Collective and Compound Nouns by wuyunqing


									 Collective and
Compound Nouns

      P. 73
►A collective noun refers to a group of
 people, animals, or things.
    Crowd
    Audience
    Bunch
    Group
    Class
    Flock
    Team
     Which nouns are collective?
1.   Our class went on a field trip to Colonial
     Williamsburg in May.
2.   I was excited because no on in my family had
     ever been there.
3.   A committee of students and teachers planned
     the trip.
4.   There were forty students and five teachers in
     our group.
5.   We now have an interesting collection of
          Compound Nouns
► Two  or more words used as a single noun
  are called a compound noun.
► A compound noun is written either as one
  word, as separate words, or as hyphenated
   Newspaper
   New Years Day
   Son-in-law
► 6. On our field trip to Colonial Williamsburg, we
  saw guides dressed like colonists.
► 7. The Governor’s Palace is a storehouse of
► 8. A footpath led us to the stores of several
► 9. A wig maker and a candle maker displayed their
► 10. My great-uncle wrote a story about the
  Virginia Colony.
  Write these sentences. Underline the
collective nouns once and the compound
              nouns twice.
►   11. Hampton Roads is one of the largest seaports in the
    United States.
►   12. Here three waterways meet the Chesapeake Bay.
►   13. Our class bought post cards of James River Bridge.
►   14. My brother-in-law took us on a tour of a large shipyard
    in the city of Newport News.
►   15. Shipbuilding is not just for the military.
►   16. A crew of workers built a passenger liner called the
    United States.
►   17. A tugboat leading it out had the right of way.

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