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									PROFILE 2010
 Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra S.p.A. was founded in 1494 A.D., and since then has
always distinguished itself for its relationship with the local territory.

 It represents the most typical and essential support for medium and small sized
industrial companies, agriculture, commerce and handicraft activities as well as families. It
has always shown particular attention to its own territory of business, with a continuous
support to local economy.

 In May 2006, Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra S.p.A. has concluded a syndicated loan
operation, allowing the performance in the European interbanking market and enabling to
attract funds from the foreign market. The operation was arranged by BNL (Banca
Nazionale del Lavoro), London, and Raiffeisen Zentralbank Oesterreich AG, was a success,
greater than expected, with a final subscription of 80 million euro, instead of the original
proposed 60 million euro’s total amount.

 Composed by high standing members and chaired by Prof. Giovanni Manghetti (for over
eight years Director and President of ISVAP Italian High Authority for Insurance Services),
Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra S.p.A. has started a large number of initiatives which could
prepare its own future, while it has continued to deeply root in the local territory of

 Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra S.p.A. has been granted in 2007 by AIFIN (Italian
Association for Financial Innovation) the first national award for “Best Bank of the Territory
2007” and the first award for supporting local economy. In 2008 Cassa di Risparmio di
Volterra S.p.A.’s projects have been chosen by AIFIN as best national scheme for art and
culture and second best for social initiatives.
 All savings collected are invested in seven different provinces of Tuscany, where the bank
operates with nearly 80 branches, in support to families, small and medium enterprises.
Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra S.p.A. is in conclusion a traditional bank, mindful of the
market and capable to offer to its customers the answers to their financial and savings
PO Box 65,
Piazza Dei Priori 16,
56048 Volterra (PI) - Italy
Tel: +39 0588 91111
Fax: +39 0588 86940
Tgms: cassarisparmio
ABI/CAB: 06370/71221
CHIPS UID: 064508

Ownership type: Joint Stock Bank
Regulator: Banca d’Italia
Member of: Associazione per la Tutela degli Investitori in Titoli Argentini, Banca d'Italia
Regolamento Lordo, Corporate Banking Interbancario, Trans-European Automated Real-
Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System.
Office Summary: 75 branches

Average number of employees divided by category:

Managers                              5
Total officers                      124
Total remaining employees           352
Other employees                      28
TOTAL                               509
                                       2009            2008
  Cash & Banks                  144,373,731     112,472,631
  Investments                   107,704,983     130,977,002
  Loans & Cash                 1,705,815,293   1,613,362,248
  Fixed Assets                   42,327,689      41,902,624
  Other Assets                   56,305,955      31,543,290
  TOTAL                        2,056,527,651   1,930,257,795

  Deposits                     1,833,456,527   1,716,536,164
  Other Liabilities              63,203,292      60,695,386
  Capital                        45,190,250      36,152,200
  Reserves                      109,589,065     105,753,938
  Profits/Loss                    5,088,517      11,120,107
  TOTAL                        2,056,527,651   1,930,257,795

  Net interests inc.             63,260,251      64,321,750
  Other income                   32,755,986      28,492,191
  Other expense                 (90,927,719)    (81,693,834)   For further financial information,
  Net Profit/loss                 5,088,519      11,120,107    please refer to our homepage on
                                                                         the website:
  PERFORMANCE RATIOS                                            
  Net Profity/Equity Capital          3.29%           7.84%
                                                                     For official documents:
  Net Profity/Total Assets            0.25%           0.58%
  Equity Capital/Total                                                       ?id=2735
  Assets                              7.53%           7.35%
             Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers S.p.A

                Affiliated Companies (Under 20%)

Cedacri SpA, Collecchio                                6.099%
FINEV-SGR S.p.A., Italy                                4.999%
Consorzio Formazione Volterra Soc Consortile          19.637%
Promozione e Sviluppo Val di Cecina Srl, Cecina        5.720%
PB SRL, Milan                                          2.890%
Terre Dell'Etruria Soc.Coop.a.r.l., Italy              1.485%

    PRESIDENT                        Board of Statutory Auditors:        MANAGEMENT:
    Prof. Giovanni Manghetti
                                     PRESIDENT                           GENERAL MANAGER
    VICE PRESIDENT                   Rag Giovanni Del Chicca             Roberto Pepi
    Rag. Giorgio Ghionzoli
                                     AUDITORS                            VICE GENERAL MANAGER
    BOARD MEMBERS                    Rag Lino Suvereti                   Andrea Nacci
    Avv. Renzo Verdianelli           Rag Sergio Volterrani
    Rag. Sergio Ninci
    Ing. Umberto Cioppa              ALTERNATE AUDITORS
    Dott. Pier Giovanni Vivaldi      Dott Ciro Gennaro Corvese
    Sig. Massimo Banti               Dott. Andrea Fidanzi

                             For further information, please contact:
                               FINANCE & INTERNATIONAL DIVISION

Nicola Parenti – C.F.O.                            +39 0588 91370
Stefano Pitti – Vice C.F.O.                        +39 0588 91379
Leonardo Rossi – International Dept. Coordinator   +39 0588 91492

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