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            Mouse Trap or
   Growth of populations over time:
   For a small population, as long as the birth rate is
    slightly above the death rate, a population of mice
    will grow.
   *Problem- Too many mice to handle

    20000                                   Mice
    15000                                   Rate
            1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

   Conclusion- We are not going to market mouse
    traps. Mouse traps market will be left alone. Our
    main focus now is to market the best extermination
    program for mice and other pest.
 Solution- Extermination
                     Extermination- Both Mice and other rodents.
      Rodenticides. Single-dose and multiple-dose rodenticides (toxic baits)
     and fumigants are registered for house mouse control. A wide variety of
       active ingredients and formulations are available. We recommend you
      use commercially prepared materials, because they do not require that
        applicators handle concentrated materials that are more hazardous.
           Single-dose rodenticides. Single-dose rodenticides are more
           hazardous than the multiple- dose (anticoagulant) rodenticides.
       Therefore, single dose toxicants should be used by professional pest
       control operators or other persons familiar with their use. Single-dose
            rodenticides (Table I) will give a quick knockdown of a mouse
     population. They may be preferred where mice are abundant or where it
        is difficult to get mice to accept a bait for several days in succession
                            because of competing food items.
     Bait acceptance can be increased by "prebaiting" with unpoisoned bait
          for several days before the rodenticide is offered. If acceptance of
        prebait is poor, do not apply toxic bait, but change bait material or its
              placement. "Bait shyness" can occur with some single-dose
     rodenticides such as zinc phosphide, so it is best to use them only once
                                 per year at any location.
    Remove and destroy all uneaten bait at the end of a poisoning program.
     Never leave single-dose baits exposed for more than three to four days.
            Multiple-dose (anticoagulant) rodenticides. Multiple-dose
     rodenticides (Table II) generally are considered much safer than single-
        dose rodenticides. Anticoagulants cause death as a result of internal
     bleeding, which occurs as the animal's blood loses the ability to clot and
        capillaries are damaged. The active ingredients are used at very low
      levels, so bait shyness does not occur when using properly formulated
        Mice must feed on most anticoagulant baits for several days before
              death will occur. Fresh bait must be made available to mice
     continuously for at least two weeks, or as long as feeding occurs. There
      are exceptions, however, such as brodifacoum and bromadiolone, that
     are capable of causing death after a single feeding, but the mice do not
      die for several days. Vitamin K is an antidote for several anticoagulant
      S.W.O.T Analysis
           1.98 percent share of the market.
2. 1 Billion impressions made of our Victor. (V) your
                   bound to see our logo
3. Providing consumers with the newest technology
   offering innovative solutions. Many ways to solve
                   you rodent problems.
           1.New business in extermination.
     2.Not enough experience in extermination.
  1. Growing business, need to expand into other
     2.. Success in pest control in NYC, need to
            expanded extermination business.
 1.Many other extermination companies out there.
2.Government regulations that improves sanitation
   which will decrease the number of rodents, which
   will not be good for us. Victor needs rodents to kill
                 to make profit and sales.
     Mission Statement
  Position- Victor is the best. There is no
                 other choice.
   Vision- We see Victor controlling the
       extermination business in NYC.
 Opportunities- To expand business from
   Manhattan to all the five boroughs in the
                  next 3 years
Scope of Business- All five boroughs. All the
    five boroughs have a rotten problem,
    some more than others. 1 locations in
  each borough, to provide customers with
               what they want.
Message-To provide a safe and clean home
  without any rotten. If you see any rodents
   we are there to take them away. Victor
            service is like no other.
Market Positioning- Victor is the best
  service provided for extermination
  of all rodents. Increase consumer
  awareness of our service.
Customer Objectives- To get rid of
  the mice and rodents. To control
  the rodents before they get out
  control. Want to be provided
Financial projections- Fixed Cost for
  extermination. Flat rate price of
  $250 for exterminating your house.
Product or Service Objective- To
  provide the best extermination
  service out there. The service
  Victor provide is like no other.
               Consumer Awareness
Victor wants to increase consumer awareness by
                   30% in 3 months.
    1. Give out Brochures about extermination
   business (includes all the benefits received by
                      a consumer).
        2. Advertise on trains and busses.
 3. Website- provides you with all the information
     about our company and lists all the prices.
 Fixed rate prices for extermination. Victor offers
   the best prices that can not be beaten by other
     companies. [Flat rate prices] One price for
   Points of Uniqueness (points of differences)
 Victor service like no other. Eliminates rodents
    and take them away for you. You don’t have
    to do anything. All you do is watch us do the
     work. Now, which company comes to your
      house kills all the rodents and takes them
      away? There is only one choice which is
    Market Research and
                      Target Market
 Target Market is anyone that has a mice and rodent
    problem. If there is problem of mice and rodents in
   your home or business, Victor takes care of it. NY1,
  Fox new, CNN news have all stressed the problems
    of mice in restaurants. Everyone has some kind of
   rodent problems. Rotten are always around and will
   be around. Victor eliminates them for you and takes
                         them away.
              Income Level vs. Rodent Rate
          High income-Low Rodent population
         Middle or low income- High rodent rate.
                   Technology Trends
Victor has the best extermination products. Victor also
  has mouse traps available. The mouse traps are the
      latest ones out there. Victor offers you the best
   service and price like no other company. Victor has
 the best products out there right now, so why wouldn’t
                      you choose us?
    Executive Summary
             Target audience and purpose
  Target audience for the marketing plan is anyone
     that has mice or rodent problems. Whether the
      problem is at home or at work, Victor has the
        solution. Purpose is to get rid of mice and
                       The industry
Victor has branched of to the extermination business.
     Victor already has 98% of the market share for
    mouse trap industry. Victor wants to do the same
                with extermination industry.
    One flat rate price system for all extermination
    needs. Other competitors charge different prices
       for different types of exterminations. Victor
            charges one flat rate price of $250.
The service Victor provides is like no other. If you are
    not satisfied with our work, Victor will refund your
                        money back.
VPC: Protecting All Five Boroughs

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