Prose writers of the Romantic Age

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					  Prose writers
the Romantic Age

    Lamb 兰姆
History of English Essays
Montaigne’s Essais          Plorio,
French essayist          English translator

Periodical essay:         Developed by
                 Defoe    Addison and Steele

        The 19th century: Lamb,
                        Hazlitt, Hunt
                        De Quincey
     Romantic Prose Writers
 1. The early 19th century is remarkable
  for the development of a new and
  valuable type of critical prose
 2. The leaders in this new and
  important development are William
  Hazlitt, Leigh Hunt, De Quincy and
  Charles Lamb.
    Romantic Prose Writers
 3. These prose writers were
  much influenced by the French
  Revolution in politics and by the
  Romantic Movement in literature.
 4.They freely expressed their
  own personality in their writings.
 5. The best representative of
  these writers is Charles Lamb.
Charles Lamb (1775—1834)
            Charles Lamb兰姆

 Lamb’s Life Story
  the Inner Temple
  (内殿法学院)                   lawyer Samuel Salt

   Father            legal copyist

   mother            housekeeper
       Lamb’s Life Story

 read widely
                  famous school

  future editor      Coleridge,
of The Examiner     Leigh Hunt
          Lamb’s Life Story

a clerk at India House    never
(东印度公司) 1792—1825        married

Tales from Shakespeare   his sister
stories for children     Mary

 get help from            write in
 William Godwin          healthy periods
      Lamb’s Life Story

critical essays

Hazlitt           new London Magazine

              the pseudonym Elia

   died 13 years before his sister
      Major Literary Works

 1) His first period: poetical drama
 (1) John Woodvil
 《 约 翰 • 伍 德 维 尔 》a tragedy in
 (2) Mr H
 《H君》a comedy in 1806
      2) His second period
 (1) Tales from Shakespeare
 《莎士比亚故事集》
 published in 1807.
(2) Specimens of English Dramatic
  Poets     Contemporary     with
  范作》published in 1808
 3) His third period:
   series of essays
(1) Essays of Elia,
 《伊利亚随笔集》,《伊利亚散文
  集》published in 1823.
 (2) Last Essays of Elia,
 《后随笔集》published in 1833.
  3. Features of Lamb’s Essays
 1) The most important feature of
  his essays is his humor.
 Charles Lamb is a humorist and a
  master of puns (双关语) and jokes,
  which abound in his essays.
 2) Lamb was especially fond of old
 His writings are full of archaisms
   Features of Lamb’s Essays
 3) His essays are intensely
 They are an excellent picture of
  Lamb and humanity.
 His essays are marked by relaxed
  style, conversational tone and wide
  range of subject matter.
   Features of Lamb’s Essays
 4) Lamb is a romanticist of the
  city, (while Wordsworth is a
  romanticist of nature).
 Lamb’s imagination was inspired
  by the busy life of London,
  (Wordsworth drew inspirations
  from the mountains and lakes).

1) Remember Lamb’s major works.
2) What are the features of
 Lamb’s essays?

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