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NAI brevmall by MikeJenny


									Uppsala 28 February 2011                                   To the Government
                                                  Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Nordic Africa Institute hereby submits its budget material for

According to the remit, the Institute is in charge of the following areas
within the Nordic countries.

 1. To further research on the social, political and economic development in
Africa by conducting its own high quality research, act as a central point and
catalyst for the Nordic Africa research, stimulate research on Africa in the
Nordic countries and promote cooperation and contacts between Nordic and
African researchers.

2. To disseminate qualified and relevant information based on research on
contemporary Africa and African conditions. The Institute will conduct an
active policy dialogue and the information will be made available to decision-
makers in the Nordic countries.

3. To monitor and make available literature and other electronic and physical
information-bearers of relevance to research, studies and information on
contemporary Africa. The Nordic Africa Institute will provide a library with
borrowing, reference and information services.

These assignments are completed primarily through the work of the
Institute's researchers and librarians, through seminar and conference
activities, the scholarship programme and programmes for visiting guest
researchers, and through the Institute's publications and website.

The Institute is a single-director authority that is headed by one director.

A Programme and Research Council, with representatives from all
Nordic countries, is attached to the Institute. The Council's current
members were appointed in a government decision in 2009. The
Programme and Research Council express their opinion, for example, on
matters concerning the Institute's research orientation.
                                                                             2 (5)

The reform process initiated by the management of NAI in 2008
incorporated the following measures:

              Organisation of research in clusters.
              Greater focus on quality assurance of own research.
              New publication profile with transformation to electronic
               publication as principal track, and cooperation with
               commercial publishers for academic publications.
              Rationalisation of administrative work and procedures.
              Raising the number of researchers at the Institute.

As part of this process, the Institute has outsourced its financial
administration to the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative
Services Agency as of autumn 2008. During 2009, a quality assurance
system was introduced for research at the Institute.

Electronic publishing has become standard practice and the Institute has
entered into cooperation with ZED Press in London. The first books in
the special series Africa Now were published in 2010.

Administration at the Institute has been rationalised in several stages.

During 2010, there was a reorganisation of library services and
accompanying rationalisation equivalent to two posts.

In 2010, nine researchers were recruited. Two researchers have ended
their employment with us.

Further to renegotiations of the current lease with the landlord
Vasakronan, the Institute has reduced its premises by approximately 700
m2 as of 1 January 2010. The new lease shall run to June 2012 inclusive
with an extension option of six months.

In order to further reduce rental costs, the Institute has decided to move
when the lease expires. The Institute has signed a preliminary lease with
the Swedish National Property Board (SFV) for premises owned by
Uppsala University. The premises will be refurbished, provided the
government approves SFV's investment proposal in spring 2010. The
property is cultural- protected, and is located in Uppsala Botanic Garden.
The moving-in date is anticipated to be around the middle of 2012. The
Institute has appointed a project manager and determined a project
group for the move. The National Property Board have named the
project, “Afrikahuset i Botan” (Africa House in Botan).

NAI's financing is regulated by the appropriation letter as well as
cooperation agreements with Denmark, Finland and Norway. There also
exists an ongoing cooperation agreement with Iceland. A new three-year
                                                                                3 (5)

agreement will be entered into with Finland and Norway for the period
2011-2013. The Finnish grant will be on the same level as during the
previous period, Euro 400 000 per year, while the Norwegian grant will
decrease from 4 million NOK to 3 million NOK per year. Since 2009, the
Danish government has provided an annual grant. The grant for 2009
and 2010 respectively, amounted 800 000 DKK, a third of the amount
from previous grants. The Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has
confirmed that the government intends to provide a grant in 2011
although no particular sum has been mentioned as yet. A decision will be
made during the first half of the year 2011.

NAI has a cooperation agreement with med Sida (Swedish International
Development Cooperation Agency) for the period 2009-2011. The
programme’s theme is, “Poverty, inequality and social exclusion.” It has
two main objectives: to highlight, coordinate and communicate the
research conducted at the Institute on these issues, and to expand the
dialogue between researchers and policy actors.

NAI cooperates with Uppsala University with regard to a guest
professorship in peace research. The project, which is conducted in
collaboration with the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, aims
to provide prominent African academics and researchers with the
opportunity to act as professor for maximum periods of six months. The
first guest professor was appointed in 2003. Guest lectures are published
in a written series by Claude Ake Memorial Publications, starting in 2008.
It is important that this cooperation continues.

In the face of the coming budget year, the Institute is focusing attention
on the upcoming move to new premises. The move has been initiated
first and foremost with consideration to potential gain from
rationalisation. At the same time, cooperation with Uppsala University
will be enhanced, creating interesting opportunities for collaboration.

Calculated costs for the move 2012 may be seen below:

           Task                          Investment          Appropriation
Removal Firm                                                          850 000
New furniture                                    450 000
Server room and IT                              700 0001
Discarding of furniture,                                   Probable cost for
computers                                                  residual value

    Estimated cost, investigation in progress
                                                                                      4 (5)

The Institute proposes an increase of the framework appropriation for 2012 with
a one-off sum of SEK 1000 000 for the estimated moving costs apart from normal
salary and price adjustments.

It is proposed that the operational contribution remain unchanged in
2012 compared with 2011 in consideration of the reduced grant from

                            Outcome Forecast Forecast Forecast Forecast
                             year     year     year     year     year
(SEK thousands)              2010     2011    20012     2013     2014
Opening-balance loan in
National Debt Office                 0       198        248       1008        658
Estimated new
borrowing                         253        300      1 500        500        500
  of which for intangible
             fixed assets
Estimated loan
repayments by
instalments                        55        250        740        850        830
Closing balance loans in
National Debt Office              198        248      1 008        658        328

Proposed loan limit             2 000      2 000      2 000      2 000      2 000
Estimated interest
expense                              1          5        20         13            7

Assumed interest-rate              2%         2%         2%        2%         2%
Financing of interest
and loan repayments.
Expenditure area 07 1:3
ap 1 The Nordic Africa
Institute                          56        255        760        863        837

Fixed assets have previously been reported against government funds
with a residual value of SEK 377,000 with no opening-balance loans with
the National Debt Office. As of 2010, newly acquired fixed assets will be
financed by loans. NAI will move to other premises in 2012, which will
imply greater investment requirements.

For Appropriations Item 1:1 Aid activities (framework appropriation),
the amount of SEK 14 000 000 is proposed for the budget year 2012.
For Appropriation Item 1:3 The Nordic Africa Institute (framework
appropriation) the amount of SEK 15 969 000 plus price and salary
                                                                              5 (5)

Appropriation credit for Appropriation Item 1:3 The Nordic Africa
Institute in the amount of SEK 1 500 000 the budget year 2012.

The Nordic Africa Institute requests appropriations for the budget year
2012 as per the following proposed financing of operations (SEK '000s):

                                    2010         2011     2012      2013     2014

                                  Outcome Forecast Estimate Estimate Estimate

Uo 7 1:3 ap 1 The Nordic                15 296   14 963   15 969    15 336   15 655
Africa Institute

Uo 7 1:1 ap 8 Operational               11 781   14 000   14 000    14 000   14 000

 Annual grant from the Nordic            9 997    7 930    7 930     7 930    8 000

        Income from charges at            191       500      500       500      500

      Other income at disposal           9 769    9 000    8 000     9 000   10 000

                          Total     47 034     46 393    46 399    46 766    48 155
Appropriation credit 1:3 The Nordic Africa Institute SEK 1 500 thousand


Carin Norberg
Director, The Nordic Africa Institute

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