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Holiday Packages For Top Tourist Attractions


Holiday packages to Bali, Fiji, Hawaii, Queensland and more. We have 3,4 & 5 Star packages to fit every budget. From accommodation and food to tours and flights.

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									Holiday Packages For Top Tourist Attractions

There are a lot of holiday packages for top tourist attractions, especially in Hawaii and Fiji. Not
only do you get to fly to these places at discounted prices and stay at the resorts there without
having to spend too much, but you could also visit the top tourist attractions if you include
them into your holiday package.

If you want to go to Hawaii and check out their top tourist attractions there are holiday
packages that offer day trips from Oahu to Hawaii's Big Island where you could see the
island's largest volcano. With this holiday package you could visit Hawaii Volcanoes Museum,
the Rainbow Falls, the Thurston Lava Tube, Kilauea Iki Crater, and the Jaggar Museum. If
you'll be staying at the Waikiki Hotel this holiday package provides free round-trip
transportation as well as airfare from the hotel to the Big Island and you could access all of
the attractions because they're all part of the holiday package.

If you're looking for a little bit of music for your vacation then you can try out this Paradise
Cove Luau holiday package. At the Paradise Cove Luau you'll be greeted in full Hawaiian
tradition with a Mai Tai greeting, upbeat Hawaiian music and a sumptuous Hawaiian luau
buffet, which is also an eat-all-you-can buffet.

If you're up for more exploring then you should try out this holiday package where you get to
see the beautiful and majestic Hana Rainforest. Look for this holiday package and you might
get a chance to visit the island of Maui and go around the Hana Rainforest to check out the
exotic plants, flowers and animals tucked inside there. With this holiday package you'll get a
day trip to this beautiful island and you'll get a mini-coach tour of the east coast of Maui.

If you want something romantic for the missus then you should try this one out. Get on a
cruise and view a beautiful Oahu sunset aboard the Navatek I. On board the Navatek I, you'll
get a chance to come across Diamond Head and view the shores of Kahala where only the
rich and wealthy reside. With this holiday package you'll also get a delicious Pacific Rim-
themed buffet dinner.

If you're up to some unique kind of fun that is also educational then you might want to try the
Honolulu History and Culture Segway Tour. This unique tour lets you ride a Segway Personal
Transporter instead of walking or riding a coach or bus. You can view historical and cultural
landmarks around Honolulu with ease and comfort, and you'll get to go down the streets of
downtown and make a stopover at Kahanamoku Beach located in Waikiki. Also, you'll get to
see the Aloha Tower, the Iolani Palace and the State Capitol Building without breaking a
sweat while not having to get out and in a coach.

If Fiji is you're preferred location there are a lot of holiday packages that will let you see the
top tourist attractions there too. You could go on a cruise and see the beautiful islands of
Mamanuca and Yasawa, and you could see historical sites as well.

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