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                                Position Description

Job Title           :      Website Marketer

Reports To          :      Marketing Development Manager

Prepared Date       :      July 2009

Employee            :

Signed              :      ________________            ____________________
                              Employee                        Manager

Job Purpose:       To develop the website and digital marketing strategy and initiatives for
                   the Heart Foundation, including developing, managing and maintaining
                   the website(s).

Operating Unit:    This role is a part of the Marketing & Communications team.

Key Accountabilities:
1. Create, develop and manage an online presence for Heart Foundation.
2. Develop and implement effective digital marketing campaigns.
3. Develop online marketing and community engagement initiatives utilising relevant
   online community websites e.g. Facebook / Twitter.
4. Regular content maintenance to ensure the site remains topical dynamic and engaging
   to target audiences.
5. Maintain the optimum marketing engagement functionality of the website.
6. Manage digital agency and supplier relationships.
7. Liaise with Heart Foundation staff and company departments, e.g. communications
   advisor for content, direct marketing team to execute digital marketing campaigns, IT
   manager and website administrator for functionality.
8. Coordinate web-based projects across all Heart Foundation departments.
9. Develop and maintain e-commerce capabilities of website and develop and manage
   online store.
10. Liaise with Marketing Development Manager to ensure website meets with brand
    strategy platform.
11. Maintain ongoing awareness in the area of web technology including new trends and
    apply these where applicable.
12. Maintain a consistent look and feel throughout all internal business unit and external
    partner/supporter web properties.
13. Edit and proofread all web content.
14. Oversee and advise content contributors.
15. Track and report on all site metrics.
16. Work cooperatively with key team members, clients and vendors.
17. Any other duties assigned by the Marketing Development Manager.

Experience /Skills (includes Qualifications):

   Tertiary qualification in Communication, Marketing and/or Digital related discipline.

   Minimum of 5 years related experience, including at least 3 years experience in digital
    marketing agency field.

   Demonstrated expertise in web content, usability, architecture, development and
   Knowledge of web design and programming.

   Good communication skills.

Attitude / Behaviour Competencies:

All Heart Foundation employees are expected to understand, champion and practice our
      Professionalism
      Making a difference
      Valuing People
      Teamwork and co-operative spirit

   Calm steady manner in times of pressure or stress.
   A team player yet ability to work independently and use own initiative.
   Takes ownership for work, maintains high levels of quality and confidentiality.
   “Can do” attitude.
   Proactive and creative ability to identify and/or solve marketing/fundraising challenges
    and opportunities.
   Communication: Engages others in active, open and productive dialogue.
   Customer focus: Investigates and takes action to meet customers’ current and future
   Drive for results: Continually focuses on achieving positive, concrete results
    contributing to the Heart Foundation’s business success.
   Integrity and Trustworthiness: Behaves according to high ethical business principles
    and values, including being scrupulously fair in dealing with others.
   Influence and Negotiation: Uses honed persuasion skills to find ways for all parties to
    achieve their goals and interests.
   Representing the Heart Foundation: Projects a positive and professional image of the
    Heart Foundation in all contacts.
   Decision Making: Makes timely, practical and cost effective decisions, and facilitates
    others in doing so.
   Teamwork: Is a positive contributor to the team, working co-operatively with others at
    both peer and management levels.
   Problem solving: Gathers and analyses information and uses it to develop effective
    solutions to difficult problems or situations.
   Time management and organisational skills: Handles a demanding workload in a timely
    and organised way. Prioritising work schedules to meet deadlines and maximise
   Interpersonal skills: Consistently develops and maintains good working relationships
    with others.
   Relationship building: Consistently builds highly effective business relationships.
   Adaptable: Is able to be flexible to the needs of colleagues and the business.
   Drive for results: Pursues work with energy, drive and a strong accomplishment
   Positive attitude: Demonstrates ability to remain positive at all times, creating a climate
    that is upbeat and encouraging.
   Accuracy: Reliably pays attention to detail in all work.
   Supportive: Assist the Marketing Development Manager to achieve results
    (demonstrates willingness to work outside scope of immediate role).
   Initiative: Uses initiative and suggest ways of improving systems, processes and team
   Development: Demonstrates willingness to grow skill base (cross skilling) and
    recognises personal development opportunities.
   Proactive: Able to work independently and with a fair degree of autonomy. Able to
    work proactively.

This position reports to the Marketing Development Manager. A strong interaction is
required with all members of the Marketing and Communications team.

This position will handle customer enquiries and will represent the Heart Foundation as a
caring, responsive organisation.

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