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					 The DAN

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“Divers Helping Divers”

                          Divers Alert Network
                          Your Dive Safety Association
                         What is
       DAN® (Divers Alert Network, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
   medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health
of recreational scuba divers and associated with Duke University Medical
       Center (DUMC). DAN is supported by the largest association
of recreational divers in the world — more than 200,000 as of June 2000.

  Founded in 1980, DAN provides both a 24-Hour Diving Emergency
Hotline and the Dive Safety and Medical Information Line, which operates
          from 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Eastern Time. DAN is recognized
  worldwide as an authority on the treatment of decompression illness.
DAN America is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, with affiliates
      in Europe, Japan, Southern Africa, Mexico and Southeast Asia,
    all of which comprise the “International DAN” federation (IDAN).

    DAN members receive dive and travel benefits, including $100,000
 emergency medical evacuation assistance and a subscription to the award-
  winning Alert Diver magazine. New members receive the DAN Dive and
  Travel Medical Guide. DAN members can purchase up to $250,000 dive
accident insurance coverage at the most affordable rate in the dive industry,
           and also the DAN TagTM, diving’s only emergency ID.

 DAN is the world’s largest certifying organization for emergency first aid
    training and the largest distributor of emergency oxygen equipment
 for the treatment of dive injuries. DAN provides funding and consulting
    for recompression chambers worldwide and conducts dive research
in the field and at the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental
               Physiology at Duke University Medical Center.

Table of Contents
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DAN At a Glance                                            3
DAN Promotes Dive Safety                                   4
DAN Members Ask ...                                       12
How Do My Dues Support DAN Research?                      13
Promoting DAN Membership to Your Students and Customers   14
How Do I Use the DAN Website?                             14
How is DAN Supported?                                     16
How Do I Handle a Diving Emergency?                       17
What About Non-Emergency Dive Medical Questions?          18
How Do I Find the Answers to Dive Medical Questions       19
The Diving Preferred Provider Network                     20
Business Membership                                       22
What Are the Benefits of DAN Business Membership?         23
The Retail Distribution Program                           24
The Point Incentive Program                               25
What is DAN Development?                                  26
How Do I Participate in the Student Membership Program?   27
DAN Training Programs & Standards                         28
How Do I Maintain DAN Oxygen Equipment?                   34
How Do I Get Oxygen Equipment Serviced?                   35
How Can I Get Oxygen Refills?                             35
What Do I Need To Teach a DAN Provider Course?            36          WHAT’S IN THIS BOOK
Why Should I Be a DAN Instructor?                         37
What Is International DAN?                                38
International DAN Instructor Transfer Rules               39
How Can I Become a DAN Partner in Dive Safety?            41
Trademark Licensing Agreement                             43
Diving Emergency Telephone Numbers                        44
Index of Faxable DAN Forms                                45-onward

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                    1
                                               Our Vision
                            DAN’s vision is to be the most recognized and trusted
                           organization worldwide in the fields of diver safety and
                     emergency services, health, research and education by its members,
                     instructors, supporters and recreational diving community at large.

                              The DAN Mission Statement
                       o Divers Alert Network (DAN), a non-profit organization,
                       exists to provide expert medical information and advice
                       for the benefit of the diving public.
                          DAN’s historical and primary function is to provide
                       emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater
                       diving injuries and to promote diving safety.

                       o DAN promotes and supports underwater diving research
                       and education, particularly as it relates to the improvement
                       of diving safety, medical treatment and first aid.

                       o DAN strives to provide the most accurate, up-to-date and

                       unbiased information on issues of common concern to the
                       diving public, primarily, but not exclusively, for diving safety.

                                    Your Dive Safety Association

           2                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE
_______ ______ ________
 ___ _ _ ______                                                                 F
Medical Department — 1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 222
Contact It to:    
• Address all diving emergencies: +1-919-684-4326 (684-4DAN) collect OR +1-919-684-8111
• Handle all your medical information questions
• Handle all your dive injury and fatality questions
Membership Department — 1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 333
Contact It to:   
•   Sign up for DAN Membership(s)
•   Sign up for dive accident insurance
•   File an insurance claim
•   Upgrade your insurance
•   Handle all your DAN Membership needs (lost DAN card, change of address, etc.)
Training Department — 1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 555
Contact It to:     
•   Get answers for your DAN Training program questions
•   Get answers for your DAN Instructor & Instructor Trainer processing questions
•   Get answers for all technical oxygen equipment questions
•   Find out where to get your oxygen cylinders filled
•   Find the closest DAN Training Programs in your area
•   Learn details about the latest DAN Training programs
Research Department — 1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 260
Contact It to:    
•   Learn about DAN Research projects
•   Sign up for the Navy Flying After Diving Study at Duke
•   Sign up for trips with Project Dive Exploration, the Aging Diver study and Rate of Ascent study
•   Learn how to collect data for Project Dive Exploration
•   Apply for a DAN Research Summer Internship
Industry Membership — 1-877-5DAN PRO or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 295
Contact It to:     
•   Handle all your DAN Business Membership needs or questions
•   Place your retail orders and order DAN Training materials
•   Cash in your points for DAN products                                                                  DAN GENERAL INFO
•   Purchase DAN products, oxygen equipment and DAN Training materials
Student Membership — 1-877-5DAN PRO or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 295
Contact It to:    
• Get information for Retailers and Instructors
Development Department — 1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 446
Contact It to:   
•   Make a donation for DAN via grant or foundation
•   Make an “in-kind” or a memorial gift
•   Find out what projects need your support
•   Find out how to set up a fund-raising event for DAN
•   Bequeath or designate a portion of your estate to DAN in your will or establish
    a living or testamentary trust, with DAN as a beneficiary
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                        3
                    DAN Promotes Dive Safety                6
                    1. WITH READY INFORMATION                          s Dive Safety & Medical Information
                    As the world’s leading dive safety organization, Line +1-919-684-2948 (1-800-446-2671
                    Divers Alert Network, Inc. (DAN) serves the        in the United States and Canada)
                    dive community on many levels.                     DAN maintains a medical information line
                                                                       to provide answers for commonly asked
                                                                       questions about scuba diving medicine and
                                                  In fiscal year 2001, safety. DAN answers calls 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m.
                                                  DAN responded to     Eastern Time (1330-0100 Greenwich Mean
                                                  2,990 emergency      Time) weekdays, except U.S. holidays.
                                                calls on the Hotline
                                                and 10,347 calls for   Since 1995, when DAN began using email
                                                medical and safety
                                                                       inquiries via the DAN website, DAN Medical
                                                information and
                                                answered 3,403         Services has received 13,194 such inquiries
                                                medical inquiries      for medical information. These email inquiries,
                                                via email.             added to the 156,750 phone inquiries for
                                                                       medical information, brought the total number
                                                                       of medical inquiries since 1980 to 169,944.
                    Medical advice, training, research and data
                    collecting all are part of the DAN mission to      In FY2001, DAN medics responded to 10,347
                    provide expert medical information and             calls for medical and safety information and
                    advice for the benefit of the diving public.       answered 3,403 email inquiries. Since the
                    DAN’s historical and primary function is to        organization was founded in 1980, DAN has
                    provide emergency medical advice and assis-        answered a grand total of 198,734 medical
                    tance for underwater diving injuries and to        emergency and informational calls.
                    promote diving safety. Here are some areas in
                                                                       s Annual Report on Decompression
                    which DAN strives to help divers worldwide.
                                                                       Illness and Diving Fatalities
                    s 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline                 DAN collects the details of recreational dive
                    +1-919-684-4DAN (-4326 collect)                    injuries (decompression illness, or DCI) and

                    and +1-919-684-8111 in DAN America                 fatalities each year. Scientists at DAN analyze
                    and +1-267-520-1507 in Latin America               this data in an effort to identify common trends
                    DAN maintains a worldwide 24-hour emer-            among dive injuries and diving deaths.
                    gency telephone service 365 days a year to         The report’s primary goal is to understand
                    provide injured divers with medical consulta-      what factors contribute to dive injuries and
                    tions and referrals. DAN responded to 2,990        fatalities. The report is available to everyone.
                    emergency calls on the Hotline in fiscal year      Since the 2001 Report, data from Project Dive
                    2001. This brings the total number of emer-        Exploration have been included as well.
                    gency calls fielded to 30,438 since
                    DAN was founded in 1980.

                   Why Should I Join DAN? DAN is the largest association of
           4                                                                                      RESOURCE GUIDE
DAN Promotes Dive Safety . . .
through Education                    & Research
s DAN Oxygen First Aid for Scuba
                                                    More than 95,000 divers and
Diving Injuries                                         10,000 dive professionals
Begun in 1991, this program of teaching the         worldwide have been trained
use of oxygen in dive emergencies is the             in the DAN Oxygen First Aid
most popular of its kind in the world.                   for Scuba Diving Injuries
                                                        since the program began,
More than 95,000 divers and 10,700 dive
                                                          with more being added
professionals have been trained in this                    to the rolls each week.
program. DAN distributes a line of specialized
oxygen delivery systems to provide oxygen
first aid to injured divers.
                                                   Diving, represents entry-level training
s DAN First Aid for Hazardous                      designed to educate the general diving (and
Marine Life Injuries                               qualified non-diving) public to better recognize
The First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life            the warning signs of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
Injuries provider program is designed to           and administer first aid using Basic Life
teach participants the skills and knowledge        Support techniques and Automated External
needed to supplement Basic Life Support            Defibrillators while activating local emergency
(BLS) and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation            medical services (EMS) and / or arranging
(CPR) skills with first aid techniques to assist   for evacuation to the nearest appropriate
any diver who has come in contact with             medical facility.
hazardous marine life. The course is divided
into two sections: Knowledge Development
and Skills Development.
                                                   2. THROUGH DAN RESEARCH
                                                   DAN conducts studies in health and safety
s DAN Oxygen First Aid for                         issues that can affect scuba diving.
Aquatic Emergencies
                                                   s Project Dive Exploration
More than 700 instructors and instructor
                                                   PDE collects information on dive profiles using
trainers across the world have received
                                                                                                              DAN GENERAL INFO
                                                   dive computers to create a database of safe
certification in this program since it started
                                                   dives and dives that result in injuries. This
in 1999. It teaches the skills and knowledge
                                                   will help provide insight into the behavior,
needed to supplement Basic Life Support and
                                                   dive profiles and characteristics of recreational
CPR with emergency oxygen first aid for
                                                   divers that can be associated with DCI.
a near-drowning emergency.
                                                   s The Aging Diver Study
s DAN Automated External
                                                   Entering its fourth year, this study uses the
Defibrillators for Scuba Diving
                                                   methodology of Project Dive Exploration on
DAN’s newest training program, Automated
                                                   divers age 50 and up. Its aim is to study their
External Defibrillators (AEDs) for Scuba
                                                                                 Continued on next page
recreational divers in the world, with a distinguished history and a bright future.
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                            5
                                                                               s Ascent Rate Studies
                        For travel-related emergencies, call
                                                                               DAN Research conducts a study of ascent rates
                             DAN TravelAssist                                  at the Duke University hyperbaric chamber.
                                1-800-DAN-EVAC                                 Current guidelines for recreational diving in
                                    (1-800-326-3822)                           the United States limit both depth and
                          This number is valid in the USA, Canada,             duration so that a direct ascent to the surface
                             Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and the                 is possible without decompression stops.
                               British and U.S. Virgin Islands.
                                                                               The best rate for such an ascent is unknown,
                                                                               and recommendations vary between 10 feet /
                                                                               3 meters per minute and 60 feet / 18 meters
                                   may be called COLLECT.
                                                                               per minute. DAN Research is conducting an
                                                                               ascent rate study to estimate the effects of
                   medical histories and dive lifestyle in an
                                                                               ascent rate on the incidences of decompression
                   effort to determine the following:
                                                                               sickness and venous gas emboli.
                   • At what age should divers begin to dive
                   more conservatively? Are older divers at                    s Diving With Diabetes Studies
                   higher risk for DCS, barotraumas, injuries?                 The diving with diabetes study has completed
                   • Does the older diver (i.e., over age 50) dive             the field data collection portion of the project.
                   differently due to age?                                     Data is currently being analyzed, and a
                   • Do we encounter additional diving safety                  published paper should be coming in the
                   risks as we grow older?                                     near future.
                   • As we age, what medical issues should be
                   taken into consideration?
                   • Not everyone ages at the same rate: is it fair
                                                                               3. THROUGH VITAL SERVICES
                   to say that divers must go by chronological
                                                                               & SUPPORT
                                                                               s Recompression Chamber Assistance
                   age in judging their fitness to dive?
                                                                               In 1993 DAN launched a program to provide
                                                                               recompression facilities chambers with gifts of
                                                                               vital equipment such as oxygen and carbon
                                                                               dioxide analyzers, oxygen masks, compressors
                                                                               and training on current treatment tables.

                                                                  The program also helps provide continuing

                                                                  education to chamber staff to elevate and
                                                                  maintain the standard of care at remote
                   s Flying After Diving Studies                  facilities. Since that time, DAN, through the
                   Among its many projects, DAN Research has support of its members, has provided close to
                   conducted studies on the issue of flying after $100,000 in equipment, training and
                   diving. The goal of the long-term Flying After assistance to chambers all over the world.
                   Diving project is to develop guidelines for
                   recreational divers for safe intervals between
                   diving and flying aboard airliners.

                   1977     Undersea Medical Society (later the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society) introduces the concept of
                   a national organization (to replace LEO-FAST at Brooks Air Force Base, directed by Colonel Jeff Davis, M.D.) where
                   one telephone call from anywhere could connect the caller to a diving medicine specialist 24 hours a day.
           6                                                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE
DAN Promotes Dive Safety . . .                                                                6
with DAN TravelAssist
s Worldwide Medical Evacuation                             staff for assistance and consultation while you
Via DAN TravelAssist                                       are traveling. Referrals to locally available
A service available to DAN members, DAN                    doctors, specialists and hospitals are also
TravelAssist offers them needed emergency                  available as part of this program.
medical, travel and personal assistance when               • Medical monitoring of a member or
they are traveling at least 50 miles from home.            family member’s condition when hospitalized.
Assistance benefits are handled by DAN
                                                           • Emergency medication, if you require
TravelAssist through International SOS
                                                           prescription medication that is not available
Assistance Inc.
                                                           at your location,
In addition, DAN TravelAssist can provide                  DAN TravelAssist
embassy and consulate contacts. If a member                will consult with
loses an important document like a passport                the prescribing
while traveling, DAN TravelAssist will help in             physician and
obtaining replacements; the service can also               locate and
receive and transmit emergency messages to                 arrange to send
and from a member’s family or employer.                    your
With an acceptable guarantee of reimburse-                 medication        DAN TravelAssist can help you with emergency
ment, DAN TravelAssist will provide a cash                 when it is        evacuation in the event you need to receive
                                                           possible and         treatment at a recompression facility ,
advance in local monies for medical emer-                                      get emergency transport to a hospital,
gencies, as well as hospital admittance or                 if it is legally  communicate with your family , and more —
discharge deposit advances of up to $5,000.                acceptable.         all if you or a family member is injured
                                                           You must pay                at least 50 miles from home .
In addition, DAN TravelAssist can obtain                   for your own prescriptions.
access to local attorneys during their regular
office hours, bail bond assistance when                    • Ready access to help. In a non-diving
appropriate and translators and interpreter                emergency or in the event of any emergency
services to help meet a member’s needs (the                medical evacuation call 1-800-DAN-EVAC
                                                           (1-800-326-3822). This number is valid in
                                                                                                                        DAN GENERAL INFO
fees incurred for their services are a member’s
responsibility).                                           the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas,
                                                           and the British & U.S. Virgin Islands.
DAN TravelAssist benefits include
up to $100,000 coverage for:                               If you are not in one of those areas, the
                                                           direct-dial telephone number is +1-215-245-
• Emergency evacuation in case of a medical
                                                           2461 and may be called collect. These
emergency when adequate medical facilities
                                                           numbers are staffed 24 hours a day, with two
are not available locally.
                                                           medical doctors available for consultation.
• 24-hour worldwide medical information
and assistance provided by the multilingual                                            Continued on next page   g
1980     Divers Alert Network becomes a reality in September under the name “Diving Accident Network,” with a
two-year NOAA and NIOSH grant to Dr. Peter B. Bennett of the F.G. Hall Hyperbaric Center at Duke University Medical
Center in Durham, North Carolina.
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                     7
                                                                            DAN Insurance Coverage: DAN insurance
                    DAN Members,                                            coverage is secondary coverage. After any
                   Take a look at the newest —                              other medical expense insurance you may
                   & best — DAN plan around!                                have, the DAN plan pays up to 100 percent
                                                                            of all remaining eligible Reasonable and

                          The DAN                                           Customary Charges. The cost of medical

                     Pref Pla         Dive Accident Insurance
                                                                            treatment for non-diving-related illness
                                                                            is not covered.

                                                                    s The DAN Preferred Plan
                                                                    The DAN PreferredTM Plan offers $250,000
                   • Exclusions and provisions. DAN Travel-         coverage per occurrence for medical
                   Assist reserves the right to bill any other      expenses incurred for a Covered Diving
                   insurance carrier you might have: this ensures Accident, including decompression illness
                   low fees for the entire membership. DAN          and all covered in-water skin-diving and
                   TravelAssist must arrange all medical            scuba diving injuries incurred at any depth.*
                   and visitor transportation.
                                                                    The Preferred Plan also offers an additional
                   Because DAN TravelAssist is an assistance        $15,000 (referred to as the Principal Sum) for
                   service, DAN cannot reimburse you for            accidental death and dismemberment
                   expenses you incur on your own. Medical          benefits resulting from a covered diving
                   transportation services are provided only        accident and $15,000 (referred to as the Principal
                   if authorized in advance by the TravelAssist     Sum) permanent total disability benefits
                   Emergency Assistance Center. You should be resulting from a Covered Diving Accident.
                   aware that DAN TravelAssist reserves the right
                                                                    Non-Diving Accident Medical Coverage:
                   to limit or suspend services in any areas in
                                                                    If an Insured person incurs charges for
                   the event of civil unrest, war, manmade
                                                                    treatment of Injury due to a Non-Diving
                   catastrophe, acts of God or the refusal of local
                                                                    Accident that occurs outside his / her Home
                   authorities to permit the Emergency Assistance
                                                                    Country, The United States Life Insurance
                   Center to fully provide services.                Company in the City of New York (United

                   4. WITH ONE OF THE MOST                                  States Life) will pay up to a maximum of
                                                                            $10,000 per Insured subject to a $250

                                                                            deductible per Insured Person.
                   PROGRAMS AROUND
                                                                            Dive Vacation Cancellation: Subject to
                   DAN has developed three affordable insur-                a $250 deductible, this benefit pays for
                   ance plans — the DAN Preferred™, Master                  certain losses that an Insured person incurs
                   and Standard Plans — in order to provide                 for a diving trip cancellation up to the time
                   you the opportunity to choose the plan that              and date of departure for a Sickness or Injury
                   is best suited for you. These insurance                  that would substantially impair the Insured’s
                   benefits are underwritten by The United                  ability to dive. This benefit is subject to
                   States Life Insurance Company in the City                a $10,000 lifetime maximum.
                   of New York and are provided in addition to
                   your automatic $100,000 DAN TravelAssist                             *Call for availability outside the United States
                   benefits through International SOS Assistance.
                   1981    DAN publishes its first “Underwater Diving Accident Manual.” The first emergency calls come into the
                   Hyperbaric Center. DAN receives 305 calls for information and assistance.
           8                                                                                                  RESOURCE GUIDE
DAN Promotes Dive Safety . . .                                                                   6
with Dive Accident Insurance                                         & Valuable Services
Dive Vacation Interruption: Subject to                    Extra Transportation means transportation
a $250 deductible, this benefit pays for                  charges for a return home trip that was
certain losses that an Insured person incurs              delayed due to a Covered Diving Accident.
for a diving trip interrupted after the time
                                                          Such delay must be recommended by a
and date of departure for a Sickness or Injury
                                                          Physician. Extra transportation charges do
that would substantially impair the Insured’s
                                                          not include charges eligible for reimburse-
ability to dive. This benefit is subject to a
                                                          ment under the Travel Assistance benefits.
$5,000 lifetime maximum.
                                                          Loss of Diving Equipment: If Diving
Extra Accommodations: If You are delayed
                                                          Equipment is lost or unintentionally damaged
in returning home on the written advice of
                                                          due to a Covered Diving Accident, United
the attending physician concerning a Covered
                                                          States Life will pay for the present market
Diving Accident, United States Life will pay
                                                          value of the Diving Equipment (see definition
benefits for Extra Accommodations. Benefits
                                                          below*) at the time of the loss or damage. If
payable are equal to the actual expenses
                                                          any item that was lost or damaged is part of
incurred up to $200 per day, up to a maximum
                                                          an assembly of items, then the benefit is
of $3,000 for the covered condition. Benefits
                                                          limited to the part that was lost or damaged.
begin on the first day following the original
                                                          At the option of United States Life, the lost or
date You should have returned home. You
                                                          damaged item may be repaired or replaced in
must provide bills or receipts of actual
                                                          lieu of a cash payment. United States Life may
expenses and a copy of the attending
                                                          require You to provide the damaged equip-
physician’s advisory notice.
                                                          ment. The maximum benefit is $2,500.
Extra Accommodations means lodging or hotel
room charges required because You were                    s The DAN Master Plan
delayed in returning home due to a Covered                The DAN Master Plan offers $125,000 life-
Diving Accident. Extra accommodations does                time coverage for medical expenses incurred
not include hospital stays, transportation,               for a Covered Diving Accident, including
food, or incidentals.                                     decompression illness and all covered in-
                                                          water skin-diving and scuba diving injuries                    DAN GENERAL INFO
Extra Transportation: If You are prevented
                                                          incurred at any depth.
from using the originally purchased ticket
due to a delay on the written advice of the                                              Continued on next page
attending Physician concerning a Covered
Diving Accident, United States Life will pay
an Extra Transportation benefit for the return            * Diving Equipment means diving equipment that is worn
trip. The benefit payable is equal to the                 on the diver’ s person, that is lost or damaged due an
                                                          Injury or Decompression Illness (DCI) that requires urgent
difference between the new economy-class                  transportation or hospitalization. Diving equipment does
ticket and the remaining value of the old                 not include w atches , their glasses or covers , torn straps
ticket for up to a maximum benefit of $2,000.             or buckles , or photographic equipment of any kind.

1982     DAN implements a medical / safety advisory telephone line [ +1-919-684-2948 ] to handle questions from
recreational divers with non-emergency questions.
     RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                      9
                   DAN has developed three affordable                      The benefit payable is equal to the difference
                   insurance plans:                                        between the new economy-class ticket and the
                                                                           remaining value of the old ticket for up to a
                   • the DAN Preferred™ Plan,
                                                                           maximum benefit of $1,000.
                   • the DAN Master Plan, and
                   • the DAN Standard Plan                                 Extra Transportation means transportation
                   in order to provide you the opportunity to              charges for a return home trip that was

                   choose the plan that is best suited for you.            delayed due to a Covered Diving Accident.
                                                                           Such delay must be recommended by
                   The Master Plan also offers an additional               a Physician.
                   $15,000 (referred to as the Principal Sum)
                                                                           Extra transportation charges do not include
                   for accidental death and dismemberment
                                                                           charges eligible for reimbursement under the
                   benefits resulting from a Covered Diving
                                                                           Travel Assistance benefits. DAN TravelAssist
                   Accident and $15,000 (referred to as the
                                                                           will be given the original ticket.
                   Principal Sum) permanent total disability
                   benefits resulting from a Covered Diving                Loss of Diving Equipment: If Diving
                   Extra Accommodations: If You are delayed
                   in returning home on the written advice of

                   diving condition, The United States Life
                   Insurance Company (United States Life) will
                   pay benefits for Extra Accommodations.
                   the attending physician concerning a covered
                                                                           Equipment is lost or unintentionally
                                                                           damaged due to a Covered Diving Accident,
                                                                           United States Life will pay for the present
                                                                           market value of the Diving Equipment at the
                                                                           time of the loss or damage. If any item that
                                                                           was lost or damaged is part of an assembly of
                                                                           items, then the benefit is limited to the part
                                                                           that was lost or damaged.
                   Benefits payable are equal to the actual
                   expenses incurred up to $200 per day, up to             At the option of United States Life, the lost or
                   a maximum of $1,500 for the covered                     damaged item may be repaired or replaced in
                   condition. Benefits begin on the first day              lieu of a cash payment. United States Life may
                   following the original date You should have             require You to provide the damaged equipment.
                   returned home. You must provide bills or                The maximum benefit is $2,500.
                   receipts of actual expenses.
                                                                           s The DAN Standard Plan
                   Extra Accommodations means lodging and
                                                                           The DAN Standard Plan offers $45,000 life-
                   hotel room charges required because You

                                                                           time coverage for a Covered Diving Accident,
                   were delayed in returning home due to a
                                                                           including Decompression Illness, incurred
                   Covered Diving Accident. Extra accommoda-
                                                                           within the 130-foot / 40-meter depth limit.
                   tions does not include hospital stays, trans-
                   portation, food, or incidentals.                        Upgrading Your Coverage:
                                                                           You may upgrade your insurance at any time
                   Extra Transportation: If You are prevented
                                                                           after you enroll. If you wish to upgrade now,
                   from using the originally purchased ticket due
                                                                           call DAN Member Services at 1-800-446-2671
                   to a delay on the written advice of the attend-
                                                                           or +1-919-684-2948, and a DAN customer
                   ing Physician concerning a covered diving
                                                                           representative will be happy to help you.
                   condition, United States Life will pay an Extra
                   Transportation benefit for the return trip.             All funds are payable in $U.S.

                   1983    DAN changes its name from Diving Accident Network to Divers Alert Network. In August, DAN becomes
                   a membership association. Individual DAN members receive an “Underwater Diving Accident Manual,” tank /
                   equipment decals and waterproof ID card.
           10                                                                                               RESOURCE GUIDE
In addition . . .                               • The DAN Tag B.C.I.D.
Insurance from DAN is in addition to the        is made expressly for dive
DAN TravelAssist that comes with DAN            equipment rental programs.
membership. Neither DAN nor Duke                The Buoyancy Compensator
University is an insurance company. DAN         Identification (B.C.I.D.) Tag,
is an association that offers various benefits  attached to rental BCDs,
that include insurance.                         bears your business’
                                                name, telephone
Confidential Records — All at DAN
                                                number, the DAN
DAN member emergency medical evacuation OK diver symbol and
assistance and dive accident insurance policy the DAN Diving Emergency
records are kept in one central secure location Hotline number — all on
at DAN. As a DAN member, if you (or your        the front. The reverse side
friend, spouse or physician) call the DAN 24- reminds divers to make
Hour Diving Emergency Hotline with a dive       slow ascents and tells
emergency, DAN can verify membership
                                                them how to join DAN
benefits and insurance coverage right away                                     DAN the Safety Man
                                                and obtain their own           wears his DAN T ag
and make arrangements for timely evacuation
                                                personalized DAN Tags          every time he dives!
and / or recompression treatment.
                                                as a DAN Member.

5. WITH THESE QUALITY                                      Each Tag is sequentially numbered to help
                                                           students and customers tell their equipment
BENEFITS                                                   apart from other rentals. Unlike the personal-
s DAN Member Benefits Handbook                             ized DAN Tag, which attaches to the BCD
This free publication explains the benefits                by a screw clip, these Tags come with heavy-
and services available to you through DAN:                 duty tie wraps. This makes removal difficult.
TravelAssist, dive insurance and other ben-
efits. The handbook is also available on the               Not only does the B.C.I.D. Program help
DAN website:                   promote the benefits of DAN and readily
                                                           identify your rental BCDs, it also tells the
s DAN Tags (available for extra fee)                       world in a colorful way that your business
The DAN TagTM is the first medical ID tag                  supports dive safety.
created exclusively for divers. Each tag clips
                                                                                                                        DAN GENERAL INFO
onto a diver’s BCD and is personalized with                s The DAN Dive and Travel Medical Guide
vital membership, medical and contact                                     New members receive —
information in the unlikely event of a diving                             for free — a copy of the
emergency.                                                                DAN Dive and Travel
                                                                          Medical Guide, an invalu-
• The DAN Dog Tag is modeled after                                        able reference on treating
the popular military dog tag. It is imprinted                             common diving and travel
with the DAN logo and Diving Emergency                                    injuries and illnesses.
Hotline number on the front, with space to
imprint a diver’s name and member number.                                                 Continued on next page   g
1984    Federal grant monies to DAN is decreased (50 percent in 1982 and then by 25 percent in 1983).
Donations are insufficient to maintain viability. Membership support becomes crucial to the survival of DAN.

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                     11
                                               s Alert Diver                    s Monthly Drawings for equipment and
                                               This free                        dive trips from new and new renewing DAN
                                               publication for                  member names.
                                               DAN members                      s Educational Seminars & Courses
                                               includes updates                 Courses for instructors, physicians and divers
                                               on the latest                    who wish to increase their understanding
                                               developments                     of scuba diving injuries and treatment.
                                               in dive medicine
                                                                                s Audiovisual & Instructional Materials
                                               and research, as
                                                                                These include instructional 35mm slides,
                                               well as other
                                                                                books and videos for dive instructors, stores,
                                               articles on dive
                                                                                clubs and individuals.
                                               safety and health.
                   In addition you’ll receive the Alert Diver                   s Research Trips Sponsored by DAN.
                   edition of Skin Diver, a $5.99 value.+                       Divers can enjoy their sport and help DAN
                       Which is not deductible from your dues.                  at the same time.

                   DAN Members Ask . . .
                   • Is DAN insurance a primary or secondary policy?
                       DAN dive accident insurance is secondary coverage, underwritten by The United States
                   Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. After any other coverage you may have,
                   DAN pays up to 100 percent of all remaining eligible expenses.

                   • Do I have to renew my DAN membership every year?
                      Yes, it is important to remind DAN divers that their membership and insurance both
                   need to be renewed annually. The DAN Membership office will issue a renewal billing
                   approximately 30 days prior, but if divers have not received notification and they know their
                   expiration date is nearing, they should call DAN’s toll-free number at 1-800-446-2671.

                   • What if I change my address?
                      Notify DAN of an upcoming address change as soon as possible: You can make the
                   change via the DAN website at Or you can call DAN
                   Membership at 1-800-446-2671 ext. 333.

                   1985        DAN begins Sponsor Program for clubs, stores, corporations and sponsoring organizations.

                   1987     DAN pioneers an insurance program — Prepared Membership — to protect recreational divers against
                   the high cost of evacuation and treatment for diving injuries such as decompression sickness, air embolism and
                   pulmonary barotrauma. DAN receives 3,554 calls, with 2,816 for information and 738 for emergencies.

           12                                                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE
How Do My Dues Support
DAN Research?
By providing funding for important               DAN diving research, which seeks to discover
ongoing research into dive safety.               how and why diving accidents happen, has
                                                 been an industry hallmark. DAN publishes
DAN conducts diving research projects at
                                                 an annual Report on Decompression Illness,
Duke University Medical Center and in the
                                                 Diving Fatalities and Project Dive Explora-
field. Its goal is to help medical experts
                                                 tion to help divers and dive professionals
gain further insight into the mechanics of
                                                 understand this informa-
decompression illness (DCI).
                                                 tion. In 1981, a year after
Research sponsored directly by DAN has           founding DAN,
investigated the effects of diabetes, aging      Dr. Peter B. Bennett,
and ascent rate in recreational divers. DAN      President and Chief
collects data on divers who die, divers who      Executive Officer of DAN,
are injured, and divers who dive without         led a team of scientists and
injury. These three populations are compared     physicians in conducting
to identify risk factors for diving.             ground-breaking
                                                 decompression research,
Project Dive Exploration (PDE) is a              which has been funda-
prospective study that uses dive computers       mental in understanding
to collect depth-time data from recreational     DCI and other diving-related disorders.
divers. These data, together with information
about the medical outcomes of the dives, will    Major projects with which DAN personnel
be used to understand the relationships of       are involved take place at Center for Hyper-
diving injury risk to dive profile and diver     baric Medicine and Environmental Physi-
characteristics.                                 ology at Duke University Medical Center.
                                                 Physicians and scientists on DAN’s staff
The results of the DAN-sponsored Flying          conduct research funded by the U.S. Navy
After Diving studies have been used by the       and NASA, bringing world-class scientific
U.S. Navy in developing flying-after-diving      and medical expertise to DAN-sponsored
guides. The Navy’s continuing interest in        research by conducting studies in the preven-   DUES SUPPORT
flying after diving has led them to sponsor a    tion of decompression sickness (DCS) in
                                                                                                   WHAT DAN
new project to determine how much oxygen         astronauts building the space station (funded
breathing before flying to will reduce the       by NASA) and in high-altitude parachuting
preflight surface interval.                      after diving (funded by SOCOM).
Under the direction DAN Medical Services         Additional U.S. Navy and NASA-funded
and DAN Research, DAN has collected              projects seek to understand bubble formation
statistics on diving injuries since 1987. This   and inert gas exchange in the body, the
information has been analyzed and incorpor-      results of which can be applied to sport
ated into the world’s largest and most           divers. Under USN sponsorship, DAN
complete sport diving accident database.         conducted an epidemiological survey of
                                                 1,600-plus divers, to help better define
                                                 their needs.
   RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                        y       13
                   Promoting DAN Membership
                   To Your Students and Customers
                   Who & What Is DAN?
                   s Divers Alert Network (DAN) is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit diving safety
                   organization associated with Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina.
                   s DAN is an international network of diving medical facilities and specialists throughout the
                   world, staffed by physicians, administrators, dive instructors and volunteers.
                   s DAN’s primary mission is to enhance dive safety for recreational scuba divers. DAN
                   accomplishes this goal by providing medical consultations for injured divers, collecting and
                   analyzing diving accident and fatality information, promoting divers educational programs and
                   offering dive accident insurance coverage and worldwide emergency medical evacuation.
                   s DAN is a non-profit membership association that offers significant benefits to its members.
                   DAN is supported by individual divers, instructors, dive stores, resorts, training agencies,
                   corporations, charter boats, dive clubs and diving manufacturers.

                   Why Join DAN?
                   When individuals join DAN they become part of an established network exclusively
                   dedicated to educating and assisting divers. The demand for DAN’s services expands every year.
                   Your membership helps DAN fulfill its commitment to dive safety, education, training and dive
                   research. By joining, you help DAN to make diving safer for you and all divers.

                   How Do I Use the DAN Website?
                    www.                              For specific information about each item of the

                   The home page of the DAN website contains                 table of contents, scroll to the bottom of the

                   brief summaries of the latest activities at the           home page and click onto the heading labeled
                   organization and a table of contents for                  “Site Map.” There you will find more detailed
                   general topics. These include:                            information in each category, including:

                   • “About DAN”                   • “Insurance”             • About DAN — Contains the Mission and
                   • “Membership”                  • “Product Catalog”       Vision Statements for DAN; Welcome Message
                                                                             from Founder and CEO Dr. Peter Bennett; This
                   • “DAN Medical Center”          • “Support DAN”
                                                                             is DAN video; a history of DAN; and a directory
                   • “Training & Education”        • “Contact DAN”
                                                                             of International DAN (IDAN).
                   • “CME”                         • “News & Events”
                                                                                                         Continued on next page
                   1988     DAN membership doubles, from 14,000 in 1987 to 32,000, with the introduction of its diving accident
                   insurance program from the previous year.

         14                                                                                                   RESOURCE GUIDE
                                                  • CME — Details the Continuing Medical
DAN on the Web                                    Education (CME)
                                                  offerings by DAN, including
                                                  “DAN Divers Days” and
• Membership — Lists all member benefits,
                                                  other events for both AMA
including the DAN Tag™ and DAN Travel-
                                                  and ACEP credits.
Assist, plus information on how to join DAN
and membership-only areas where members           • Product Catalog — Lists
can request replacements for their DAN cards      products offered
or fill out a change-of-address form.             by DAN for purchase
                                                  from the website in a
• Student Membership — Lists benefits for
                                                  secured location (i.e., your
dive professionals like Retailers and Instruc-
                                                  credit card number is encrypted so that no one
tors, as well as their students, in signing up
                                                  will see it when you order your material).
for DAN’s special program for new diver
                                                  Items include sturdy apparel, books, pocket
                                                  guides, first aid safety equipment, oxygen
• DAN Insurance — Presents a comparison           equipment, promotional brochures, supplies,
of current DAN insurance plans, as well as        accessories and videos.
details on DAN Group Term Life Insurance.

• DAN Medical Center — Includes medical

Exploration, Diabetes and Diving, etc.).
articles by the DAN medical staff and con-
sultants; frequently asked questions (FAQs)
about medical conditions and diving; info on
current DAN medical research (Project Dive
                                                  • News and Events — Presents all current
                                                  DAN press releases, product recalls, upcoming
                                                  events and training opportunities.

                                                  • Support DAN — Gives the latest informa-
                                                  tion about activities at DAN and what other
                                                  businesses offer it financial support.

                                                  • Contact DAN — Tells you how to visit or
This area also includes an electronic Dive
                                                  call DAN Headquarters in Durham, N.C., as
Injury Report Form (eDIRF) to send to
                                                  well as contact information on locations for
DAN about any illnesses or accidents that
                                                  the various International DAN affiliates.
occurred during a dive; a virtual tour of the
hyperbaric center at Duke University, where       The site map also has a site to search for key
DAN conducts much of its research; and a          words or phrases on the website, and explana-

                                                                                                    DAN GENERAL INFO
medical dictionary to help understand             tions of its policies on copyright and privacy.
terms used by physicians.
                                                                                                        + WEBSITE

                                                  To make it easier and more convenient for
• Training — Explains the current DAN             visitors to use our website, we continue to
courses that promote dive safety and health,      make changes. Check back frequently at
including oxygen first aid for scuba diving to learn the
injuries, first aid for hazardous marine life     latest events and activities at DAN —
injuries, and automated external defibrillators   it’s Your Dive Safety Association.
(AEDs) for scuba diving.                                                                  c

1989   Sponsorship becomes a full-time program.

   RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                   15
          How Is DAN Supported?
                                PRODUCT                              • Donor Income & Donations — Donor
                     SHIP ues
                                                 Sales               income, contributions, education and
                                                                     training all make up a considerable portion
                        D                                            of the revenues for DAN.
                                   SUBSIDIARIES Many donor interactions with dive businesses
                 Donor C O M E
                     IN                                              are managed by the DAN Industry Member
                                                                     program and include what formerly were
                                                 butions             known as Sponsor dues from dive businesses.

          x     EDUCATION

          MORE THAN 90 PERCENT of the
          revenues for DAN research, medicine and
                                                                     The Development (formerly Sponsorship)
                                                                     department concentrates on donations,
                                                                     fund-raising and contributions.

                                                                     • DAN Training and DAN Continuing
                                                                     Medical Education (CME) — Both of these
          other activities come from these main sources:
                                                                     educational departments at DAN produce the
          • Membership Dues — The $29 single                         programs that make up this source of income
          and $44 family memberships to DAN                          for DAN. These areas include registration fees
          typically make up more than half of the                    for DAN Training programs, “DAN Divers
          overall revenues for the organization. With                Days” and other informational events on dive
          more than 200,000 members, this amount                     health and safety held by DAN.
          is well over $4 million, climbing every year.
                                                                     Overall, DAN revenues have improved
          • Business Membership — With annual                        significantly over recent years, from around
          membership dues of $125, this is increasing                $3 million in 1992 to more than $8 million in
          DAN’s revenue stream. Launched in Decem-                   1999, with only 8 percent used for
          ber 2000, the program has grown quickly                    administrative costs. More than $6.5 million
          to more than 600 members in eight months                   of the $8 million raised in 1999 went into
                                                                     programs that benefited members and divers
          • Product Sales — The next biggest
                                                                     worldwide, including medical information,
          contributor to income at DAN, product sales
                                                                     emergency assistance, dive safety and

          include all available merchandise in the DAN
          product listing, including books, clothing,
          videos and oxygen equipment.
          • Subsidiaries — DAN Services, Inc. is
          the main subsidiary of DAN. It handles the
          popular DAN dive accident insurance
          1991     DAN introduces Oxygen First Aid Training Program. DAN research reveals that only one-third of injured
          divers were receiving 100 percent oxygen as first aid; oxygen program begins as a response. DAN initiates training
          for oxygen providers, instructors and instructor trainers. Oxygen Training is launched at the January DEMA Show.
    16                                                                                                 RESOURCE GUIDE
How Do I Handle a Dive Emergency?
You awake around midnight with an ache in your shoulder, some eight
hours after your last dive. Is it a pulled muscle — or is it DCS?
You need to know.
You need to call DAN.                                             In an Emergency,
                                                                 Know These Steps:
Call the Hotline
Most symptoms of decompression illness
                                                           1. Know where you can find the nearest
                                                           telephone so you can access the local
occur within 24 hours after a dive. If you
                                                           emergency medical system.
need help, DAN is there. Simply pick up
a phone and call DAN’s Diving Emergency                    2. Establish the ABCs in dive rescue:
Hotline — +1-919-684-8111 or +1-919-                       Maintain (A)irway, (B)reathing & (C)irculation.
684-4DAN (-4326 collect) — to talk to an
expert in diving medicine anytime.                         3. Give 100 percent oxygen.
DAN is on call 24 hours a day to handle                    4. Contact the local EMS for transport to the
dive emergencies such as decompression                     nearest hospital.
sickness, arterial gas embolism, pulmonary                 5. Call the DAN Diving Emergency Hotline at
baro-trauma and other injuries. When you                   +1-919-684-4DAN (-4326 collect ) or
call the Hotline, you set these steps in motion:           +1-919-684-8111 for DAN America.
1. Tell the operator that you have a diving                Call +1-267-520-1507 in Latin America
emergency. The operator will either connect                (collect from most areas).
you directly with DAN or have someone call                 Treat the injured diver with standard diving
you back — a trained professional is avail-                first aid until you can turn the case over
able 24 hours a day. The number you call is                to medical professionals.
actually the switchboard at Duke University
Medical Center, who has direct access to
DAN at all times. (Note: Please use the Diving             3. The DAN staff member or Regional
                                                                                                                      DIVING EMERGENCY
Emergency Hotline for emergencies only!)                   Coordinator may ask you to wait by the
                                                           telephone while arrangements are made.
2. A DAN staff member may make a recom-                    These plans may take 30 minutes or longer,

mendation immediately or call back after                   since several phone calls are usually required
making arrangements with a local physician                 for each step. This delay should not place
or the DAN Regional Coordinator. DAN                       the diver in any danger.
Regional Coordinators are familiar with
                                                           In a life-threatening situation, call EMS first,
chamber facilities in their respective areas
                                                           evacuate the diver to the nearest medical
and can make recommendations about
                                                           facility and then contact DAN.
                                                                                         Continued on next page
1991     — Continued In February, International DAN (IDAN) meets at DAN Headquarters. By year’s end, Interna-
tional DAN becomes a reality. IDAN members include: DAN Europe, DAN Japan, and DAN affiliates in Australia, later
to become DAN Australasia in 1995 and DAN South East Asia-Pacific in 1996.
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                    17
                      What About Non-Emergency
                      Dive Medical Questions?
                      ____________________________________________                                             7
                      Call the DAN Medical                                          FITNESS to DIVE
                      Information Line                                              Some medical conditions could have negative
                                                                                    impacts on individuals who choose to dive:
                      DAN provides a non-emergency medical
                                                                                    these conditions may require consideration
                      information service during business hours,
                                                                                    of whether the individual should be diving
                      8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday
                                                                                    at all. Examples include:
                      through Friday. If you have a specific
                      question about dive medicine, call DAN                        • Prospective dive students who are
                      at +1-919-684-2948 ext. 222.                                  concerned about their histories of asthma;
                                                                                    • The instructor who has a student with high
                      Check out the DAN website as well —                           blood pressure; or
             — for general
                                                                                    • The experienced diver who needs to know
                      information about dive medicine (see the
                                                                                    how long to recuperate before diving after
                      next page).
                      When you make this call, you’ll be trans-
                                                                                    The DAN medical staff seeks to answer
                      ferred to a dive medical technician trained in
                                                                                    divers’ questions immediately. At times, the
                      diving physiology and medicine.
                                                                                    nature of the question requires that DAN
                      Most of the time the DAN Medics are able to                   consult with a specialist before providing an
                      answer your questions immediately. Some                       answer. The staff does not answer the ques-
                      questions, however, may require further                       tion, “Can I dive?” DAN provides callers
                      research. If more time is required to answer                  with information: with input from their
                      your question, a DAN representative will call                 personal physicians, callers must make their
                      you back with an answer.                                      own decisions.

                      In cases where the question refers to a par-                  In some cases, a personal consultation
                      ticular diver (or diving candidate), the                      with a dive physician may be deemed

                                                                                    appropriate. In the event DAN recommends

                      inquiry may result in DAN making a physi-
                      cian referral for a follow-up or physical                     further examinations, we can provide referral

                      examination.                                                  to a physician in your area. DAN maintains
                                                                                    a list of specialists nationwide.

                      Medical Information Line                                      By using this unique and effective service,
                                                                                    the diving community can educate and
                         +1-919-684-2948 ext. 222
                                                                                    screen divers, helping to reduce their risk
                      or 1-800-446-2671 (U.S. & Canada)                             of injury. This is DAN’s leading service in
                                                                                    dive injury prevention.
                      1991 — Continued     DAN begins Flying After Diving trials.
                      In July, DAN moves to new headquarters in Durham, N.C. A month later, DAN has trained its 1,000th
                      Oxygen Provider.
           18                                                                                                     RESOURCE GUIDE
How Do I Find Answers to                                                                                8
General Dive Medical Questions?
 DIVING EMERGENCIES                                         The main components of the DAN website’s
   DAN Diving Emergency Hotline                             medical information section include:
     +1-919-684-4326 (684-4DAN) collect                     s In-depth articles — DAN covers overall
     OR +1-919-684-8111 for DAN America                     health and safety issues such as cardiovascular
 Call +1-267-520-1507 in Latin America                      fitness and diving and considerations about the
 (collect from most areas).                                 central nervous system in diving; and
      24 hours a day
                                                            s Frequently asked questions (FAQs) that
 INFORMATION                                                DAN medics have fielded over the years on the
   Medical Information Line                                 Medical Information Line. Questions, and a
      +1-919-684-2948 weekdays (Mon.-Fri.)                  summarized answer for each, include:
      OR 1-800-446-2671 (U.S. & Canada)
      8:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. Eastern Time                       • Aging — Diving after a hip replacement;
                                                            • Cardiovascular concer ns — heart condi-
                                                            tions, from murmurs, to surgery, to diving after
                                                            a heart attack;
    24 hours a day
                                                            • ENT — ear, nose and throat problems,
KEY POINTS to REMEMBER:                                     including deviated septum;
• For dive emergencies, call the DAN Diving                 • Endocrine system — diving with diabetes;
Emergency Hotline; and                                      • Blood conditions — diving with hemo-
• For questions regarding dive injuries and                 philia, sickle cell anemia;
fatalities, call the DAN Dive Safety and                    • Hazardous marine life — first aid for stings,
Medical Information Line.                                   cuts and envenomations;
You also can log onto                                       • Neurological conditions — attention deficit
       www.DiversAlertNetwork.or g                          disorder, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis;

                                                                                                                  DAN MEDICAL INFO
and find dive medicine and dive safety                      • Ophthalmology — diving with contacts,
information at the DAN website, with                        glaucoma, after LASIK surgery;
                                                                                                                      + WEBSITE

questions and answers to many of the most                   • Issues related to women’ s health —
commonly asked dive medicine questions.                     diving and breast cancer, endometriosis,
The website includes useful facts that you                  premenstrual syndrome.
may want to download to keep on hand for
easy reference for yourself and your custom-                The website also contains archives of medical
ers. You can also email specific dive medical               articles from previous issues of Alert Diver,
questions to                                                accessible for DAN members only.
      medic@ .                                                                         j
1992      The emergency medical evacuation program, called DAN TravelAssist, is offered by DAN in February.
With this benefit automatically provided to all members, DAN provides free air evacuation for any medical
emergency if a DAN member or an accompanying dependent is injured while at least 50 miles from home.
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                19
                    The Diving Preferred
                    Provider Network
                    With the DPPN, physicians, not insurance specialists,
                    make the decisions about the needed treatment . . .
                    DAN introduced the Diving Preferred                          Some rules apply for participation
                    Provider Network (DPPN) of hyperbaric                        in the Network:
                    chambers in the fall of 1996.                                s Prior Appr oval for Mor e than Seven
                    What It Is
                                                                                 To maintain DAN insurance benefits, for
                    The DPPN is a network of hyperbaric
                                                                                 example, hyperbaric facilities that belong
                    chambers dedicated to high-quality care
                                                                                 to the DPPN must seek prior approval if the
                    through guidelines established by DAN and
                                                                                 facility plans to administer more than seven
                    an independent panel of experts known as
                                                                                 treatments to a patient.
                    the DPPN Advisory Board.
                                                                                 The reason for this policy? DAN data show
                    The DPPN Objective                                           only 1 percent further recovery for patients
                    The mission of the Diving Preferred Provider                 who receive more than seven treatments.
                    Network is to give DAN members high-                         This policy predates the creation of the DPPN
                    quality and cost-effective health care for                   by almost a year: the DPPN provides
                    divers with decompression illness.                           a mechanism for such a review.
                    Another important factor is that the program
                                                                                 s “Reasonable and Customar y” Payment
                    makes it easier for hyperbaric facilities to
                                                                                 Is Considered Payment in Full
                    receive payment for their services.
                                                                                 Members of the Network agree to accept “rea-
                    The DPPN is neither a managed care group                     sonable and customary” payment for services
                    nor a health maintenance organization                        rendered and accept such reimbursement as
                    (HMO); DAN members who have dive                             payment in full.
                    accident insurance can receive treatments
                                                                                 The Network is designed to reduce the time it

                    from the nearest and most appropriate
                                                                                 takes to settle claims and help keep insurance
                    hyperbaric facility, whether the facility is
                                                                                 premiums down.
                    inside or outside the Network. Physicians,
                    not insurance specialists, make the decisions
                    about the needed treatment.                                                                      Continued on next page   g
                    Charges for hyperbaric treatments can vary enormously, even for divers
                    treated together at the same chamber. The DPPN is designed to reduce
                    this arbitrary method of charging.

                    1992 — Continued         DAN is awarded the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society’s Craig Hoffman Diving
                    Safety Award in June for its significant contributions to the health and safety of recreational divers. This marks
                    the first time the prestigious award is presented to a group and not to an individual.

          20                                                                                                        RESOURCE GUIDE
helps regulate costs.
Charges for hyperbaric treatments can vary
enormously, even for patients treated together
at the same chamber. Costs can seem to be
arbitrary, not based on the cost of providing
the service. After an insurance company pays
a fee it views as “reasonable and customary,”
some chambers may charge divers for the                  With the DPPN, DAN members who have dive accident
                                                          insurance can receive treatments from the nearest
                                                                and most appr opriate hyperbaric facility ,
The DPPN is designed to help reduce these                   whether the facility is inside the Network or not.
inconsistencies with the following standards
and procedures. Membership in the DPPN is               • Providers must generate a management
open to physicians who practice diving,                 policy for equipment inspection and
hyperbaric and aviation medicine, also known            maintenance ; the policy addresses start-of-
as “physician providers,” and to facilities             the-day or pretreatment chamber and ancil-
offering hyperbaric treatments, both hospital-          lary equipment checks as well as weekly and
based and free-standing, also known as                  other periodic checks consistent with equip-
“facility providers.”                                   ment manufacturers’ recommendations and
                                                        safe practices.
To join the DPPN, physicians and facilities
must meet the following r equirements                   • The facility or physician must commit
of skill, management and technology:                    to a program of continuing medical
                                                        education r egar ding hyperbaric tr eatment.
• Provider availability must be widespr ead
geographically and available 24 hours                   To operate the Network, experienced
a day; this minimizes delays between symp-              multidisciplinary physicians, many with
tom onset and therapeutic recompression.                U.S. Navy Diving Medical and Hyperbaric
                                                        Fellowship backgrounds, make up a DPPN
• Claims submissions and utilization
                                                        Advisory Board, which provides advice,
                                                                                                                 PROVIDER NETWORK
review, physician and facility pr oviders
                                                                                                                  DIVING PREFERRED
                                                        guidance and consultation. DAN does not
must meet a series of DPPN member
                                                        supervise the DPPN itself; an outside
requirements in order to ensure patient
                                                        company oversees it.
identification and plan benefit verification.
                                            For more details on the DPPN, or to learn
• The equipment and operating policies
                                            how your hyperbaric facility can be part of it,
should support the effective administration
                                            call DAN Services at 1-800-446-2671.
of U.S. Navy Minimal Recompr ession
Oxygen Br eathing Treatment Tables 5 & 6.                                                                 Y
1992 — Continued     First DAN Instructor-Trainer Workshop (ITW) is conducted in September at DAN.
First DAN MasterCard® is offered to members in November. Each time the DAN MasterCard is used to make a
purchase, a contribution is made to the DAN diving safety research program.
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                               21
                                           Looking to the Future
                     The DAN Industry Membership Program Offers A New Avenue
                         of Interaction for Business and Professional Members

                 The Business Member Program at Divers Alert Network is a whole new way
                 to interact with DAN®.
                 DAN Business Membership is a unique membership class for dive retailers and professionals
                 who want to show their support for dive safety and education while keeping their customers
                 and students participating actively in the sport of scuba diving.
                 DAN’s Business Membership program provides its members with great benefits.

                 You Have Choices
                 Supporters can choose different ways to support DAN, or they can promote dive safety through
                 Business Membership as well as through donations, or both.
                 Please refer to the list below to see how these changes provide the delivery of better
                 customer service to our DAN constituents:

                        DAN Business Member                    DAN Development
                        1-877-5DAN PRO                         1-800-446-2671 extensions 444 & 445
                        Product Sales                          All donations (Friends/Ambassadors & Guardians)
                        Retail Distribution Program            Matching Gifts Program

                        Business Membership Dues               Corporate Giving Program
                        Points Incentive Program               Memorial Donations

                        Speakers                               Planned Giving (Heritage Society)
                        Training Materials                     Grants / Foundations Special Appeals / Endowment
                                                               Fund-Raising Events
                                                               Club Support

                 DAN looks toward the future — and your continuing support of the DAN mission. DAN trusts
                 that its newest program will give its supporters the added edge to help them be successful
                 in the dive industry.
        22                                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE
What Are the Benefits
of DAN Business Membership?
What can DAN can offer you and your customers if you take part
in the DAN Business Membership Program?
Plenty. So what’s in it? Read on.                  • Retail Products;
                                                   • First Aid Products;
When you join as a DAN Business Member,
                                                   • Oxygen Units and Components;
you automatically receive the following:
                                                   • Books & Supplies;
• A DAN Business Member Certificate;               • Promotional Materials; and
                                                   • Apparel.
• A DAN Dive Flag;
                                               These materials are available with special
• DAN Decals to display in your business;      discounts for DAN Business Members
• Two individual DAN Memberships               exclusively at the toll-free number of
  for you to use;                              1-877-5DAN PRO (1-877-532-6776) or email
• A listing of your business on the DAN
  website, with an automatic link to your      In addition, DAN Business Members earn
  business’s home page;                        one point for every new DAN Membership.
                                               The new point program offers the Business
• DAN publications, including Alert Diver,
                                               Member bigger incentives on DAN products
  the official magazine for DAN Members,
                                               than ever before. (See Page 25.)
  On Board, the quarterly journal of the
  DAN Business Membership Program, and         Business Member or Donor?
  the Oxygen Window. The On Board-Oxygen       In addition to DAN Business Membership,
  Window combination provides DAN              you may choose to support Divers Alert
  Business Members and Instructors with        Network philanthropically as well. Remember,
  the most up-to-date information for their    charitable contributions to DAN are tax-
  businesses and a comprehensive accounting    deductible. They enable the organization to
                                                                                              INTRO TO BUSINESS
  of DAN Training programs.                    support existing and new medical research.     MEMBER PROGRAM

• Dedicated Customer Service Representatives   Contributions from people like you and
  to handle requests of DAN Business           businesses like yours make a difference for
  Members.                                     DAN and its mission.

And these offerings:                           If you have questions about DAN Business
   An annual DAN catalog and price list        Membership, call 1-877-5DAN PRO; for
of these DAN materials and products:           inquiries on becoming or remaining as a DAN
    • Training Materials;                      Donor, call 1-800-446-2671, ext. 444.
    • Videos;

   RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                             23
                      The Retail Distribution Program
                      Thank You, Retailers!
                      To acknowledge the generosity and support,
                      dive businesses have shown for DAN over
                      the years, DAN has the Retail Product Distri-
                      bution Program, in which participants carry
                      several DAN products at attractive margins.

                      Most of the items are point-of-sale items that
                      allow you to increase the effectiveness of
                      your first aid and oxygen classes. Others are
                      simply stand-alone (impulse) sales.                      Some of the products available through the
                                                                               Retail Product Distribution Program are:
                      As Business Members you now receive
                                                                               • DAN Pocket Guide to Hazardous Marine
                      greater discounted margins on more DAN                     Life Injuries
                      products than ever before. DAN will continue             • Avoiding Marine Animals Injuries video
                      to expand this program so you will have a
                                                                               • Scuba-Opoly
                      greater variety of products available.
                                                                               • ReliefBand® Motion Sickness Device
                      In their member packets, all DAN Business                • Extreme Outdoor Hats
                      Members will receive a catalog detailing the             • DAN Dive Logbook
                      products and special prices. Quantity pricing            • DAN Pocket Guide to First Aid for Scuba Diving
                      will be available on selected items.                     • DAN DSS-Personal Guardian First Aid Kit
                                                                               • DAN Dive and Travel Medical Guide
                      To offer these DAN products for resale,                    (DAN America version)
                      participating retailers must provide their               • DAN Luggage Tag
                      Resale Number. To be invoiced, retailers
                                                                               • DAN Mug
                      must complete a credit application, similar to
                                                                               • DAN Surface Signaling Kit
                      that required for businesses that participated
                                                                               • DAN Logo T-Shirts

                      in the Retail Distribution program. The                                            (Products are subject to change)
                      application includes listing about the type of
                                                                               purchase DAN products at the reduced rates
                      business involved (e.g., corporation, partner-

                                                                               offered in this program.
                      ship, sole proprietorship, non-profit), its credit
                      history and its bank and trade relationships.            For more information about the Retailer
                                                                               Product Distribution Program, just call 1-877-
                      Only DAN Business Members will receive                   5DAN PRO (1-877-532-2776), and talk with
                      these discounts. No one else will be able to             a Business Member Service Representative.

                      1992 — Continued      DAN introduces Oxygen Training to DAN Europe in September, with subsequent international
                      distribution of DAN oxygen equipment.

          24                                                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE

The Point Incentive Program
The DAN Business Member can participate in 20 Points
                                                                        - Book: The Best of Alert Diver
the point incentive program, by which pro-                              - Book: Report on Decompression
gram participants can accumulate points to                                 Illness and Diving Fatalities
redeem for valuable DAN products.                                       - DAN Flag

As a Business Member, you can:             15 Points                    - SO2 Student Workbook
• Accrue points over 24 months — plenty                                 - AED Student Handbook
of time to accumulate a significant number                              - AQ Student Handbook
of points.                                                              - HMLI Student Handbook
• Earn one point for every new DAN                                      - DAN Hat
membership you enroll.                                                  - Outback Hat
• Earn additional points when your new                                  - Choice of Lifeguard Shorts
students and customers purchase one of                  10 Points       - DAN Pocket Guide to
the DAN dive accident insurance plans.                                     Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
                                                                        - DAN Pocket Guide to First Aid for
• Earn points to redeem for DAN products.
                                                                          Scuba Diving
DAN Points Program — New Gifts                                          - DAN the Safety Man Mascot
Choose one gift in your category                                        - Choice of DAN Lapel Pin
                                                        5 Points        - DAN Logo
125 Points DAN Rescue Pak Extended Care
            w/DSS Guardian Soft-Case
                                                                        - Non-Rebreather
            First Aid Kit
100 Points DAN Rescue Pak Extended Care
75 Points      DAN Rescue Pak
60 Points      DSS-Guardian Hard-Case
               First Aid Kit
50 Points      - Book: The Physiology and
                                                                 Get A Point Check
                 Medicine of Diving (4th Edition)         Call the DAN Business Member Hotline at
               - DSS-Guardian Soft-Case                   1-877-5DAN PRO (1-877-532-6776) from
                 First Aid Kit                                   9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time                   POINT INCENTIVE

                                                             Monday through Friday to find out
40 Points      - Book: Diving & Subaquatic
                 Medicine (3rd Edition)                      how many points you have earned.
               - Personal Guardian First Aid Kit            For Business Members calling before
30 Points      - Choice of DAN                           or after these hours, use our 24-hour voice
                 Video                                   mail system to record your call and order.
               - DAN Polo Shirt
                                                                     Or email us at
               - DAN Otoscope
               - DAN Valise

1993      DAN introduces more new programs than ever before. The insurance program expands, with more coverage
for the same low price. The Sponsor Program is revamped, with new and improved awards and incentives.

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                               25
                  What is DAN Development?
                  ____________________________________________                                                      s
                  DAN Development places its emphasis on                    Those giving $99 or less are classified as
                  outside revenue by developing planned                     Donors. The Business member fee of $125
                  giving, cultivating larger donors and seeking             does not count toward the Donor level.
                  grant monies.
                                                                 A separate category remains for planned
                  This department handles fund-raising events giving donations. The DAN Heritage Society
                  and appeals; coordinates finances received     handles DAN supporters who bequeath or
                  through grants and foundations; notes

                  and matching gifts.
                  Donor levels are based on the amount of
                  money donated to DAN rather than the dive
                                                               x designate a portion of their estates to DAN in
                  donations and donor packages; and conducts their wills or to establish living or testamen-
                  other related functions such as memorial gifts tary trusts, with DAN as a beneficiary. DAN
                                                                 Development oversees the Heritage Society.

                  operation’s status as a store, corporation, etc.,
                                                                            For more details about DAN Development,
                                                                            call +1-919-684-2948 ext. 444 & 445.
                  as with the earlier Sponsorship program.

                                      Contributor levels and their designations are as follows:

                                              ❖ DAN Friend
                                              (any Donor contributing $100-$1,499)
                                                  $100 minimum       Bronze
                                                  $250 ”             Silver
                                                  $500 ”             Gold
                                                  $750 ”             Platinum
                                                  $1,000 ”           Diamond
                                              ❖ DAN Ambassador
                                              (any Donor contributing $1,500-$4,999)
                                                  $1,500 minimum Gold

                                                  $2,000 ”           Platinum
                                                  $3,000 ”           Diamond
                                              ❖ DAN Guardian
                                              (any Donor contributing $5,000 or more)
                                                  $5,000-$9,999 minimum Silver
                                                  $10,000-$24,999 ”         Gold
                                                  $25,000-$49,999 ”         Platinum
                                                  $50,000 or more           Diamond
                  1993 — Continued       The Recompression Chamber Assistance Program, to aid hyperbaric chambers worldwide;
                  and a divers’ database research program, which becomes the seed for a larger study known as Project Dive Safety
                  (later named Project Dive Exploration), an ambitious diving survey by DAN; its goal is to catalog dive profiles
                  for analysis in continuing efforts by DAN to improve dive safety.
       26                                                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE
How Do I Participate in the
Student Membership Program?
You have become a certified scuba instructor,              Instructors now have two choices
and you want to teach new divers in a way                  when enrolling their basic open-
that will help them and you. Consider the                  water students in the DAN Student
DAN Student Membership Program.                            Membership Program. Both of these new
                                                           rosters are available on the DAN website.
This free program introduces entry-level
                                                           Download the new roster and print it whenever
scuba students to DAN while providing
                                                           you need it, or use the new online roster and
important benefits to you, the instructor.
                                                           email the student information directly to DAN.
By enrolling your students in the DAN
                                                           Either way, you provide your students with
Student Membership Program, you will
                                                           essential dive insurance that all basic open-
enhance your credibility as a safety-conscious
                                                           water students should have.
instructor. Knowing that your students
are covered by DAN insurance at no cost                    Visit, where you
to you or them, you’ll experience peace of                 can enroll your students online and email the
mind so you can concentrate on teaching.                   roster back to DAN. Be sure to give your
                                                           students their Insurance Record and DAN
At the start of the course, let your students              membership application. Include your DAN
know that this is a free membership to                     number on the roster so you can earn valuable
DAN, courtesy of DAN and you, and that the                 DAN points. Students will be enrolled when
benefits included a free issue of the DAN                  DAN receives the roster.
periodical Alert Diver plus complimentary
scuba diving insurance. The insurance                      If you don’t have access to a computer, call
provides up to $20,000 secondary insurance                 the DAN Business Membership team at
coverage for the unlikely event a student                  1-877-532-6776 and request a free Student

                                                                                                                       STUDENT MEMBERSHIP
experiences decompression sickness (DCS)                   Membership Kit (product code 821-0300).
or arterial gas embolism (AGE) while being                                               Continued on next page
trained for entry-level diver certification.*              * Note: The students must be in an entry-level course.

                                                           Advanced students are not eligible. Insurance covers
Play the DAN Student Member Video for                      decompression illness only (DCS and AGE). Other in-
your students. This serves as an introductory              water injuries or injuries that occur out of the water
guide to the Student Membership Program                    are not covered. The students are covered only while
                                                           under direct supervision of a certified scuba instructor.
and addresses the costs of treatment for                   All diving activities must adhere to the training
decompression illness handled by DAN.                      standards as specified by the certifying instructor’s
Then distribute the Student Membership                     training agency. Coverage ends on the day of the last
                                                           required dive for basic or open-water certification. The
Insurance Record, which explains the
                                                           instructor should read the Student Membership Diver
benefits of the program. Next, you need to                 Insurance Certificate and the Student Summary of
complete the Student Membership Roster.                    Coverage for terms and conditions.

1993 — Continued          The DAN Oxygen Program goes to Australia. The 1,000th DAN Oxygen Instructor (a DAN
Europe Sponsor Instructor) is trained. The new Oxygen Provider Workbook from DAN is released. Dive Accident
Management: Guidelines for EMS videotape is produced.
The ongoing Flying After Diving research reaches new heights by examining the effects of the preflight surface
interval and repetitive diving on decompression illness.

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                     27
                                                                         For every student who signs up as a regular
                                                                         DAN Member within six months of enrolling
                                                                         as a DAN Student Member, you receive a point
                                                                         towards purchase of DAN safety equipment.
                                                                         To order your materials or learn more about
                                                                         the DAN Student Membership Program, call
                                                                         1-877-5DAN PRO (1-877-532-2776) or look
                                                                         at the “Training & Education” section at the
                                                                         DAN website,
                     ONLINE STUDENT MEMBER ROSTER                        Use product code 821-0300 when ordering
                     Download the new roster and                         materials.
                     print it, or use the new online roster and email
                     all the student information directly to DAN.                                               d
                       DAN Training Programs
                       & Standards
                       DAN Oxygen First Aid for                          What materials will I receive when
                       Scuba Diving Injuries                   8
                       The DAN Oxygen Provider course is a four-hour
                                                                         I take this course?
                                                                         The DAN Instructor will provide every student
                                                                         with the DAN Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving
                       program that teaches
                                                                         Injuries Student Handbook and a non-rebreather
                          The 3Rs of dive accident management.
                                                                         mask. Audiovisual materials include the DAN
                       How to:     Recognize a diving injury             Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries video OR

                                   Respond with emergency oxygen         the DAN Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries
                                       first aid                         slide series.
                                   Relay with emergency medical

                                     service (EMS) and DAN               How long is my certificate valid?
                                                                         Retraining is recommended every two years
                       Who can take this course?                         (24 months).
                       Anybody — scuba divers, friends of scuba
                       divers, boat drivers and bubble watchers.         DAN REMO2 (Remote Emergency
                       Maximum Student-to-Instructor Ratio is 12:1
                                                                         Medical Oxygen System)
                       during skills development sessions.
                       Are there any required prerequisites?
                                                                         Provider Course                           8
                                                                         The DAN REMO2TM Provider course is a one-
                       No. However, it is recommended that the
                                                                         to two-hour program that teaches the DAN
                       participants have Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
                                                                         Oxygen Provider how to:
                       (CPR) and Basic First Aid Training.
                                                                             • Recognize when the REMO2 system
                       How much does the course cost?
                       DAN Headquarters does not set the price for
                       these programs. It is entirely up to the
                                                                                                   Continued on next page
                       Instructors and their training facilities.
          28                                                                                           RESOURCE GUIDE
DAN Training Programs
& Standards
        needs to be used
      • Assemble the REMO2 system                                                   Who can take the Aquat-
      • Give Emergency Oxygen First Aid using                                       ics Oxygen course?
        the REMO2 system                                                            Anyone who lives on or near
Who can take this course?                                                           a body of water — boat
A current DAN Oxygen Provider. Maximum                                              owners, pool owners and
Student-to-Instructor Ratio is 12:1 during skills                                   anybody who is around                                     The Pool Pak®
development sessions.                                                               the water.
Are there any required prerequisites?                                               Are there any required prerequisites?
You must be a current DAN Oxygen Provider.                                          Yes, you must have current CPR certification.
How much does the course cost?
                                                                                    How much does the course cost?
DAN Headquarters does not set the price for
                                                                                    DAN Headquarters does not set the price
these programs. It is entirely up to the instructors
                                                                                    of these programs. It is entirely up to the
and their training facilities.
                                                                                    Instructors and their training facilities.
What materials will I receive when
I take this course?                                                                 How long is my certificate valid?
The DAN Instructor will provide every student                                       Retraining is recommended every two years.
with a REMO2 operations manual. Required
                                                                                    What materials will I receive when
audiovisual materials include a DAN REMO2
                                                                                    I take this course?
                                                                                    The DAN Instructor will provide every student
How long is my certificate valid?                                                   with a handbook and a non-rebreather mask.
Retraining is recommended every two years.

                                                          8                                How do I find a DAN Instructor

                                                                                                                                                                      DAN TRAINING
                                                                                                                                                                      & STANDARDS
DAN Services Oxygen                                                                         to teach the course I want?
First Aid for Aquatic
                                                                                          • Check online: the instructor list is
Emergencies Course                                                                        on the DAN website —
The DAN Services Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic                                      
Emergencies course is a four-hour program
that teaches the 3Rs of aquatic emergency                                                 • Call DAN Training: at 1-800-446-2671
management.                                                                               ext. 555, they’ll do a zip code search to
                                                                                          find the Instructor nearest you.
How to:
    Recognize an aquatic emergency
    Respond with emergency oxygen first aid                                                      Continued on next page
    Relay with EMS is designed to extend the duration of an emergency medical oxygen supply. The DAN REMO2 absorbs carbon
NOTE: The DAN REMO2 system
dioxide (CO2) from an injured diver’s expired air. Oxygen from the DAN REMO2 system is mixed with small amounts of oxygen from a cylinder
for the injured diver to “re-breathe.” With this device the duration of a standard oxygen Jumbo “D” cylinder can be extended up to six hours
beyond the typical one-hour oxygen supply.* The DAN REMO2 system comes self-contained in a durable Pelican® case. It can be used with
virtually any oxygen system.
* (Based upon test results: Duration and percentage of inspired oxygen may vary depending upon environmental conditions, flow rates, size of patient and other
factors. Training is required for proper use. Complete warranty and system limitations are explained in owner’s manual. All functional components of unit are to be
disposed of after single use.)
      RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                                                                  29
              DAN First Aid for                                           DAN Automated External
              Hazardous Marine Life
              Injuries Course
                                                        8                 Defibrillators (AEDs)
                                                                          for Scuba Diving                           8
              The four-hour DAN First Aid for Hazardous                   The DAN AED course is a four-hour program that
              Marine Life course represents entry-level                   teaches divers, and interested non-divers to
                       training designed to educate the                   recognize the warning signs of a sudden cardiac
                       general diving (and qualified non-                 arrest and respond with appropriate emergency
                       diving) public to:                                 care, including the use of an Automated External
                        • identify hazardous marine life;                 Defibrillator.
                        • recognize possible injuries caused by           Who can take this course?
                        hazardous marine life;                            Anybody — scuba divers, friends of scuba divers,
                         • provide first aid for hazardous                boat drivers and bubble watchers. Maximum
                         marine life injuries; and                        Student-to-Instructor Ratio is 12:1 during skills
                                                                          development sessions.
                         • avoid hazardous marine life injuries.
                                                                          Are there any required prerequisites?
              Are there any required                                      To take this course, student must have proof of
              prerequisites?                                              current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
              None. However, instructors must verify state                training. If they wish, DAN Instructors can offer
              and local regulations prior to establishing any             a CPR course as a module along with this program.
              minimum age for course participation, as some
              regions may have minimum age stipulations for               How much does the course cost?
              the use of emergency oxygen, if this use is to be           DAN Headquarters does not set the price for
              demonstrated. Also, it is recommended that the              these programs. It is entirely up to the instructors
                                                                          and their training facilities.
              participants have CPR and Basic First Aid Training.
                                                                          What materials will I receive when I take
              How much does the course cost?                              this course?
              DAN Headquarters does not set the price                     The DAN Instructor will provide every student
              for these programs. It is entirely up to the                with the DAN Automated External Defibrillators
              Instructors and their training facilities.                  (AEDs) for Scuba Diving Injuries Student Handbook.

              What materials will I receive when                          Audiovisual materials include the DAN Automated
              I take this course?                                         External Defibrillators (AEDs) for Scuba Diving
              The DAN Hazardous Marine Life Injuries                      Injuries video OR the DAN Automated External
              Instructor will provide every student with                  Defibrillators (AEDs) for Scuba Diving Injuries slide
              a DAN First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries          series.
              Student Handbook.                                           How long is my certificate valid?
                                                                          Retraining is recommended every year
              How long is my certificate valid?                           (12 months).
              Retraining is recommended every two years
              (24 months).
                                                                                                        Continued on next page   g
              1994      The DAN Oxygen Program recognizes its 2,000th DAN Oxygen Instructor. The Flying After Diving research
              at the F.G. Hall Hypo/Hyperbaric Center makes steady progress in its studies of decompression illness with further
              applications of repetitive dives with volunteers.
              DAN continues the Recompression Chamber Assistance Program, sponsoring the first-ever medical conference for
              chamber personnel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in June, followed by a fall Diving Medicine Course at Duke University.

      30                                                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE
DAN Training Programs
& Standards — continued                                         How do I find a DAN Instructor
                                                                 to teach the course I want?
DAN Instructor
Qualification Course                   8                       • Check online: the instructor list is
                                                               on the DAN website —
DAN Instructors are scuba diving educators who
want to offer dive safety programs. To become a                • Call DAN Training: at 1-800-446-2671
DAN Instructor, you must participate in a DAN                  ext. 555, they’ll do a zip code search to
Instructor Qualification Course (IQC).                         find the Instructor nearest you.
The IQC follows a modular format. There is
a Core Module and then a separate module
                                                                     for Hazardous Marine Life
                                                           • First Aid
representing each training program. You can
                                                           Injuries — First Aid Training
take all six modules as part of one course,
or just take the Core Module and one course                • Automated External Defibrillators for
module — whatever you are interested in                    Scuba Diving — CPR Instructor
teaching. Later, as long as you remain a current           How much does this course cost?
and active DAN Instructor, you can take addi-              DAN Headquarters does not set the price for
tional modules without retaking the Core Module.           this program. It is entirely up to the DAN
                                                           Instructor Trainer and the training facility.
DAN IQC Prerequisites:
• DAN Member                                               What materials will I receive when I take
• Current Provider training within                         this course?
  24 months in all courses seeking instructor              DAN Instructor Candidates will receive a DAN
  certification                                            Core Manual and the Instructor Manual for
• Active scuba diving educator                             each course module they take. They will also
• Current CPR training                                     receive a copy of the student handbook for
• Documentation of First Aid training                      each course along with the instructional video
                                                           for each one. Slide presentations on CD-ROM
Prerequisites to take the module for each
                                                           are available for separate purchase.

                                                                                                                      DAN TRAINING
                                                                                                                      & STANDARDS
DAN Training Program
• Oxygen  First Aid for Scuba Diving                       After becoming a DAN Instructor, what
Injuries — CPR and First Aid Training                      do I have to do to remain active?
Recommended                                                • Be an active-status scuba educator
                                                           • Be a DAN Member
• Remote    Emergency Medical Oxygen
                                                           • Remit annual DAN Training Renewal
(REMO2™) — Oxygen First Aid for Scuba
                                                           • Teach at least one provider level course
Diving Injuries Instructor
                                                           in each course you are certified to teach every
• OxygenFirst Aid for Aquatic                              24 months.
Emergencies — CPR Instructor                                                             Continued on next page   g

1994 — Continued     The new Alert Diver makes its debut, with the March/April issue, with more substantive columns
and features — and the first-time use of color within its pages.
Project Dive Safety researchers start field testing of computer software by beginning the most comprehensive dive
profiles database ever undertaken.

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                    31
                                                                             Recommended course hours:
                                                                             Sixteen (16) hours
                      Checking for
                           signs of
                                                                             Required Materials
                             in the                                          • Student handbooks for each module
                     Aquatics First                                            of the IQC
                       Aid Course.
                                                                             • DAN Instructor Packet for each module
                                                                               of the IQC
                   DAN Instructor                                            • DAN Instructor Trainer Manual
                   Workshop                        8
                   DAN Instructor Trainers have achieved the
                                                                             • Video and slide series for each module
                                                                               of the IQC
                                                                             • DAN Instructor Qualification Course Core
                   highest level of training available in the DAN
                   Instructional System. They are                            How much does this course cost?
                   exceptionally experienced instructors who are             Only the DAN Training Staff can offer a DAN
                   dedicated to dive safety education. DAN In-               ITW. A complete course is approximately $500
                   structor Trainers are the only individuals certi-         and includes all of the materials necessary to
                   fied to train DAN Instructors as part of the DAN          teach the Instructor Qualification Course.
                   Instructor Qualification Course.
                                                                             After I become a DAN Instructor Trainer,
                   After completing a DAN Instructor Trainer                 what must I do to remain active?
                   Workshop, DAN Instructor Trainers can present             • Be a certified and active scuba diving course
                   the knowledge and skills development sessions             director or instructor trainer;
                   of the Core Module the various course modules             • Be a current DAN Member;
                   of the IQC.                                               • Submit an annual DAN Training Renewal Fee;
                                                                             • Teach at least one provider-level course in
                   To become a DAN Instructor Trainer, the                   each DAN Training Program every 24 months; or
                   Instructor Trainer must:                                  • Teach at least one Instructor Qualification
                   • Be a certified and active scuba diving course

                                                                             Course every 24 months
                     director or instructor trainer

                   • Be a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)                When does DAN Headquarters run ITWs?
                     instructor                                              At every DEMA Show and by special request.
                   • Have documentation of first aid training                Call DAN Training at 1-800-446-2671 to find
                   • Be a current DAN Member                                 out about the next ITW.

                   DAN Training will not grant waivers for the
                   above Instructor Trainer prerequisites. Contact
                   DAN Training with any Instructor Trainer
                   prerequisite questions.
                                                                                                            Continued on next page   g
                   1994 — Continued       DAN Headquarters sees internal growth, with the addition of online computer capabilities
                   within DAN and Duke University, and with monitoring of and access to mainstream computer superhighways like
                   the internet. The Sponsor Program reaches an all-time high, with more than 300 dive stores.
                   The total number of assistance calls to DAN since 1981 reaches 90,699, with 77,092 being for information and
                   13,607 for emergency assistance.

         32                                                                                                    RESOURCE GUIDE
DAN Training Programs
& Standards — continued

         For more information
           on all of the DAN
          Training Programs
  • First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries ;
  • Remote Emergency Medical Oxygen
                                                                        How do I find
                                                                      a DAN Instructor
  • First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies                                to teach the course
    courses;                                                               I want?
  • First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life                        • Check online: the instructor list is
    Injuries; and                                              on the DAN website —
  • Automated External Defibrillators                  
    (AEDs) for Scuba Diving . . .
                                                               • Call DAN Training: they’ll do a zip
           Call DAN Training at                                code search to find the Instructor
                                                               nearest you
  1-800-446-2671 in the U.S. & Canada                                1-800-446-2671 ext. 555
     or +1-919-684-2948 ext. 555.

                                                                                                                     DAN TRAINING
                                                                                                                     & STANDARDS
           DAN is Your Dive Safety Association
1995 DAN continues its growth. DAN TravelAssist, the DAN emergency medical evacuation and travel assistance
service, changes its carrier to Worldwide Assistance Services Inc.
The new DAN Rescue Pak is introduced. A redesigned model of the DAN standard oxygen unit, it offers 20-25 minutes
of uninterrupted oxygen flow on demand to an injured diver.
The annual IDAN summit meets in May in Zurich. The DAN Project Dive Safety welcomes its sibling project in Europe,
known as Project Safe Dive. Also in May, DAN changes its insurance into a tiered program, offering three levels of
protection to DAN members.
Longtime DAN staffer Dr. Yancey Mebane retires from DAN on June 30. In August, the DAN TagTM, the only diving
emergency ID tag available through dive retailers, makes a big splash on the dive front.

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                   33
                 How Do I Maintain DAN
                 Oxygen Equipment?
                 Proper storage of oxygen equipment will            check for cuts, tears and holes. If you find
                 prevent most problems during a dive emergency.     a problem with either the mask adapter or the
                 Oxygen units should be stored in a clean, dry      exhalation valve assembly, replace them.
                 place — ideally, in a waterproof hard case
                                                                    NOTE: If the exhalation valve assembly (EVA)
                 such as those sold with the DAN units.
                                                                    is not blue, you need to replace it. Contact a
                 This will help particularly in areas near the
                                                                    DAN Industry Member Customer Service
                            ocean, as oxygen equipment and
                                                                    Representative for details.
                            salt water do not mix.
                                                                  Cleaning most parts of a unit requires hot
                            Another reason for storing units in
                                                                  water and mild detergent or isopropyl alcohol,
                            cases is sunlight. Since sunlight can
                                                                  followed by rinsing and air drying. However,
                            deteriorate plastic parts, oxygen
                                                                  if a unit has been used to deliver oxygen to
                            equipment should not be kept in
                                                                  another person, either in training or as first
                            direct sunlight for prolonged
                             When storing the equipment, the
                             cylinder should be full, with the
                                                                  aid during a dive emergency, special cleaning
                                                                  is necessary. Discard disposable (single-
                                                                  patient use) items such as the non-rebreather
                                                                  mask. Clean the Tru-FitTM or pocket masks
                 regulator and demand valve mounted and           with 10 percent bleach solution, then rinse
                 ready for use. In addition, when the regulator thoroughly with water and dry. Order your
                 is depressurized, the cylinder and regulator     replacement materials from Industry
                 should be turned off. Keeping extra washers is Membership at 1-877-5DAN PRO.
                 also a good idea.
                                                                  Whenever cleaning or checking equipment,
                 When taking equipment out of storage,            remember the following:
                 perform a basic equipment check. This can

                                                                  • Extinguish all burning materials before
                 save time, money and energy in determining, handling oxygen. By itself, oxygen is not

                 in practice, how useful the oxygen unit will     flammable, but it causes other materials to
                 be. First, make sure the regulator is mounted burn rapidly. Always extinguish all burning
                 correctly on the cylinder. Be sure the constant- materials before handling oxygen, and make
                 flow controller knob is in the “off” position.   sure to use it in a well-ventilated area.
                 Check the oxygen washer and replace it, if
                                                                  • Employ only regulators intended for use
                 necessary. Finally, all fittings should be just
                                                                  with oxygen. Scuba regulators designed for
                 beyond “finger-tight.” If you find a leak, take
                                                                  use with air may use oils and other lubricants
                 the unit to an authorized service center.
                                                                  that could cause an explosion or fire due
                 Also, examine the plastic mask adapter on the to incompatibility with oxygen.
                 demand valve. Check for cracks; screwing         For any other questions about basic oxygen
                 plastic parts onto metal ones too tightly may equipment maintenance, call DAN Training
                 crack the plastic. Look inside the mask          at +1-919-684-2948 ext. 555.
                 adapter to the exhalation valve assembly;
        34                                                                                     RESOURCE GUIDE
How Do I Get Oxygen
Equipment Serviced?
Every few years DAN Trainers and / or                        Send the DAN Oxygen equipment and your
Oxygen Providers should have their DAN                       contact information, with proof you are a
Oxygen equipment professionally serviced,                    DAN member, to:
particularly for anyone using the equipment
                                                             Riley’s Emergency Medical Repair Center
in a saltwater environment.
                                                             3129 Demaret Drive
Riley’s Emergency Medical Repair Center of                   Titusville, FL 32780
Titusville, Fla., serves as the official Oxygen              Phone: +1-321-268-3342
Equipment Service Center for DAN.
Operator James Riley is a diver himself.
Please note that there are fees associated with
servicing your equipment.

How Can I Get Oxygen Refills?
____________________________________________                                                           Y
Generally, most Instructors and O2 Providers                 is a prescription drug, which falls under the
can purchase medical-grade or higher-grade                   Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act — §503(b)(1).
oxygen from local compressed-gas vendors.
As the DAN Training Department constantly       While the FDA does regulate the use of
updates its cylinder fill list, it finds:       oxygen, it has recognized the need for the
                                                delivery of oxygen during emergencies: thus,
• which distributors are willing to sell oxygen
  to Instructors and Oxygen Providers;          it allows properly trained personnel such as
                                                Instructors and Oxygen Providers to buy the

                                                                                                                     SERVICING OXYGEN
• the cost for their fills;
• their filling requirements; and

• whether they are retail or wholesale          You can generally locate oxygen vendors in
operations.                                     the business sections of telephone books
                                                under “Oxygen, Medical Gas Suppliers” or
Occasionally, you may run into some prob-       “Compressed Gas Distributors.” However, if
lems with retailers claiming they cannot sell   you have any doubts about where to buy
you oxygen. This belief is due to a misinter-   oxygen, call DAN Training at +1-919-684-
pretation of current law. The Food and Drug 2948 ext. 555 to get a list of these
Administration (FDA) has ruled that oxygen

1995 — Continued
                                                businesses in your area.

                      In 1995, DAN answers 2,120 emergency calls and 14,642 information calls — its highest
call volume since 1981, when DAN began its first full year of operation.
The DAN Dive Safety Center debuts on the World Wide Web in the fall, with Medical Line questions and answers
from Alert Diver, DAN benefits and services information, a listing of DAN Sponsors worldwide and more.
By April, DAN has more than 113,000 Members and more than 5,000 Sponsors.
By May, all DAN membership services operate directly from DAN Headquarters in Durham.
Alert Diver begins advertising program with the May/June issue, using full-color throughout the July/August issue.
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                   35
               What Do I Need To Teach
               a DAN Provider Course?
               Only DAN Instructors can teach a DAN                      Use the DAN Order Form, found in the
               Course. To teach a course, notify the DAN                 Instructor Manual appendix, to receive course
               Training Department of all course dates if                materials. Order by phone, fax or mail from
               you require rental equipment, and call                    DAN Training. DAN Instructors must provide
               1-877-5DAN-PRO (1-877-532-6776)                           every DAN Provider with his or her own copy
               to order needed training materials.                       of the DAN Student Handbook.

                                                                         Instructors should obtain mannikins and
                                                                         oxygen cylinders locally. Mannikins are
                                                                         available from local dive centers, the American
                                                                         Red Cross, the American Heart Association
                                                                         office, and schools and fire departments.
                                                                         Instructors can purchase their own mannikin
                                                                         from DAN (see the DAN Industry Member’s
               To avoid conflicts with equipment availabil-              Product Listing for details). DAN Training will
               ity, reserve DAN Oxygen Training Units, or                assist in locating all equipment required to
               AED rental units, if needed, as soon as                   teach DAN programs, but it does not provide
               possible. If the units are not available for              rental mannikins.
               your requested course date, DAN Training                  All DAN Provider Course participants should
               will notify you to make other arrangements.               be encouraged to join DAN. The DAN
               If you are unsure about equipment availabil-              Instructor should immediately forward
               ity, contact DAN Training first before reserv-            completed membership applications
               ing DAN rental units. These units are avail-              to DAN. Failure to send the applications
               able only to DAN Instructors living within                promptly to DAN may deprive the divers

                                                                         of DAN Membership benefits, in the unlikely

               the continental United States. Outside this
               area, contact DAN.                                        event of a medical or diving emergency.
                                                                         Course participants should either call DAN to
               As a DAN Instructor, you determine the                    join or mail their applications directly to DAN.
               appropriate course fee and prepare
               a budget for the course. You are encouraged               Conduct the DAN Provider Course as outlined
               to develop a price structure that provides                in the DAN Instructor Manual. Course partici-
                the greatest benefit to the diving community             pants should complete the DAN Provider
               without sacrificing your own economic                     Course Evaluation. Evaluations may be sent
               well-being.                                               directly to DAN. Complete, sign and distribute
                                                                         DAN Provider successful completion cards
                                                                                                           Continued on next page   g
               1996     In January, DAN announces its support of the Ocean Futures Foundation, a non-profit organization
               dedicated to preserving the oceans of the world.
               By April DAN has reached the 118,000+ mark in membership and more than 5,600 Sponsors, including nearly 600
               retail Sponsors.
               By April 30, DAN has answered 517 emergency calls and 4,451 information calls for the year and 124,193 assistance
               calls since 1981.
      36                                                                                                   RESOURCE GUIDE
and wall certificates to all course participants             and addresses for all successful course
who successfully complete both the knowl-                    participants. Instructors must retain in their
edge and skill development sessions. Counsel                 files the DAN Provider Registration Form,
any unsuccessful participants, so they may                   Statement of Understanding, Practical Evalu-
complete the requirements for the DAN                        ation Record, Exam Answer Sheet as long as
Provider Course at the earliest possible time.               specified by the instructor’s training
                                                             association or for seven years.
Forward the completed DAN Course Roster
to DAN Training within 10 business days                      For more details, call DAN Training at
following the end of the course. Remit typed,                +1-919-684-2948 ext. 555.
computer-generated or legibly written names

Why Should I Be
a DAN Instructor?
Consider these reasons why a scuba instructor  4) I can make myself more marketable and
should become a DAN Instructor:                add more value to my Rescue Diver and
                                               First Aid courses. DAN is a recognized
1) I gain additional opportunities. Teaching name in the scuba industry, and as such it
courses as a DAN Instructor offers additional will attract more people to your courses who
income with only a small amount of time        know that you are affiliated with it as an
needed to teach them, usually four hours each. Instructor.

2) I can help ensure someone at every dive                   5) I can help support DAN and its mission.
site is trained in oxygen first aid and the                  DAN is the world’s leading dive safety

                                                                                                                     & STANDARDS
use of oxygen equipment. With the DAN

                                                                                                                    DAN TRAINING
                                                                                                                    & STANDARDS
                                                                                                                     DAN TRANING
                                                             association, and its research is funded in part
Instructor courses, I can learn more about                   by its training and education department.
dive injuries and know how to handle them.                   My participation as a DAN Instructor will
3) I can help improve safety. With more                      provide some of the financial backing into
competent divers, accidents and fatalities are               research on decompression illness and health
less likely to happen, and even if something                 / safety issues related to diving.
does go wrong, the people I’ve trained will be
ready and able to handle it. This improves the
overall image of diving among my students,
my local community and the dive industry.

1996 — Continued          In May, DAN names its 5,000th Oxygen Instructor. The Oxygen Provider Award program
is instituted this year, and the DAN Oxygen First Aid in Dive Accidents course is taught on all seven continents.
At the May meeting of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, DAN Director of Medical Services Joel
Dovenbarger wins the Craig Hoffman Diving Safety Award for significant contributions to the health and safety
of recreational divers.

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                  37
                What Is International DAN?
                International Divers Alert Network is the                  DAN Japan
                inclusive title for several independent DAN                Japanese islands and territory; Japan Marine
                organizations based around the world. Each                 Recreation Association, 3-8 Mejiro, 1-
                provides expert emergency medical and                      Chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0031,
                referral services to regional dive communities.            Japan; Phone +81-3-3590-6501, fax +81-3-
                                                                           3590-8325, email:
                Five DAN organizations and numerous sub-
                regional organizations exist within the IDAN               DAN South East Asia-Pacific
                federation: DAN America, DAN Europe, DAN                   Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Is-
                Southern Africa, DAN Japan and DAN South                   lands, Southeast Asia, China and Korea; John

                now-global DAN Oxygen First Aid program,
                membership, insurance and research.
                East Asia-Pacific (SEAP). These organizations
                communicate daily on patient referrals, the

                The five DAN organizations, the regions they
                                                                           Lippmann, P.O. Box 384, Ashburton, VIC
                                                                           3147 Australia; Phone +61-3-9886-9166; fax
                                                                           +61-3-9886-9155, 24-hour pager +61-3-
                                                                           9828-2958; email:

                                                                           DAN Southern Africa
                serve, and their contact information follow:               South and Sub-Saharan Africa; Private Bag X
                DAN America                                                197, Halfway House 1685, South Africa;
                North, Central, South America and Carib-                   Phone +27-11-245-1991 or -1992; fax +27-
                bean; Divers Alert Network, The Peter B.                   11-254-1993; email:
                Bennett Center, 6 West Colony Place,                       Members of the IDAN network have the
                Durham, NC 27705. Phone +1-919-684-                        responsibility for dive medical emergencies
                2948, fax +1-919-490-6630; email:                          and for improving dive safety. They have
                                      pledged to uphold the mission of DAN and
                                                                           to operate under protocol standards agreed
                DAN Europe
                                                                           to by the IDAN directorate. Each IDAN
                The European countries, Mediterranean

                                                                           organization is a non-profit, independently
                Basin, Red Sea and Middle East countries,
                                                                           administered organization, but is strongly
                Ethiopia and the Republic of Maldives; P .O.
                                                                           supported by DAN Headquarters in Durham,
                Box DAN, 64026 Roseto (Te), Italy or Via

                                                                           North Carolina.
                Basilicata 12, 64026 Roseto, Italy. Phone +39-
                085-893-0333, fax +39-085-893-0050;            IDAN goals for the future include standardizing
                email:                     services and member benefits, fostering greater
                                                               cooperation in areas of research, education and
                                                               sharing dive accident data. To learn more
                                                               about IDAN, call +1-919-684-2948 ext. 616.

                1996 — Continued        The DAN Tag establishes a presence in the dive community with more than 9,000 diving tags.
                In July, a new color — electric blue — is introduced into the line, and credit cards are accepted in DAN Tag
                purchases. The B.C.I.D. Rental Program is begun; aqua teal, a new DAN Tag color, is added to the DAN Tag lineup.

       38                                                                                                   RESOURCE GUIDE
International DAN Instructor
Transfer Rules
For those living or working outside the DAN America region,
there are rules allowing for transfer of your DAN Instructor
status into other areas covered by IDAN affiliates.
DAN has oxygen training programs in effect                 governing the use of oxygen require further
at all of its DAN affiliate organizations that             training. Contact the local DAN office for
make up the International DAN (IDAN)                       specific training requirements for those areas.
federation. However, what courses are taught
vary according to these regional DAN affiliates.           In order to teach in a region where you are
For example, the DAN Instructor program                    not currently a DAN Member, and if you
designed for people living or working in the               meet the above requirements, you should
area DAN America primarily serves —                        notify both the DAN office where you are a
North, Central and South America and the                   member and the regional DAN covering your
Caribbean — will not necessarily be offered                temporary residence. Use phone, fax, mail or
the same way outside this region due to local              email in order to indicate your desire to
regulations or customs.                                    teach outside of your DAN Membership
                                                           region. You are required to purchase your
For those living or working outside the DAN                DAN Training Materials from the region
America region, there are rules allowing for               where you will be teaching the program.
transfer of your DAN Instructor status into
other areas covered by IDAN affiliates. These              Note: DAN Instructors may purchase and
rules differ according to whether you take                 use Training materials from other regional
residence in that region for more or less than             DAN offices if the local DAN does not have
three months.                                              DAN Training materials in the language in
                                                           which you will conduct the course.
If you take temporary residence of less

                                                                                                                       TRANSFER RULES
                                                                                                                      TRANSFER RULES
                                                                                                                       IDAN / TRAINING
                                                                                                                      IDAN / TRAINING
than three months: Active-Status DAN                       Following the completion of the course, the
Instructors may teach DAN Training Pro-                    DAN Training Roster must be sent to both
grams in other DAN regions provided that                   the DAN office where you are a member and
they are temporary visitors or residents, as               the regional DAN that you are temporarily
defined as residency of less than three                    visiting.
months, in a region if these criteria are met:             The DAN office where the instructor is a
• They are current DAN Members.                            member will notify the regional DAN office
• They are active DAN Instructors.                         of the Instructor’s status. This will allow for
                                                           product ordering and course fulfillment by
Note: Exceptions to this rule apply in Japan,
                                                           the regional DAN office.
Australia and New Zealand where local laws                                               Continued on next page
1997      In June, DAN moves to its new headquarters, The Peter B. Bennett Center, and the new DAN “Oxygen First
Aid for Diving Injuries” workbook is released. DAN launches its direct mail program in the spring. DAN introduces
the DSS-Guardian Diver First Aid Kits — in a Pelican® hard case or in a zipped soft-pack. The Rescue Pak Plus is
developed, consisting of a standard oxygen cylinder and the DAN DSS-Guardian Diver First Aid Kit.
DAN forms a more cohesive development strategy in order to cultivate significant gifts for sustaining valuable DAN
Research projects.
    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                    39
                                                                                                       not have to transfer his membership to DAN
                                                                                                       America because he is still technically
                                                                                                       a European resident and will only be in the
    Photo courtesy of Broadreach

                                                                                                       America region temporarily. He notifies DAN
                                                                                                       Europe of his intentions to teach in our
                                                                                                       region and DAN Europe notifies DAN
                                                                                                       America Training via the IDAN Training
                                                                                                       Transfer form. As long as he is an active DAN
                                                                                                       Europe Oxygen Instructor, he is able to teach
                                                                                                       the DAN Oxygen Provider Course in our

                                   If you’d like to teach in a region where you not currently          If he is planning to teach Europeans who do
                                   a DAN Member, you should notify the DAN office where                not speak English, he would purchase his
                                     you are enrolled as well as the regional DAN covering             Training materials from DAN Europe (for
                                                    your temporary residence.
                                                                                                       Italian, French, German, and other language
                                       If you take residence in a region for more                      materials). If his students are English- or
                                       than three months: Let’s say a DAN Instruc-                     Spanish-speaking, he would purchase his
                                       tor is a resident in a region served by another                 training materials from DAN America as
                                       DAN office for more than three months and                       these materials are available locally.
                                       wishes to teach in the regional office. The
                                       DAN Instructor then must become a DAN                           Once he has taught the class, he would be
                                       Member in the new region and request an                         required to register his Students via the DAN
                                       IDAN Training transfer. The regional DAN                        Course Roster with both DAN America and
                                       offices will transfer the Instructor’s credentials              DAN Europe. In this manner, both would
                                       and training history to the new regional office.                have a record of the class being taught.
                                       All other DAN Training standards apply.
                                                                                                       For any other questions regarding IDAN
                                       For example, a DAN Europe Oxygen                                Transfer rules, contact your local DAN
                                       Instructor plans to go to the Caribbean to                      Training Department or DAN America at
                                                                                                       +1-919-684-2948 ext. 555.

                                       teach for two months. The member would


                                       1997 — Continued
                                                                  In August The Best of Alert Diver, a 256-page book of the best articles to appear in the first 15
                                       years of Alert Diver, is published. DAN trains its 7,000th DAN Oxygen Instructor and releases new DAN Oxygen First Aid
                                       for Diving Injuries video. By August, more than 22,000 DAN Tags are in use, and Retail Sponsors total 725. The Charter
                                       Boat I.D. System for DAN Tags is begun, with immediate positive response in the dive industry.

                                       1998-99        DAN launches its Partners in Dive Safety® Program at the 1998 DEMA Show.
                                       The DAN Diving Emergency Hotline answers 2,312 emergency calls; the non-emergency information line and website
                                       receive 14,500 non-emergency calls and requests for information.
                                       DAN launches the Remote Medical Oxygen (REMO2TM) system and training program. REMO2 extends emergency
                                       medical oxygen supply by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) from a diver’s exhaled air.
                                       DAN creates a for-profit subsidiary called DAN Services, Inc., which will manage certain services, including insurance
                                       products and new safety programs, such as the new “Oxygen First Aid for Aquatic Emergencies” training program.

                            40                                                                                                              RESOURCE GUIDE
How Can I Become A DAN
Partner in Dive Safety?
If you want your dive operation to be known                emergencies meant recognizing the opera-
as a leader in dive safety, DAN has a program              tions that meet already-established safety
designed especially for you.                               guidelines. Charter boats, resorts and livea-
                                                           board dive operations can review the guide-
The DAN Partners in Dive SafetyTM program                  lines to see how they measure up.
(PDS) recognizes dive operations that have
reached a high level of emergency prepared-                The PDS program also includes safety mea-
ness. Begun on Jan. 1, 1998,                                           sures in three major areas of
PDS applies to any resort,                                              emergency preparedness: staff,
liveaboard or dive charter                                               diver, and equipment and
vessel that meets certain                                                 assistance.
minimum requirements.
                                                                               Staff emergency prepared-
To receive this special                                                         ness — All staff members
recognition, a dive operation                                                    must have current certifi-
should complete:                                                                 cation in four areas of
• the PDS application form,                                                       emergency management,
• the PDS Checklist and                                                            and they must provide
• the PDS Dive Safety                                                              current documentation
Agreement and Statement                                    of training in all aspects of emergency man-
of Understanding. The kit containing these                 agement from nationally or internationally
materials is free to DAN Business Members,                 recognized diver-training associations /
but the program requires an application for                agencies.
determining eligibility.
                                                           These areas include:

                                                                                                                     SAFETY PROGRAM
                                                                                                                     PARTNERS IN DIVE
                                                                                                                      SAFETY PROGRAM
Divers’ concerns over the absence of standard-       First Aid (appropriate for location)

                                                                                                                       PARTNER IN DIVE
ized regulations for emergency equipment and         CPR (Adult)
trained personnel led DAN to introduce PDS.          Water Rescue
From information provided by leading opera-          Oxygen First Aid Training
tions in the scuba industry, DAN compiled
safety guidelines, the basis of the program.     s Diver Emergency Preparedness — The
                                                 dive operation ensures divers’ preparedness
This commitment to dive safety measures          by conducting:
DAN’s “partnership” with the professionals in Pre-dive activities that include dive briefings
the field. DAN realized that an effective way to to review responsible diver activities and to
encourage all dive operations to become          remind divers of the safety stop; and
properly prepared to prevent or manage dive
                                                                                        Continued on next page   g
DAN completes data collection in three studies: Research on Flying After Diving; Doppler Determination of Bubbles
in Divers; and Diabetes and Diving. DAN initiates a Study of Ascent Rates.
In February, DAN reaches nearly 900 retail Sponsors; its Endowment reaches $100,000.
Sponsors generate 35 to 40 percent of members and insured members. More than 35,000 DAN tags are in use.

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                                   41
                   Post-dive activities that include a roll call by           Created in 1998, the C.B.I.D. System was
                   name and dive debriefing.                                  designed to prevent abandoned or lost divers
                                                                              following the dive. Here’s how the System
                   s Emergency Equipment Preparedness —
                   A dive boat reflects a safety consciousness by
                   having the following on board:                             At the beginning of the dive trip, the divemas-
                                                                              ter assigns each diver an individually num-
                   First Aid Kit (appropriate for the location).
                                                                              bered C.B. DAN Tag. When the diver is on
                   Emergency Oxygen Unit capable of                           board, the Tag is placed on a C.B.I.D. Board.
                                                                              Before diving, the diver removes the Tag and
                      • high concentrations of oxygen
                                                                              clips it to his or her buoyancy compensation
                        (100 percent is ideal)
                                                                              device (BCD). The Tag number corresponds to
                      • oxygen for breathing and non-breathing
                                                                              the divemaster’s roster number. When return-
                        injured divers

                        by many divers.
                      • enough oxygen for simultaneous use                    ing to the boat, the diver removes the tag and
                                                                              returns it to the board. The captain then
                                                                              knows who is on board and who remains in
                   s Emergency Assistance Plan — All opera-                   the water and cannot leave the dive site until
                   tions must have a functional emergency plan                all the tags are returned to the C.B.I.D. Board.
                   that links to local emergency medical services
                   (ambulance services, rescue squads, etc.). A               Each tag bears the diving vessel’s name and
                   complete emergency assistance plan should be               phone number, DAN logo and DAN Diving
                   prominently displayed and should include:                  Emergency Hotline telephone number. If you
                      Initial contact information                             would like to nominate your favorite dive
                      Emergency medical assistance contacts                   operation to receive a board, contact DAN and
                      Emergency first aid procedures                          note the name of the vessel, place and phone
                      Diving medical consultation information                 number. DAN will try to accommodate these
                      Recompression chamber information                       requests.

                   DAN cannot visit every dive operation that                 Besides the C.B.I.D. Board, a Partner annually
                   applies for PDS recognition. However, DAN                  receives a decal to display at an operation

                   reviews and files the documentation required               and the right to use the DAN Partners in
                   in the initial application. Since DAN staff                Dive Safety prepared symbol (as seen on
                   members do travel the world, they may make                 the previous page) for advertising and
                   unannounced visits to the participating                    promotional activities.
                   operations to verify that required safety    For more details on the DAN Partners in Dive
                   measures are being maintained. DAN will      Safety program, call DAN at +1-919-684-2948
                   also follow up on complaints.                or 1-800-446-2671 at ext. 609 or 610, or
                   All participants in the DAN Partners in Dive write to DAN Continuing Medical Education
                   Safety program also must take part in the    & Special Services, The Peter B. Bennett
                   DAN Charter Boat Identification (C.B.I.D.) Center, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC
                   System.                                                                                                       u
                   2000     DAN unveils its Guide to First Aid to Hazardous Marine Life Injuries Program, which provides first aid
                   information for those affected by contact with hazardous marine life. DAN introduces the DAN PreferredTM Plan,
                   which offers new levels of dive insurance coverage. For less than $70 a year, the DAN Preferred Plan provides one
                   of the most comprehensive dive accident plans available.
                   The DAN Business Member Program is unveiled in November, offering DAN supporters a greater variety
                   of discounts and benefits than ever available. The Sponsorship Department becomes the
        42         Development Department to handle a wider variety of outside revenue sources.            RESOURCE GUIDE
Trademark Licensing Agreement
DAN grants DAN Business Members limited           4) The DAN Business Member agrees that any
license to use the following terms:               use of “DAN,” “Divers Alert Network,” or the
• “DAN”                                           DAN Symbol in advertising, whether print or
• “Divers Alert Network”                          electronic media, may not suggest that DAN
• “DAN Business Member”                           endorses the product or service, and must not
                                                  be the dominant element in the advertisement;
These are registered with the U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office and similar agencies world-
wide, subject to the following terms and          5) The DAN Business Member agrees that any
conditions:                                       use of the logo beyond those stated above
                                                  must be granted expressly and in writing by
1) The DAN Business Member agrees to use
                                                  the DAN Director of Marketing.
the version of the DAN Symbol as illustrated
on this page, without modification to style,      The DAN Business Member agrees that this
proportion or text, including the words           writing represents the complete and exclusive
“Business Member”;                                statement of agreement as to the use of these
                                                  marks, and no prior statements of any kind
2) The DAN Business Member agrees that the
                                                  shall be effective to vary or add to its terms.
DAN Symbol may be reproduced in black and
white or, if in color, only in PMS 485;           This license is granted to DAN Business Mem-
                                                  bers in good standing, and may not be as-
3) The DAN Business Member agrees that
                                                  signed or conveyed to third parties. The DAN
“DAN,” “Divers Alert Network,” or the DAN
                                                  Business Member accepts the terms and
Symbol may not be printed, embossed or
                                                  conditions of this license by performance, i.e.,
displayed on products, product packaging,
                                                  using these marks. Use of these marks in
literature used to sell or promote a product or
                                                  violation of these terms and conditions shall be
service; or building signage or interior décor
                                                  deemed unauthorized use and subject to
other than decals and posters created and
                                                  appropriate legal and equitable relief.
authorized for use by DAN;

                                                                                                     USING THE
                                                                                                     DAN LOGO

    RESOURCE GUIDE                                                                                   43
                                     TELEPHONE NUMBERS
              DAN America . . . . . . . . . . +1-919-684-8111                            DAN Japan . . . . . . . . . . . . . +81-3-3812-4999
              or . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +1-919-684-4DAN (4326)
                                                           (-4DAN accepts collect calls) DAN Southeast Asia-Pacific region
                                                                                         Diving Emergency Services (DES)
              Latin America . . . . . . . . . +1-267-520-1507
                                                                                         DES Australia (within Australia). 1-800-088-200
                                                 (accepts collect calls in most areas)
                                                                                         DES Australia (from overseas) . . +61-8-8212-9242
              DAN Southern Africa                                                        DES New Zealand . . . . . . . . . +64-9-445-8454
              (within South Africa) . . . . . . . . .0800-020111                         Singapore Naval Medicine
              (outside South Africa) . . . . . . . .+27-11-242-0112                      & Hyperbaric Center. . . . . . . . . +65-750-5546
                                          (+27-11-242-0112 accepts collect calls)
                                                                                         DAN S.E.A.P.-Philippines . . . . . .+63-2-815-9911
              DAN Europe . . . . . . . . . . . .+41-1-1111                               DAN S.E.A.P.-Malaysia. . . . . . . .+05-930-4114

              DAN America                                                        DAN Japan
              The Peter B. Bennett Center                                        Japan Marine Recreation Association
              6 West Colony Place                                                3-8 Mejiro, 1-Chome, Toshima-ku,
              Durham, NC 27705 USA                                               Tokyo 171-0031 JAPAN
              Telephone: +1-919-684-2948                                         Telephone: +81-3-3590-6501
              Fax: +1-919-490-6630                                               Fax: +81-3-3590-8325

              DAN America-Mexico                                                 DAN South East Asia-Pacific
              c/o Servicio de Medicina Hiperbarica Hospital                      PO Box 384
              Angeles del Pedregal, Camino a Santa Teresa 1055                   Ashburton, Victoria 3147
              Heroes de Padierna, C.P. 10700                                     AUSTRALIA
              Mexico D.F. MEXICO                                                 Telephone: +61-3-9886-9166
              Telephone: +52-5-568-8082                                          Fax: +61-3-9886-9155
              Fax: +52-5-568-8083                                      
                                                                                 DAN Southern Africa
              DAN Europe                                                         Private Bag X 197
              P.O. Box DAN                                                       Halfway House 1685
              64026 Roseto (Te) ITALY                                            SOUTH AFRICA
              Telephone: +39-085-893-0333                                        Telephone +27-11-245-1991 or 1992
              Fax: +39-085-893-0050                                              Fax +27-11-254-1993

     44                                                                                                          RESOURCE GUIDE
      Enroll Your Entry-Level Students
  In the DAN Student Membership Program
              IT’S FAST AND IT’S EASY
The DAN Student Membership Program is a FREE program, so there is no
charge to the instructor or students. It provides essential insurance coverage
in the unlikely event that one of your students develops decompression
illness during open-water certification dive training. The coverage is limited
by the terms and conditions of the policy.

1. Instructors must complete the information at the top of the roster.
2. Distribute the Student Membership Insurance Records and
   DAN membership applications to each of your students.
3. Each student must complete all the required information and
   sign the Roster.
4. FAX the Roster to DAN at +1-919-490-6630.

           Rosters must be received at DAN
     to activate the Student Membership Program

    DAN Student Membership Points Program
Points can be assigned to either the instructor, dive store, resort or dive boat.
Please specify who should get the points on the front of the roster.
One point is awarded for each new membership and another point for each
insurance plan when a Student Member joins DAN within six months.
You can use points toward the purchase of DAN oxygen equipment,
training materials and other DAN products.

RESOURCE GUIDE — APPENDIX                                                   Rev. 1/02   45
            Student Membership                              Your Dive Safety Association
 INSURANCE RECORD                                          INSURANCE RECORD
                                                           s Keep this document in a dry, accessible
 Complimentary                                               place during your entry-level scuba training.
 Scuba Diving                                              __________________________________________
 Insurance for the                                         Your Name
 Open-Water Student Diver                                  Instructor Name
                Courtesy of your Instructor
                                                           Instructor Telephone Number
              and Divers Alert Network (DAN)
     Congratulations on your decision                      If you experience a scuba-related illness or injury,
        to become a scuba diver!                           you, your instructor, or another person should call
                                                           DAN’s 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline:
     With training through a certified instructor,
     recreational diving is a relatively safe activity.     +1-919-684-4DAN (4326) or +1-919-684-8111.
     However, in the unlikely event that you incur         DAN is your non-profit dive safety association,
     decompression illness during your open-               an associate of Duke University Health System since
     water certification training course,+ your DAN        1980. More than 200,000 people are members of
     Student Membership will help lessen your              Divers Alert Network. DAN’s annual membership
     financial concerns by covering certain costs          supports services that benefit all divers, including:
     of your treatment.                                    s 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline
                At no cost to you, your DAN                s Dive Safety and Medical Information Line
           Student Membership will introduce               s Worldwide Recompression Chamber Assistance
                 you to DAN, and includes:                 s Dive Medical Research
     s one free issue of Alert Diver magazine              When you become a DAN member, you will also
        and                                                receive many personal benefits including:
     s up to $20,000 insurance to cover you in             s DAN TravelAssist – medical evacuation assistance
        the unlikely event that you incur                  s Alert Diver magazine – DAN’s monthly award-
        decompression illness during your                      winning dive safety magazine
        open-water training course.                        s DAN’s Dive and Travel Medical Guide, with
       Coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the date of            valuable diving first aid and travel information.
     your first required dive after the Student Roster     DAN exists to make diving even safer and to provide
     is received at DAN. Coverage ends at midnight         benefits and services no diver should be without.
     on the day of the last required dive for open-water
     certification or no longer than six months after      Call 1-800-446-2671 for more information.
     enrollment, whichever comes first.
     Product Code 821-0200 Rev 9/01A               

46                                                                           APPENDIX — RESOURCE GUIDE
             DAN Student Membership Roster                                                                         PLEASE PRINT IN INK

             1. Distribute the Student Membership Insurance Record and DAN Member Application to each student.
             2. Open-Water students must complete all the required information and sign this roster.
             3. Fax this roster to DAN at +1-919-490-6630.                                           Date_____________________
             Instructor Name______________________________ DAN #________________Cert. Agency_____________________
             Address ______________________________________________________________City_______________________

             State/Provice ____________________________Postal Code_______________________Country__________________
             Telephone_____________________________Fax _____________________Email_____________________________
             If the store is to receive the points, include Store Name_________________and Store DAN #_______________________
             I acknowledge that Student Membership is not activated until this signed roster is received at DAN__________________________
                                                                                                                        Instructor Signature

                   Name |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Address |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|

                   City |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   State/Province |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Postal Code |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Country |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Date of Birth |___|___|-|___|___|-|___|___|
                   Email |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this policy. _____________________________
                                                                                                 Student signature (Parent or guardian if under 18)

                   Name |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Address |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|

                   City |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   State/Province |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Postal Code |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Country |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Date of Birth |___|___|-|___|___|-|___|___|
                   Email |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this policy. _____________________________
                                                                                                 Student signature (Parent or guardian if under 18)

                   Name |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Address |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|

                   City |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   State/Province |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Postal Code |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Country |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Date of Birth |___|___|-|___|___|-|___|___|
                   Email |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this policy. _____________________________
                                                                                                 Student signature (Parent or guardian if under 18)

                   Name |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Address |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|

                   City |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   State/Province |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Postal Code |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   Country |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___| Date of Birth |___|___|-|___|___|-|___|___|
                   Email |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|
                   I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this policy. _____________________________
                                                                                                 Student signature (Parent or guardian if under 18)
 The information on this roster will be used for insurance record purposes. DAN reserves the right to solicit the individuals
 whose names appear on this roster to purchase DAN membership and related products. For more information contact DAN at
 +1-877-532-6776 (toll-free) or +1-919-684-2948 x 295 or email
                     RESOURCE GUIDE — APPENDIX                                                           Product Code 821-0100           47
                                           DURHAM NC 27705-9814
                                           6 WEST COLONY PLACE
                                           THE PETER B BENNETT CENTER
                                           DIVERS ALERT NETWORK
                       ATTN: Student Membership Program

   FIRST                                       Student Membership Roster

          The DAN Student Membership Program provides essential dive insurance coverage
                           that all open-water students should have.

     DAN Student Membership Points Program
         Instructors • Dive Store Owners • Resorts • Dive Boats
     Points can be assigned to either the instructor, dive store, resort or dive boat. Points are awarded to the
     instructor unless otherwise specified on the Student Membership roster. One point is awarded for each
     new membership and another point for each new insurance plan when a Student Member joins DAN
     within six months. Use these points towards the purchase of DAN oxygen equipment, training materials
     and other DAN safety products.

       If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of becoming a DAN Business Member,
               contact DAN at +1-877-532-6776 (toll-free) or +1-919-684-2948 x 295
                            or email

          Encourage your students to be safe divers and to join DAN today.
48   Product Code 821-0100                                                     APPENDIX — RESOURCE GUIDE
                              YES, I WANT TO BECOME A DAN MEMBER!
                              Check one: ❏ Renewing Member                                ❏ New Member
                              Enclosed is payment for the following:
                              Annual                   US$29 Individual Membership                                           $____________________
                              Membership               US$44 Family Membership *                                             $____________________
                              Dues                     For Canadian memberships, add US$5                                    $____________________
(Member names/Please print)

                                                       All other non-U.S. memberships, add US$15 $____________________

                              Member Name ** Birthdate                 Insurance Level +* (Check one)
                                                                              (Mo / Day / Yr)

                              ________________________________________ ❏ $70D   ❏ $35M ❏ $25S ❏ none
                              ________________________________________ ❏ $70D                                        ❏ $35M ❏ $25S ❏ none
                              ________________________________________ ❏ $70D                                        ❏ $35M ❏ $25S ❏ none
                              Guardian’s signature if younger than 18                                   D=Preferred M=Master S=Standard

                              ________________________________________                              Total from insurance               $_______________
                              (Optional) If signing up for DAN insurance, do you have               Grand total enclosed               $_______________
                              another insurance company?              ❏ Yes ❏ No                   * See for
                              Name of                                                                description of insurance plans
                                                                                                        Would you like to receive DAN materials
                              For additional members, include a separate sheet.                         in Spanish? ❏ Yes ❏ No

                              Method of Payment (Check one — U.S. funds only)
                              ❏ Check or money order ❏ VISA ❏ MasterCard                                           ❏ AmEx              ❏ Discover

                              Card No. (13-16 numbers)                                     Exp. Date (Required)
                              Authorized Signature ______________________________________________________
                              Street Address ___________________________________________________________
                              City / State / Province / Country / Zip________________________________________
                              Daytime Phone ___________________________________________________________
                              * May include immediate family and dependents. For more information, call DAN Membership at 1-800-446-2671 (U.S. and
                              Canada) or +1-919-684-2948.
                              ** Eligibility for DAN insurance includes any recreational scuba diver or snorkeler (including instructors and divemasters
                              supervising recreational diving activities) who is a DAN member and a resident of the countries eligible for DAN insurance coverage.
                              ‡ Your membership and insurance are not activated until confirmation of valid payment. Payment must accompany application.

                              Remit all payments in $US.
                                  must be GUIDE — APPENDIX
                              YouRESOURCE a DAN Member to be eligible for DAN insurance.                                                                             49
                BUSINESS MEMBER
                Y E S, I want to become a DAN Business Member!
     Business Name_______________________________________________________________
     List as______________________________________________________________________
     Contact Person________________________________________________________________

     Which DAN programs do you participate in:       Payment of $125 (U.S. Funds)
        ❏ Project Dive Exploration                   Check/Money Order Credit Card (circle one)
        ❏ Friend of DAN (Fund-raising)               MasterCard    VISA    AmEx Discover/Novus
        ❏ Retail Product Program
        ❏ Student Membership                         Card #__________________________(13-16 digits)
        ❏ Partners in Dive Safety                    Exp. Date_______________________________
        ❏ Other
     Which DAN Courses do you offer:
                                                     Name on Card____________________________
        ❏ Scuba O2 First Aid
        ❏ Hazardous Marine Life                      Send Application To:
        ❏ Aquatic O2 First Aid                          DAN Business Membership
        ❏ REMO2
                                                        Divers Alert Network
        ❏ Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
                                                        6 West Colony Place
     Which services does your business                  Durham, NC 27705
                                                     Or contact us for more information at
        ❏ Scuba Training
                                                         1-877-5DAN PRO (1-877-532-6776) or
        ❏ Boat/Charter Service
                                                         +1-919-684-2948 ext. 295
        ❏ Instructor Training
        ❏ Resort Location                                Fax: +1-919-490-6630
        ❏ Aquarium
        ❏ Travel (Dive)
        ❏ Retail Facility
        ❏ Recreational Facility
        ❏ Corporation
        ❏ Other
50                                                                APPENDIX — RESOURCE GUIDE
YES, I want to become a DAN Instructor Sponsor!
   DAN Member #_______________________________________________________________
                     (Note: Your Instructor Sponsor number will be the same as your member number)

   Training Agency Affiliation_____________________________________________________
   Level of Certification__________________________________________________________
   # of divers certified annually____________________________________________________

   Classes you teach (check all that apply):
            ❏ Scuba O2 First Aid              ❏ REMO2
            ❏ Aquatic O2 First Aid            ❏ Hazardous Marine Life
            ❏ Automated External              ❏ Other
              Defibrillators for Scuba Diving

   Do you teach these classes for a specific store or stores?              ❏ Yes ❏ No
   If Yes, name of store(s)_______________________________________________________
   Store Business Membership #___________________________________________________
   Send Application To:                       Or contact us for more information at:
         DAN Industry Membership                     1-877-5DAN PRO (1-877-532-6776) or
         Divers Alert Network                        +1-919-684-2948 ext. 295
         6 West Colony Place                         Fax +1-919-490-6630
         Durham, NC 27705                  

  RESOURCE GUIDE — APPENDIX                                                                          51
               DONOR Pledge Form
         DAN Friend           DAN Ambassador                 DAN Guardian
         $ 100 Bronze
         $ 250 Silver                                $ 5,000 - 9,999 Silver
         $ 500 Gold            $1,500 Gold           $10,000 - 24,999 Gold
         $ 750 Platinum        $2,000 Platinum       $25,000 - 49,999 Platinum
         $ 1,000 Diamond       $3,000 Diamond        $50,000+ Diamond
     Name as you would like it to appear in listings:
     City, State, Zip:______________________________________________________________
     Daytime Telephone:_________________________________________________________

     I would like my donation earmarked for these dive safety program(s):
     ❏ Project Dive Exploration             ❏ Chamber Support Program
     ❏ Research Intern Program              ❏ Oxygen Grant Program
     ❏ The DAN Endowment Fund               ❏ CBID Board Program
     ❏ General — Medicine and Research           (Safety System for Diver Roll Call)

     Name as you would like it to appear on the Donor plaque:

                         THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!
     ❏   I have enclosed my total donation of $______________.
     ❏   I wish to make a partial donation of $_____________.
     ❏   Send me a pledge reminder for the balance in ___________________ (month).
     ❏   I do not wish to make payment now, but I pledge the following amount $___________.
         Send me a pledge reminder for the balance during ___________________ (month).
     ❏   I would like to make a stock gift.
     ❏   I am interested in the DAN Heritage Society (Planned Giving Program).
     ❏   I have already named DAN in my will.
     ❏   I would like my name withheld from publication.

     Payment (Circle)    Check/Money Order      MCard          Visa    AmEx     Disc/Novus
     (U.S. funds only)
     Account no. _____________________________________________ (13-16 digits)

     Expiration date _____________________ Today’s date ___________________

52   Signature__________________________________________________________
                                                            APPENDIX — RESOURCE GUIDE
                    [ STORE / RETAIL INFORMATION HERE ]

            Oxygen First Aid for
   Scuba Diving Injuries
Entry-level training to better recognize possible dive-
related injuries and to provide emergency oxygen first aid
while activating local emergency medical services (EMS).

    • Great training for the times you’re not diving
    • A “must-have” for every diver
Learn to:
    • Recognize a dive injury
    • Respond with emergency oxygen first aid
    • Relay with emergency medical service (EMS) & DAN


RESOURCE GUIDE — APPENDIX                                    53
                      [ STORE / RETAIL INFORMATION HERE ]

             First Aid for
     Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
     Serious hazardous marine life injuries are rare, but most
     divers experience minor discomfort from time to time. This
     course teaches divers to minimize these injuries and reduce
     discomfort and pain. It also provides knowledge on specific
     types of injuries and the general first treatment for them.

       • Great training for the times when you’re not diving
       • Ideal course prior to dive travel
     Learn to:
       •   Identify hazardous marine life
       •   Recognize possible injuries by hazardous marine life
       •   Provide first aid for injuries from hazardous marine life
       •   Avoid hazardous marine life injuries

                    [ COURSE / CONTACT INFORMATION HERE ]

54                                                   APPENDIX — RESOURCE GUIDE
                    [ STORE / RETAIL INFORMATION HERE ]

     Automated External
Defibrillators for Scuba Diving
This course reaches the warning signs of sudden cardiac
arrest and how to use automated external defibrillators
to provide assistance. Like CPR, you can use the skills you
develop in this course anywhere a person experiences
cardiac arrest.

  • A natural add-on to CPR training
  • Keep up to date with the latest in first aid technology

Learn to:
  • Recognize the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest
  • Administer basic life support and use an AED
  • Activate local emergency medical services


RESOURCE GUIDE — APPENDIX                                     55
     Notes                         q
56                           APPENDIX — RESOURCE GUIDE
                                                                   Dive Accident
                                                    t              Insurance Programs
                                STANDARD MASTER                    PREFERRED               ADDED BENEFITS of the
                                   Plan   Plan                        Plan                 PREFERRED PLAN

including air evacuation        $100,000     $100,000              $100,000
& transportation
                                                                                          Increased benefit level for all

Medical Dive Accident           $45,000      $125,000              $250,000               covered in-water skin- &
Coverage                        Lifetime     Lifetime              per occurrence         scuba injuries at any depth

Coinsurance for Dive            100%         100%                  100%
Accident Medical Coverage

Accidental Death &              N/A          $15,000               $15,000

Permanent & Total Disability    N/A          $15,000               $15,000

Extra Transportation            N/A          up to $1,000      ✔   up to $2,000**
                                                                                          Pays up to double the
                                                                                          benefits of the Master Plan

Extra Accommodation             N/A          up to $1,500      ✔   up to $3,000**
                                                                                           Pays up to double the
                                                                                           benefits of the Master Plan

Lost Diving Equipment           N/A          up to $2,500          up to $2,500***
                                                                                          For eligible charges for treat-
Medical Non-Dive
Accident Coverage
                                N/A          N/A
                                                               ✔   $10,000*
                                                                   Lifetime maximum
                                                                                          ment of non-diving accidents
                                                                                          outside home country
                                                                                          Coverage for injured person’s
Diving Vacation Cancellation N/A             N/A
                                                               ✔   $10,000*
                                                                   Lifetime maximum
                                                                                          losses incurred for trip cancel-
                                                                                          led before departure+
                                                                                           Coverage for injured person’s
Diving Vacation Interruption    N/A          N/A
                                                               ✔   $5,000*
                                                                   Lifetime maximum
                                                                                           losses incurred for trip inter-
                                                                                           rupted after departure+

DAN Membership               Yes        Yes                        Yes
Benefits ($29/year - ind. membership)++

TOTAL                           $54          $64                   $99

* $250 deductible                                                  ++ The DAN 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline, Medical
** If you are delayed because of a covered diving accident         Information Line, Alert Diver magazine, educational
                                                                   seminars and oxygen courses, Recompression Chamber
*** If your equipment is lost or unintentionally damaged due
                                                                   Assistance Program, books, videos, dive injury/fatality
    to a covered diving accident
                                                                   reporting & more.
+ Subject to terms and limitations of the group policy
                                                                   Call for availability outside the U.S.
                                                                   Administered by DAN Services, Inc.

 DAN, the premier source of dive accident insurance, offers these great plans.
           Call   1-800-446-2671                               to upgrade your coverage today!
                                                         YOUR Dive Safety Association
   Save a Life . . . It's Easy to Learn
                                                                                              about Sudden Cardiac Arrest
                                                                                         • Coronary heart disease is caused by narrowing
                                                                                           of the arteries
                                                                                         • Coronary heart disease may produce chest pain
                                                                                           and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
                                                                                         • 350,000 people die each year because of SCA
                                                                                         • SCA is usually the result of ventricular
                                                                                           fibrillation (VF), an abnormal heart rhythm
                                                                                         • Defibrillation is the only definitive treatment
                                                                                           for VF
                                                                                         • Heart disease is the direct cause of death in
                                                                                           approximately 30 percent of dive fatalities in
                                                                                           divers over the age of 35
                                                                                         • Approximately 25 percent of divers involved in
                                                                                           diving fatalities are reported to be taking
                                                                                           heart medications

                                                                         Sudden cardiac arrest                     has a number
                                                                      of causes, including drowning or coronary artery disease.
                                                                    While cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) oxygenates
                                                                   a person’s body and delays the onset of brain damage,
                                                                 it rarely restarts an arrested or chaotically beating heart.
                                                                The only way to do that is with a defibrillator, which delivers
                                                              an electrical shock across the heart muscle. This shock overrides
                                                            the mixed signals, allowing the proper electrical impulses to take
                                                          control of the heart to help it resume its natural rhythm.

                                                 The Solution:
                                      DAN's Newest Training Program
                                      Automated External Defibrillators
                                      (AEDs) for Scuba Diving
                              Technology has taken the guesswork out
                             of operating a defibrillator. New units called
                            AEDs analyze the heart’s rhythm while telling
                           the operator what to do and decide whether a
                          shock is needed.
                          Taking this new DAN course will help
                               you learn to help save a life.
                                     For more information about this and other
                              DAN Training programs, contact a DAN Instructor near you
                                     or call at 1-800-446-2671 ext. 555 or visit the
                                       DAN website at

                            • American Heart Association,
                            • Report On Decompression Illness, Dive Fatalities and Project Dive Exploration, published annually by Divers Alert Network
                            • National Guidelines for First Aid Training in Occupational Settings, Guidelines for an Automated External Defibrillation
   DIVERS ALERT NETWORK        Enrichment Program, November 1998.

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