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									                                               English 9 Honors:
                                           Summer Reading and Project

Welcome to English 9 Honors. We hope you have a great summer and we would also like to introduce your first
assignment, which consists of reading two wonderful novels and completing a project related to the reading which
will be turned in on the first day of school. In addition to having completed both the reading and project, you will
also be given a written assessment over one or all of the required readings (that you chose from each list) during the
first week of school.

Required Reading:
Students should read both of the novels listed below. Novels may be obtained through libraries, used or local
bookstores, or online.

         The Perks of Being a Wallflower                                   The Book Thief
         by Stephen Chbosky                                                by Markus Zusak

You must send an email to all three English 9 Honors teachers no later than Saturday, June 19th, introducing yourself
(name, summer plans, hobbies, something special about you, etc.) and telling where you obtained your books from –
library, bookstore, online, etc. You must submit the email by this date!

Emails should be titled ENGLISH 9 H / YOUR NAME in the subject line, and sent to, and,. YOUR EMAIL
MUST BE SENT TO ALL THREE TEACHERS. Due to the high amount of email we will be receiving for this
project, we will not be able to correspond back and forth with students throughout the summer. Please use the above
email addresses only to submit the necessary assignment. Any email received not following the above format will
not be opened due to risk of receiving a virus. Be sure to follow directions in order to earn credit. If you have any
questions about the ABC scrapbook project, you may include those inquiries in your email.

Reading Selections:
Judging a book by its cover or its total number of pages may result in missing out on a great reading experience and
depending on Spark Notes or a movie will not help you pass the written assessment. Although there may be a movie
version, we can attest that the movie versions of the above titles lack content pertinent to the plot included in the
books. The best way to read a book is to do exactly that. Read the book.

Assignments on Reading Selections:
There are two assignments for summer reading for English 9 honors students. The first is the ABC scrapbook project
is explained on the following pages. You will choose one of the two assigned reading selections for the scrapbook
project. The ABC scrapbook project is due on August 26, 2010. Every student will be given a written assessment
on the other reading selection during the first week of classes once the school year has started. For example, if a
student chooses to complete the ABC scrapbook project on The Book Thief, he/she will be given a written
assessment on The Perks of Being a Wallflower during the first week of school.

Note to Parents:
When deciding upon the titles for the summer reading, the goal was to provide a reading experience that would be
challenging, interesting and life applicable to students. Although all books included in the summer reading and
project are considered age appropriate reading material for ninth graders, several titles are offered in each list in
order to give both parents and their children a choice as to which book they choose to read. Especially due to the
fact that it is an honors course, the students are expected to be mature readers, sometimes being exposed to reading
with mature subjects and language.
                                                  Keeping a reading journal is a great way to review your summer
                                                  reading, before having to complete a written assessment. Some
Happy Reading!
                                                  questions you may want to answer in your journal are as follows:
Mr. Cornish, Miss Stamper, and Mrs. Gayheart
                                                       •    What is the setting?
                                                       •    Who are the main characters? Provide a description
FHS English Dept.                                           for each.
                                                       •    What is the plot of the story?
                                                       •    Does the story include a problem or a conflict? How                                 is it resolved?                           •    Does the author use any recurring themes or
 (937)879-3611                                              symbolism? How do these literary devices
                                                            contribute to the story?
                                       English 9 Honors / Summer Reading Project / Mr. Cornish, Miss Stamper and Mrs. Gayheart

                                                   Summer Reading Project:
                                                   ABC Literary Scrapbook

Directions: As a requirement for your summer reading you will be completing an ABC literacy scrapbook.
The ABC literacy scrapbook will consist of twenty six entries (one entry per page, in alphabetical order)
encouraging you to focus on different aspects of the book. The entries listed below are self-explanatory but are only
a minimum requirement for what information should be included on each page. Your work will be assessed on
quality of thought put into your entries, accuracy of information, and your effort to be creative. Feel free to
include pictures or clip art, the use of color, and creative design on each scrapbook page. You must use only one of
the assigned reading books for this ABC literary scrapbook. Before beginning this project, please read Fairborn
High School English Department Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism. Work hard and have fun!

Remember: All entries must be from the same book. Pick only one of the assigned reading
           books to use as the basis for this project!



“B”ooks (short summary of the book)


“D”escription of main characters


“F”igurative language (include one example of each of the following literary terms: simile, metaphor, and hyperbole)

“G”ive an alternate ending

“H”eart to heart (write a one full page letter to a character of your choice giving them a piece of your mind, and place your letter
in an addressed envelope)

“I”llustrations (draw an illustration, that does not already exist, that could be placed on the cover of the book)

“J”ustify why this book is a must read for all teens (in paragraph form and no less than 10

“K”now your book (provide ten questions worth asking about the book and include the answers to your ten questions)

“L”essons learned (include at least three lessons you learned from the book)
                                           English 9 Honors / Summer Reading Project / Mr. Cornish, Miss Stamper and Mrs. Gayheart

“M”aking personal connections (explain two personal connections you were able to make with the book)

“N”arration (the point of view in which the story is told)

“O”bituary             (for a character of your choice from the book. The character may not actually die in the book. Write it from your
perspective of when they might hypothetically die.)


“Q”uotes (two of your favorite quotes from the book and be sure to give the author credit by including the page number in which you
have borrowed this information.)


“S”ensory details                 (quote a descriptive passage that appeals to the senses. Be sure to give the author credit by including the
page number in which you have borrowed this information.)

“T”op five song list                      (choose a character from the book and create a top five song list that would be found on their ipod. You
must include the lyrics for each song choice and explain how this song applies to the character)

“U”ndercover mission (go on an undercover mission to reveal and write three facts about the author.)

“V”isiting your favorite character (what five questions would you ask, and explain your reasoning for each
question. Be sure to name the character that you would be asking these questions.)

“W”hy would you not recommend this book to your peers? (explain your choice in
paragraph form and no less than 10 sentences)

“X”enophobia (tell which characters experience xenophobia in the book)

“Y”ou get to create a page based on your own ideas!                                                                                  (kind of like a freebie, just be sure to
stick to the book)

“Z”inger (describe at least one zinger from the book and explain why it was unexpected to you.)

                                                                – AUGUST 26

                               English 9 Honors / Summer Reading Project / Mr. Cornish, Miss Stamper and Mrs. Gayheart

                              Fairborn High School English Department
                                  Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism

Cheating is claiming the work of other individuals, groups, or agencies as your own.
Cheating includes:
   •   copying, faxing, emailing, or duplicating anything turned in and claiming it as your own

   •   exchanging assignments with other students, whether it is believed the work will be
       copied or not;

   •   using any form of memory aid during tests or quizzes without teacher permission;

   •   giving or receiving answers during tests or quizzes. (It is the student’s responsibility to
       secure his or her papers so other students will not have the opportunity or the temptation
       to copy.);

   •   taking credit for group work when the student has not contributed an equal or appropriate
       share toward the final result;

   •   accessing a test or quiz for the purpose of determining the questions in advance of its

   •   using summaries and commentaries (Cliff’s Notes, Spark Notes, etc.) instead of reading
       the assigned materials or for copying essays and responses-.

Plagiarism is a form of cheating. In this case, plagiarism happens most often when students are
researching for information on topics in a class project or paper. Plagiarism is seen as a serious
form of cheating that gives teachers a false view of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. It
prevents further instruction in areas of weakness and delays the student in reaching his or her
Plagiarism includes:
   •   taking someone else’s assignment or portion of an assignment and submitting it as one’s own;

   •   submitting material written by someone else or rephrasing the ideas of another without giving the
       author’s name or source;

   •   presenting the work of tutors, parents, siblings, or friends as one’s own;

   •   failing to properly cite sources used in writing a paper or preparing a project;

   •   submitting purchased papers or papers from the Internet written by someone else as one’s own;

   •   supporting plagiarism by providing work to others, whether it is believed it will be copied or not.

                               English 9 Honors / Summer Reading Project / Mr. Cornish, Miss Stamper and Mrs. Gayheart

When cheating is not an individual activity, all parties involved are equally guilty and will be
subject to the same consequences.

The consequences may include:

   •   Re-instruction or review of proper research strategies and citations to avoid plagiarism.

   •   Students involved may receive a grade of “0” on the assignment, test, quiz, or project. The
       teacher has the option to grant a re-write or re-take.

   •   A disciplinary referral may be submitted to the office and parents will be contacted.

   •   Continued instances of cheating may result in a “0” for the quarter and/or course.

Work Cited:
North Hunterdon High School Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism. 13 August 2006.


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