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     September 10,2010

     Dr. Peggy Buffington:

              I am writing in support of the request for the Natural Helpers overnight retreat to
     Camp Tecumseh on Friday, October 1,2010. This retreat offers students an opportunity
     for self-awareness, team building activities, and promotes the Lifelong Guidelines which
     are an integral part of the Hobart Middle School philosophy.

             As educators, we strive to give our students a wide variety of opportunities within
     and outside of the classroom. This is a very positive activity and one in which previous
     students have spoken very favorably of when they return and share their experiences with
     their peers. The leaders for this retreat are experienced School City of Hobart teachers
     who continue to provide our students with positive experiences.

             In closing, I hope you give serious consideration to and approve this overnight
     study trip request from the Natural Helpers.


     Denise Galovic

          ~f                                                                                  ~f

         CJ                    "Our Attitude Makes the Difference"                           CJ
                                                                                                  2340 F5
                     PROPOSAL       FOR OVERNIGHT/EXTENDED              STUDENT    TRIPS

Type of Trip:   Natural Helpers ovemiQht retreat at Camp Tecumseh
Proposed Departure Date: Fridav. October 1 Return Date Saturdav. October 2
Proposer: Erin Lams          Position: 6th Qrade teacher/Natural Helpers SpOnsor
                                                  th                        st
Date by which response is needed: September 14 Proposal Date: AUQust 31

    A.     Purpose

1.What is the major place to be visited or event to be attended?

           Natural Helpers is planning an overnight           retreat at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston,

2. How is the trip related to the educational program of the Corporation?

The Natural Helpers retreat offers selected students an opportunity to experience a
weekend of leadership, team building, and dealing with difficult situations as teens in
order to create a more positive environment for all students at HMS. This program is also
a part of our NCA plan and will help address the, now state mandated, topic of bullying,
along with drug and alcohol prevention, peer pressure, life skills, and leadership.

3. In what ways wi II the students benefit?

Students will participate      in activities   that promote self-confidence       and growth as

4. In what ways will the Corporation    benefit?

Natural Helpers was started with the hope of increasing the safety at our school and
ensuring that all students have a positive experience at HMS.

5. How will the trip be evaluated to determine the extent to which these benefits were

The students will return to school on Monday and use what they learned on the
retreat to step out of their comfort zone at school to help make all students feel
welcomed and safe at HMS. The students will also fill out an evaluation form to
assess the benefits of the retreat.

    B. Students and Staff

1. Which students, (grade, class, or organization),    will be going?

7th and 8th grade Natural Helpers will be attending the retreat.

2. How many students in total?

There will be approximately        40 students        in attendance.

3. How many students are currently experiencing        academic problems?

There are very few, if any, students that are experiencing              academic problems.

4. Which staff member will be in charge?

Erin Lams, Eric Stoelb, and Scott Swanson will be leading the retreat.
5. What previous experience has the staff member had in conducting overnight or
extended field trips?
This is Erin's 4th overnight Natural Helpers retreat, Eric Stoelb's 8               ,   and Scott Swanson's
6th retreat with the Natural Helpers group.

6. What other staff members wi II be going?

Janice Hamady and Heather Phillips-Stack

7. How many chaperones, in addition to staff members, will be going?

There will not be any chaperones          other than the five staff members and sponsors.

8. What are their names and affi Iiations with the students?

The only chaperones           are the other staff members, who are the students'            teachers.

9. How many school days will be missed?

One school day will be missed by the staff members and students.

10. How wi II teachers be advised in advance thatthe students will be out of school?

Teachers will be informed by email weeks in advance with a list of students that will be
going on the retreat. This email will be sent out numerous times to ensure all teachers are

    C. School Work

1. How wi II missed work be made up?

The students are informed that they are responsible to pick up their work from their
teachers the day before the retreat and turn it in on the Monday they return.

2. What special assistance wi II be provided students with academ ic problems?

There are few, if any students with academic problems attending the retreat, but the same
expectations are given to these students to pick up their homework the day before the

    D. Itinerary

1. What is the destination?

The retreat will take place at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston,                  Indiana.

2. What will be the mode of transportation?   What liability   insurance does the carrier

The students and adults will ride a School City of Hobart bus.

3. Where will the group be housed and fed?

The students will be separated by gender in corresponding cabins. The boys will occupy
one large cabin with Eric Stoelb, and Scott Swanson as their guardians. The girls will be
divided into two large cabins with the Erin Lams, Janice Hamady, and Heather Phillips-
Stack as their chaperones. The group will all be fed together in a common dining hall for
use of all the camp.
4. What enroute or supplementary activities are planned?

On the way to camp, the Star Staff sits with students they do not know and don't seem to
know other people to help them feel more comfortable. Also as a bus we playa game of
Mad Gab to help the students start to get acquainted with each other as well. The Star
Staff also hosts a game of "One Minute Mysteries". On the way home, the students sign
each other's "Pat on the Back" affirmation books.

5. What arrangements have been made for dealing with emergency situations?

Parents fill out an emergency form before the trip, as well as explain any special
accommodations that might be necessary. The sponsors meet with the school nurse
about any students that might need special attention. There is also a first aid station on
the camp.

6. If tour guides are involved, what Iiabil ity insurance do they carry?

There are no tour guides

    E.   Finances

1. What is the estimated total cost and cost per student?

The total cost of the trip is $1962.00.       The cost charged per student is $55.00.

2. What is the source of funds?

Funding is provided by SCHO Educational Foundation Grant, donations from the Kiwanis
Club of Hobart, student payment, and school fundraisers.

3. How wi II the funds be collected and safeguarded?

All of the funds are collected and safeguarded by the school treasurer.

4. How wi II any shortfall be made up or excess funds used?

Any excess funds stay in the account for the next year's retreat.

5. What provision has been made for students who are financially unable to pay any
necessary costs?

All students are given the option of either paying the $55.00 or fund raising by selling
boxes of candy.
2340 F5

     F.   Communications?

1. How wi II you communicate     to parents prior to, during, and after the trip?

Parents are sent an initial letter informing them that their child was chosen to be a part of
Natural Helpers as well as a description of Natural Helpers. We also have a parent meeting
to answer any questions and describe in more detail about the retreat. This is held
approximately one month before the retreat. We also send reminder emails and letters
home the weeks prior to the retreat.

2. List telephone numbers at destination and where group wi II be housed.

The 24 hour retreat emergency number at Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, IN is
(765) 564-2898.

3. What information     will be provided to the media and the community?

A powerpoint presentation was given to the Kiwanis Club describing everything we do and
the community is informed when the students and their parents tell others about the
Natural Helpers experience.

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