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					iVillage/NBC Chat Admin
Start here: the admin page URL

The following URL will bring you to an iVillageLive Chat admin page, which includes help,
instructions, and links to the chat room.

http://messageboards.ivillage.com/ iv-showchat/c hatcenter

Logging into the Chat with an admin account
Once you are notified that your account has been given admin privileges, please use the
following procedure to log in. You may also use any of the accounts below, which are already
set up with admin privileges.

    1. Go to the Admin URL listed above.
    2. You may log in with any one of the accounts listed below. Use the following password
       for all five accounts: iv1360chat (all lower case)
            1. iVillagelive2
            2. iVillagelive3
            3. iVillagelive4
            4. iVillagelive5

Please note that if your login with an admin account is successful, you will see a small iVillage
logo next to your name in the chat room user list. This is a different icon than the regular user

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The Chat admin page
When on the admin page show below, you may enter the chat rooms by selecting from either the
list of chat rooms at the top of the page or the list of chat rooms on the right-hand side of the

You may choose whether or not to show the user names in the list of chat rooms by clicking the
„Suppress user names‟ link or the „Show user names link‟.

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Admin commands used during an open Chat
The following are admin commands that are used during open chats once logged in with admin
privileges. Please note that you must be in the chat room as an admin to use these commands.
These actions can be selected by clicking on a particular user‟s name in the user list of the chat

iVillage/NBC admins should concentrate on the use of 3 commands—Gag, Ungag and Kick.

       Ignore: Ignores a particular user—chat users have this function also. It blocks all
        incoming chat from a particular user to the one (or any) that have selected to ignore that
       Unignore: Removes the ignore feature from those you‟ve chosen to ignore. Chat users
        have this function also.
       Gag This admin function blocks all chat from a particular user to everyone in the chat
        room. A gagged user will not know they are gagged—but no one will see what he or she
        is typing until they log out and log back in again.
       Ungag The opposite of the gag function—gives a user the ability to be seen in the chat
        room again.
       Kick Removes a chatter from the chat and will not let them re-enter for a period of
        about 5 minutes. The user receives a message that they have been removed by (admin
       Whisper: The whisper option will be present when you click on another user‟s name.
        The option is only enabled for admins, regular users will not see this option.

Opening and closing the Chat room
The chat room can opened and closed depending on when you would like your users to be able
to enter. Enabling and disabling chat room access is done from the Chat Admin page. When the
chat room is disabled, users see a message that the chat rooms are closed and to come back at a
later date/time.

To disable the chat room, click the “Set Chat Access” link in the Chat Admin page, check the
“Disable Chat” checkbox and then click “Update”.

To enable the chat room, click the “Set Chat Access” link in the Chat Admin page, uncheck the
“Disable Chat” checkbox and then click “Update”.

The chat can also be set to automatically open and close daily. Please contact your Prospero
Account Manager if you are interested in this feature.

Please note that you should make the change to enable the chat room 15 minutes before you
would actually like it to be open as sometimes the change will take longer to be pushed to all of
our web servers.

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Changing the Chat to event mode or back to chat mode only
To change the state of the chat room to an event chat, you must make the change from the
chat‟s java applet, which means you must have access to the java applet without it being blocked
by the firewall. Test this before you need to make the change, to confirm your computer will
allow access to the java applet.

To access the chat via the java applet, go to the admin page and click the link to the chat‟s java
applet. Then, in the text entry box, type:

/mode #iv-showchat +x

To enable the “ask” button for event chatting, or

/mode #iv-showchat –x

To disable the ask button when you are finished with the event chat.

Backstage functions for event chats
To access the backstage functions for event chats, click the “iVillageLive Event Chat Backstage”
link on the Chat Admin page

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