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									CTIO Coatings Support
      12 Mar 2003

          David Kessen / Charles Griffin
                          CTIO Field Liaison
      University of Dayton Research Institute
              Air Force Research Laboratory
Coatings Technology Integration
      •   Purpose

      •   Request for Services

      • Current Field Testing

      •   Laboratory Testing

      •   Contact Information

                                 UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 2

• Perform fast technical support to resolve field issues
   – Information requests
   – Equipment performance tradeoffs
   – Material characteristics and performance
   – Paint/depaint process improvements

• Concentrating on approved and fielded coating materials

• Current thrust areas include but are not limited to:
   – Hazardous material reductions
   – Effects of changing to NESHAP compliant materials
   – Improved over all performance of coatings
                                                UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 3
                                                    Request for Services

                                                     Coatings Technology Integration Office
                                                     AFRL/MLSS-Logistics Systems
                                                     Support                                    AF COATINGS TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION OFFICE
  AF COATINGS TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION OFFICE                                                                                                                                             Page 2
                                                     Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7718
                                                           (937) 255-0943/FAX (937) 255-0954   3. NEED: (Describe the specific requirement and deliverables you need from the CTIO along with the priority
                                                                                               and timing. If being provided, specify any funding and/or resources that are being made available from your
                         REQUEST FOR SERVICES                                                  organization to support the requested CTIO efforts.)


Requestor Name:                                                Date Prepared:

ORG/Office Symbol:                                             Phone No:

Address:                                                        Fax No:

Installation/Zip:                                                                              4. ADVOCACY: (Describe the positive goals of the request and impacts if not accomplished in a timely
                                                                                               manner. Also, whether the request meeting current policy/strategy guidance..)
E-mail Address (if applicable):

2.             BACKGROUND: (Events and facts that led up to the request.)

                                                                                               FOR CTIO USE ONLY:
                                                                                               Engineer Assigned:____________________________ Date Received:_____________
                                                                                               Time Required to Complete:_____________________ Follow-up: Yes                                       No
                                                                                               Estimated Cost:_______________________________

                                                                                               ___________________________________________ Approved                                       Disapproved
                                                                                               CTIO Director Signature

                                                                                                                                            UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 4
            Request for Services

• Uses for Coatings Support
   – To answer questions about:
      • Paint application
      • Depaint Issues
      • Cleaners for use on Aircraft
      • Paint application methods and equipment
   – Information on new technology
      • Coating related technical library
      • On-site troubleshooting
   – Short term fixes with long term solutions
   – To provide answers to the field in an expedient manner
                                          UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 5
                Current Field Testing
                APC Initial Flight Test

• Advance Performance            • Test Performed: color, gloss
  Coating                          and dry-film thickness
• Painted Feb 98                 • Field conditions that
                                   influence data reading are:
• Initial testing performed by     maintenance schedules,
                                   wash cycles, and flying
• CTIO has monitored since         schedules
  Sep 99
                                 • CTIO has been requested by
• Inspected Sep 99- Mar 00-        SPO to continue monitoring
  Sep 00- Apr 01- Mar 02 -         and inspection until mid-
  Oct 02                           cycle PDM / March 03
                                 • Field Evaluation completed

                                             UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 6
               Current Field Testing

• C-141 primed with Low VOC polysulfide
• CTIO monitored the initial application June 00 and follow
    on inspections:
    Inspection dates: Sept 00- Feb 00- Nov 01- Apr 02 - Feb
•   Fuselage and wings painted with two different topcoats
•   Topcoat performance
•   Erosion
•   Maintenance
•   CTIO is continuing evaluation next inspection: Feb 04
                                         UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 7
              Current Field Testing
              AETC Deft Gloss APC

• Trainer Aircraft T-38 flight testing of Gloss APC
• Primed and painted two (2) trainers June 02
• CTIO will monitor and evaluate for one year
  Inspection dates: Oct 02- Mar 03- Jun 03
• Color and Gloss
• Cleanability
• Touch-up
• June 03 AETC will decide whether to continue field

                                         UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 8
                     Laboratory Projects

• AMC has requested a look at possible solutions to reducing the
    normal cure time
• CTIO has coordinated with 3 paint manufacturers for possible
•   Testing at 77/50
•   Pot life
•   Dry times
•   Flexibility
•   Color/gloss/IR
•   Adhesion/compatibility
•   Weatherability
•   Erosion

                                              UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 9
               Laboratory Projects

• APC Comparisons               • Short Test Plan
                                   – Weatherability
• Customer: Air Force              – Flexibility
                                   – Adhesion
• PRC, Akzo Noble, Deft         • Long Test Plan
                                   – Fully test both products to
                                      include flight testing
• Other vendors have products
  that are reported to have        – Project completion March 03
  comparable performance to
                                   – Final Report April 03

                                              UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 10
               Current Field Testing

•   Worked with an ALC Paint Facility to develop a
    rotodome masking cover for painting and de-painting
•   Current process takes 6 personnel approximately 12
    hours to complete
•   Hopeful estimate is to reduce this time by 3-6 hours,
    and possibly reduce number of personnel required
•   Manufacturing glitch caused cover to be incorrectly
    fabricated. This is being rectified by the manufacturer
•   Further testing will continue when cover is received
    from manufacturer
•   This method may prove beneficial in other areas, i.e.,
    flight controls

                                          UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 11
               Current Field Testing

•   Providing support along with AFCPCO to an ALC
    engineering office field testing X-IT Prekote
•   Several different airframes (C-130 and A-10) are being
•   Aircraft are being visually inspected along with gloss
    and color readings being taken
•   Results are favorable, with X-IT performing as well or
    better than current conversion coating for adhesion
• Several SPOs have approved it for fleet-wide use

                                          UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 12
                    Laboratory Projects

•   Working with the B-52 SPO to resolve coating failures
    on radomes
•   Fleet-wide problem identified in 1997 CPAB
•   White elastomeric coating present that has not cured,
    and topcoat is cracking severely
•   Coating Stack-up:
    –   Anti-static coating, BMS 10-21 Type II applied per BAC 5837, no DFT
    –   Epoxy primer, MIL-P-23377 to a DFT of 0.6 mils (no type or class)
    –   MIL-C-83445A Polyurethane, Non-yellowing, White, Rain Erosion
        Resistant, Thermally Reflective coating with a DFT of 12 –14 mils
    –   MIL-C-83286 Polyurethane topcoat to DFT 1.5 mils per T.O. -23

                                                      UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 13
                Laboratory Projects

•   Many of these specifications have been
•   Investigating whether it will be possible to eliminate
    the chromated primer and replace with non-chromated
    epoxy tie-coat per T.O. 1-1-8
• Replace white coating with currently used rain-erosion
    coating as a drop in replacement
•   Another avenue being explored is to replace entire
    coating system with an appliqué film. Manufactured
    by 3M to conform to contour of radome.
•   Close out 97-04 CPAB item

                                         UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 14
       Contact Information

• David Kessen - Field Liaison/UDRI
      NACE International CIP Cert 159121

   – DSN: 986-9265 or 785-0945
   – Commercial 937-656-9265
   – E-Mail: David.Kessen@wpafb.af.mil
   – Web Site: http://www.ml.afrl.af.mil/ctio/

                                           UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 15
         Contact Information

• Charles Griffin – Field Liaison/UDRI
   – DSN: 785-3107 or 785-0945
   – Commercial: 937-255-3107
   – E-Mail: Charles.Griffin@wpafb.af.mil
   – Web Site: http://www.ml.afrl.af.mil/ctio/

                                    UDRI 2187-A1-52 Field Response Corrosion Conference 16
CTIO Coatings Support


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