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Local answer - The Wedding guide


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Your guide to the
perfect fairy tale
wedding locally.

       uccess or otherwise on
       your special day is largely
       dependant upon the
 time,planning and preparation
 you do. You will find out for
 yourself after you have read
 this month’s eight page wedding
 guide that preparation needs
 to start early, in most cases
 eighteen months before the big

 We have included some useful
 hints and tips to help and guide
 you through the things you need
 think about and help ensure
 your special day is a joyous

 We have brought together local
 specialists to help and advise
 you whether it be jewellery,
 photo’s or wedding cake.

 We hope you enjoy reading
 our wedding guide and find it
 helpful in preparation for your
 big day.

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                Wedding Budget Checklist
    Use the below checklist to help to keep you wedding on budget.
       Item/Supplier             Done          Budget            Actual Spend
                                              Amount (£)              (£)
        Wedding Venue
       Reception Venue
 First nights accommodation
Photography & Videographer
        Wedding dress
       Hair and Beauty
      Bridesmaid outfits
Groom & Groomsmen’s outfits
            Car Hire

       Table decorations
     Thank You presents
            TOTAL                YOUr cOlOUrocal
                                           L                                       Answer

                                  ExplOrE OUr wEalth Of charms

                         51 - 53 High Street, Yarm, Yorkshire, TS15 9BH, 01642 788088
                          24 High Street, Stokesley, Yorkshire, TS9 5AB, 01642 713730

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           Tips On Ordering Your Wedding Stationery
When to order
As a guide, we would recommend that orders for Invitations & RSVP cards are
placed at least five to six months before your wedding date for sending out three to
four months before your wedding. Save-The-Date cards can be ordered as
early as you want.

Once your guests have replied to your
invitations, you can then work out your seating
plan. Your Reception venue will tell you how
many tables you will have and where they will
be placed. We can then start working on your
table plan.

If you require a full set of wedding stationery we
recommend that you order all of your stationery
at once, (with an estimated numbers if exact
quantities are not known at that stage) to ensure
continuity of your design.

How many to order
Allow one Invitation per family/couple (and you may wish to order a few extra for any
changes made when writing them out or any extra guests you may decide to ask at a
later date).

Allow one Order of Service per couple (and you may wish to order a few extra for
evening guests who may also wish to attend the ceremony). The details within your
Order of Service will need to be agreed with your Church/Venue before
you submit them to your stationer.

How to word invitations
& what to include
Invitations always go out from the hosts,
which is normally the brides’ parents. They
are generally written in the third person (i.e.
Mr & Mrs Jones). The time and date should
be written first, the venue last. Use the titles
of your guest’s names (i.e. Mrs, Dr etc). The
wording “request the honour of your presence”
is the most normal for religious ceremonies,
and “request the pleasure of your company” is
the most normal for non-religious ceremonies/
location. The brides name should appear before
the groom.

You may also wish to consider including maps/
travel information, accommodation details,
wedding gift list/wishing well poem, any dress
requirements (i.e. black tie), and/or reception
finish times within your invitations.

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Page 5   Local
                    Wedding Planning Countdown
12 to 18 Months before
•Announce your engagement to family and friends!
•Discuss the kind of day and ceremony you would like (Church or Civil)
•Set your budget
•Arrange meeting with minister/priest OR book registrar to set your date
•Visit reception venues and book
•Choose your bridesmaids and groomsmen
•Draft your guest list
•Book a photographer
•Start looking for the dress, make appointments with bridal boutiques

9 Months before
•Order your fabulous wedding dress
•Find your wedding stationer and discuss your requirements
•Finalise the guest list and send out Save The Date cards
•Book your florist
•Order your cake
•Book your caterer, hire tables and chairs, DJ/band (if not provided by venue)

6 Months before
•Order your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery
•Meet with hairdresser and make-up artist
•Go shopping for bridesmaids dresses
•Organise grooms and groomsmen’s suits
•Book wedding cars
•Go for wedding dress fitting
•Order wedding rings
•Book your honeymoon (ensure your passports are valid & have inoculations)
•Order your table decorations
•Discuss and agree menu options with caterer/venue

3 to 4 Months before
•Send out wedding invitations, including gift list and directions to church/venue
•Buy wedding lingerie
•Discuss the service and bands with minister/priest/registrar (hymns & readings)
•Choose the music for your ceremony and reception

2 Months before
•Reconfirm bookings with all suppliers
•Buy ‘thank you’ presents for bridal party
•Visit hairdresser and make-up artist for hair and veil, and make-up trials
•Prepare official documents for changing your name

1 Month before
•Confirm the order of service with minister/priest & pass to your wedding stationer
•Arrange your seating plan and place setting cards with your wedding stationer
•Have final dress fitting with whole outfit
•Write speeches
•Confirm that groom and groomsmen’s suits are ready
•Enjoy hen and stag nights!

Local    Answer                         Page 6
                    Innovative and inspirational florists

As a leading orist in the north east, Sandra
listens, understands, then crafts the most
beautiful arrangements to re ect your designs
and colours and personality,to ensure perfection
in owers for your wedding day.

'share love.....share flowers'
27 High Street, Yarm.
Tel 01642 786100                                   www.sandrarose.co.uk

                                  Page 7                     Local        Answer
                        Wedding Planning Countdown
2 Weeks before
•Break in your wedding shoes
•Collect wedding rings
•Buy honeymoon currency
•Agree ‘must take’ shots with your photographer

1 Week before
•Bring your wedding dress home
•Pack for your honeymoon and confirm travel arrangements
•Confirm final guest count and meal requirements with caterer/venue
•Reconfirm details with all suppliers and venue
•Speak with bridal party to make sure everyone knows what they are doing
•Have a spray tan
•Attend wedding rehearsal

The day before
•Send a note/gift to be delivered to your bride tomorrow
•Help to decorate venue (if necessary)
•Have someone take your luggage to the hotel
•Have a manicure and pedicure
•Have a relaxing evening and early night

On the big day
•Enjoy and have a fantastic day!

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