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					EUROPOL                                                The Hague,      10 July 2009

                                                            File nº:   2330-463

                          JOB DESCRIPTION
                               HR Specialist AST 7

  Name of the Post:          Second Officer with the Human
                             Resources Unit - Personnel
                             Administration Group
  Reporting to:              First Officer with the Human Resources
                             Unit – Personnel Administration Group
                             Head of the Human Resources Unit

  1.    Purpose of the post

  The Human Resources Unit is responsible for the efficient and effective
  recruitment, development and training of Europol staff as well as the
  administration of all personnel matters.

  Under the authority and supervision of the First Officer Personnel
  Administration, the Second Officer will mainly assist in the introduction of the
  Staff Regulations of Officials and Conditions of Employment of Other Servants
  of the European Community and corresponding implementing rules as a result
  of the Europol Council Decision and as of 2010 in their practical
  implementation in relation to personnel administration issues, including the
  establishment of rights and entitlements and remuneration and expenses
  management. The Second Officer will act as a first contact point to staff

  2.    Tasks and Responsibilities

  Under the supervision and guidance of the First Officer Personnel and
  Administration the successful applicant will:
  •    Support the development of relevant implementing rules in accordance
       with the EU requirements;
  •    Train, advise and assist HR colleagues in and on the Staff Regulations of
       Officials and Conditions of Employment of Other Servants (CEOS) of the
       European Community and its implementing rules;

•     Ensure the timely and correct administrative management and payment
      of entitlements, benefits and reimbursement of expenses for staff, and
      the administration of personal files in close cooperation with the other
      second officers Personnel Administration, the Pay Master Office and the
      Finance Unit where applicable;
•     Act as back-up for the other Second Officers Personnel Administration,
      among other for the payroll and allowances under the Europol Staff
      Regulations and Local Staff Regulations;
•     Operational initiation or verification of financial operations related to the
      Personnel Administration activities;
•     Contribute to the personnel budget planning and follow-up;
•     Assist the First Officer and the Head of Unit in the preparation of medium
      and long term staffing plans, especially the Staff Policy Plan;
•     Cooperate with the Second Officer Legal Expert in the contract
      management and the requests and complaints procedure;
•     Cooperate with the Second Officer Legal Expert in the management of
      Service Level Agreements and contracts;
•     Prepare conclusive reports         on   staffing   and    other   Personnel
      Administration issues;
•     Prepare letters/correspondence/certificates directly or on instruction of
      the First Officer or Head of Unit;
•     Act as first contact point for staff and provide them with information and
      guidance on their individual rights and obligations and other inquiries;
•     Assist in the welcome and introduction of newcomers as well as in the
      administrative aspects of the exit procedure;
•     Liaise with relevant European Commission services and EU Agencies in
      relation to Personnel Administration issues. Participate in relevant
      internal and external meetings;
•     Assist in the maintenance and update of the HR database in cooperation
      with the other Second Officers Personnel Administration, the Information
      Management Department and the IT-provider;
•     Perform any other task requested by the First Officer in charge of the
      Personnel Administration or by the Head of Human Resources to assist
      in dealing with other HR related matters.

3.     Requirements

3.1    General requirements (Art. 24 of the Europol Staff Regulations)
       The post holder should:

       •   Be a national of one of the Member States of the European
           Union and enjoy full rights as a citizen;

      •     Have an excellent oral and written command of at least two
            official languages of the European Union, including English;
      •     Possess a level of post-secondary education attested by a
            diploma. Where no such diploma has been obtained a level of
            secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to
            post-secondary      education     and    relevant   professional
            experience of at least 3 years will be considered as equivalent;
      •     Be physically fit to perform the duties of the post.

3.2   Specific skills and competencies required for the post:
          The post holder should have:

          a. Professional experience:

            o   In addition to the above required professional experience at
                least 6 years of relevant professional experience in Human
                Resources administration preferable gained in an EU Agency
                or EU Institution;
            o   HR-front office experience;
            o   Payroll management experience;
            o   Experience in reviewing and drafting policies and procedures;
            o   Experience in providing proactive professional HR advice in a
                broad range of operational issues.

          b. Professional knowledge:

            o   Good knowledge of the EC Staff Regulations and of relevant
                implementing rules;
            o   Sound knowledge of Human Resources Management.

          c. Technical skills and competencies:

            o   Be a proficient user of MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook,
                PowerPoint and the Internet;
            o   High level of accuracy and excellent numeric skills;
            o   Excellent analytical skills to make sound and well-argued
            o   Excellent organisational skills to manage heavy workload
                under time pressure and to be flexible to respond quickly and
                efficiently to new demands.

            o   Be at least an intermediate level user of Access.

          d. Social skills and competencies:


          o    High level of interpersonal skills and service-orientation;
          o    Good communication skills, both verbally and in writing;
          o    Ability to work independently as well as in team and to
               cooperate with other units, departments and external partners;
          o    High degree of integrity, discretion and confidentiality;
          o    High sense of responsibility, initiative and commitment;
          o    Ability to actively seek creative solutions within the legal

4.    Salary

Scale: 7
The basic salary is EUR 4 863,32 (tax deductions and social contributions
within Europol amount to approximately 10-15%)

         In addition, when relevant, family allowances can be granted:
          • 5% of the basic salary – household allowance;
          •   EUR 289.03 (net) - per dependant child;
          •   EUR 628,33 (net) – expatriation allowance
Additional benefits (annual trip home, education allowance, rent and other
allowances, excellent health insurance, etc.)

5.    Additional Information
5.1   Main dates:

      Deadline for application:         20 August 2009
      Recruitment procedure:             15 &16 September 2009
      Starting date of employment:      as soon as possible, but not later
                                        than 1 December 2009

5.2   Contact Details:

      Should you have further questions on the details of the above position,
      or should you require any guidance on completing the application form
      please consult the EUROPOL RECRUITMENT GUIDELINES on or call +31 (0) 70 302 5298 or +31 (0) 70 353