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					myUFL Financial Systems Upgrade
       Communication Partners
         Feedback Meeting

       August 25th and Sept 1st, 2010
• Preview Session Feedback
• Reporting Strategy and Update
  – Enterprise Reporting
  – Indirect Users
  – PS Queries
• Security Update
• Questions and Answers
          Preview Session Feedback
• Preview Sessions
   • 7 sessions, 400 participants at instructor-led session
   • Online now available, Course PST150
• Evaluative data
   • By and large positive (same feedback received in survey),
      • most participants appreciated the overview and were glad to see
        the types of changes
   • Negative feedback typically was related to an interest for
     more detail,
      • Which will be provided via training later this year
                   Survey Feedback
• Enjoyed preview of content and upcoming changes
• Interested in hearing more about –
   •   Reporting
   •   PS Queries
   •   Security
   •   Testing
   •   More detailed and specific module Training
• Preferred delivery method –
   • Training 42.1%
   • Topic Webcasts 10.5%
   • Feedback sessions with Outreach team 10.5%
Preview Session Questions?

                  Reporting Strategy
• Improved Financial Data Warehouse
   – Delivering more timely (next day) data to a warehouse that is more
     flexible and extendable
   – Improved access to query data from the data warehouse and data
     products, such as FIT
   – Friendlier end-user reporting packages better for ad-hoc reporting
• Enterprise Reporting – upgrade to Cognos 8
   – Transition current major reporting content to new platform (FIT/MFR)
   – Enhanced query interface with upgraded reporting toolset
   – Quicker access and reduced waiting time for reports to return results
     due to increased capacity
               Reporting Update
• Testing Timeline
  • FIT/MFR Report testing by Workgroups in September
  • Campus testing later in the fall
• Continue development of subsystem reports
  • Sponsored Research and Purchasing
• Expectations of Communication Partners?
  • Inform areas when they can start testing and practicing
    with their reports in the Beta system
                   Indirect Users
• What are indirect users of the Financials system?
  • Using Warehouse data extracts; ex: COM, PPD, COB.
• Reporting Workgroup is identifying indirect users
• Indirect Users invited to test, dates coming up
• Expectations of Communication Partners?
  • Review indirect user list, and verify representatives from
    your areas have been identified. Testing forthcoming.
  • Do you depend on direct extracts from the Finance
    system? – let’s discuss …
Indirect Users (to be posted to upgrade site)
Reporting Questions?
                  PS Query Update
• Defined most frequently used queries, along with others
  identified as important for campus users
   • Removing unused queries to build a usable inventory
   • List of queries approximately 650 to be migrated
• Users will be invited to test and practice in Beta
   • Public queries – Enterprise Systems will ensure it works
   • Private queries – Person listed is responsible for transition
• Expectations of Communication Partners?
   • Review PS Query list, and advise if we need to add queries
     that your area uses regularly
PS Query List-
PS Query List-
PS Query List-
PS Query Questions?

                 Security Update
• Opportunity to cleanup Roles
  • Clear definitions and easier to assign
• Reduced Finance Roles from 175 to 60
  • 60 roles : 45 for Core offices, and 15 for departments
  • Addition of Universal Inquiry Role
  • Roles will have to be re-requested before go-live
• Expectations of Communication Partners?
  • Review Security Roles and advise DSAs & Approvers start
    to reexamine which roles to assign
Security Roles
Security Questions?


              Communication Partners
                         How can you help?
 To communicate to your area what’s coming – please forward
  to the appropriate person that needs to review and advise
1. Reporting: Inform users of upcoming FIT/MFR Reports
   testing to begin in early Fall
2. Indirect Users: Review and verify
3. PS Query: Review and advise
4. Security: Review Roles and advise DSAs and approvers

*Indirect Users, Queries, Security Roles to be posted to the Upgrade Site
Additional Questions?
                  Keeping Current = Good Business
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                     you—now and in the future.