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                                                    CLASSICALLY JAZZ… Singer Julia Krone
                                                      appears with Richard Schilder, Alistair
                                                   Abrahams, Jackie Schilder and Dave Rubane in
                                                               Classic Jazz Images.

  IN THE MOOD: Julia Krone will get
 visitors to Upstairs at Elaine’s in a jazzy
     mood with her show “Classic Jazz
                                                   Sonata – and all
JAZZ with a classical influence will be            that jazz
showcased at Upstairs at Elaine’s,
Observatory, from this Tuesday when singer         DEFINITIONS of jazz vary as widely as reactions to
Julia Krone and Richard Schilder will              Buthelezi’s unscheduled guest spot on Agenda, but
present Classic Jazz Images for a two-week         there is a bottom-line consensus that it sommer has
season.                                            to do with improvisation.

The show will include renditions of famous         Yet what’s often forgotten amid the “is it jazz?”
jazz standards as well as a tribute to classical   debate is that the ever-shifting frameworks within
composers such as Beethoven, Schumann,             which improvisation can occur have their roots not
Rachmaninov and Chopin.                            only in gospel, blues, ragtime and so on, but also
                                                   Western classical music.
The Cape Times, Funfinder – Friday
October 14, 1994 .                                 This often buried influence is brought to the fore in
                                                   Classic Jazz Images by virtue of the classical and
                                                   jazz backgrounds of pianist Richard Schilder and
                                                   vocalist Julia Krone, whose training under Virginia
Just get that jazz!                                Oosthuizen, Sarita Stern and Wendy Fine has been
                                                   tempered by a two-year association with the Jazz
JULIA KRONE, whose voice of honey                  Workshop, where she teaches signing.
attracted swarms of bees to Observatory,
collaborates with pianist Richard Schilder on      Understandably, those used to soaking up jazz in
a show, Classic Jazz Images. For the venue         smoke-filled dives may choke on their daiquiris at
Upstairs at Elaine’s, Lower Main Road,             the sound of Beethoven’s undulating Moonlight
Observatory, nightly until October 30.             Sonanta, with which the show opens.

The show will reveal some of the classical         By the time the bouffant-sporting Krone begins
influences in jazz. Krone and Schilder’s           performing well-chosen standards popularised by the
rendition of Funny Valentine brings out the        likes of Sarah Vaughan, Jobim, Ella Fitzgerald and
primary inspiration for that song. Chopin’s        Miles Davis, the turf is more familiar – even if the
Etude in B-flat minor, and their version of        show has the formal air of a recital rather than the
Gershwin’s Summertime looks to the great           more relaxed feel of a standard jazz gig.
standard’s roots in Rachmaninov’s Prelude
in C-sharp minor.                                  Sunday Times Cape Metro – 23 October 1994 by
                                                   Jeremy Dowson.
Weekend Argus –22 October 1994 by
Stephen Garrat.
Julia’s jazz has                           Intelligent,
a classical                                sophisticated show
touch                                      traces jazz’s
                                           classical roots
                                           THIS interesting and musically literate cabaret
                                           traces the influence of classical music on jazz and
                                           the more intelligent popular music.

                                           The moving spirit is Julia Krone, whose voice has
                                           considerable range and whose phrasing has

                                           To give a cabaret performance linking the highly
                                           abstract roots of classical music with belting out jazz
                                           is a very difficult thing to do. Krone and her quartet
                                           manage to do this and to entertain, and at the same
                                           time to engage the mind in a manner which is
                                           musically sophisticated.

                                           In classical music, her roots include Chopin,
Julia Krone of the Teaching Methods        Rachmaninov, Beethoven and Schumann.
Unit dons another guise this week when
she and her band of musicians travel to    A local number composted by Richard Schilder,
Hermanus where they will present a         musical director and pianist, sung by Krone and
cabaret called Classic Jazz Images.        entitled South Easter, is based on a work by
                                           Schumann and expresses very well the object of this
Krone, a classically trained singer, is    performance, the mingling of classical roots and
establishing a name for herself in jazz    easy melodic flow.
circles, having performed locally with
various bands and having sung in Blois,    My Funny Valentine in a way encapsulates the
France, last year. She was most recently   jaunty sadness of this type of music. We are told
seen in Cape Town in the show Women        here that it is inspired by Chopin’s Etude in B minor.
in Rock at the West End Theatre earlier    It was given the haunting expression which is
this year.                                 automatic to the song by Krone.
Her new show, a collaborative venture      Black Orpheus, based on the theme music of the
with well-known pianist and arranger       film by that name, a Cannes Film Festival award
Richard Schilder, will explore the         winner in the earlier 60’s was rendered expressively.
classical roots of much-loved jazz
standards.                                 The finale was Summertime, the immortal lament to
                                           passing time written by George Gershwin, a
Classical Jazz Images, in the San Marino   neglected genius and here given full expressiveness
Room of the Marine Hotel from              by Krone and her backing ensemble. The
September 30 to October 4, will also       programme links this with Rachmaniniv’s Prelude in
feature original compositions by Krone     C minor, in which case Rachmaniniv and Gershwin
and Schilder. It will be one of many       link hands to make a most memorable musical
musical happenings, which form part of     interlude, which was given full vocal dramatisation
the Hermanus Whale Festival, which         by Krone.
runs from September 30 until October
10.                                        The music was considerable enlivened by an
                                           unscheduled appearance by someone who played the
The Monday Paper, UCT Publication –        tenor sax.
September 26 – October 3, 1994.
                                           One could call Classic Jazz Images the thinking
                                           person’s cabaret. It is also a cabaret unusual in its
                                           intellectual and musical sophistication.

                                           Argus Tonight – Thursday October 20, 1994 by
                                           Owen Williams.
Bach-Bölling link explored
CLASSIC JAZZ IMAGES. With Julia Krone (vocals), Richard Schilder (piano), Jackie Schilder (drums)
and Alistair Andrews (bass). Upstairs at Elaine’s, Observatory.
From Bach to Bölling, classical composers have either covertly or overtly made manifest the links between their
music and more jazzy forms. The Baroque period has influenced many a modern jazzophile, while creators of
more contemporary classics – such as Bölling – have been freely informed by be-bop, swing, and other jazz
It was an entirely pleasant experience to hear this musical bond explored with such care in Classic Jazz Images, a
programme of standard from both sides of the musical spectrum. Rather than lumping together a collection of
compositions and then calling it a cabaret (which happens far too often in Cape Town), the performers
demonstrated an informed concern for their choice of material, which was reflected in a clever presentation.
Thus, for example, Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata melted into a glossy rendition of The Best Is Yet To Come,
while My Funny Valentine was preceded by a polished version of Chopin’s Etude in B flat minor. Not only did the
musical pot-pourri make sense but the between-song dialogue added further explanation of the works just to make
sure that the motivation for the show was understood.
Pianist Richard Schilder, an accomplished master of the ivories, was at the helm of the ensemble, maintaining a
brisk yet mellow pace and contributing neatly on both a solo and group level. Alistair Andrews (bass) and Jackie
Schilder (drums) kept the rhythm section stable, while saxophone Dave Rubane made a surprise visit on the
bouncy South Easter (a Schilder original) and stayed for the duration.
Singer Julia Krone is to be complimented on her assured presentation and attentive approach. Although she doesn’t
boast a powerful voice she keeps her vocals at a steady level, occasionally soaring into the high spots but for the
most part moving along at a mainstream groove.
Classic Jazz Images is a show put together with care – and it shows.
Upstairs at Elaine’s is a newish addition to the Cape Town Cabaret circuit; boasting an intimate atmosphere,
stylish stage and an attractive menu it’s well worth a reconnaissance visit.

Top of the Times – Saturday October 22, 1994 by Karen Rutter


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