Milestones in FFA History by stariya


									                  MILESTONES IN FFA HISTORY
1917 -   Courses in vocational agriculture under the Smith-Hughes Act were first established.

1926 -   The American Royal Livestock and Horse Show invited vocational agriculture students
         to Kansas City, Missouri, to participate in National Livestock Judging Contests.

1928 -   The Future Farmers of America was established in Kansas City, Missouri.

1929 -   Carl Patton of Arkansas, was selected as the first Star Farmer of America.

1930 -   Official FFA Creed and Colors were adopted. The National Public Speaking Contest

1939 -   The FFA purchased 28.5 acres of land which was part of George Washington's estate.

1944 -   The National FFA Foundation, Inc. was founded. The first Agricultural Proficiency
         program, Ag Mechanics, was started.

1947 -   The National FFA Convention Band program begins.

1948 -   First International Exchange program for FFA members begins. The National FFA
         Supply Service began operation. The National FFA Convention Chorus began.

1949 -   FFA members celebrate the First National FFA Week which coincides with George
         Washington's birthday.

1950 -   The Congress of the United States ratifies public law 740, granting the FFA a Federal

1952 -   The National FUTURE FARMER magazine was first published.

1953 -   The United States Post Office Department issues a special stamp commemorating the
         silver anniversary of the FFA. President Dwight D. Eisenhower addressed the Silver
         Anniversary National FFA Convention.

1958 -   Local Chapters begin distributing the first annual official FFA calendar.

1959 -   Dedication of the new FFA headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, took place during the
         first National Leadership Training Conference.

1965 -   Future Farmers of America merge with the New Farmers of America.

1966 -   First Agricultural Career Show was held at the National FFA Convention.

1969 -   All rights and privileges of National FFA membership expand to include women. Ken
         Dugan of Arizona is named the first Star Agribusinessman of America.

1970 -   Building Our American Communities (BOAC) Program was started.
1971 -   National FFA Alumni Association is formed.

1974 -   Nationwide coverage was given to President Gerald Ford's address to the National FFA

1975 -   Food for America Program is launched.

1976 -   First World Conference in Agricultural Education was held.

1977 -   50th National FFA Convention is held November 9-11 in Kansas City

1978 -   President Jimmy Carter addressed the 51st National FFA Convention. A
         commemorative marker designated the site of the founding of the FFA was unveiled in
         Kansas City, Missouri.

1979 -   First Extemporaneous Public Speaking Contest was held.

1980 -   Construction began on the FFA National hall of achievement. The President's Energy
         Challenge competition was established. The National FFA Foundation raised
         $1,000,000 in one year for the first time.

1981 -   The FFA TIMES newspaper was published at the national convention.

1983 -   The Ag Ed Network, FFA's computerized information service, was created. The
         Computers in Agriculture Award Program and the National FFA Scholarship Program
         were established.

1984 -   The FFA released its first TV Public Service Announcements featuring Eddie Albert.

1985 -   ACCESS subscription computer service was established. The first National TV Special
         "Agriculture's Next Generation: A CONFLICT OF INTEREST," aired. The National
         FFA Foundation raised $2,000,000 in a single year for the first time.

1986 -   Agriscience Teacher of the Year Award was established.

1987 -   The first national television satellite broadcast of the national convention was

1988 -   Agriscience Student Recognition award program was established. Delegates at the
         national convention changed "Future Farmers of America" to the "National FFA
         Organization" and approved a total of 18 constitutional amendments.

1989 -   The National FUTURE FARMER magazine's name was changed to FFA New Horizons,
         the Official Magazine of the National FFA Organization.

1990 -   Delegates at the national convention voted to raise the number of the official delegate
         assembly to 475.

1991 -   President George Bush addressed the 64th National FFA Convention. The Virgin
         Islands and Guam were granted association charters and five chapters from Micronesia
         were granted affiliate chapter charters.
1993 -   A National study was conducted on the contest and award program

1993 -   National Dues increased from $3.50 to $5.00 annually.

1996 - Board of Directors vote to move National FFA Organization business office to
Indianapolis, IN.

1996 -   Board of Directors vote to move National FFA Convention to Louisville, KY.

1996 -   Establishment of FFA Homepage on the World Wide Web.

1998 -   Dedication of new National FFA Center in Indianapolis, IN.

1999 -   The 72nd annual National FFA Convention was held in Louisville, KY for the first time

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