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									                                                              The FAR Corner
                                                                           The Newsletter of FAR Conservatory of
                                                                                  Therapeutic & Performing Arts
                                                                                                     Fall 2010

                           Flutes, Friends and Fa-La-La 2010
We can’t believe it, but we are asking you
to save the date for THE 10TH ANNUAL
are already in the planning stages and our
date is set for WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER
17, 2010. In previous years our performances
have always been on Thursday evenings and
we wanted to let you know about this change
well in advance of the date. Our dynamic duo
of Alexander Zonjic and Alan Lee will be
back once again to grace our stage. Alexander
has been with us for all ten performances
and Alan joined us five years ago and has                      Camp FAR and Away which provides a residential camp
become a fixture with a fan base all his own. The Fred         experience for our teenagers. He is familiar with the work
Astaire dancers will return with the FAR Stars and we just     we do and pleased to help us with this very special event.
received the wonderful news that Josh White Junior will        We know that they are all working hard to help us fill the
join us again this year.                                       auditorium!
Once again, Detroit Country Day School has lent us their
fabulous facility in the Seligman Center for Performing        There are many opportunities to get involved with
Arts. Their staff and their students are always back           “Flutes.” Barbara Lasser and Joanne Silagy are selling
stage helping to make our performers shine. We are             corporate ads for our program book. Faye Gorback
very fortunate to have wonderful sponsors contributing         and Lucy Kauffman are selling family ads. Copies of
to the evening and donating to our scholarship fund.           ad contracts are available in this newsletter and on our
The Vollbrecht Foundation remains a staunch supporter          website. If your family or business would like to be in
of our endeavors and we are able to tell you and our           the program please fill one out and send it in to the FAR
sponsors that every dollar spent to support “Flutes” goes      office. Remember, 700 families see this program!
directly to our scholarship fund and our programs. At this
writing the following corporations and good friends are        We hope to see you on November 17th but if you cannot
sponsoring the evening: mBank, Meijer Corporation,             be at the event, please consider making a donation as a
Benefit Outsourcing Solutions, The C.S. & Marion               Friend of FAR. Mark your calendars- November will be
F. McIntyre Foundation, Miller, Canfield, Paddock              here sooner than you think!
and Stone, Clark Hill, Idell and Lawrence Weisberg,
Ambassador Magazine, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
of Michigan, Judith Schwarzer and Secure Planning
Strategies. We are very grateful for their help as the need
for scholarship assistance is increasing.
Two FAR parents have agreed to co-chair this tenth
annual event. We are so pleased to be able to welcome
Lucy Kauffman and Faye Gorback. Lucy’s daughter
Kate has appeared in every “Flutes” event since 2001 and
Faye’s son Jeremy Bennett will make his first appearance
this year. We are also pleased to welcome Paul Tobias,
President of mBank and his lovely wife Emily as our
Honorary Chairs. Paul served on the Board of Directors
of Camp Skyline and helped us with the creation of
   Interesting Classes at FAR                                                 Staff News

We know that you receive our catalog and go quickly to      FAR has two art therapists that joined our staff late in
the classes that you know your student loves. This is a     the year last year. We wanted to tell you about both of
reminder that we try to add classes each year that you      them in case you are considering art therapy for your
have requested. Sometimes those classes fill quickly        student. FAR now has four art therapists on staff. We
and sometimes you pass them by. Please remember that        are growing!
if your student is enrolled in individual therapy there
may be some group classes that they can attend free of
charge. Ask your student’s therapist if they are eli-
gible for a group class. Think about joining one of the
classes listed below:

Yoga has been one of the most popular activities at
Camp FAR OUT. We now offer it year round in both
individual and group settings. Our dance and yoga
instructor is here every day and we know that she can
work out a class for you. Remember to breathe.

Inclusion Classes for the whole family were requested
by many of you. We have tried to provide classes for        Mary Alleyne has a bachelor’s degree in Business
siblings, parents and friends in every modality that we     Administration, a Master’s degree in Art Therapy from
offer. Go to page six of our catalog to find all of these   Wayne State University and extensive training in fine
special programs. Remember in these classes you pay         arts. She has practiced art therapy since 2007 with
for the student with special needs and there is no charge   various populations and loves interacting with all ages.
for other family members or friends. This is a great        She worked with children, 5 to 10 who struggle with
way for the whole family to learn sign language or have     temperament issues, separation anxiety, mental and
an art or dance experience together.                        emotional impairment, teen survivors of sexual abuse,
                                                            trauma, grief and loss issues, ADHD, autism, children
Tutoring is still being supported by a grant from the       of cancer survivors, and adult cancer survivors in
United Way. Beverly Bailey is available to help your        infusion treatment and facilitated creative arts groups
child get ready for school or catch up if he or she has     for cancer survivors.
fallen behind. Beverly works with a creative tutoring
method that includes story telling. She has had great       Mary currently works with special needs in group and
success with many of our students and she is here most      individual settings. Her passion is to continue to nurture
days including Saturday.                                    emotional well-being, foster independence, and teach
                                                            creative ways of expression and build social skills
Photography is offered by our art therapist, Tessa Bird.    through art. She is building our FAR BAZAAR and
She is a certified art therapist and a professional pho-    Ceramics groups and would love to add your student.
tographer. Tessa is here most days and would love to
                                                            Mary enjoys watercolor and acrylic painting, abstract
share her skill with your student.
                                                            drawing with pencil and marker, collage design,
                                                            drawing with soft pastel/chalk, ceramics, beading,
FAR BAZAAR This class is free to everyone. It meets
                                                            mask making, Mandala creation and photography
on Thursday evenings for an hour and a half. It is
                                                            and creating art from recycled objects. She also has
geared to teenagers and young adults who enjoy creat-
                                                            an interest in Mural making to build community
ing and selling crafts. The sale of the products funds
                                                            socialization and well as sidewalk mural art with soft
the class and we create some fabulous projects!

                                                            Her goals are to work with children to foster self
                                                            awareness, build self-esteem, improve social,
                                                            emotional, and communication skills and the enjoyment
Page 2
of personal creation through art and the art therapy          Kroger Community Rewards

Mary believes, “It is through the process of art creation
that we can go deep within and pull out the essential
elements of communication for our growth and well-
being. And with a patient hand to guide us we can             Last year we asked you to use your Kroger Card and
achieve some of our most difficult challenges.”              register FAR as your charity of choice for Kroger
                                                             rewards. Thank you for all of you that did that for us.
Mary is at FAR on Thursdays and Saturdays.                   Kroger asks you to renew that commitment every year
                                                             in April. If you did not do it in April you can do it now!
                                                             They currently request that you go to their website
                                                   , and register your
                                                             charity on line. It takes about 5 minutes to complete
                                                             registration. If you have difficulty please call the office
                                                             (248) 646-3347 and Jody will walk you through it.
                                                             Thanks for helping us to help our students.

Kathy Brusseau is the other recent addition to our Art
Therapy department here at Far. She has been working
with the non-verbal Autistic population. Kathy has
a master’s degree in Counseling with a specialty in
Art Therapy. She is a limited licensed professional
counselor. Her background includes working with                     Exciting New Location
severe cognitive impairments and developmental delays
with youth, adult and senior populations.

Kathy’s background as a graphic artist has been a huge       We have many students that travel far distances to avail
benefit while working with children over the past six        themselves of our services. Our strategic plan called
years and can be seen in the projects her students at        for us to open a satellite in Macomb County. With the
FAR take home. Some examples of projects are musical         help of Children’s Hospital, it looks like we are finally
shakers, hand-made tile drink coasters, decoupage sand       going to be able to do it. We will be working at their
drawings, scratch art, homemade clay, masks, pipe            Stilson Center on 23 mile and Gratiot starting this fall.
cleaner figurines, homemade crayons, food art and            We will start with just music and art therapy and we
projects that reuse household recyclable items.              will be on the lower level on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
                                                             If this location is better for you please call the office to
Materials are the backbone of any artist. Kathy believes     schedule your therapy sessions. We are very excited to
that working with a variety of different art materials can   be able to offer this new location.
stimulate brain function and increase creativity. Some
of the materials she has used are oil pastels, chalk,
plaster of paris, tempera paints, clay, markers, pencils,
Indian ink, beads, dried foods, sea shells or any other
found materials.

“I love the look on students’ faces, when they have
created something special they have never done before”
says Kathy. Her availability is Wednesday through
Saturday this Fall.

                                                                                                               Page 3
                                                            Scott Wiedelman and family deserve a big assist on this
    Hockey and Skating News                                 one. If you didn’t see the article and group picture in
                                                            the Michigan Hockey Online July 26th issue, there’s a
                                                            link to it on

                                                            Thanks to our family members, players, and hockey
                                                            team supporters the Michigan FAR Flyers will have
                                                            over $8,000 to help them prepare for and attend our
                                                            April 2011 special hockey tournaments in Minnesota
                                                            and Massachusetts.

                                                            If you are looking for anything to do this fall and win-
                                                            ter, check our game schedule on the above web site and
                                                            come on out and watch a game. Sitting on yours hands
                                                            is not allowed in the stands, so bring a cushion.

                                                            FAR skaters also raised money for their program this
                                                            summer. They were invited to skate at the Detroit Skat-
                                                            ing Club Ice Show for the second year running. Kudos
                                                            to FAR board president, Ryan Husaynu, for organizing
 Another Michigan FAR Flyers’ Season Is Just                this event for our skaters. The Detroit Skating Club
 Around the Corner.                                         sold Charity Tables on the day that we skated and gave
                                                            the proceeds of the sale of those tables to the FAR
 Our season starts again Saturday, September 11th at the    skating program. A big thank you to Cathy Fresia and
 Viking Ice Arena in Hazel Park from 4-5:30 PM.             all of the skaters that participated. It was really excit-
                                                            ing to see them out on the ice during a performance
 Helmets off again for our two hard working Michigan        that highlighted professional skaters like Alyssa Sisley.
 FAR Flyers fundraiser Co-Chairpersons – Colleen            Another big thank you is due to the Moms of these
 Kucharski and Todd Kelpin. They teamed up again            skaters who helped to set up the tables and served all of
 this year with their children Anthony Kucharski and        the food during the afternoon. Many thanks to Sylvia
 Brittany Kelpin and many of our other hockey players       Brown, Lisa Gilleran, Meredith Louk, Chrystal Ziaya,
 to help raise over $6,000 at our sixth annual June fund-   Jan Ziaya, Jessica Brown, Alex Spittle and Barb Parker.
 raiser at the Royal Oak Ice Arena.                         They worked really hard and made it all look easy.

 Before the ink was even dry on that total, they added      If you have a child who is interested in skating or
 another $2,000 shortly afterwards when they received       hockey, please call the office and let us know. These
 two checks at the Troy Arena from the Tyler Teasdale       two programs are among our most popular and we
 Scholarship Fund and a matching amount from the Troy       know that the athletes that participate have a wonderful
 Hockey Youth Association.                                  time and make great friends.

                                 FAR Family Advertising Contract
                          far Conservatory of therapeutic and Performing arts
                                   Flutes, Friends and Fa-La-La
                                           Wednesday, november , 200
                                          for the benefit of far Conservatory

each year far parents are given the opportunity to show their support of far through purchasing
advertising space in the flutes, friends & fa-La-La program book. Parent ads are the perfect way to
highlight your child’s achievements and provide a snapshot of the important work that is being done at
far to our financial benefactors.

don’t forget… Program ads are not JUST for FAR clients who are participating in the event.
it’s important to spotlight students in all of our great programs.

Name of Advertiser

Billing Address

City                                              State                                  Zip

Contact Person                                                Phone

Fax                                                           Email

Signature                                                     Date
Payment           Check     MC     Visa
                                             Number                                      Expiration Date

             Please enclose the ad contract, camera-ready art, and payment by OCTOBER 5th to:

                                                  FAR Conservatory
                                                 1669 W. Maple Road
                                                Birmingham, MI 48009

                                   FAR Family Advertising Rates

          Size (W x H)
                                                                                Electronic File—send to
¼ page      (5” x 2”)        $20                                      

½ page      (5” x 4”)        $30
                                                   Black & White                Camera Ready Art Enclosed

Full page (5” x 8”)          $50                                                Camera Ready Art To Be Returned

                                      Thank You For Your Support!

                                                       Advertising Contract
                                far Conservatory of therapeutic and Performing arts
                                          Flutes, Friends and Fa-La-La
                                                Wednesday, november , 200
                                               for the benefit of far Conservatory

     Name of Advertiser

     Billing Address

     City State Zip

     ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
     Contact Person                                           Phone

     ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
     Fax                                                 Email

     ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
     Signature                                                Date

                              __________________________________________________________ ___________________________

     Payment        Check        MasterCard     Visa     Number                                  Expiration Date


                                                          FAR Conservatory
                                                       ATTN: Program Ad Sales
                                                        1669 West Maple Road
                                                        Birmingham, MI 48009

                                                            Arlene Kass
                                                          Executive Director
                                                          Jody Wachler
                                                         (248) 646-3347

                                                      ADVERTISING RATES
                                          (Black & White, except as noted for inside covers)
                                                            Size (W x H)

     1/4 page       (5”x2”)    ___ $100                                            ___ Electronic File
     1/2 page       (5”x4”)    ___ $200
     3/4 page       (5”x6”)    ___ $300                                            ___ Camera-Ready Art enclosed
     Full page      (5”x8”)    ___ $400
     Inside cover   (B/W)      ___ $800                                            ___ Camera-Ready Art to be returned
     Inside cover   (Color)    ___ $1000

                                Please send electronic files by Oct. 5th to

                                               Thank you for your support!

                   Camp FAR Out                                                  routines. And last, but by no means least, our art
                                                                                 therapists, Tessa Bird, Lisa Crystal and Kathy Brusseau
 Camp FAR OUT Jungle Adventures – We had a wild                                  presented several projects for each camper. They
 good time!                                                                      created masks, ceramic tiles and recycled bowls which
                                                                                 they took home to share with their families.
 Camp FAR OUT had record breaking attendance                                     By the end of two weeks our wonderful staff had the
 – almost 40 campers visited the jungle as elephants,                            campers ready to perform in several acts for our Jungle
 lions, zebras, tigers, monkeys and hippos. They had                             Adventures show. Parents, grandparents and family
 lots of supervision with at least one counselor for every                       members all came to see their camper on stage dancing,
 two children.                                                                   singing and playing instruments. It was great to see
 Many new activities were created and crafted by FAR                             so many smiling performers and so many proud faces
 therapists and instructors. Our dance specialist, Lauren                        watching them on stage. The picture that you see below
 Neuman, was happy to have the assistance of four                                shows just how much fun our students had.
 dance/yoga instructors to help with the task of teaching
 routines to the campers.
 Sound expressions, led by Patty Karle and Darlene
 Herm, taught the campers how to make music with
 their bodies and to express themselves through sound.
 These activities were especially helpful to our non
 verbal students. Instrumental experiences were led by
 Hayley Mieras and Carolyn Priebe who made sure that
 each camper had a hands-on encounter with several
 different instruments. Katie Carter and Heather Dean
 also utilized instruments during Musical Stories as
 the campers put a twist on the narration, adding an
 elephant stomp and a croaking frog. Dance and yoga
 had everybody moving and a shaking to choreographed

            FAR thanks the following contributors for their support
Richard Astrein                                                              Fred Misuraca, Royal Banana Co. Inc.
                                         Carolyn Kubacki                                                                  Chris Apel
Laurence Gelman, Benefit Outsourcing                                         Jill Warren and Robert Schoenhals
                                         Drs. R. & V. Kulbersh PLC                                                           In honor of Marge Metz’s 90th
Solutions, .                                                                 Judith Schwarzer
                                         Rekha Lall                                                                          Birthday
Sheila and James Birley                                                      Southfield Birmingham General Agency
                                         Jennifer and Mark LoPatin                                                        Janice Cantelon
Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber Of                                             Evelyn Spitzer
                                         Jane and William McCollough                                                         In memory of Ralph Spence
Commerce                                                                     St. Andrew Catholic Church
                                         Mary and Jim McIntyre                                                            Barbara and Barry Fleischer
Blue Cross/Blue Shield                                                       Susan and Frederick Strong
                                         Barbara McLennan and Marcy Ng                                                       In memory of Aaron Spinner
C.S. & Marion F. McIntyre Foundation                                         Robert Strong
                                         Caryl and Bruce McLennan                                                         Faye and Benjamin Gorback
Ann Callahan                                                                 M and J Suleskey
                                         Maria and Michael McLennan                                                          In memory of Sheila Dubin
Patti and Burke Cueny                                                        James Sumbler
                                         Peggy and Dave Meador                                                            Faye and Benjamin Gorback
Jeanne and Guiseppe DeRose                                                   Cheryl and Frank Taylor
                                         Meijer Corporation                                                                  In memory of Shelley Anchill
Detroit Skating Club, Inc.                                                   Jana and Kenneth Thompkins
                                         Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone                                                Faye and Benjamin Gorback
Kathleen Downing                                                             Barbara and Steven Tronstein
                                         PLC.                                                                                In memory of Gary Lupiloff
Duggan’s Irish Pub                                                           Troy Youth Hockey Assoc.
                                         Peter R. Miller                                                                  Millie and Kenneth Hulewicz
Carol and Stuart Egrin                                                       Tyler Teasdale Memorial
                                         Michael Mullins                                                                     In memory of Ralph Spence
Financial Synergy Group LTD                                                  Amy and David Tyrrell
                                         Carly and Robert Murdy                                                           Lisa Hussman
Fire Defense Equipment Co., Inc.                                             Gary Wachler, Wachler Estate Collection,
                                         Susan Nagy                                                                          In honor of Andy Widlak
Judy Frankel, Antiques Centre Of Troy                                        Joan and Gregg Watkins
                                         Joann and James Neill                                                            Ben Niemiec
Ari Goldstein                                                                Idell and Lawrence Weisberg
                                         Ben Niemiec                                                                         In memory of Ralph Spence
Faye Gorback                                                                 Ann and Mark Wiedelman
                                         David Mayo, Oakland Orthopaedic                                                  Susan Spence
Anne and Eugene Greenstein                                                   Michelle and Robert Wissman
                                         Surgeons, PLLC                                                                      In memory of Ralph Spence
Sylvia and Edward Hagenlocker                                                Donna Bell and David Zimmer
                                         Loretta and Dennis O’Flynn                                                       Mary and Thomas Toohey
Sally and Martin Hamilton                                                    Kristen Abraham
                                         Kim-Hao and Gary Olbrys                                                             In memory of Ralph Spence
Sandra Plezia and Ryan Husaynu                                                   In honor of the guests of the Abraham/
                                         Karen Olsen                                                                      Barbara and Paul Veselenak
Joel Golden, Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss                                           Adler wedding
                                         Kathy and Jeff Paulsen                                                              In memory of Eli Cowan
Mary and Mark Jevahirian                                                     ACG Detroit
                                         Beth Phillips                                                                    Linda and Thomas Wells
Kane Mostyn Insurance Agency                                                     On behalf of Dave Andrea’s speaking
                                         Lynn Ramirez                                                                        In memory of Ralph Spence
Joyce and Michael Keller                                                         engagement
                                         Mary and Alan Reidinger                                                          Aryn and Charles Zwierzchowski
Knights Of Columbus Council No. 3830                                         Chris Apel
                                         Maurcine and Lloyd Reuss                                                            In honor of M.R. Yoffee
Bruce Komisar                                                                    In memory of Eli Cowan
                                         Carl Rose

                                                                       nonProfit org.
                                                                         us Postage
                                                                       birmingham, mi
                                                                       Permit no. 2

FAR Conservatory
of Therapeutic and Performing Arts
9 West maple road
birmingham, mi 8009

Phone (28) -33
fax (28) -80

   Board Officers
                                     Save the Date!
                                                                             Directors at Large
   ryan a. husaynu
                                                                                     Vicki adler
                                                                                   alison bailey
   John ashcraft
                                                                                 barbara baker
      Vice-President                                                         bernadette banko
   minoti h. rajput, CfP                                                         Katie Coleman
      Vice-President                                                             Kristi guathier
   Peter r. miller, m.D.                                                         thomai gersh
      Vice-President                                                          rose glendinning
   Doug mcelroy                                                                   faye gorback
      treasurer                                                                    Judith Jonna
   barbara russell                                                              Lucy Kauffman
      secretary                                                                 Cynthia merten
   advisory Committee                                                               steve miles
                                                                                   amy ordona
   robert allesee (bob allison)                                               Judith schwarzer
   Carol greenslade                                                         bryndon C. skelton
   rex greenslade                                                           Parrish underwood
   rev. John Judson                                                                amy Zimmer
   martin J. Knollenberg
   June taylor mcgregor
   L. brooks Patterson                                                       executive Director
   Donna raphael                                                                   arlene Kass
   alexander Zonjic

                     Flutes Friends and Fa La La, Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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