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Using the HTML Editor
    The Campus Intranet HTML Editor is one of the main tools for faculty, staff, and other
    content managers to enter and edit text. With the HTML Editor, you can enter, edit and
    format text, and insert pictures into your Web page. You can also “copy and paste”
    and “drag and drop” text from word processing programs into the HTML Editor.

    The HTML Editor functions much like a word processing program, as illustrated below.

    Note: This HTML Editor works correctly only with Microsoft Internet Explorer for
    Windows operating systems.

Using the HTML Editor Tools
                 Bold Text             Bolds the selected text
                 Italic Text           Italicizes the selected text
                 Underline Text        Underlines the selected text
                 Align Left            Aligns the selected text to the left
                 Center                Centers the selected text
                 Align Right           Aligns the selected text to the right
                 Numbering             Formats selected text as an ordered list
                 Bullets               Formats selected text as a bulleted list
                 Decrease Indent       Decreases the indentation of the selected content
                 Increase Indent       Indents the selected content
                 Create Hyperlink      Creates a link (either an internal, external, or e-
                                       mail) to the selected text on your page. After
                                       selecting your text you wish to make a “hot link”,
                                       click Create Hyperlink to see the New Link dialog

                                       Link Dialog Box

                                       Creating an External Link

                                       You can enter an external hyperlink such as
                              directly in the
                                       “Module/Link” field:

Click OK to save the link.

Creating an Internal Link

You can also link to internal Campus Intranet
object (for example, a community, folder,
document, or publication). To do this, click Module
to select the object category (as, Community,
Document, Folder) to which you want to link:

and then selecting the object from the list of
accessible items:

Once you locate the item, click OK to see the link
path in the parameter field:

Click OK again to see you link path in the Link
Dialog Box:

Click OK to save the link.

Note: If you click Module and browse for objects to
link to, you will see only the objects to which you
have access.

Creating an E-mail Hyperlink

You can link to an e-mail address simply by
entering a properly formatted e-mail address (for
example, and then
selecting the E-Mail address type:

Click OK to save the link.

Hint: You link to more than one e-mail address by
separating each e-mail address with a semicolon.


The Type section of the New Link Dialog Box
allows you to select how you want the link to

Normal: Opens the link inside the Campus
Intranet shell (with the standard page header).

New Window: Opens the link in a new browser
Popup: Opens the link in a “pop up” window.
E-mail: Links to e-mail addresses (see below).

Hint: If you type a URL
( or an e-mail
address directly in the HTML text editor followed
by a space character (or by pressing the Enter
key) it automatically becomes a hyperlink:

Editing an Existing Link

You can edit your existing link(s) by repeating this
process, except the selection of your existing
linked text. When editing your link, select the
exact linked text, or the New Link Web Page
Dialog box may not load your correct link target for
you to edit. Please see the example below.

Given the following linked text,

select the exact linked text with your mouse:

Then click Create Hyperlink to edit your link:

                  If you do not select the exact linked text (notice
                  the period at the end of the sentence is selected

                  and click Create Hyperlink to edit your link, the
                  target link does not load:

Horizontal Rule   Inserts a horizontal rule (line) at the selected
                  position in the editor.
HTML View         Switches to HTML view. For advanced users only.
Insert Table      Inserts a table into your Web page. To insert a
                  new table or edit an existing table, click the Table
                  icon in the toolbar to open the HTML Table Dialog

                  Type the number of rows and columns needed
                  (you can change these numbers later if you need
                  to add or delete rows and/or columns).

                  To edit an existing table, place the cursor at any
                  point inside the table and click Table:

                  You now can insert/delete rows and columns or
                  set/change background colors.

Picture Library   Inserts a picture from the picture library. See the
                  Using the Picture Library section in this document.
                  Once you insert a picture, you can click on the
                  picture again, so it is selected, and then click on
                  the Picture Library tool icon again to add
                  alternative (“alt”) text for the image:

                  Click OK button to save the alt text. Alt text is
                  displayed in text only browsers and also appears
                  as “mouse-over” text.
Text Color        Changes the color of the selected text
Macro             Embeds Campus Intranet macros on your page.
                  This is for advanced users.
Icons             To insert an icon, click the Icon menu button to
                  open the Icon Library:

                                     Click on the icon you want and it appears where
                                     your cursor rests in your HTML editor.

                                     Your Campus Intranet System Administrator
                                     maintains the list of available icons.
                Office Garbage       Clean up all "garbage" HTML tags generated by
                Filter               copy-paste from Microsoft Word and other
                Format Options       Format Options allow you to apply predefined
                                     styles to your text. See an example of each style

Keyboard Shortcuts
    The HTML Editor does not have tool icons for some important functions such as
    copying and pasting, “undo,” and “redo.” However, these functions are supported via
    Windows keyboard shortcuts. The most common keyboard shortcuts are listed below.

Press              To
CTRL+C             Copy the selected text.
CTRL+X             Cut the selected text.
CTRL+V             Paste the selected text.
CTRL+Z             Undo the last action.
CTRL+Y             Redo the last action.
DELETE             Delete the selected text.
CTRL+P             Print the text and objects in the HTML
CTRL+RIGHT         Move the insertion point to the
ARROW              beginning of the next word.
CTRL+LEFT          Move the insertion point to the
ARROW              beginning of the previous word.
CTRL+DOWN          Move the insertion point to the
ARROW              beginning of the next paragraph.
CTRL+UP ARROW      Move the insertion point to the
                   beginning of the previous paragraph.
CTRL+SHIFT with    Highlight a block of text.
any of the arrow

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