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Center for Government Services
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the Center for Government Services (CGS) is currently affiliated with                                                               REGISTRATION FORM
the rutgers Division of Continuing Studies and was formerly a part
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and has performed that function for over 60 years. it has trained                              General InforMatIon
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thousands of public sector officials in a variety of areas affecting public
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code enforcement, education facilities management, public purchasing,
                                                                                                                                               Prerequisite Course(s) (if applicable) ___________________
planning and zoning and municipal administration (i.e. municipal clerks       Last name _______________________________________
and registrars) to name a few.                                                                                                                 _________________________________________________
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the Center trains approximately 8,000 individuals each year through           Social Security number _____________________________
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year. Participants in the Center’s programs are taught by practicing
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professionals whose expertise reflects both theoretical and practical
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ture to offer state mandated training for municipal officials. as a result,
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sponsibilities in a professional manner that is appropriate for public ser-
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                                  MUNICIPAL CLERKS PROGRAM

This series of core courses is designed to train
Municipal Clerks and related personnel in the duties and
responsibilities of their office. In addition to Municipal
Clerks, other municipal officials are invited to enroll in the
courses, provided space is available and the prerequisites
are satisfied. The instructional staff is composed of
individuals who are experienced members of the field,
many of whom serve or have served in executive positions
of the Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey.

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs
  Division of Local Government Services
Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey, Inc.
International Institute of Municipal Clerks
Rutgers University
  Center for Government Services

CGS sponsors the New Jersey IIMC Institute. The
CMC Institute focuses primarily on topics relating to
management, communication, and leadership. The Master
Municipal Clerk (MMC) Academy program is designed to
offer training and education in advanced management and
interpersonal subject areas. IIMC classes are offered by
CGS throughout the year. The schedules are posted on
the CGS website when available. For information about
the International Institute for Municipal Clerks (IIMC) go to or call 800-251-1639.

For those students planning to complete the entire program,
Introduction to the Duties of the Municipal Clerk must
be successfully completed before registering for Advanced
Duties of the Municipal Clerk. The Advanced course must
be successfully completed before registering for Municipal
Finance Administration for Municipal Clerks.

                                                          NO. 1

Courses are scheduled during the fall, spring and summer
semesters throughout the state. Announcements containing
specific course information are available and may be found on
the agency’s website:

Enrollment: A student may enroll in a CGS course in several
different ways. Mail-in registrations, faxed registrations, and
in-person registrations at the CGS offices are accepted prior
to the start of the course. Before a student is officially enrolled
in a course, payment must be authorized or secured, and the
student must meet all prerequisites associated with the course.
A student who has a delinquent account with CGS will not
be permitted to enroll in any additional CGS courses until the
delinquency is resolved.

In-person registrations at the course location on the night
of the first class are considered “walk-ins.” Walk-ins are
accepted but not encouraged and will be assessed a $15 late
registration fee. In addition, walk-in students must complete
an agreement-to-pay form and will be contacted by CGS
immediately after the first class. Walk-ins must make full
payment of all fees or provide a valid purchase order within five
business days of the first class. Walk-ins already on financial
hold will not be permitted to complete their registration unless
the delinquency is resolved.

Course Fees and Payment: Payment for a student’s
participation in a course can be obtained using any of the
following three methods:
1) Credit card payment by mail, in-person or fax (Mastercard,
   Visa, Discover, or American Express)
2) Check or money order payment by mail or in person
3) Authorized voucher or purchase order received via mail or

Actual course fees vary per course as courses have different
hours of instructional time and the cost of study materials
are dissimilar. Upon receipt of a completed registration form
and payment, a class space is reserved for the student.
Confirmation letters regarding registration will not occur.

NO. 2
                                     MUNICIPAL CLERKS PROGRAM

Late Fees: Students are required to register for classes before
the date of the first class session. Any student who attempts to
register on (or after) the day of the first class will be considered
a late registrant and will be assessed a $15 late fee for the
processing of the registration.

Returned Check Fee Policy: There is a $25 fee for all checks
that are returned to CGS. Failure to pay the fee will prevent
future course registrations and the withholding of the course

Withdrawal Policy: CGS will refund the full course fees minus a
$25 charge for processing to students who notify CGS of their
intent to withdraw from a class in writing at least 2 business
days before the class is scheduled to start. Failure to notify
CGS within that time period will result in forfeiture of all fees.

Class Cancellation Policy: The Center reserves the right to
cancel any course or seminar. CGS will notify all students
enrolled in a course that has been cancelled and the
information will be posted on the CGS website. Students
will be given a choice of receiving a full refund for courses
cancelled by CGS or exercising the option to enroll in the same
course at a different location (if one is available) or another
course that is offered during the same semester. In the event
there is a difference in course fees between the course that
was cancelled and the alternate course, an adjustment will be

Certificates: Certificates are mailed to students after the
successful completion of each course, which is defined
as 80% attendance of the class hours, a passing grade (if
an examination is required) and full payment of all fees. A
permanent record of courses taken is maintained by Rutgers.
Certificates will not be issued to students if any fees are
outstanding or delinquent.

Special Needs Students: Students with special needs
are encouraged to contact CGS so that appropriate
accommodations may be made.

                                                              NO. 3

Introduction to the Duties of the Municipal Clerk
21 Hours
This course acquaints the student with the statutory and some
non-statutory duties of the Municipal Clerk and offers a general
introduction to municipal government and licensing.

Advanced Duties of the Municipal Clerk
21 Hours
A more detailed and technical description of the Municipal
Clerk’s office is presented in this course. Topics include
personnel policies and procedures, municipal land use law,
ancillary duties, parliamentary procedures, fiscal affairs,
budgets, and bonds.

Local Elections Administration
21 Hours
This course is designed to acquaint students with the
New Jersey electoral process, including the primary and
general elections, as explained in Title 19. The course will
introduce students to HAVA, the Faulkner Act, and non-
partisan elections.

Information and Records Management
18 Hours
Retention and disposition of records and records filing
have evolved into management information systems. This
course teaches OPRA, compliance, and essential records
management techniques.

Municipal Finance Administration for Municipal Clerks
24 Hours
This course provides a foundation for understanding local
government finance. Major areas covered include the
institutional framework, the state’s role, local public contracts
law, the municipal budget process, and local fiscal affairs.

Municipal Clerk Review Course
18 Hours
This non-required course is held prior to the state certification
examination. Please bring your Study Guide on the first day of

NO. 4
                                   MUNICIPAL CLERKS PROGRAM

The new Third Edition of the Study Guide (2010) will be
provided to all registered students, this semester only, on the
first day of class. The cost is included in the registration fee.
There are no supplements as this is a new edition. Do not bring
your old 2004 edition to class.

Students registered in the Introduction course will receive the
new Study Guide, complete with binder.

Students registered in all other courses will receive the
unbound insert of everything except the binder. Please bring
your current binder, empty, to the first day of class.

If you are registering for more than one course this semester
adjust your payment for the second course by subtracting
$82.00. This ensures you receive and pay for only one Study
Guide insert.

All others who wish to purchase a copy of the new Study Guide
please download the order form from or call 732-932-3640, ext.

New Jersey’s Municipal Clerk State Certification Exam
is scheduled for April 2011. Applicants must apply to the
Division of Local Government Services not less than 30 days
in advance of the exam. The exam fee is $50. Applications
may be downloaded at information on
experience and other requirements for attaining certification,
please call 609-633-6349.

Municipal Clerk Review Course – $573

MC-4005-SP11-1 Allendale
Municipal Building
500 West Crescent Avenue
Wednesdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
March 2, 9, 16
Instructor: Gwen McCarthy

MC-4005-SP11-2 Mays Landing
Atlantic Cape Community College
5100 Black Horse Pike, Building Q, Room 108
Friday and Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
March 26, April 1, 2
Instructor: Kevin Yecco
                                                            NO. 5


Course times are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., except where noted
with an asterisk (*). Dates noted with an asterisk (*) run from
9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Introduction to the Duties of the Municipal Clerk – $698

MC-4000-SP11-1 Morris Plains
Morris County Public Safety Training Academy
500 West Hanover Avenue
February 5, 12, 19, 26*
Instructor: Kathy Coletta

MC-4000-SP11-2 Lakewood
Georgian Court University
900 Lakewood Avenue
A&S Building
Friday and Saturdays
January 8, 14, 15, 22*
Instructors: Mary Madonna and Bernadette Standowski

MC-4000-SP11-3 Mays Landing
Atlantic Cape Community College
5100 Black Horse Pike
Building Q, Room 105
March 26
April 2, 9, 16*
Instructor: Lucy Samuelson

NO. 6
                                MUNICIPAL CLERKS PROGRAM

Advanced Duties of the Municipal Clerk – $669

MC-4001-SP11-1 Morris Plains
Morris County Public Safety Training Academy
500 West Hanover Avenue
March 26
April 2, 9, 16*
Instructor: Kathy Coletta

MC-4001-SP11-2 Lakewood
Georgian Court University
900 Lakewood Avenue
A&S Building
February 12, 26
March 5, 19*
Instructors: Mary Madonna and Elaine Kennedy

MC-4001-SP11-3 Washington (GL)
Municipal Building
523 Egg Harbor Road, Sewell
Friday and Saturdays
April 22, 30
May 7, 14*
Instructor: Jennica Bileci

Information and Records Management – $599

MC-4004-SP11-1 Morris Plains
Morris County Public Safety Training Academy
500 West Hanover Avenue
May 7, 14, 21
Instructor: Kathy Coletta

MC-4004-SP11-2 North Brunswick
Middlesex County Archives
95 Apple Orchard Way
March 11, 18, 25
Instructor: Elaine Kennedy
                                         (continued on next page)

                                                          NO. 7

Local Elections Administration – $667
MC-4002-SP11-1 Wantage Township
Municipal Building
888 Route 23
April 6, 13, 20, 27*
Instructor: Jim Doherty

MC-4002-SP11-2 Washington (GL)
Municipal Building
523 Egg Harbor Road, Sewell
March 26
April 2, 9, 16*
Instructor: Jennica Bileci

Municipal Finance Administration
for Municipal Clerks – $737

MC-4003-SP11-1 Branchburg
Whiton Hills Community Center
804 Bermuda Drive, Neshanic Station
February 18, 25
March 4, 11*, 18*
Instructors: Sharon Brienza and Vita Mekovetz

MC-4003-SP11-2 Neptune City
Municipal Building, Council Chambers
106 West Sylvania Avenue
February 18, 25
March 11, 18*, 25*
Instructor: Joel Popkin

MC-4003-SP11-3 Mays Landing
Atlantic Cape Community College
5100 Black Horse Pike
Building Q, Room 107
Fridays and Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
February 26
March 4, 5, 11*
Instructor: Kevin Yecco

NO. 8

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