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       Naajia S. El-Amin


    May 2003 – August 2003
              TABLE OF CONTENTS

      1      Biographical Sketch

My name is Naajia El-Amin from Jacksonville, Fl and I am the oldest of three children and the first to go to
college amongst my siblings. In high school I always had a passion for computers, on the applications side, but
I never thought I would try to pursue a career in computer science. I was also interested in talking, acting, and
sleeping, but when I read up on how much money you can earn in a computer information field, my focus
evolved around computers more and more. I am in an organization called INROADS and have an internship
with Convergys Corporation. I have interned there for three years and have been invited back for a fourth year.
I am currently a third year student at Florida A&M University and I am anticipating graduation to be in the Fall
of 2005. I really enjoy my time spent at Florida A&M University and hope that the remainder of my days on
The Hill are as fulfilling as they have previously been.

      2      Company Background

Convergys, which spun out of Cincinnati Bell, has world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, Convergys
serves top companies in communications, financial services, technology, employee care and other industries in
more than 40 countries. Convergys employs more than 44,000 people in our contact centers, data centers and
offices in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Revenues in 2002 were
$2.3 billion. The location in Jacksonville was originally the old AT&T building which was renamed to
Convergys after going through many business names. It is one of the larger facilities which house the
Marketing, Finance, IT, and Human Resources departments. It also houses the major call centers for clients
such as Sodexho, Clairol, AT&T, and Guidant.

      3      Internship Program
The internship program at Convergys is mainly sponsored by INROADS. INRAODS is a program that is
dedicated to finding and placing first year through upper class college students in corporations across America.
At Convergys each intern had a mentor and team to which they are assigned. Also, everyone shared the
Business Coordinator. We participated in weekly luncheons and visits to other locations. The internship
program is better established now than in previous years due to our Business Coordinator, Sharon Secunda.
The vice president of IT, David Wilbur, at Convergys in Jacksonville also sits on the Executive Board of
INROADS of Jacksonville and therefore is very active in recruiting INROADS interns and making sure that we
are getting the most out of our experiences.

      4      Internship Project
My internship projects spread throughout the time of my internship. I did not have a major project for the
whole summer, but was delegated assignments throughout the internship. This summer I joined the Functional
Analyst team and assisted them in daily tasks.

       4.1     Project Overview
Some of the assignments included maintaining a file that was refreshed on a daily basis, preparing a document
that gave a detailed description of a website for two clients, Guidant and Myers-Briggs, cloning databases
,participating in a SAP training class, using different tools to research daily issues, and many more.

       4.2     Project Relevance
The projects assigned to me were relevant in that they were applied to daily business regimes. The web
overview documents were sent to the clients to help them navigate the screens, and the research and upkeep of
the refresh files were detrimental to every day tasks, else it would cost the company money.

       4.3     Project Timeline
During my internship, I was assigned many tasks that all had varied due dates depending on the urgency of the
information needed. Some assignments allowed me two to three weeks while others allowed me one to two

       4.4     In-House Training
This summer I had the privilege to participate in a SAP training class for Functional Analyst. It mainly focused
on the configuration of the tables for Guidant, the client. I participated in the class from the first week of my
internship until the last week of my internship. I learned a great deal about configuration and how SAP is used
by all aspects of the business. We basically were taught how to build a database for a client based on their
specific needs. We built the Health and Insurance Benefits portion of the database by configuring from a top
down model. When configuring tables for health you must start at the top and then become more specific as to
what type of plans the client wants and how many people are allowed to be on the plan and also what type of
people are allowed to sign up for the plans. It was a very tedious process that allowed for few mistakes. I was
not able to finish the remainder of the training class but did complete a sizeable bulk of the work.

       4.5     Project Tasks and Results
The tasks that I was assigned were all completed by the end of my internship. The training class was not
completed because I had to leave for school. My daily task of checking the daily refresh file had to be handed
back over to the head Functional Analyst to continue upkeep. And the web overview documents were placed
on the shared drive to be viewed by whomever necessary.

       4.6     Project Evaluation
The evaluations for my projects came at the end of every assignment. I felt the duty was infringed upon me to
make sure I was doing the job accurately. Most evaluations were good, but if something was not right my
mentor and I went over it. My manager was in charge of final evaluations and discussed my summer with me
and INROADS. All in all, my evaluations were per tasks and were evaluated as good work.
      5      Technical Products
The main technical product used to complete assignments were my desktop naturally, and other software tools.
These tools included Lotus Notes for email and database maintenance, Crystal Reports for queries, SAP for
configuration, research, and queries, Excel, Word, Internet, and Intranet.

       5.1     Design Description
In order to help me accomplish some of my tasks, my team members provided templates of earlier documents to
guide me. Therefore, for the web overview document I modified the new documents off the old ones and
personalized it to the specific client. For the other projects no design was needed.

       5.2     Code or Finished Product
On this internship no code was produced because I was in analyst positions that did not require the outputting of
code. And the documents that were produced are confidential to Convergys only. The only thing that can be
viewed is the web site that I documented it can be found at You will not have access to go
pass the home page because it requires ID and passcode.

       5.3     Sample Output
No code or work done can be shown because Convergys deals with confidential information of our client’s
employees. And the showing of the confidential information is forbidden. Also, the documents for Convergys
are made confidential to them.

      6      Professional Growth
This particular year of my internship has helped me grow the most out of all of my internships. I learned new
things about myself and about others that I probably would have had to find out a long time after I graduated.
This year has helped me to better figure a career path and start deciding on what I want to do versus what I do
not want to do. This year has also helped me in networking experiences and learning how to get things

       6.1     Challenges
One of the challenges this summer was getting people to trust me. Trust me in the aspect that I could handle the
work. People often felt that I was too young or inexperienced to handle the work load, but once I proved to
them that I could do a little, and then a little more, I was entrusted with bigger projects.

       6.2     Technical Skills Acquired
The main technical skill that I acquired during this internship was my familiarity with SAP. I had worked with
SAP for the previous two years, but this summer I worked more in depth with the application. The first two
years I only worked with the GUI doing research, but this year I attend training to learn to configure upon SAP
for different clients. The class also benefited me by improving my problem solving skills.

       6.3     Business/Management Skills Acquired
This year I learned time management skills and interpersonal skills. This year I learned how to manage my time
wisely because I did not have stone due dates, but had to guess at how long a project should take me. I had to
learn how to balance how much time I spent on a project and what project was more important to finish first
since I would often times balance more than one project at a time. I also acquired interpersonal skills this
summer. I felt that I contributed to the team and that I got along well with others. I did not feel like an outcast
in the group. I learned how to ask questions to get my work done.

       6.4     Lessons I Would Apply to Next Internship
The lessons I would apply to my next internship, is voicing my opinions more and becoming more intricate with
the team. Although, I asked a lot a questions I felt that I needed to contribute more to the team via my opinion.
Because I learned that my thoughts would often time be in compliance with my team members thoughts.

      7       Summary/Conclusions
 This internship was the best internship yet, because I was involved in real work and had great mentors.
Convergys is a great company to work for, because its diversity and casual environment. It is a place that
contains great people, with great minds, and great spirits.

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