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This file is prepared for tracking the progress of items of a project. Up to 10 items may be entered for the project. Planned start dates and due dates of the items are entered. Also completion and assignment information of the items are also recorded. A Gannt Chart using the start and due dates of the items is created. Finally, an overall situation of the project at the current day is displayed. Numbers of assigned, unassigned, completed, behind schedule and ahead of schedule items are calculated. When the project is completed total numbers of days that items are late and early are displayed, which may a performanece measure of the project.

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									Project Name:
Nb. 1 2 3 4 Item Description Design Development Testing Documentation

ABC Project
Start Date 2/20/2009 2/24/2009 2/27/2009 3/4/2009 End Date 2/25/2009 3/3/2009 3/7/2009 3/19/2009

Project Position by /aa/2009
Number of Assigned Items: Number of Unssigned Items: % 100.0 (4 items) of the project has been completed. 2 items have been completed late 2 items have been completed early or on time Total Number of Days Behind Schedule: Total Number of Days Ahead of Schedule: 7 1 3 1


7 6 5 4 3 2

Days -

Assigned To
Paul Smith Jennifer Young Jane Doe Not Assigned

Completed? Yes Yes Yes Yes

Completion Date 2/25/2009 3/4/2009 3/6/2009 3/25/2009

If Completed Completion Note

Delay 0 1 -1 6 -

Gannt Chart








Delay 0 1 -1 6 -


Project Item Tracker
1) 2) 3) Fill the project teams/personnel list on the right. You may leave the unused ones blank. Fill the item list. You may leave the unused ones blank. Type the name of the project: ABC Project Project Item Tracker is ready to use. Project items can be scheduled using the Project Schedule sheet by entering the start and end dates. Items can be assigned to project team members. Gannt chart of the project schedule will be created and an analysis of the situation of the project will be provided. Project Team/Personnel List 1 P
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