Classic Toy Line Now In Earth Orbit

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 Classic Toy Line Now In Earth Orbit.
 HUGG-A-PLANET® Product Line Goes To International Space Station.

Essex Junction, Vermont, October 2, 2009- The Hugg-A-Planet Product line was aboard
the first Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) rocket to the International Space
Station (ISS), the Sept. 11 launch and Sept. 18th docking was flawless .This award-winning
product line brings the universal appeal of these fun and educational products to earth orbit.
Whether in space or back home here on planet Earth, Hugg-A-Planets are for everyone.
Often used as a simple conversation piece for some, an educational resource for teachers,
and for others just for a simple embrace. Now the Hugg-A-Planet® Earth, Hugg-A-Moon™
and Hugg-A-Planet® Mars will circle the Earth for many years to come.
The Hugg-A-Planets will make a full orbit around the Earth every 90 minutes on the Space
Station. They will stay there for as long as the space station remains active, at least till 2016,
and will orbit the Earth 5860 times every year! NASA chose the Hugg-A-Planet globes
( ) as a space-based teaching tool because of their geographic accuracy and
soft construction. They also can be tossed around like a ball or used as a pillow.
"Every time I think of how far we have traveled with the Hugg-A-Planet product line it puts a
smile on my face," said Robert Forenza, President and Founder of Hugg-A-Planet. Making
"green toys" since 1982. Forenza is amazed to think that two of our Planets and our Moon is
in space. “Now we can add astronauts to the list of people including world leaders,
politicians , celebrities, and business executives who enjoy our products."
Hugg-A-Planets were voted as one of Parents Choice Foundation "Best 25 Toys of the Past
25 Years" and "Classic Toy of the Year" by Dr. Stevanne Auerbach ( "Dr. Toy" ) who said
"The Hugg-A-Planet belongs in every toy box."
Caring adults appreciate this ideal way to start children’s geographic education. Over 600
locations are labeled on the Hugg-A-Planet, including the world's smallest nation ( Niue ).
And they offer something extra ... they can be hugged. Studies have shown that the majority
of our personality is formed from birth to 7 yrs old.
"Imagine generations growing up hugging the world. It is incredibly rewarding”, said
Forenza. “I believe that people who hug the earth encourage others to care for the earth. In
the end, it's a good way of promoting global awareness, sustainability, ecological
consciousness and geography."
Robert Forenza
7A Morse Dr. Essex Jct. VT 05452
802 878 8900 fax 802 878 8909


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