and she now lives
                             on Norfolk Island where the peace and serenity provide a
                             perfect environment for this vocation. Always remember,
                             “Spirits Guide, But We Decide”.
                             Phone 52224 Email:
Jeanette Han

Camelot Gardens

            Open daily 9 am to 5 pm on Rooty Hill Road
  with admission payable in the honesty box at the arched entranceway to the gardens
E:         W:
 Expressions Day Spa      Pe a c e fu l : I n d u l g e n t : M o d e r n
  Take a jo u r n e y t o b e p a m p e r e d i n p a r a d i s e
  by our p r o f e s s i o n a l & n u r t u r i n g t h e r a p i s t s .
Relax to tr a n q u i l m u s i c a n d a r o m a t i c , e x o t i c
     fragran c e s w h i l s t e n j o y i n g y o u r c h o i c e o f
                                      pampering therapies.
         Ther a p i e s i n c l u d e : M a s s a g e , H o t S t o n e
      Therap y, F a c i a l s , I n c h l o s s / D e t o x w r a p s ,
      Jasmin e & R a s p b e r r y B o d y e v e n t , M a r i n e
       scrub s & M u d Wr a p s , S p r a y Ta n n i n g , S p a
         Man i c u r e & Pe d i c u r e , I o n i c D e t o x F o o t
   s pa, wa x i n g , M i c r o d e r m a b r a s i o n a n d m u c h

                 Ph/ Fax: 23805     Leeside Arca d e , Ta y l o r s R d
                            Email: beauty@nine t . n f



Norfolk Invites you               ... to indulge yourself in her beautiful healing energies.
             Come...Join                  us for a week of wellbeing at the 2011 Holistic Living Festival
                                                    on Norfolk Island and relax your body and your mind.
The Holistic Living Festival is an opportunity for like-minded souls to come together in a retreat style way to share,
learn and grow. The six day festival programme includes international and local presenters with a vast depth of
spiritual and holistic knowledge and wisdom to share.

       Living Your Truth                            presented by Helen Barnes
       The Healing Power of Love                    presented by Michael Roads
       Healing through Colour                       presented by Kaye Harriman
       Ancient Philosophy of Ka Huna                presented by Miles Sanderson
       New Ways to Wellness                         presented by Graeme Sait
       Energy Hotspots of Norfolk Island            presented by Gaye Evans
       Journey of the Self                          presented by Michael Roads
       The Power of Intention                       presented by Graeme Sait
       Harmonic Light Body Activations              presented by Helen Barnes
       Journeying with the Spirit of Nature         presented by Michael Roads
       Inner Peace - Inner Balance                  presented by Michael Roads
       Mystery Seminar                              prepare to be surprised and delighted



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